SML Movie: The School Project!
Bowser Junior and Cody have to work on a school project!

  • Wolfie Gacha boi
    Wolfie Gacha boi

    He's like a demon screaming or crying (T_T)

  • Wolfie Gacha boi
    Wolfie Gacha boi

    Is junior goes way too far for just a toy? .___.

  • Wolfie Gacha boi
    Wolfie Gacha boi

    SML idea : Mario's Lamborghini :DDD

  • S,N,M 64
    S,N,M 64 a bitch

  • Terry Sweet
    Terry Sweet

    It’s hard to believe that his DAD:bowser: bought him that toy

  • The awesome Naruto
    The awesome Naruto

    I low key got the same thing for christmas

  • FierySerge

    is that what happened to kobe

  • McKenna Seymour
    McKenna Seymour


  • Claudia Gonzales
    Claudia Gonzales

    Junior your a loser

  • Sonicfan 91
    Sonicfan 91

    I hate Junior for this!

  • Sarah Souccar
    Sarah Souccar

    If you see in 2020 like

  • Jashell Davis
    Jashell Davis

    A big fan

  • Sherry Abo
    Sherry Abo


  • Asteria Montgomery
    Asteria Montgomery

    Junior you are just a whiny brat like come on he did it on accident🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Shyla Te Maro
    Shyla Te Maro

    hahahahahahahahaah juniors so dum

  • Kamila Cortes
    Kamila Cortes

    And my cousin wasn’t you was it intentional and my sister with me being mean with me

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson

    Cody needs compensation

  • Jaeson James
    Jaeson James

    When my mom cute my dads head off

  • Drew Connor
    Drew Connor

    Rip Kobe bryant

  • ContainSilence

    Chief Peepee did not even argue about getting the happy meals

  • Izaiah Rodriguez
    Izaiah Rodriguez

    5:26 to 5:28 how Cody’s walking lol

  • Izaiah Rodriguez
    Izaiah Rodriguez

    5:26 to 528 how Cody’s walking lol

  • Magic Tube
    Magic Tube

    Jr:YOU BROKE MY NEW TOY Cody:no I didn’t it was a accident Joseph:ummm he did broke it on accident

    • Jason Poop
      Jason Poop

      Go the game play for game Jeffry

    • Jason Poop
      Jason Poop

      Go to school y It is the power to the. Doctor who. My mom. Big. It. Ben10

    • Jason Poop
      Jason Poop

      Doctor who is the to. Doctor who is. Doctor who. School

    • Jason Poop
      Jason Poop

      Jeffry is the day Jeffry red

  • Mustafa Albdallat
    Mustafa Albdallat


  • video

    Sry me just mad

  • video

    When I ******* saw this video.Junior can suck BULLLLLL

  • Fowler Tameika
    Fowler Tameika

    Man jr is such a hypocrite, I bet his dad was the same and treated him like that

  • Epic noob
    Epic noob

    Most mad ok *mad*

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme

    Who are the best one ever get throw a dumb a daily window for school let's start

  • Saif Kandil
    Saif Kandil

    You Need To Do stroKEN

  • Woxfツ

    I fucking swear this vid pisses me off so badly because Junior is a fucking sociopath

  • Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE
    Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE

    Cody’s IQ: 9999 GENIUS Bowser jr’s IQ: 0 DUMB AS A ROCK

  • heather gassab
    heather gassab

    OH S

  • catsupmiguel

    Did you see mario in 6:00 If you did then good

  • Vestina Langford
    Vestina Langford

    T t t t Today juner

  • David Gagne
    David Gagne

    Junior sounds like mario

  • WitheredFoxy


  • Amiyah Moyler
    Amiyah Moyler

    Junior you said that the sun isn't a planet

  • Fe4r Less
    Fe4r Less

    Junior stop it 🛑

  • 5E Oumar Ali - Oerkildskolen
    5E Oumar Ali - Oerkildskolen

    1 like to kil juonier

  • Laura Rea
    Laura Rea


    • Laura Rea
      Laura Rea


  • T-blay Cooljay
    T-blay Cooljay

    Junior is a Fucking stuped your in frunt of hem so cody hast to see your back bicth

  • Tricky 2004
    Tricky 2004

    This is how many people want to punch junior in the face!👇🏻 ;(

  • R Perm
    R Perm

    I’m most mad at jr because he’s a fucking idiot

  • Jdogg _ BRO_ fringe
    Jdogg _ BRO_ fringe

    Me: junior and Joseph are cool group and Cody is lame and nerdy group

  • Shoes Review
    Shoes Review

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  • Fredny LAPORTE
    Fredny LAPORTE

    It's crazy because I'm watch it and eating that exact ice cream

  • eaglebeyblademaster dragonis
    eaglebeyblademaster dragonis

    cody project beter then jr project jr project ugly

  • eaglebeyblademaster dragonis
    eaglebeyblademaster dragonis

    i hate jr are dumb then cody even cody is nerd jr are stupid

  • Morgan Tucker Jr.
    Morgan Tucker Jr.

    Why is Mario on the board


    At 2:26 the way Cody runs 😂

  • Xxcoolboy18 Reaction
    Xxcoolboy18 Reaction

    I remember that Ckdy was mad when junior destroy it it was funny Xd

  • Robbe Kesteloot
    Robbe Kesteloot

    It really bothered me that they said me and Josheph and not Josheph and me.

  • jaythesantana

    "Im gonna go to bed at school tomorrow"

  • Tristan Serrano
    Tristan Serrano

    I fill bad for jowsef

  • sarah brown
    sarah brown

    Junior broke Cody's project on purpose

  • Avocado Playz
    Avocado Playz

    SML idea: Joseph’s Cousin

  • Renzi FN
    Renzi FN


  • Aiden Gonzalez
    Aiden Gonzalez

    Sml idea: jr loves cody

  • Kal-El Marsh
    Kal-El Marsh

    Cody got beat up by a fat kid that is jr he thinks he his hunkey

  • Edwin De Paz
    Edwin De Paz

    Fuck you superbowserlogan


    I got 2 ads for this video

  • Jacob Murphy
    Jacob Murphy

    Yellow skittles: the sun

  • Worm2169 Tiktok
    Worm2169 Tiktok

    Jeffy got a C-

  • Corinna Jackson
    Corinna Jackson

    Junior is stupid fat and ugly and he should go to jail

  • Worm2169 Tiktok
    Worm2169 Tiktok

    My friend well my ex-friend


    Fuck u JR

    • Worm2169 Tiktok
      Worm2169 Tiktok

      CHUKWUNONSO OBI are u hater

  • Gaelerik GAMER
    Gaelerik GAMER

    Sml idea:Jeffys Money

  • Karmen Falu
    Karmen Falu

    Junior is a Idiot

  • Jc cool dude Hamilton
    Jc cool dude Hamilton

    Cody‘s project is better

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