So, Elon Musk went on America's biggest "comedy" show 😐
D'Angelo Wallace
elon musk took a saturday night L
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  • D'Angelo Wallace
    D'Angelo Wallace

    but elon musk post funny doge meme on twitter so is he really that bad 🥺

    • bo


    • eli

      @Michael More are you employed?

    • Michael More
      Michael More

      you know whats better a show in its 46th year and a billionaire.... a youtuber with no content throwing shade at them to generate revenue... i love how people who sit in their rooms and talk to a camera think they can bark up and criticize... do you even have an skills capable of employment....has anyone every employed you? gotta love youtube... i truly wish it never existed just to see where the unemployables would be working...

    • eli

      @Meshaa Shri actually he is

    • The Destroya System
      The Destroya System

      @Damian Müller but trans men are men, trans women are women. There’s a difference in their brains. That’s the whole point. And you don’t “have” to do anything, but purposefully disrespecting people just to stroke your own ego makes you an asshole

  • TheCurvyGamer

    I'm just bothered that they gave peach an Italian accent. Like Peach's voice is already so weird, they didn't have to do that. Also, hire cosplayers to make your costumes. that wig was abysmal.

  • Jon Bz
    Jon Bz

    He's the one billionaire who's doing something good with his money. What are you doing for humanity other than winging and being absolutely boring. You can't hate on something for not being funny when you're literally the most un-funny commentator ever.

  • elle hodge
    elle hodge

    Hey D’Angelo! I was rewatching season 4 of Rick and Morty recently, and in episode 3, Elon Musk makes a guests appearance on the show. Instead of playing himself, however, he plays an alternate-dimensional version of himself called Elon Tusk. This immediately made me think of this video and the difference in execution of comedy written for Elon Musk compared to SNL’s. In Rick and Morty, Rick comments on how he chooses Elon Tusk over the Earth dimension’s Elon Musk because he is too controlling and implies that he is to sure of himself. Of course, I don’t know if Elon Musk placed his input into the writing for his character; but regardless, this was one instance in which Elon Musk played a comedic role where he invited the audience to laugh with him, about him, and in an authentic way! I know this was random, late, and long but I thought it would give you hope that Elon is funny lol. 😂

  • C.J. Thurmond
    C.J. Thurmond

    Is there any gaming media from Nintendo that confirms that Mario and Peach are an item? Like, I thought he just saved her or teamed up with her for the plot. I've never thought they were together. I've seen games where he lives with his brother and he gets invited to peach's castle. It just makes sense that Mario is like a local hero who defeats enemies more than saving a girlfriend.

  • Falkirk meh
    Falkirk meh

    bro, I'm with you. SNL sucks for the most of its skits. They are so dumb, I don't really understand why people find it to be a great show, and I seriously do not understand how it has managed to last for so is really like middle school jokes or even worse.

  • Elizabeth Northway
    Elizabeth Northway

    I love how some americans don't realise they have an accent. lol.

  • Queen Rayna
    Queen Rayna

    I’m mad I said, “on gang“ after you said free the comedians 😂❤️

  • Nabeel Abdul Qahar
    Nabeel Abdul Qahar

    Ur kinda stupid.

  • shulamithbond

    22:45 goals; and also, good job

  • shulamithbond

    6:26 SNL saw that David S. Pumpkins was briefly funny for being awkward,* and really thought they knew what makes millennials laugh *to be fair, I laughed at the first David S. Pumpkins bit. I'd probably laugh at random funny accents like "murder durdur," too, at least briefly. But that doesn't make this groundbreaking comedy or anything

    • shulamithbond

      I mean, you might forget who acquaintances were after quarantine, but only if you're me and have face-blindness and social anxiety

    • shulamithbond

      10:09 MOOD "So heavy I fell through the Earth" is a good song but also now it's really hard not to think about how she might have been thinking about Elon fucking Musk while she was writing (?)/recording it

    • shulamithbond

      "Murder durdur" is supposed to be about Pennsylvanian accents? 1. who got that from this? it sounded like some of the voices on South Park 2. if this was in Pennsylvania, does this sketch count as anti-Appalachian-region bigotry?

  • shulamithbond

    2:00 thank God D'Angelo Wallace is not part of the Elon Musk cult of personality I swear

    • shulamithbond

      18:45 better yet: Elon Musk? Stop doing Twitter and business, too. Just go away please

  • River

    me and my friend make fun of gen z hospital

  • uuu iii
    uuu iii

    To hell with Elon. He isn't worth anything. Please do neither comedy nor business.

