SML Movie "Jeffy's Pet Shark!" REACTION!!!
Dwayne N Jazz
In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet Shark! and we just now realized that shark is the same shark from all of the memes and we didn't notice it lol
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  • Dwayne N Jazz
    Dwayne N Jazz

    Which one is better??? A pet Tiger, or a pet Giraffe??? 👀👀

    • The Traveler Of Time.
      The Traveler Of Time.


    • The Traveler Of Time.
      The Traveler Of Time.


    • The Traveler Of Time.
      The Traveler Of Time.


    • The Traveler Of Time.
      The Traveler Of Time.


  • Xxjaylex Red hood
    Xxjaylex Red hood

    One would be a red panda I want that as my pet their so cute😻

  • Eli Millan
    Eli Millan

    A pet gir-affe

  • Raymond Arreazola jr
    Raymond Arreazola jr

    Lol shark puppet was in there 😆

  • Ernest 32
    Ernest 32


  • Joyful Yt
    Joyful Yt


  • Nayar Mikhael
    Nayar Mikhael

    I’d have an owl

  • Fernando Diaz
    Fernando Diaz

    He is shark papet

  • Moneyboi Jae
    Moneyboi Jae

    I want a saber tooth tiger

  • Faison Defang
    Faison Defang


  • Emma cloud1068
    Emma cloud1068

    I feel like the leopard still gone hurt you they are very adorable but wouldn’t want them in my house

  • Beau Buckland
    Beau Buckland

    I say giraffe

    • Beau Buckland
      Beau Buckland

      Btw I watch y’all channel and they are awesome your channel is my top 10 reaction

  • The big BullDog8
    The big BullDog8

    That's the shark from Instagram

  • yugioh the mountain of memes
    yugioh the mountain of memes

    I cant spell neighbor so I call it the hood

  • stephanie Scott
    stephanie Scott

    If i got to havea shark like that thats the pet i would want

  • light yagami
    light yagami


  • Solivia V
    Solivia V

    Well sometimes Brooklyn guy comes and there isn’t even a problem

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos

    The look on Dwayne’s face when the shark screamed 3:50

  • Calvin Crosby
    Calvin Crosby

    That's another IT-myr puppet shark

  • brooke.t.g.r

    Yo I started dying when I saw shark puppet 💀💀💀

  • Zylbrad Fan
    Zylbrad Fan

    This was a colob between shark puppet and sml you should watch some shark puppet

  • MK-BTW-_-

    You guys uploaded this on my birthday

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia


  • Nicholas Veneziale
    Nicholas Veneziale

    I want a wolf

  • Spectre1122

    2 channels together... puppet shark and superbowserlogan

  • Dorian Rodgers
    Dorian Rodgers

    i love foxes so much

  • mr. p
    mr. p

    Yall got so much space LUUKY.

  • Hey Imprint
    Hey Imprint

    😂 Look at Dwayne's common since face "really?" Giraffe

  • sloth_ Al
    sloth_ Al

    tiktok shark

  • DragonSlayer MasterJayeden
    DragonSlayer MasterJayeden

    I would have a Dragon

  • Jinx PlayZ-_-
    Jinx PlayZ-_-


  • Ghostly Venable
    Ghostly Venable

    Plz react to shark puppet!!

  • Retro106 Gaming
    Retro106 Gaming

    You guys should start clipping parts where you don’t have reactions. Cuz that gives the viewers a reason to watch the original

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez

    The shark has a channel it’s puupet shark

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    Reminds me of shark puppet scream

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee


  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee


  • Javier Guerrero
    Javier Guerrero

    Oh yeah I'm the shark yeah

  • Andre Maciel
    Andre Maciel

    Go back to yall old setupp😭

  • tachelle Burrell
    tachelle Burrell

    im a big big big fan of you and Dwayne and jazz

  • Hydra

    Omgggg I watched the original shark puppet videos

  • The L33 Channel
    The L33 Channel

    Look at Dwayne’s face whenever Puppet Shark screams lol

  • Preston Knight
    Preston Knight

    Logan better have taken back that shark glove and fishing pole. If it’s still in the ocean, there’s gonna be some serious problems

  • Hollow Getsuga
    Hollow Getsuga

    Definitely safer to get an animal that isn’t a predator and hasn’t evolved to be one of the deadliest big cats on the planet. Although I have heard a few times that’s there’s more domesticated tigers in Texas than wild tigers in (wherever there’s supposed to be wild tigers, I can’t think of the places) so pet tigers are definitely viable.

  • lovme2x

    Road to 2MIL!

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul

    Lies thanos

  • Human Cringe
    Human Cringe

    hey jazz have you ever heard the song called cute but fucking dangerous? well it goes like this... holy fuck im gonna die because this leopard's dangerous. HOLY SHIT it took out my eye and now the kids are next. Well fuck the kids are dead and this leopard took off my head. This is the end of the fucking song so dont get a leopard🤐

  • Kenya Nash
    Kenya Nash

    Can you watch shark puppet

  • KDHD gaming
    KDHD gaming

    Shark puppet

  • CatarinaDGamer

    React to Jeffy’s magical pencil

  • Zakhi Smith
    Zakhi Smith

    Cheese is an obvious choice to eat.

    • Zakhi Smith
      Zakhi Smith


    • Zakhi Smith
      Zakhi Smith

      Or am obvious food

  • Zafir Williams
    Zafir Williams

    Otters I love otters they are so cute and cool

  • An Escaped Alien from Area 51
    An Escaped Alien from Area 51

    Pls react to Jeffy's back pack

  • marcus dragon
    marcus dragon

    I love to live so I would take the giraffe

  • Lathan Elmore
    Lathan Elmore

    If it were me if i had a tiger in my house Imma have to keep some to protect me in case he wanna try me

  • Quinton Badour
    Quinton Badour

    Look up shark puppet

  • SuchMoisty


  • Crystal Anderson
    Crystal Anderson

    Do bowser jr goes to Disney world pert 1 &2

  • Kristine Figueroa
    Kristine Figueroa

    Jasmine: *A long detailed explanation about the animal she wants Dwayne: I wanna giraffe

  • Zmodel_2003 unhh
    Zmodel_2003 unhh

    Jasmine wants a pet Raja

  • Amir Mcintyre
    Amir Mcintyre

    That's is so funny 😂 I'm laughing now watching this

  • Malachi Maxey
    Malachi Maxey

    This was on my birthday

  • Asm Kaneki
    Asm Kaneki

    Did they break the fourth wall

  • Lord omni_ king
    Lord omni_ king

    A fox

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez

    React to chilly

  • Dad Ni
    Dad Ni

    I will have a dog 🐕 because Zay are so cute and so good at defensin

  • lol no subs
    lol no subs

    Yall should check out shark puppets channel

  • Marissa May
    Marissa May

    Please react to Jeffy's Backpack! 🎒


    A small

  • Sunset Falls
    Sunset Falls

    I feel like the person who was acting the shark puppet was the IT-myr the shark puppet who has watched the shark puppet

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