Smoother animation ≠ Better animation [4K 60FPS]
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HUGE thanks to Doggybag, Dangrips, Hyojin, and Villa for help with the animation.
Thanks to Shina for the Appeal painting also
Trigger warning for loud sounds towards the end of the vid.
This was entirely edited, and was supposed to be exported, in 48fps, not 50. Funny thing is, Premiere simply doesn't allow custom frame rates in its export window, despite supporting it as a sequence setting. I could have exported the Premiere file into After Effects and added the sequence to the render cue, but I couldn't because AE threw me an error every time I tried. That, combined with the legitimately unbelievable amount of bugs and errors and crashes left me feeling so exhausted and numb that I ultimately decided it was worth sacrificing one 25th of a second's worth of timing here and there. If you catch any editing errors, that'd be why. Oh well!!
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00:00 - Intro
1:27 - Laying the Groundwork
4:32 - Ad break
5:55 - Timing and Easing
9:52 - Smear Frames But Worse™
11:11 - Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job
13:58 - Outro
Animation used (in order of appearance):
Tom and Jerry
Pixel Art (various)
Cat walk (
Cowboy Bebop
Persona 4
300FPS Bowser in cat suit
Spirit (Roughs by James Baxter)
Devilman Crybaby
A Cat in Paris
Wire by Worthikids
DBZ Fighterz
Daffodil 3 by Smallbu
Moonlight Fox by Smallbu
JoJo Part 5
Cafouillage by Tom Law
Planet Panic
TMNT 'Don VS Ralph'
Klaus (Lineart by James Baxter)
El Dorado
1Samurai Jack Season 5
Dead Leaves
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken
Meet Arnold (Cacani Demo)
'Float' by Pixar
Music used (in order of appearance):
Les Cafes De Paris - Joe E Lee
Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound
Let the Game Begin! - SiIvaGunner
Noisy Notebook D - Snipperclips
Stage Clear - Wii Play Motion
Good Evening Bossa - Riverworn
Buy Something, Will Ya!? - Earthbound
Stamp Mode - Snipperclips
Apotos (Night) - Sonic Unleashed
Quilty Court - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Just One More Night With You - Thiago
5PM - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Trophy Gallery - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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  • James Baxter
    James Baxter

    Fantastic rant, I love it! And you're absolutely right. I love how you underline the intent of the artist. Those who would seek to replace artists with machine learning and AI clearly don't understand what art is for. Replace stuff that people don't want to do, or can't do. But people get joy (and their livelihood) from creating art, and they want to do it. It's one of the things that make us human. I'm no Luddite, and I love using new tools to create my animation. But when it starts to encroach upon the fulfillment that I get from creating, then no thanks! You might argue that this is just interpolation and chill out. But my response to that is just wait, this is just getting started.

    • ASU-DHD

      ​@Noodle Sonic Unleashed Music. I see you too are a Mobian of Culture.

    • 『Mayhem』【V2】

      Ngl idrc. I'd like to have my animations (if I did) seem better to others. As long as it's good to other people and as long as they enjoy it then thats all it matters lol. I can make it 15 fps and if they made it 60 its alr

    • no

      the man himself

    • Hi hi hi hi hi
      Hi hi hi hi hi


    • Strawberry Milk
      Strawberry Milk

      james baxter!!!

  • jack

    Don’t care about artist intent, if the smoothness lets me enjoy it more then I win

  • Trickbot 7000
    Trickbot 7000

    Bro the into the spiderverse one looked like a videogame cutscene

  • EnderCooper

    Now that honey ad, wow, greatest timing ever, love this content

  • Hannah Gray
    Hannah Gray

    As an animator, I fucking love this video

  • Ghostshot990

    5 Million Views!

  • SniperGirl s
    SniperGirl s

    Finally someone made this


    Practically the only reason we like higher FR is that it give us more time and data to react to quicker

  • Pablo

    Kind of annoying to follow you through while making your point, even though you convinced me. 14:08 And with that one (man you're just nasty), you really won the dislike!

  • Kaiser2005

    Some people get sick from low fps's, apparently the highest fps that someone could need to not feel sick is 120fps, so higher fps's definitely have there place.

  • Cat king miow
    Cat king miow

    Me close to the end: Ah, that dude os so righ- GOD, THAT DUCKING ROBOT

  • Gyro Gis
    Gyro Gis

    I think the Genie scene looks decent because of the swooshy almost ghostly constantly smeared hands, but I 100% agree with the rest of the video.

  • VirtualKota

    I think the hype about higher FPS comes from graphics card sellers :) and I think people believing it makes the video smoother (you know, the frames THEIR BRAIN CANNOT EVEN COMPREHEND OR OBSERVE) just overhype the damn thing. I can barely notice the difference.

  • The Timbs
    The Timbs

    Genuine 60 fps would look great but would be straight up torturous to animate.

  • Jituno Wikai
    Jituno Wikai

    You have 5 Mill too.