  • Jane Margaret McEachin
    Jane Margaret McEachin

    that's on gang cuah

  • BBX

    after learning what happens behind the scenes it would NOT surprise me if all the pitches the cast made, elon was probably like, "but can you do like a silly voice or something?" or they all got a tip off that that's the kind of humor he likes so they ALL went with it. (the host doesnt have final say on every skit but ones they are involved in theyd have to find funny themselves to want to go through with)

  • BBX

    yall should see drew gooden's snl videoooo

  • CelestialBloo

    In the Oooly show or whatever they were making fun of Scandinavians.

  • Ellie Bear
    Ellie Bear

    The “Gen Z” talk is basically just fun talk between friends. You won’t catch me saying “that’s cap” to a grocery worker who said that my coupons were expired.

  • toukakouka

    gen z and more recent black vernacular have a lot of overlap because... well... appropriation. so to white gen x and boomers it's probably all the same

  • x z
    x z

    Gen Z hospital was written by Michael Che. A black guy...

  • Just Another Random Disney Fanatic
    Just Another Random Disney Fanatic

    Elon is such a strange dude but people hype him up so much that they just gloss over all the messed up things he does

  • SwaggemUgaBaobao73

    FUufufuggew, - sg

  • MG Wray
    MG Wray

    Okay, so in defense of the post-quarantine cocktail party, you might have to be older to relate. I'm 42, and I find myself at social gatherings talking to people that I cannot place AT ALL. Like: is this woman my kid's Scout Master? Or... maybe she's someone I used to see at trivia night? Does she know who I am? Have we even met before? And the part with Elon Musk saying that her experience with the second shot is funny because "the second shot knocked me out for about 24 hours" is what EVERYBODY says about the second shot. So he's thinking a smarmy sarcastic thought and accidentally says it out loud because its the first time he's had a real conversation in six months and he's forgotten how to filter his thoughts. That one is probably funnier if you live somewhere like NYC or L.A. or anywhere where lockdown was really serious and lasted a really long time. The whole past season of SNL has been about that: the exact kind of crazy that New Yorkers went this past year.

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee

    I'm sorry, I could not finish this video all the way through. Although you had very good points to make about all of this, the skits were just too terrible to bear and I did not want to sit through any more of this. I don't know why you would ever willingly watch these skits, but I do have a newfound respect for you.

  • Anindustryplant

    Real niggas love björk 😤😤💕💕💕💕

  • minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah)
    minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah)

    I think you need to watch Mare of Easttown and also maybe be from Pennsylvania to get the "Murder Durder" skit. They say it's "where Joe Biden is from" because they're in a suburb of Philadelphia, which is right next to New Castle, Delaware, which is where Joe Biden "is from" (but he was actually born in Scranton PA), and to me the funniest part of the skit was "Would yous guys stop eating Wawa hoagies over the corpse." "Wurder," Wawa, "yous guys" - they're Philadelphia things that are exaggerated on the HBO show. One of my favorite things is when the boyfriend brags that he brought cheesesteaks AND hoagies from Wawa, and they're always eating cheesesteaks... like a lot more than people in Philly actually eat cheesesteaks. SNL kicked it up a notch.

  • sevosevo

    this is the second week of finishing quarantine in my country so it just broke my heart and made me curse to the government when you said quarantine was one year old :(

  • Patricia Carrillo
    Patricia Carrillo

    Completely understandable, mental health should always come first. Whenever I miss hearing your voice, I just rewatch your videos, lol So keep doing what you're doing, you're doing great

  • Ardeidae


  • Parker Kay
    Parker Kay

    D'Angelo saying Grandma might have taken an L by dying but her drip is eternal pulled me out a day long panic attack Ive been in. Im not trying to be funny, god I'm so thankful for Him and His channel

  • isabella annunciation
    isabella annunciation

    the surfaces sweatshirt you just get better and better

  • ShearMad Beauty
    ShearMad Beauty

    Bravo. Self care , discipline and integrity go along way 💝 chin up 😘

  • Teletubbies Tune Twister
    Teletubbies Tune Twister

    15:15 is most of us for decades.

  • magnibronzi

    this is another reason why i listen to penelope scott

  • Zach Moser
    Zach Moser

    Honestly although I do have my issues with Elon but overall I think he's a good person even if he gets carried away/has tunnel vision with that said we can all agree snl sucks and congrats to D'Angelo for prioritizing his mental health

  • rowan.

    SNL only have one funny episode every ten years, but it does have some funny moments in the other episodes. Similar shows aren't funny every time either and they have always made their skits political for no reason. Anyway watch Drew Gooden's (very) recent video about SNL.

  • romespeana

    SNL was never the same after Norm Macdonald left.

