SML Movie: The Prank!
Bowser Junior pulls a prank!

  • superbowserlogan

    Did you guys get an ad on this video? Yes or no? We had to censor the word “Kid” napped because IT-my wouldn’t let us say it without getting demonetized.

    • jayziah baldwin
      jayziah baldwin

      no i didnt

    • Derek LaBarbera
      Derek LaBarbera

      superbowserlogan thats ok

    • Angelo DeLeon
      Angelo DeLeon

      not yet

    • da_beast-fortnite

      500th reply!!!

    • William Carr
      William Carr


  • Jorge Herrera
    Jorge Herrera

    Who else is very og

  • Naqualo Smith
    Naqualo Smith

    For $100,000 I will lick they toes

  • jhina campoverde
    jhina campoverde

    I feel bad for chef pee pee and the doctors son

  • Zello

    12:47 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • c and I raps
    c and I raps

    I love sml

  • Cartoon kitty cat Cartoon lovers
    Cartoon kitty cat Cartoon lovers

    I got the ad

  • SpongeBobBall

    Bowser Junior:So Guy what do u want to do today! Edit:You say that in like every video xD

  • H Lee
    H Lee

    Why when he said kidnap it said nap did you cut kid out of kidnap

  • Caden Murphrey
    Caden Murphrey

    I was actually eating g chicken while watching this

  • Felix Reciomichae
    Felix Reciomichae

    Ftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhggvcccccvvvvvvvvvvvvhhjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkédddgdhehdhhftryxhrysycheusjjfjeudueudhrueufhuxhhhhhhdhhdhdhxudududueyettdteysyyreyydyrysufuehdyydydyfyrydy f heydyrueuduruusuurueudyryeyxfyyeydtysyg c.f. gdghstt s tt c.f. yy s ydyy d's y r yyz s desde Djokovic hfhrudyrhehhrhhdhhrururuhrheurhudu es hhdhehrhhdyfyydythrudhejrjrkkdrkf6ehcjfnhrtdyryhegehheh5

  • Hopeful BRG
    Hopeful BRG


  • Amoriah Contreras
    Amoriah Contreras


  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts

    I just hope nobody on IT-my tries this at home FUN FACT

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez

    Baby Back

  • Rhys Pygall
    Rhys Pygall

    If anyone has roblox add me my account is ILoveDoritosssssLol and my name on among us is I luv cats

  • SWA Lay
    SWA Lay

    👂👁️👁️👂 👃 👄 🖐️. 🖐️

  • SWA Lay
    SWA Lay

    Apple 🍎🍓🍒🍉🍎🍎🍎🍓🍒🍎🍎🍓🍓🍒🍉🍎🍓 🍓🍎🍓🍎🍓🍎

  • Josue Washere
    Josue Washere

    Do not try this at home

  • Randy Delgado
    Randy Delgado

    fi i had 100,000$ i would spend it all on jewelry cuz i so i could be rich as fuck bitch i could be flexing on them haters i want to flex on those hose AKA bitches

  • furious jonbok1
    furious jonbok1

    4th wall breach


    I would kidnap for 100,000$

  • Silly Lilly8
    Silly Lilly8


  • Sire Jones
    Sire Jones

    Do a video with Sonic the hedgehog.

    • Bouba Diallo
      Bouba Diallo

      He's not gonna see this comment

  • Syzzile

    I want sml to grt milloond of moneyy

  • Derek Barnett
    Derek Barnett

    I'll buy everything inside Walmart and I'll buy some Gucci stuff

  • TheSepper67

    you can wash any glue off 😖

  • Aj Smiths
    Aj Smiths

    I will

  • Jessica Osten1
    Jessica Osten1

    I like sml

  • Duran Jr
    Duran Jr

    I feel like he dislikes every movie

  • The alleged TikToker
    The alleged TikToker

    (The aliens probed me) Bowser jr 2019

  • lemon j
    lemon j

    Grape video

  • Stanley Tan
    Stanley Tan

    That police person is bad at singing

  • Aesthetic Builds
    Aesthetic Builds

    *”baby back, baby back, baby back,CHILE’SSSSSSSSS! Baby back ribs, barbecue sauce~”*

