SML Movie: Officer Jeffy!
Jeffy becomes a police officer!

  • nadia ejaz
    nadia ejaz


  • Defaultz4LifeYT

    Jeffy has been suspended & expelled and yet they let him be a cop

  • Brian Sosa
    Brian Sosa

    A soccer player

  • PharmDgarage


  • Joejoe Jumpscare
    Joejoe Jumpscare

    I wanna be chef peepee

  • Wonder Duncan
    Wonder Duncan

    Mario been having a whole bunch of crack pipe Today

  • Victoria Sinchi
    Victoria Sinchi

    Be a doctor or a nurse

  • Victoria Sinchi
    Victoria Sinchi

    Like popo

  • Victoria Sinchi
    Victoria Sinchi

    Like jeffy

  • Jasmyn Haywood
    Jasmyn Haywood

    And anthor people all time reason for shirt people

  • Jasmyn Haywood
    Jasmyn Haywood

    Nepali people rich strong short but all time eat to dealicaes food

  • Jasmyn Haywood
    Jasmyn Haywood

    Hey stupid who is rich this gay all time eat to oil roast rice meat who is poor this gays all time use to bread

  • Death Wish
    Death Wish

    Yeetus deletus

  • Qing Liang
    Qing Liang

    Cop: Ok, do not lose these keys. Jeffy: *Throws Far Away To Space* Me: L0L xP

  • Beezybeefer

    Roses are red Violets are blue Subscribe and your but will be bigg

  • TTGames AndVlogs
    TTGames AndVlogs

    I would work with poo

  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez

    Jeffy:I’m gonna tase you People:😳

  • Ahmad Jackson
    Ahmad Jackson

    Black yoshi the truth

  • Cooper Armstrong
    Cooper Armstrong

    Forensic scientist

  • Legitxxd549

    If you pin this comment you will wake up with all the sml puppets

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores

    *Let's get a rip to the robber because he had the balls to call Jeffy stupid!*

  • Coldicesa.v

    baby arroogala

  • B-will for real
    B-will for real

    What a crapy iPhone a have poor quality

  • Butter Boi
    Butter Boi

    6:33 XD

  • Frank Moon
    Frank Moon

    Like me if black Yoshi get in trouble a lot

  • Daniel Alvarez Aguilar
    Daniel Alvarez Aguilar

    Do not lose keys, jeffy throws keys

  • DK galexyfox
    DK galexyfox

    Love the vids😆😁😃

  • DK galexyfox
    DK galexyfox

    I'm not gay bio!

  • Becca Owens
    Becca Owens

    Hey jeffy

  • Billy Zahner
    Billy Zahner

    Being a giorafe

  • Elijah Cash
    Elijah Cash


  • Elijah Cash
    Elijah Cash


  • Brandon Pisch
    Brandon Pisch

    My question is what Mario said to the cop on the phone? 😮

  • jace turley
    jace turley

    Jeffy you funny

  • Olivia Edwards
    Olivia Edwards

    I love sml ❤️

  • Olivia Edwards
    Olivia Edwards

    Like Jeffy Comment mario

  • Reza Rezaei
    Reza Rezaei


  • Magmoroki Gacha
    Magmoroki Gacha

    Being a chef

  • Anisa Hawlader
    Anisa Hawlader

    My dream mm job is to be a lawyer

  • Alysia Endl
    Alysia Endl

    A youtuber

  • Någon Somdu
    Någon Somdu

    NO need to like to me.... I am only 9 and this is not a scam att the "Who do you like the mod"....

  • Sean Arts
    Sean Arts

    Aww! I wish Jeffy didn’t get fired

  • Cloud7x


  • sazzatul alam
    sazzatul alam

    Austronout so that I can go to the moon

  • Daniel Mohundro
    Daniel Mohundro

    Jeffy: Well they let me keep the tazer Also Jeffy: pbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpb

  • Ali Alfahad
    Ali Alfahad

    Jeffrey is 15 years old right why is he wearing a diaper then

  • panda bubbles
    panda bubbles

    i want to be a scientist (marine bioligest)

  • Jasmin Smith
    Jasmin Smith


  • Kathleen Hanlon
    Kathleen Hanlon

    mine is a cop because I want to make the world a better olace

  • Treven 11
    Treven 11

    Playing Fortnite

  • The Ender Creeper
    The Ender Creeper

    SBL askes what is your dream job? Me: Not to have one

  • KLG Plays
    KLG Plays

    my drean job is a doctor

  • Detective Sneak
    Detective Sneak

    My dream job is a detective

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez


  • thready Chimp556
    thready Chimp556

    It feels like 3 weeks ago this was released

  • Christian Laino
    Christian Laino

    His impression of black ppl is amazing

  • Bird Master
    Bird Master

    Robber:move out my way stupid! Jeffy:NO ONE CALLS ME STUPID! (Beats up robber)

  • Gaming With Nevaeh
    Gaming With Nevaeh

    This Is Janet -> 💁🏻 This Is Kate -> 🙋🏻 Janet Is 10 Years Old!!!! Kate Is 10 Years Old!!!! Janet's And Kate's Dad Killed Kate Then, He Killed Janet 1 Like = 1 Gift To Janet And Kate When They Died

  • Gaming With Nevaeh
    Gaming With Nevaeh

    Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Cody Just Kissed You 1 Like = 1 Punch For Cody

  • Klak9 Plays
    Klak9 Plays

    A forcter

    • Klak9 Plays
      Klak9 Plays

      More like Doctor 👎or👍😂🤣


    My dream job is to be part of the 82nd airborne division.

  • Tomasz Łacniak
    Tomasz Łacniak


  • Tomasz Łacniak
    Tomasz Łacniak


  • Kevin Lamont
    Kevin Lamont

    Roses are red grass is greener when I think of Jesse I go oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!

  • tattletale madness
    tattletale madness

    My dream job is a youtuber I started one but I am not not popular

  • Luix the gamer
    Luix the gamer

    Cop: This is the key, do not lose them. Jeff’s: *throws*

    • Emerald Blaze
      Emerald Blaze


  • Shadow Opzx
    Shadow Opzx


  • Shadow Opzx
    Shadow Opzx

    🐷🥊🦄 🥋🥊🥋

  • GucciMcganga _475
    GucciMcganga _475

    Choking my chicken daddy

  • Derii Booker
    Derii Booker


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