  • Adriana Palomares
    Adriana Palomares

    The voracious stopsign jekely interfere because half-brother neurochemically trip excluding a festive michael. complex, thick farm

  • Hannahbeanies

    The only acceptable skit that focuses on accents is Colonel Angus, but to be fair they were not making fun of an accent as much as they are using it for double entendre

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  • Yasmin B
    Yasmin B

    These snl skits make it painful for me to swallow my own spit.

  • jfrsnjhnsn

    RE: the Gen Z hospital skit. Yes, it's all black slang, but black slang is the accepted (and the most naturally funny) language in memes. Gen Z loves memes (I also love memes). That's why it's called Gen Z Hospital. It should have been called Dank Hospital or Meme-Speak Hospital. It's a What If. "What if everyone talked in real life like they talk in memes?" That said, it wasn't very funny. The writing has been bad on SNL for 2 years.

  • Adam Aziz
    Adam Aziz

    How dare you suggest that SNL have a good episode every decade. They in face have 1 good sketch every year. Last year it was the grouch/Joker parody.

  • JaydenLovex

    Some of them are funny, but I agree that most aren't. The Beyonce Hot Wings one was very funny to me, but that's just about it.

  • theepoetrygod

    So... Elon likes accents.

  • Jay Linear
    Jay Linear

    Murderr my durdurr honestly had us cracking up. It helped that we really love Beck and Kate, though, Also, Chad skits always get us. This one was hilarious! We’re suckers for Pete, too. Hmm...maybe we just appreciate SNL for what it is, even with the bad sketches that go in for too long (hated the Wario sketch, we don’t blindly love everything “bc SNL.”)

  • KungFuBlob

    White people, please explain to us why SNL is still running? Also on a sidenote, I can read people so damn well, D'Angelo, this is the first video I've seen of you, but I have a strong, strong feeling you have yet to come out as gay.

  • Microwave

    Elon Musk has a literal cult on Twitter, dude posts a ton of things about Doge

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith

    I feel like the writers for snl must secretly hate snl

  • Wm Phelps
    Wm Phelps

    Hi commenting on dad

  • Tyler Sullivan
    Tyler Sullivan

    So I have found the weird the side of IT-my. Later dumbasses.

  • Jebus Christ
    Jebus Christ

    SNL is overrated, especially these days.

  • Michael More
    Michael More

    you know whats better a show in its 46th year and a billionaire.... a youtuber with no content throwing shade at them to generate revenue... i love how people who sit in their rooms and talk to a camera think they can bark up and criticize... do you even have an skills capable of employment....has anyone every employed you? gotta love youtube... i truly wish it never existed just to see where the unemployables would be working...

  • Tasheema Dowery
    Tasheema Dowery

    Elon musk was also on the Big Bang theory.

  • UncleCorey

    Why, when watching this, do I keep expecting musk to say “HE’S AUSTEN POWER’S FAZHAA!!!”?

  • Savannah Follis
    Savannah Follis

    these skits literally look like that one episode of icarly when they were in Japan and they had the web awards thing lmfao

  • Michelle Russell
    Michelle Russell

    Honestly, murdur Durdur was hilarious to me! I can’t not laugh watching it. I know it’s dumb, but it cracks me up.

  • Edeyn Pettus
    Edeyn Pettus

    I literally said “what” at the same time, thats offensive and incorrect Pennsylvanians don’t even speak like that at least Gen z!!! Just gross that disappointing!!!

    • Edeyn Pettus
      Edeyn Pettus

      They could do so much better!!!

  • Tony Redgrave
    Tony Redgrave

    i don' care about elon nor your thoughts about him but godamn what a despicable ane pathetic person you are

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose

    As a Pennsylvanian, Murder Durdur makes all of us wanna spit our sauerkraut pork sausage and rigatoni on the floor. The skit wasn't even vaguely Pennsylvanian

  • Selena Villegas
    Selena Villegas

    take care of yourself bb

  • Angela Bernal
    Angela Bernal

    1 good episode every ten years lmaooooooo

  • storozhevoy75

    I'm loving this title 😂

  • Arturo Ramirez
    Arturo Ramirez

    That supreme urn did actually make me laugh and that was about it

  • Alfredo Garbanzo
    Alfredo Garbanzo

    I appreciate the heart to heart at the end homie, I hope you can end up doing better consistently sometime soon. 💜

  • Lu Bachert
    Lu Bachert

    And keep not breaking your rule!!!! Your mental health is the most important, never force yourself

  • Just iamal
    Just iamal

    Bro drop me a link to that turquoise hoodie begging you

  • Elise

    D'Angelo's jumper is giving me Karl Jacobs vibes and it really works with his aesthetic

  • Tesko91

    You're cute and pretty!

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