SML Movie: Uh Oh, SpaghettiOs!
Bowser Junior had an oopsie!

  • Kaidi Lumera
    Kaidi Lumera


  • Reverse Smile
    Reverse Smile


  • Jeffrey D.
    Jeffrey D.

  • Jeffrey D.
    Jeffrey D.

  • Bradley Cook
    Bradley Cook

    Shit what is my Twitter picture not working

  • Bradley Cook
    Bradley Cook

    If I had SpaghettiOs in my room I didn’t spill it because I’m gonna poop My pants but I actually won’t do that also on the table yeah that’s good don’t. eat in your room kids

  • KushWeedEriDay

    1,000,000 IQ Junior!

  • ツMystic


  • darren pransta
    darren pransta

    0:55 lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Garritt Clubb
    Garritt Clubb

    Hey dumb Junior you dab it


    Do they all live in the same house 😂😂

  • UnKewledPenguin

    uh oh spagetio so where did skeppy get that from?

  • Awkward Leah
    Awkward Leah

    I’m eating baked beans right now

  • Sameer Armani
    Sameer Armani

    Stupid your ruining your own house

  • LAD195

    I feel sorry for the carpet...

  • Ash Nicole
    Ash Nicole

    Your videos are so great and funny

  • Destiny Barr
    Destiny Barr

    my mom would whoop junyur

  • Bryce Schminky
    Bryce Schminky

    I watched when I was eating spaghettios when watching

  • Jeffy U
    Jeffy U


  • Jeffy U
    Jeffy U

    Fake and videos

  • You Bot *Default, Gets killed*
    You Bot *Default, Gets killed*

    My mom = 😡😱 My dad = 🤬😱

  • Jean pool the video maker
    Jean pool the video maker

    0:21 same sync as this 12:38

  • Omar Waleed
    Omar Waleed

    my parents will fuck me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John SuperDude
    John SuperDude

    My first episode of SML

  • Di'Lanna Singleton
    Di'Lanna Singleton


  • ClutterCat

    Joseph is so stupid

  • JUSTIN Entertains
    JUSTIN Entertains

    7:32 did he say chocolate shyrup?

  • Kerry Duck
    Kerry Duck

    *they/mum and dad

  • Kerry Duck
    Kerry Duck

    The would tie me up in the basment

  • Macy Groom
    Macy Groom

    I like when jr tried to wipe it up w the whole roll -

  • Jauzz

    You should of just said I was on my period junior your so dumb ass :/

  • Black Dillon1
    Black Dillon1

    11:17 OCS 😱😱

  • chelsea cool girl gacha
    chelsea cool girl gacha

    Under something

  • Cutie_Freddie !
    Cutie_Freddie !

    So we got the nerd and the comedian relief and.. and the other one And how did Junior even make it through kindergarten

  • Alangoat 777888
    Alangoat 777888

    I only can think of is just eat the spegetios from the carpet don't just put coke on the carpet or put chocklet on the carpet and cut the carpet to just eat the spegetios from the carpet

  • Julie Acosta
    Julie Acosta

    My parents would beet my asss

  • TheAdam12tv

    SML IDEA: Bowser gets married

  • FishyBoi97

    if i did this and my parents found out i would be dead already

  • Get This Dirt Block To 50K
    Get This Dirt Block To 50K

    Me like every day 0:58

  • Creeper playz
    Creeper playz

    Smmmmmm: hahaitsjas has to stop ✋ this year the game has made my day and I’m

  • Deborah Hennessy
    Deborah Hennessy

    I GOT ADDS 😁😁😁

  • Matīss pro in games
    Matīss pro in games

    It’s a stupid idea

  • DanishYTRbx

    junior: if i put CHOCLATE "SHYRUP"

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham

    Haha make a video of cody's life videos


    Yeah and guess what I'm actually constipated

  • maximiliqn stoqnov
    maximiliqn stoqnov

    for l do when Junior did, they gonna ground me

  • Jasmine Munoz
    Jasmine Munoz

    I’m happy I found their account again

  • Price _kk
    Price _kk

    I like thisviews Cody's mom is fat as a Rat like a pig

  • Tangy Parker
    Tangy Parker

    Ansewer:KILL ME

  • SuperLuigiAndrew SMA Junk
    SuperLuigiAndrew SMA Junk

    Here’s the solution. Rug

  • Santy Pranks
    Santy Pranks

    🙁🙁you’re podes

  • Mary grace Hilario
    Mary grace Hilario

    This is what junior could have done If he spilled it And his dads walk in the room He should just say he through up

  • Annabelle Edwards
    Annabelle Edwards

    You got any better ideas Cody? Eating my beans

  • cc cc
    cc cc

    I bet they use some money to make vids like if agree👇🏻

  • Bubble gum gacha girl
    Bubble gum gacha girl

    Your not a amazing dad

  • Bdog

    requested junior and jeffy throw a tantrum at the store

  • Fazbear’s Gaming
    Fazbear’s Gaming

    I didn’t break gravity did

  • Paul Wohlfeil
    Paul Wohlfeil

    Thay would bully me

  • Kenneth Gaming
    Kenneth Gaming

    Chef pee pee:I'm going to bring you a pillow because your not leaving good night Chef pee pee: gets in bed and didn't get junior a pillow

  • Keri Miller
    Keri Miller


  • Mason Horton
    Mason Horton

    They wouldn’t care

  • Jayson Lorenzana Briseno
    Jayson Lorenzana Briseno

    2:34 I think that toke over an hour Lol

  • Natasha Waller
    Natasha Waller

    4:21 I had my eyes closed and I started to imagen explosive diarrhea

  • Memes N such
    Memes N such

    I fell down the stairs after taking a shit.

  • Eva carrillomireles
    Eva carrillomireles

    Super Bowser Logan Idea: Joseph gets adopted

  • Jacory Sanders
    Jacory Sanders

    Crap crap crap crap. Yeah so made a big stain

    • Jacory Sanders
      Jacory Sanders


  • unigurl 272
    unigurl 272

    Chef peepee: Stupid junior! Now I have to clean up that mess! YOUR MAKING AN EVEN BIGGER MESS!

  • Dog Vlog
    Dog Vlog

    Go check out dog lover

  • Max Ferguson
    Max Ferguson

    I thought Mac and cheese was his favourite

  • inferno channle
    inferno channle

    Who thought that codys beans were gonna spill

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