Something is Happening at Chernobyl…
Kyle Hill
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Artist: Masood Safdarian
Editor: Charles Shattuck
ARIA: @ClaireMax
Smart boi: Kyle
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  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill

    *Thanks for watching.* Special thanks to nuclear safety engineer and [FACILITY] staff member *Brittany Williamson* for her help on this video.

    • Sigmund Freud
      Sigmund Freud

      @Marcus Hillerström He's clearly never heard of Fukishima because he still thinks this was the worst one!

    • Alan Withington
      Alan Withington

      Water is critical and a moderator of nuclear reactors accept for windscale England's worst nuclear disaster

    • David Burgener
      David Burgener


    • Noob OfTheYear
      Noob OfTheYear

      @Fjay someone took stargate as fact it seems...

    • charlotte owen
      charlotte owen

      @CLASH ROYALE why dose everyone put clash royel in there name abd people think there the real person i bet thats what you doing

  • Prypiat Shadow
    Prypiat Shadow

    For anybody wondering, there is a video (on youtube) of a ukrainian crew wandering under the sarcophagus, around the ruins. I dont remember what its called, but you can search for it. Also yes theres a game in the chernobyl setting, theres ganna be a new game soon.

  • jimmytwogunz

    Just need Godzilla's foes to come and eat up some radiation \o/

  • Bryan Bryan
    Bryan Bryan

    And Fukushima still rages, as well. I am afraid, We will be the killers of ourselves.

  • Austin Sellers
    Austin Sellers

    So is it a good time to start investing my money in Chernobyl property?

  • Robert Howe IV
    Robert Howe IV

    I was born a little more than a month later. I was born the last day of May in 86

  • bradley small
    bradley small

    lets let the cia fix it...

  • Sukhbir Singh
    Sukhbir Singh

    In short, it's the MOST happening place on Earth

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Not as concerning as Fukushima, radiation has been filling the world’s oceans, notice they don’t talk about anymore, like it’s been fixed ? I don’t eat fish anymore.

  • Buddy Rojek
    Buddy Rojek

    The only place in Europe where wild animals can live in peace.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout

    How can anybody put up such a video full of pseudoscience, liees and misinformation and STILL get 5 million views is beyond me. Oh, well HBO Chernobyl did it first.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout

    This is complete bullshit. The only people who died at Chernobyl were the 20 something firefighters who tried to put down the fire. Radiation poisoning is and was well understood back then. Radiation is not a mysterious enemy that fuels your worst anxieties like some horror movies.

  • Gregory Girard
    Gregory Girard


  • Thalario

    A quick aside - the name of the capital city not in the language of occupational force is Kyiv. You can approximate native pronunciation by saying Kiiv (two short ee’s) with a stress on the second vowel. Many would thank you for the effort. Chernobyl is also derived from Russian. Native pronunciation would yield a Chornobyl spelling, literally and intentionally meaning “a mugwort”.

  • Scott Redding
    Scott Redding

    I want a elephant s foot...for my house....I m not a happy person:(

  • ImmortalSheep69

    “Something is happening at Chernobyl” Come on 2021 was going well so far

  • Max Blanck
    Max Blanck

    It is simply not true that most liquidators are either sick or dead.

  • ilyasster

    That's bs they never told either serve two minutes or two years.

  • O Z (sky)
    O Z (sky)

    Guys, the soldiers were from all over the USSR, different ages, believers or atheists. They were demanded to go do it as if you're in the army or out, whether you had families and kids they all had to go.... A lot of them died, some are still alive but permanently damaged.

  • aproxy

    1:28 Source on "most liquidators being sick or dead"?

  • Benjiman

    I wouldn't say you look like a cult leader, I would say you look like Chris Holmes worth a.k.a Mr. Thor himself

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed

    could we do sumting to get it so hot it melts the ground under it, so it sinks and keeps on melting and sinking till it reachess under the mantle? like a hot bolt on ice.

