SML Movie: The School Project!
Bowser Junior and Cody have to work on a school project!

  • Jeremiah Vazquez
    Jeremiah Vazquez

    I don't know why junior saying all this poop cuz he's the one that told him he can ride it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 

  • Ship Master
    Ship Master

    Get rid of junior as a character

  • Liz C
    Liz C

    I will give you my Thomas the Tank Engine racing

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez

    How are the kids how do they have to do the game and do it haha day you have been so busy so you have a good job I love your family I don’t want them I know I love him

  • β€’Angelina Xoxoβ€’
    β€’Angelina Xoxoβ€’

    I got really really mad one day bc my cousin keeps hitting me with a pillows and I almost broke his hand

  • Ric59hard Stone
    Ric59hard Stone


  • TheNG Animations // Battle Machinima
    TheNG Animations // Battle Machinima

    Kill junior

  • Hugh Haggarty
    Hugh Haggarty

    Bowser junior sucks omg be nicer


    Logan people are making accounts saying there u is that is a lie right

  • Oday Boise
    Oday Boise


  • Oday Boise
    Oday Boise

    Cody is gay

  • Filip Fuksa
    Filip Fuksa

    N64 ?

  • Oliver Moranchel
    Oliver Moranchel

    Sml jiffy’s tip

  • Pixel Pix
    Pixel Pix

    The most mad I’ve gotten is the time my friend used my Nintendo switch without my permission and nearly messed it up

  • Martin Castro
    Martin Castro

    cody pluto is a planet

  • Corey Mitchell
    Corey Mitchell


  • Bailey Plyman
    Bailey Plyman

    Tbh I’m on Cody’s side

  • Angel Mondragonchavez
    Angel Mondragonchavez

    Fuck jr fuck him lol 😝

  • Teresa Rodriguez
    Teresa Rodriguez

    Why did me and cody thing of the same planet in mine bc he said Jupiter and I was thinking of Jupiter in my mind I’m like where J for Jupiter

  • arnulfo Flores
    arnulfo Flores

    Why did Junior keep blaming it on Kodi

  • Kaheem Coker
    Kaheem Coker

    Bowser Junior know stop being mean to Cody



  • Keyonte Stevenson
    Keyonte Stevenson

    This sucks

  • Prince Samir_09
    Prince Samir_09


  • DionShepardTV

    Cody: Jr iv’e never failed anything in my entire life bruh

  • Emmanuel Amofah jr 3
    Emmanuel Amofah jr 3

    I need to meet you

  • [CreamCake]

    SML movie idea:New school!!

  • 0DJA-Money#0

    Most viewed SBL video

  • Brittany Pitts
    Brittany Pitts

    He is stupid πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ώ

    • Brittany Pitts
      Brittany Pitts

      Really funny funny πŸ˜‚β€οΈβœˆοΈ

  • Cheng Lee
    Cheng Lee

    Today I just finished a solar system project today

  • Selvedin Badnjevic
    Selvedin Badnjevic

    Bowser junior is so annoying

  • Mr. A. D. Govain, Sr.
    Mr. A. D. Govain, Sr.


  • blood moon
    blood moon

    Jr a jerk

  • jack leichter leichter
    jack leichter leichter


  • Andreia Fogaca
    Andreia Fogaca


  • Damian Collado
    Damian Collado

    🀣 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

  • Aeden Burgos
    Aeden Burgos

    15:13 15:12

  • Bulent AnΔ±k
    Bulent AnΔ±k


  • Bulent AnΔ±k
    Bulent AnΔ±k

    , 🀬🀬🀬

  • Bulent AnΔ±k
    Bulent AnΔ±k


  • Marius Gabriel C. Pioquid
    Marius Gabriel C. Pioquid

    i was *SOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY* that i wanted to quit my life

  • Bryce Dawon
    Bryce Dawon


  • Furkan Sonmez
    Furkan Sonmez


  • katarina elliott
    katarina elliott


  • F S G Clout
    F S G Clout


  • thats a bruh moment
    thats a bruh moment

    Cody s mom is far and fat and fat and stoopib

    • thats a bruh moment
      thats a bruh moment

      I mean cody s mom is a far and fat

  • Charlie the fishy Q&A
    Charlie the fishy Q&A

    Bowser junior is a brat and dumb

  • Pavel Kwelling
    Pavel Kwelling

    I love this

  • Musti boyy
    Musti boyy

    IDEA: DELETE your channel super bowser logan

  • Humaid Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa Thani Al Mehairi
    Humaid Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa Thani Al Mehairi

    its soooooooooooo anoying when they fight

  • AyanOrNot Cool like 2.0
    AyanOrNot Cool like 2.0

    It looks like Cody's fat mom kissed junior when she comes in to her house

  • Rafael Gut
    Rafael Gut

    Subscribe to superbowserlogen cuz there is a fake one with 12million subs

  • Tragikprezzi Ann
    Tragikprezzi Ann

    Catch up

  • Tragikprezzi Ann
    Tragikprezzi Ann

    I just wanna catch up to resident

  • Tragikprezzi Ann
    Tragikprezzi Ann

    Ya ll like up plz

  • Tragikprezzi Ann
    Tragikprezzi Ann

    If you guys can give me a lot of likes this how much times Joseph and junior say uhhh to codys gay question..

  • axtonplayzgaming

    9:45, Junior Sayed Blue is for Earth

  • Annie Russell
    Annie Russell

    5:27 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Jayden Chicken
    Jayden Chicken

    Oh cool can I get Jeffy the puppet

  • Mr Snrub
    Mr Snrub

    This episode made me want to strangle Junior more than any episode

  • pirro Zenuni
    pirro Zenuni


  • pirro Zenuni
    pirro Zenuni


  • pirro Zenuni
    pirro Zenuni


  • pirro Zenuni
    pirro Zenuni


  • pirro Zenuni
    pirro Zenuni


  • Musti boyy
    Musti boyy

    50:50 *NOT GOOD VIDEO*

    • Musti boyy
      Musti boyy


    • DionShepardTV

      Musti boyy the video was like almost 17 mins

  • Brooke Christina
    Brooke Christina

    Why would Cody break your toys in there you should just get a new one

  • Green alien
    Green alien

    I fly the drone, im a good pilot, i go to school, they talk about the solarsystem, im already done,

  • Soccer Ken
    Soccer Ken

    Junior is stupid and mean

  • Mike Allen
    Mike Allen

    Pokemon part 8 please

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