SML Movie: Jeffy's Halloween!
Jeffy passes out candy!

  • Sharkttv _
    Sharkttv _

    Brooklyn guy: kids are getting uhm uhm napped IT-my robots:...

    • ThatTrend

      Lie joyklouieer

    • Jessica Buck
      Jessica Buck


    • Jessica Buck
      Jessica Buck


    • Tyler Joseph
      Tyler Joseph

      @TheBaconChannel you better be sorry thats unfunny

    • ChickenTube Oh yea yea
      ChickenTube Oh yea yea

      Sharkttv _ lol

  • I play Roblox bypasses
    I play Roblox bypasses

    I like candy corns and this was offensive

  • Rebeca Uriostegui
    Rebeca Uriostegui

    Where does Joseph goes when he says 'Oh dude I'm outta here?

  • Alan Uresti
    Alan Uresti

    I'm with jeffy 3:11 Jeffy: but you bought candy corn who even eats that freaks. Mario: But i like candy corn Me: I say we wast him

  • Splash_ Beats
    Splash_ Beats

    napped a couple kids

  • Splash_ Beats
    Splash_ Beats

    napped a

  • Andrew Lyle
    Andrew Lyle




  • katie narrow
    katie narrow

    Me:YES DO IT JEFFY My brother:EWWWW!!!!!

  • Piggy Saiyen32
    Piggy Saiyen32

    Yo I’m Mickey Mouse And u know I took ur girl to my house And she played with my Mouse-ka tool - *JEFFY* 2019

  • Jack Richards
    Jack Richards

    Is jeffys Mr.goodnan when he said that's not fair

  • Senseswap Flowey
    Senseswap Flowey

    Your mom

  • Wyatt Lee
    Wyatt Lee

    I like candy corn

  • Rick_ Gaming
    Rick_ Gaming

    When mom says we have to go to the store 3:31

  • Amber DeRosia
    Amber DeRosia

    A belly dancer 😂👍🏻💃🏻

  • xxgacha angel wolfxx
    xxgacha angel wolfxx

    Brooklyn guy: uhm lemme do the trick or treating Brooklyn's mind: yes! ALL THE CANDY'S MINEEEE Kids are napping UvU I LITERALLY SEE THE THUMB NAILZ...I....mean tacks....

  • clippsburgh duke
    clippsburgh duke


  • Minecraft Gaming R.L
    Minecraft Gaming R.L


  • Dragonball fanboy Mehmet Öztürk
    Dragonball fanboy Mehmet Öztürk

    3:30 Just to replay

  • Brandon Hernandez Hernandez
    Brandon Hernandez Hernandez

    When jeffy opens the door goodmen was like 👁👄👁

  • Clarence Babcock
    Clarence Babcock


  • Scrooter

    Jeffy sounded like Goodman when he that’s not fair

  • Mary Hughes
    Mary Hughes


  • Mary Hughes
    Mary Hughes


  • ItsMeHassan 120
    ItsMeHassan 120

    i dresst up like jeffy uh uh

  • Kamille Ashley
    Kamille Ashley

    3:15, "its not gonna work chief


    I dressed up as a army man

  • beast in fornite
    beast in fornite

    who's watching this in 2020 | | |

  • Maria Patino
    Maria Patino

    Eighf xkditiyirfdkh Fjvleyfotuflr Fogijog Elgi Fkdkdidlekd Dlsogu Diekf Kckjiclfl Zlvbox

  • William Price
    William Price

    Take the thumb tacks off you idiot

  • Bella Marinelli
    Bella Marinelli

    I cat candy corn but I gotta do what jeffy dose YEET

  • Felicia Glover
    Felicia Glover

    Jeffys voic changed

  • Pink Galaxy girl
    Pink Galaxy girl

    And I was a skeleton for Halloween

  • Pink Galaxy girl
    Pink Galaxy girl

    The bucket that Cody had was the one I had

  • The crazy squad
    The crazy squad

    Jeffys rap😂😂😂

  • Kade Devaux
    Kade Devaux

    2:58 jeffys voice sounds a bot like goodmans

  • James Sanchez
    James Sanchez

    Cody: I’m mo jo jo jo me:it’s mo mo jo jo

  • Bubble gum gacha girl
    Bubble gum gacha girl

    He put thumb tacks in the candy so he can get all the candy

  • Bubble gum gacha girl
    Bubble gum gacha girl

    I’m crying of laughter

  • luigi adventures Colt Sonic in real life luigi
    luigi adventures Colt Sonic in real life luigi

    Mario makes me laughwithtears

  • JoshGamePlayPro

    In halloween i dress up like MARSHMELLO

  • Gator529 Playz
    Gator529 Playz

    Why are people hating on candy corn, its good

  • Pete Man213
    Pete Man213

    2:58 The Goodman came out in Jeffy

  • Xiao Ling Rong
    Xiao Ling Rong

    I dressed up as actin America for halloween

  • Danni Dowle
    Danni Dowle


  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter

    You know what candy corn is made out of dildo bits

  • ChickenTube Oh yea yea
    ChickenTube Oh yea yea


  • SportsFan 321
    SportsFan 321

    2:58 is it just me or does Jeffy sound like Goodman

  • Tonya Chapman
    Tonya Chapman

    I subscribed to your chanle

  • Leticia Vargas
    Leticia Vargas

    John cenaaaaaaaa

  • jaxon's life and games
    jaxon's life and games

    lance mess up when he said not fair because it sonded like goodman

  • Pricey crim
    Pricey crim

    I was bendy

  • kaceycollierable

    At 2 :58 you could hear the actor of jeffy voice

  • hellfire87 65
    hellfire87 65



    1:40 Lyrics yo I’m Mickey Mouse I took your girl to my house Than she played with my Mouska tools

  • Fluffy Turtle
    Fluffy Turtle

    I love candy corn lol

  • Alex Daniello
    Alex Daniello

    brooklyn guy with the thumb tacks #LIAR

  • Melvii

    I dont have to

  • dab duffy
    dab duffy

    For holloween I dressed up as a demigorgen

  • Mohammad Isa
    Mohammad Isa


  • assas isuswanny
    assas isuswanny

    Codeds mom

  • Ian Rebellion
    Ian Rebellion

    Y u hate candy corn I luv it

  • Gryan107

    9:11 the money “right heeeerree”

  • e

    ^, ^ (- )

  • Joseph Servin
    Joseph Servin

    I dress like for hall wen is harry qwin

  • Jabrontah H
    Jabrontah H

    Yay Jeffy love .

  • Edwin Lechuga
    Edwin Lechuga

    The police officer put the thumb tacks

  • Angee Martinez
    Angee Martinez

    Harley Quinn

  • EpicGaming Professionals
    EpicGaming Professionals

    Jeffy:My name is Mickey Mouse I took your girl to my house and she she played with my mousekatool

  • Triston The fishy boi
    Triston The fishy boi

    I was a panda

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