  • Fulvio Garofano
    Fulvio Garofano

    Is the elephant's foot finally starting to move around like a slug? (saw it on another's video comment section)

  • Jerm

    “Neutron absorbing liquids.” Jesus Christ I’m in way over my head.

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon

    Wow 7 seconds into the video and already its factually wrong. Soviet nuclear weapons test at Semipalatinsk is the worst having 4x the radiation chernobyl pumped into the atmosphere. One could even say the windscale fire having the worse reator fire or even mile Island. Depends on your definition of disaster? Are we talking the fire? Are we talking radiation? Are we talking deaths??? Ether way chernobyl comes no where close and is only regarded as the worst in "recent history" because its the most recent baring fukushima and the Soviet nuclear weapons test at Semipalatinsk was strongly covered up by Russia. It's like me stubbing my toe "it was the worse accident I've ever had in recent time" 🙃 but not the worst accident in my history. I can't even watch the rest knowing it's going to be factually wrong.

  • KaZooPA

    Someone send shiey this video... he’ll get to the bottom of it

  • Zalphor

    This is actually exciting in a good way. I hope we learn something new about radiation and radioactive materials. Imagine the concepts waiting to be understood in the basement of Chernobyl. Porous reacting rock-like material doing its own thing sounds almost sci-fi.

  • Zero

    i can see that we are seeding our own destruction as we speak, I guess human are just talking cancer cells

  • Rasmus Rasmussen VI
    Rasmus Rasmussen VI

    It’s not great but it’s not terrible

  • Doug Godsoe
    Doug Godsoe

    Does “regular” water moderate hot neutrons very well? I thought it was the deuterium in heavy water that did that job. Hence heavy water in India’s CANDU reactors. [I know, but I really want to see if anyone is paying attention.]

  • Freddie Doubleyou
    Freddie Doubleyou

    2 years or 2 minutes? Nobody answered for that, I assume smfh

  • Edwin Williams
    Edwin Williams

    I'd do the 2min

  • Tom Crenshaw
    Tom Crenshaw

    Is this safely contained? How many controlled tests have the Russians done already? Will it ever be enough?

  • Tom Crenshaw
    Tom Crenshaw

    Hey what’s this?

  • Rob

    2 minutes or 2 years? Though choice, only Russian govt. dishes out those choices for it's people.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith

    Did you forget Fukushima?

  • No Name Bleach
    No Name Bleach

    Nuke it, then nuke the rubble with 2 more nukes 🙃

  • Jared kelly
    Jared kelly

    God I live watching this stuff gaining more knowledge on this. Idk why but The chernobyl disaster has fascinated me so much. I will go there 1 day. Just to see everything.

  • David Bouchard
    David Bouchard

    this beautiful man is doing god’s work

  • Scotty Doesn’t Know
    Scotty Doesn’t Know

    They should of just nuked it

  • Cole Krause
    Cole Krause

    God, if you could get a full production budget and make a Netflix series. I would binge watch it 100x over

    • Lukas Pictures
      Lukas Pictures

      Chernobyl HBO :)

  • Hybrid Gaming
    Hybrid Gaming

    the raw power of nuclear energy is so incredibly terrifying, even though humans know how to safely handle it.

  • AR Precision Mod Shop -
    AR Precision Mod Shop -

    Didnt you know? Theres too much radiation, we have to go around.

  • Noli Valdez III
    Noli Valdez III

    So S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 confirmed?

  • Joel McCoy
    Joel McCoy

    Nowhere on the planet has Darwinian natural evolution ever occurred at the rate that it currently occurs in the 'Hot Zone' around Chernobil and along the Pripyat River. No humans around to meddle or compete for resources. Fauna die off from radiation after they breed at a higher rate. DNA destabilized by radiation. No traffic hazards, no one spraying insecticides, no one spreading salt on roads. Reduced Air traffic. Hunters still poach and black-market the meat of Deer, Bear and wild animals to Belarus and Russia though, Yum. Ikea doesn't Geiger-counter test the spruce or pine that gets delivered. This disaster continues.

