Snoop Dogg On Hip-Hop Transcending Territories, Therapy, Kanye West, Gayle King + More
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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


  • Liam Maxwell
    Liam Maxwell

    I wonder if there’s a rough cut of jay z’s version of still Dre out there on dre’s mp3 somewhere

  • Kcrazy

  • L Finale
    L Finale

    Snoop dogg was the first snitch gangsta rapper you gotta respect that rat ✊🏿

  • Michael D
    Michael D - zoom meetings can be frustrating lol

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson

    What's up Snoop Dogg you know they can't hold us back my Uncle Snoop Dogg I heard you on the chat up here I like lemonade pie


    O N E F O U R

  • Randy Edmond Jr.
    Randy Edmond Jr.

    Str8 B

  • Ms Dee
    Ms Dee

    I'm from the west but my family is from east...I never got involved in that east vs west...

  • Crystal Byrd
    Crystal Byrd

    This interview is a WORD. A strong reminder how God made you and will always KEEP YOU.

  • Refined Queen
    Refined Queen

    For all of you Vlad subscribers that professes to support this “united front”, unsubscribe to all of Vlads media outlets. Our beautiful, powerful Black men have galvanized us via social media to not stand for the outright disrespect of OUR community. Let’s make Vlad the example that his kind has made to many of our ppl. #cancelVlad #unsubscribeVlad

  • dingo weed
    dingo weed

    pepsi inc dog breath say hi yo got to go

  • Alley Oop !
    Alley Oop !

    Am I tripping or does Yee look extra fine?

  • Alley Oop !
    Alley Oop !

    Dang Yee you aging like fine wine mama have my baby,make love to me,like you afraid of me.

  • Mike Wilmeth
    Mike Wilmeth

    Big Uncle Snoop. I live in Maui and I would love to ride one of your classic cars around out here and represent for the West. Me and my girl and my kids are lifelong fans and that would be some shiznit right there. Holler at me on Facebook Mike Wilmeth. . For shizzle and fisheezy!

  • Ferman Martin
    Ferman Martin

    t t Greatest ITV since H.M.LF...! not kidding

  • George Peterson
    George Peterson

    Gotta luv Snoop. 100% real and fun to talk with

  • Jordan Philip
    Jordan Philip

    I was in Bali and used a Uber motorcycle type service to get to a restaurant down the street. The local driver who picked me up just got a tattoo of Snoop the full length of his forearm done that day.. I'll never forget seeing that, hip hop transcends territories for sure

  • Amanda Aglo
    Amanda Aglo

    Snoop don’t want it with Game

  • jas113607

    @35:00 Thank YOU Snoop! For sharing! That was deep! Because folks now know that YAH ain’t no joke! Cause HE THE EL’OIM! That was really deep!

  • jas113607

    I look at the statistics of the men that go in and come out another way

  • jas113607

    @17:00 awwww c’mon Snoop! Yes Eminem is a true lyricist indeed, we’re not gonna take it away! He gets respect on that! That said: Comparing him with Rakim and those names is like comparing silver and gold! It’s apples 🍎 and oranges 🍊 to me! Donno what anyone think!

  • jas113607

    Wooow! Ms Angela sure wearing them braids! Hadn’t seen her doing that in the studio. Wear them things Ms Lady

  • Michele Mardis
    Michele Mardis

    Love love love Snoop Dogg

  • erock755

    Next Snoop interview please continue where u left off. Great interview. Unk Snoop what a life!

  • erock755

    What song he talking bout Jay writing his n dre s verse?

  • Alyssa Masciovecchio
    Alyssa Masciovecchio

    scary stories

  • new black
    new black

    If eminem ain't in your top 10 lyricist you dont know lyrics

  • ron combs
    ron combs

    No words for these songs made in them dayz, just tears 😭 ❤️✌🏾

  • Jahad Bell
    Jahad Bell

    17:00 Snoop talking bout Eminem got me dead 😭🤣

  • Bess Reaction Base
    Bess Reaction Base

    Always respected Snoop #Autismawareness #♥️💙💛💜

  • Dragan Tošić
    Dragan Tošić

    ac dc

  • Dragan Tošić
    Dragan Tošić

    yes yes

  • Top North Tv
    Top North Tv

    Charlemagne should go on red table talk let's see whats going on

  • Jusu Jaka
    Jusu Jaka

    Weak Snoop running his mouth but when he was checked by a woman, he quickly apologised else he could have lost his tv program

  • Niroma Johnson
    Niroma Johnson

    God bless Snoop

  • Eyvetta Young
    Eyvetta Young


  • Heitha Swan
    Heitha Swan

    Snoop a real nigga like he from the D

  • Kronki

    He Talks shit about Eminem. Don't hate Old Men.