  • Stupid Sauce
    Stupid Sauce

    0:59 *that guy looks familarrrrrr*

  • Joshua

    i could just barely tell the difference in your examples on my phone, but when i rewatched it on my computer it was hella obvious. Great content, now to binge all your old shit

  • tiPtarB

    Nice vid. New perspective. I don't think I quite agree. I think there is a lot of potential in AI enhancing old animations. I just think they need to be smarter about it and try to preserve the spirit of animation and intent of animator. And it's harder. Waaaaaaay harder than just interpolating. But definitelly doable. I

  • DlO

    He has matched the Mulan video

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    Just came here since your new phone video got it's comments turned off. Money manager bad. That's it.

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    Vadim k.d.

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    Ramón Arjona Quiñones

    OMG the end music from Super Smash Bros Brawl T.T

  • Music Zinc [MZ]
    Music Zinc [MZ]

    No the painting it's it's AMOUGUS

  • BlackQuest

    idc i just think it looks better :)

  • Ramón Arjona Quiñones
    Ramón Arjona Quiñones

    That ad was amazing hahahahah

  • Harry Capner
    Harry Capner

    bruh the end part scared the shit out of me

  • Keith Byrne
    Keith Byrne

    I’m a character designer I literally can’t animate to save my life and even I know this AI interpolation looks like shit

  • Ghosty -U-
    Ghosty -U-

    Ok I get that your point is correct and I completely agree but the "Is it just me or 60fps looks worse?" comments is just so overused, like people think they're quirky when the majority would agree to them

  • tko03

    I find it bizarre you completely failed to mention video editors & VFX artists using motion interpolation to slow / speed up animation as a cool effect, and showing examples of it being done well. Now I completely agree that throwing an animation into an AI interpolation software where it literally does it for you like DAIN with no care destroys the animation. But the problem with this video is that it failed to mention Interpolating animation is a pretty common way for slowing down or speeding up animation as an effect. Usually this is done in After Effects with a plugin called Twixtor and has to be manually edited and tweaked by a person, which more often than not is extremely difficult to do correctly as you have to get rid of the artifacts and blurriness that comes with interpolating. So as a result of the misinformation about this, the census is that any animation that has interpolation basically is trash. So thank you. Thank you for absolutely destroying and discrediting the work video editors and VFX artists do because you didn't like some talentless schmucks throwing animation into a program.

  • The Jeweler
    The Jeweler

    idc i just think it looks better :)

  • Laaras

    me : animating with 12 fps

  • Enigma Productions
    Enigma Productions

    As animator I totally agree

  • Venith Spero
    Venith Spero

    >Me with my smooth brain >Does it move fast? >Does it look good? >If so then good!

  • T1G3R_

    Glad you showed up on my feed. Kinda needed this bullshittery in my algorithm. (T’is a compliment!)

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown

    I think the magic of your frames per minute is that it leaves the person watching to fill in the blanks. The blanks that your brain fills in are more or less perfect. They are influenced by the intentions of the scene and everything. Animator takes advantage of the way we view animation to create an effect and that entire effect gets destroyed by the AI.

  • ZipIce

    Gamer here: Esports = Frames; no one cares about frames if it's a single player game. Frame by frame auto interpolation has been the snake oil in a lot of T.V. sales since the late 2000's. The fact that someone thought this was actually good and put it in an A.I. is r*******. By default most large end T.V.s had interpolation on so a lot of numbskulls can't tell difference because they never actually turn off this setting to see that difference.

  • MajaMystic256

    60 fps can be better than 24 if you do it right but the problem is the AI which is being used to add more frames instead of animating it normally (which while it does take a long time can create great effect) AI doesn't properly preserve the weight and physics of animation properly and like in the video it is adding smeary/glitchy in between frames which make it blurry thats not higher fps fault its the AIs fault and the in betweens it generates Also Animation isn't always strictly at specific FPS all the time, its dynamic, some scenes require more or less fps than others for different effect

  • Pastel Grandpa
    Pastel Grandpa

    imma start using “moon brain” as a way to describe people doing weird and dumb shit, thinking it would improve something/make them look smart/talented

  • The Gold Gallade
    The Gold Gallade

    Dude, your comedic timing is excellent, well done.

  • Nerwik

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  • GHrocks123

    i genuinely jumped at the robot part

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    I can't really tell a difference, but great info none the less

  • KCP

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  • Denise Green
    Denise Green

    11:17 AI would get better but it would probably take a long time. I don't know you probably did or not. machine learning is a thing that how ai learn don't know how but yeah of course I don't know anything but but I do need to agree that this thing was made for live-action I don't think it should be use on animation

  • Tõnis Piip
    Tõnis Piip

    Seems like crying over spilled milk. You're not gonna convince people who like the 60 fps "enhanced" animations to suddenly like the original ones.