  • Kory Prince
    Kory Prince

    I don’t think that happens do you supposed to go home and have a house

  • Bowser Koppa
    Bowser Koppa

    O My God Bowser Jr

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston

    Baby back baby back baby back riiiibs

  • シMBC1


  • Steven Tarco
    Steven Tarco

    How did he get to the bathroom

  • Jolina Autry
    Jolina Autry

    I watch you guys all day!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Pimentel
    Kimberly Pimentel

    k no VIP notorious no more and the first few items I can come to and I can come to my car 🚘 day I come to the store 🏬 was a free day for free I was just looking forward for a free day for my moms and kids and they were free to come to me and come over here in a few hours I would love to come here in a car 🚘 was the best I had in the world I had to stop here in my car I love 💕 my car is so fresh I can’t wait 😊 ya come get you a great 👍 and come to my moms come get ya guys and I can do a car and get my moms come get me to get ya kids come over to get ya

  • Blueberry


  • Joseph D'Agostino
    Joseph D'Agostino

    Yes bowers

  • Joseph D'Agostino
    Joseph D'Agostino

    Me to

  • the goat12
    the goat12


  • LivingRight Productions
    LivingRight Productions

    How many times did he say baby back baby back

  • Abhi Kahlon
    Abhi Kahlon


  • tna & AEW kids
    tna & AEW kids

    Bowser jr is my less favorite and jeffy is my top favorite

  • 1000 subscribers Without content
    1000 subscribers Without content

    For 100 grand I would do a go fund me saying Logan jumped me

  • Jaxx Pham
    Jaxx Pham

    Lick a ride at dinsny world

  • 24k_Jayy

    Junior: says that we are dolls. Also Junior: Makes fun of Cody doll.

  • Luke and Daddy Obi-Wan
    Luke and Daddy Obi-Wan

    If you like Super mairo Logan subscribe to me. My videos arekinda like sml. Have you watched star wars episode 3. Well at the end Luke was givin to his aunt and uncle. But in my videos Obi-Wan adopted Luke then started dating A ghost Luke and Daddy obi-Wan.

  • Lauryn Seed
    Lauryn Seed


  • Malie Col
    Malie Col

    Im totally going to do that

  • Jack Mine
    Jack Mine

    I got a big cut on my head 😢😢😢

    • Jack Mine
      Jack Mine

      I got a big cut on my head today 1 like 1 prayer I'll survive

  • Teodoro Corpuz
    Teodoro Corpuz

    I did to my enemy/friend

  • TheFNAFcreeper 64
    TheFNAFcreeper 64

    baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back RIBS AND BQ SUACE!👁👄👁

  • Dallin H
    Dallin H

    I did it to my teddy bear 1 years ago it was real funny lol

  • Cookie NCupcakes4
    Cookie NCupcakes4

    Everybody in the comment likeThis video for my people to like it because when everybody sees that I like it that means I want to like you who everybody’s not like this there’s a thumbs down now they’re going to do a like thumbs up

  • zanja craze
    zanja craze


  • Zombie Gamer
    Zombie Gamer

    Nice try you don’t try to call someone out if you don’t know why they do it 6ix9ine did not serve life in prison for his boys because they were not loyal to them they stole money from him tried to kidnap him ON VIDEO and slept with his baby mom and he was not gonna serve life in prison for them and that’s why he snitched

  • H S
    H S

    I would use it for a Pickup truck

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis

    thats pee pee

    • Logan Davis
      Logan Davis


  • KiowaPlayzX Brockington
    KiowaPlayzX Brockington

    Now that was funny absolutely funny

  • KiowaPlayzX Brockington
    KiowaPlayzX Brockington

    Don't judge me I like sonic I'm serious likethe movie is so hilarious and you haven't washer so don't ever say that again about Sonic because I will eliminate you

  • KiowaPlayzX Brockington
    KiowaPlayzX Brockington

    How dare you

  • KiowaPlayzX Brockington
    KiowaPlayzX Brockington

    How dare you

  • nelda gonzales
    nelda gonzales


  • Angie Brown
    Angie Brown

    You are a imbisile

  • Angie Brown
    Angie Brown

    You are a bich

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