  • Falcon Black
    Falcon Black

    Snoop a true legend for this game

  • Merlena Cox
    Merlena Cox

    What a great interview

  • Marble Le'Floor
    Marble Le'Floor

    If anybody remembers that "bonus video" at the end of that Game Is To Be Sold movie you a real one 😂😂

  • jack matthews
    jack matthews

    Nas and Napoleon say Snoop word aint hittin like that wood he smokin. Just look at their recent interviews

  • RB

    When you learn Jay-Z wrote "Still Dre" & Snoop & Dre's verses for the first time 🤯


    I’m white & Grew up with Grandmaster flash, Kurtis blow, Run, LL, Eric B & Rakim, Whodini etc etc.. I was there from the start & My respect goes to ALL Rap artists I grew up with

  • Jbed007 Bronco
    Jbed007 Bronco

    Wow these rappers ain't stupid so much consciousness.. not like the youngens nowadays.

  • Mary Bass
    Mary Bass

    It’s 3:00 o’clock in the morning here in the DC, area,, and this interview with my Cousin Calvin B, Jr. (aka SNOOP DOGG) is EXCELLENT ❤️ HE IS BRILLIANT ❤️❤️

  • Mrpamperedpassions

    Snoop is really real! Thanks for sharing this so uplifting 👏🏽👏🏽 take a bow on this one!!


    Eminem is Top 10 at Minimum. Maybe not his songs, but lyrically? Marshall literally walks around some of these Greats like they almost half retarded bruh... Who in the world is really messing with this guy, 20+ years and he's still putting out Number 1 Albums with NO PROMO Before Hand? Some of these people have even confessed themselves that they ain't touching that boy. Just on facts fr.. Respect to Snoop but y'all gotta get mans some more water dawg. 2020 got people caving out here 😂

  • Yakima Ellison
    Yakima Ellison

    I love Snoop, he ain’t a perfect man nor am I a perfect woman but I see that spirit.. Muskogee Creek Nation. Mississippi Chata. We move different 🦅

  • Tiffany Arrington
    Tiffany Arrington

    I love snoop so much ❤❤❤❤❤

  • LV7. GOD
    LV7. GOD

    Snoop has great energy

  • Dee Nice
    Dee Nice

    Envy looks a fool with tha Hair on his face

  • Jerome Purnell
    Jerome Purnell

    This corny kat!!

  • Dwayne Wilkins
    Dwayne Wilkins

    I never would of thought Jay-Z wrote Still Dre.

    • Natasha Bobb
      Natasha Bobb

      Until u listen to jay z takeover lmao

  • DJ Digital
    DJ Digital

    My man Snoop making power moves. I'm about to hold IT-my down 🎚️🎛️🔉🔊. Subscribe

  • Audrey Nichols
    Audrey Nichols

    My autistic snoop. God bless you snoop❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    creepy racist uncle joe biden

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    • creepy racist uncle joe biden
      creepy racist uncle joe biden

      He sure knows how to write bills to lock blacks up for a long time

  • creepy racist uncle joe biden
    creepy racist uncle joe biden

    His comments about working at 7-Eleven or Dunkin’ Donuts (July 2006) When Joe Biden made his previous failed attempt at running for president, he made such a cringe-worthy comment it’s a wonder that Barack Obama ended up choosing him as his running mate. Biden appeared on the C-SPAN program “Road to the White House,” where he was seen shaking hands with a voter and bragging about his support from the Indian-American community. “I’ve had a great relationship. In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking,” Biden said.

  • creepy racist uncle joe biden
    creepy racist uncle joe biden

    His comments about ‘poor kids’ (August 2019) During a campaign speech in Iowa hosted by the Asian & Latino Coalition, Joe Biden implied that poor kids are all non-white. “We should challenge students in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”


    Damn Yee❤️😍 I need her in my life

  • Mondoe Ray Moore
    Mondoe Ray Moore

    SALUTE to Karl Kani!💯👊

  • Demira Williams
    Demira Williams

    I love how real Snoop’s is say what you want but you can’t call him fake !

  • Ahmad Alshakhs
    Ahmad Alshakhs

    "But even if I would've went the indie route I don't have any doubt I would still get blown like it's windy out" EMINEM - Friday Night Cypher

  • Solomon Ralpheek
    Solomon Ralpheek

    Super clowns

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  • D Mitchell34
    D Mitchell34

    On h60d i got much luv for kurupt..

  • Carrie Adams
    Carrie Adams

    Do it Snoop!!! ❤️

  • the leyend of dead
    the leyend of dead


  • LaKeysha Neal
    LaKeysha Neal

    Burn that ancestor money for your ancestors

  • Philly Legend
    Philly Legend

    I am in 100% agreement with Snoop's assessment of Eminem. Most hip hop fans(speaking mainly of Black fans) that listened to rap in the late 80s to mid 90s will not have Eminem in their list of top 10 rappers\lyricists. " 'Cause there's some ni**as in the 80s that he can't f**k wit' ". "But, when you talkin' about this hip hop shit that I can't live without, I can live without that". 💯 Great interview by Snoop.

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