  • lets get unknown
    lets get unknown

    Good video Kyle, subbed

  • Jeff Garrett
    Jeff Garrett

    Awakens wtf you talking about its been burning away all this time you idiot, all they did was cover it up as much as posible to keep the radiation down to a safer level, they never put the melt down out how could they so this whole waking up crap is crap cuz its been awake its just finally burning its way out again

  • NamasenITN

    Click bait.

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell

    I love this video. Nuclear energy is our future. It's the only way humans are going to leave earth. And it's something we as humanity needs to embrace and not be afraid of and call for nuclear energy to end. Even if we took 1% of the money put into other energies (especially petroleum and oil) we could figure out a way to deal with the waste water from nuclear energy and maybe even find a way to reuse it.

  • J M
    J M

    You can keep the shovel as a token of our gratitude

  • MrCarrick91

    So wait, "neutron flux density". Is this also important if your running a Flux Capacitor? 🤭

  • George Washington Bush
    George Washington Bush

    The problem are new isotopes ! Who are very dangerous ! As americium !

  • Jessiebeanie

    What if there is a monster in those basements, something similar to the Master from Fallout 1? What if all of the victims who died inside the basements had their bodies transformed into a large, biological mass that feeds on radiation to survive? Probably not, it's just science fiction, but the universe continues to surprise us with new things as time progresses and we discover more of what science is capable of.

  • ShadowWhisper94

    Worst nuclear disaster in history? Hiroshima and Nagasaki would rank #1 for me.

  • Coda Alive
    Coda Alive

    Don't scare people with this stories. Core has steel bellow it, even if parts couldn't be controlled by boron injections, core would have to have certain shape to support fission. They know what they are doing, otherwise risk would be too high. We have to go full nuclear or face end of civilisation. MIT wrote about it, check article at Wice.

  • Plutonium 239
    Plutonium 239

    Let's hope to God one of the reactors in Iran 🇮🇷 Don't blow up! It will spill disaster and radiation ☢

  • AROG1104

    There is a good amount of liquidators that aren't dead... just look up interviews with them

  • J S
    J S

    So, they have been telling stories, hummm. It's still progressing? WOW

  • The//M//Project Media
    The//M//Project Media

    I was born about 300 miles away from Chernobyl. People till this day have issues.

  • Deeboss

    The spent fuel has been removed from the reactor 4

  • Anyon Morgan
    Anyon Morgan

    Mathematics may have a solution!? Remove the Anyon from the equation!? ;)

  • Storytime626

    I wonder if one day we will be able to just shoot this stuff into the sun.

    • Samuel Holmes
      Samuel Holmes

      I am a firm believer that ALL our problems can be fired into the sun.

  • Critter Whisperer
    Critter Whisperer

    Isn’t Kiev 100km/62miles away from Chernobyl?

  • Critter Whisperer
    Critter Whisperer

    I read that it will take roughly 20,000 years to clear all of the radiation out of Chernobyl. Yikes

  • ꧁YourFandomsRandomPotato

    you have no idea how confused and scared i got when i saw the title

  • Denny Roman
    Denny Roman

    The fancy pan peroperativly store because discovery unlikely pat athwart a eminent kamikaze. brown, intelligent position

  • StraightUpOldies

    2 years id do 10 years in Afghanistan

  • venus firenza
    venus firenza

    Imagine you dig up the past and find out that the accident possibly was not an accident. Maybe something arranged to cover up other nuclear releases/accidents/research releases in other places on earth. The odd thing is the ones in the USA broadcasting the criminal events use a plane to target those who oppose them. When the times are raised ( and we see the patterns of criminals operating in high places) we have to question the use of the laser plane. In this time and prior to the Chernobyl event. You can't hide the elements found in past. It will be very excellent if the USA takes down the criminal dope running communications and fake government communications before more things are released.

  • Melody Macken
    Melody Macken

    Fascinating. I'm a amateur in relation to this video, but I now understand at a basic level what is being said. Thankyou. From Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • FunBun2037 Chuck
    FunBun2037 Chuck

    Just hoping it's not anymore radiation leaks.

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