SML Movie: Home Alone 2
Bowser Junior gets left at home again!
This time the robbers are unorganized..

  • Austin Sheeder
    Austin Sheeder

    I want home alone 3

  • DMR Spys
    DMR Spys


  • DMR Spys
    DMR Spys

    Gosh damn brooklyn guys wife f************k her as good and as hard she is a total b**ch a**hole

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice

    Act like Jeffy, Literally. I can do his voice

  • Jeremi Helwig
    Jeremi Helwig

    the one withe gun is suppose to be dead

  • Beast Man
    Beast Man

    Sml question: I would get my gun

  • Jackai Menoze
    Jackai Menoze

    Who else was happy when she died

  • Zaydn Roberts
    Zaydn Roberts

    She's annoying

  • Ja'mari Clark
    Ja'mari Clark

    My phone do not need internet so I kick them in the ball and say get ready

  • Yourmum Nunabizzznis
    Yourmum Nunabizzznis

    I bring a bat home soooo ... I mean not fun for them ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  • Jayden Mokay
    Jayden Mokay

    I know karate so try ME BABY

  • Alexia Medina
    Alexia Medina

    Why did You Kill Elmo

    • Alexia Medina
      Alexia Medina


  • Bradley Morris
    Bradley Morris

    He could wake up and then we're chef PeePee and dab

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright


  • Jenifer Zamora
    Jenifer Zamora

    I would just set off traps prank the people who were in the house

  • Morgan Newhook
    Morgan Newhook

    Um I donโ€™t understand how Brooklyn T guy is robbing a house but thats illegal and heโ€™s a cop...

  • Dax Bishop
    Dax Bishop

    If that happened to me I will say well Iโ€™m screwed

  • Hamza Elzawam
    Hamza Elzawam

    Are you allowed guns

  • Pablo Orozco
    Pablo Orozco

    Kill me self.

  • Karizma Mckeithan
    Karizma Mckeithan

    Do what Junior did

  • Chloe Price Is MANGLED
    Chloe Price Is MANGLED

    Brooklyn T guys wife is so annoying

  • Gamingwithcam7 Roblox
    Gamingwithcam7 Roblox

    Junior kick ass

  • Aidan Mendoza
    Aidan Mendoza

    Make a home alone 4

  • dumb shit since
    dumb shit since

    Why is Elmo evening in the video why not do goodman

  • Boyee2011


  • Fortnite Players99
    Fortnite Players99

    Whoโ€™s watching this in 2020 like if you are

    • Darth Maul
      Darth Maul

      Fortnite Players99 20020

  • Sonicbl8z3

    We throwing hands

  • Emily Farrier
    Emily Farrier


  • Ary YouT
    Ary YouT


  • ElSe WorldsYT
    ElSe WorldsYT

    Mmm cheese

  • Zohrabi 5708 roblox
    Zohrabi 5708 roblox

    kick their ass

  • stiv bators
    stiv bators

    frute loops are my fav

  • Godzilla 2020
    Godzilla 2020

    Jr is a young murderer

  • winncampy1

    So this is what would happen (they come in we play a game of shoot the assholes and they donโ€™t move and I shoot the bitch shoot the fuckers and I hide the bodyโ€™s in my backyard and hide a arm in my dads car and I leave the last one and shoot him with a bazoka ) and thatโ€™s how it would happen

  • Will

    Why is this half inappropriate?

  • XaZa AAA Palma
    XaZa AAA Palma

    I would fight them and make traps

  • mr gamer
    mr gamer

    7:41 i think he got killed by Gordon Freeman

  • Abdulla Amir Hashimi
    Abdulla Amir Hashimi

    i would throw a lot of knifes

  • Peyton Caplinger
    Peyton Caplinger

    Hey sml where do u live? #WHEREAREU?

    • Darth Maul
      Darth Maul

      Peyton Caplinger they live in nevada

  • Justin Boyer
    Justin Boyer

    Use bothe my knife and my be be gun and take down one by Ooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee, but make the last one suuuuuuuuuffffeeerrrr

  • Mr Mackey
    Mr Mackey

    zebra cakes are the shit


    Sml question: Iโ€™ll ask to borrow there phone

  • mr gamer
    mr gamer

    how to survive a house robery 1 Wear a H E V suit 2 get a crowbar,pistol,smg,shotgun,crossbow,357 magnum,ar2,rpg,grenade

  • ZaidXX4 X54
    ZaidXX4 X54

    I would do the same thing as junior if someone broke in my house I just need the stuff he used though then the robbers would be YIPPIE KI AY

  • a n a Bergman
    a n a Bergman


  • Ayden Cassano
    Ayden Cassano

    I would do a few things 1, beat them up or stop them as good as I can 2, I have a phone but if it was dead I don't know what I would do

  • Go Gaming
    Go Gaming

    Why does Brooklynโ€™s wife sound like r2d2

  • Anton Kneizeh
    Anton Kneizeh

    There should be another home alone video cause when junior is better than 4 people it just makes me laugh

  • Ezra Murray
    Ezra Murray

    If someone broke i'll get a knife and stab there ass

  • Riley G
    Riley G

    Rape them then kill them

  • Biggy_mac 589
    Biggy_mac 589

    I just imagine the people in the apartmentโ€™s wondering why thereโ€™s just like four people gathered around and then next to a door talking about having a gun and killing people that be a little sketchy especially when there holding puppets

  • Daimmer Marte
    Daimmer Marte

    I will set mokey free

  • Ashton Jones
    Ashton Jones

    Get the fucking he'll out of the fucking house

  • Isaiah Whittet
    Isaiah Whittet

    The sml question is if someone broke in to my what would I do I would have a dead body

  • EPIC Games
    EPIC Games

    5:54 what the heck?

  • Killing Beast
    Killing Beast

    Sml answer:I would watch this video for tips

  • Bluebella 6
    Bluebella 6

    I would chop the head off of them

  • Alexis McMcmillan
    Alexis McMcmillan

    go to my friend howes

  • DENISE Wong
    DENISE Wong

    Brooklyn T guys wife is so annoying



  • Christian Banke
    Christian Banke


  • ReterGD Geometry dash
    ReterGD Geometry dash

    1:00 perfect beatboxing ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • ๅ…จ็„ถๅคœๆ˜Žใ‘ใฎ็†ๆƒณใงใฏใชใ„

    This is funny

  • PumpedKeegs 17
    PumpedKeegs 17

    Home alone 3 needs to come out with Jeff or junior

  • iskio4

    I would do the exact same thing junior did but not let the last robber live

  • Jazzbaby LOL123
    Jazzbaby LOL123

    SML question i would push Them into the basement and throw a knife at them

  • Jonathan Johnston
    Jonathan Johnston

    Have a gun shoot them mother fuckers

  • Big city cat
    Big city cat

    Elmo looks like he has a goatee

  • Sumeya Bwana b
    Sumeya Bwana b

    Do home alone 3 and when you are done do home alon 4

  • jakhi horne
    jakhi horne

    fuck i dont know

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