  • This_is_JP

    9:27 you see some people actually like that, what's worse is that they nearly finish the plate of ketchup, but have leftover steak and as the designated garbage bin of the group they give it to you like everyone else as leftovers.

  • One From Dust
    One From Dust

    Too much screaming. Also I’m planing to make this video in 60fps using the AI

  • Kabaret Kabaret
    Kabaret Kabaret

    Computer can't think. End of video

  • Paulus

    Lol after this I got a ketchup commercial just to rub it in I guess XD

  • PocketKaiju 99
    PocketKaiju 99

    Title: [60 fps] IT-my config: [5 0 F P S]

  • Magma D-062
    Magma D-062

    The way I see it, Stupid people like stupid things :) heh

  • DeanTheDreamer

    What's next???? 60 FPS JPEGs??

  • Sorrow MG2
    Sorrow MG2

    Interpolation is kinda like how it is in math, it should be used between two data points but you have to fix the potential issues with that data being a point that never existed, and if you don’t it’ll look off. Connection?

  • Octo π
    Octo π

    this video is just seething about ai

  • ChronoFlation

    I love smooth animation and yeah, I'm a gamer, but I also hate the ghosting effect of interpolation. Like if I won the lottery, I would pay everything I won to have some shows drawn on ones or drawn to be 60fps, cause even if 90% of the frames are drawn on 2s or 3s, that 10% drawn on 1s at 60fps would make my eyes melt. It would have to be a series that it really worked for, and most shows I'd be happy with sticking to 1s at 24fps, and then move to 2s or 3s for effect when there's an impact or something of that nature. Haikyuu is a great example of this, being a sports anime with lots of moments of quick and fluid animation leading to some of the best impact frames. Granted, I don't know that much about animation, I just know what I like to see. Interpolation as a tool is cool, but as a technique it's trash

  • William Sweeney
    William Sweeney

    As a gamer I will say it is mostly the PC gamers fault as they care more about the highest specs over having fun

  • seba Gomez
    seba Gomez

    That fucking explosion scare my pants out in my bananas

  • nes bros.
    nes bros.

    that is a _nice_ fucken sponsor transition.

  • doggo


    • doggo

      @UltraMatt nah what I mean is that if you try to change the graphics it doesn’t go past 50FPS

    • UltraMatt


  • UltraMatt

    great video but seriously why does he remind me of egoraptor in this video?

    • Sammich Jaiden
      Sammich Jaiden

      it's probably the hair

  • Cheshire Waltz
    Cheshire Waltz

    Wow this is everything that I have ever wanted to say about the increased frame rate animations but I didn't know how to put it. I always just knew that I absolutely hated it and it was hard to explain to people what was so bad.

  • SimplyNox

    Hai noodle Please destroy AI I just want highframes cuz games gets smoother. But i want my anime clean out of blurry Please keep the goodwork The fault is on low IQ people wich are over 9k :)

  • Ian do thing
    Ian do thing

    but it's fast tho

    • Ian do thing
      Ian do thing

      @UltraMatt but it’s fast though and your brain definitely does no do that what the heck

    • NetheriteMiner [Microwave Gang]
      NetheriteMiner [Microwave Gang]

      *oh yeah, this is big brain time.*

    • UltraMatt

      yeah but, your mind sees things irl in 24fps anyway so It'll still look inaccurate af so what's the point?

  • Brawlio

    This video was surprisingly therapeutic...

  • MonkaCZ

    those functions in tvs that increase fps are the worst fucking abominations to ever descend upon earth

  • Michael Chan-Pong
    Michael Chan-Pong

    4:50 You mean like a library?

  • EXO Lunar
    EXO Lunar

    this due is a dumbass first why is he so mad second he does know everybody already knows ai isnt to create a animation its to enhance it and people just like to compare why is that a bad thing 3rd ofc its gamers how are you supposed to play a game in 20 fps he says such obvious shit and thinks hes just discovered something

    • NetheriteMiner [Microwave Gang]
      NetheriteMiner [Microwave Gang]


    • Crusade Man
      Crusade Man

      @Calcium Structure he might have been a victim of a trollge

    • Calcium Structure
      Calcium Structure

      did you have a stroke?

    • EXO Lunar
      EXO Lunar

      and your example is as you said if you like ketchup on your food its an insult to the chef it has to be one sensitive chef oh wait you are sensitive so if i add my own things o the food like ketchup on my burger thats an insult you are dumb you talk about using the wrong tool for the wrong job but you use the wrong example for the wrong job

  • OneSmolBoi08

    i could notice it in the mouth movements

  • Bromodo

    It's like if someone smoothed the pixels in pixel art

  • Ben Rogue
    Ben Rogue

    I doubt it's gamers. I am one, and I care about the quality of frames over raw FPS. I feel the problem is people who watch content on their "Smart TV" with interpolation on because they think it's better.... I get it to some degree, as panning shots and action sequences can be an eye strain when motion is too high, but interpolation isn't the solution

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