SONIA - Joyride (Official Video)
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The look in your eyes
Bitter and sweet
Breaking my heart whenever I leave
Baby you’re mine now don’t fuck with my feelings
Coming back each time
To pay for my dreams
All I got
All my demons
Every night, to believe in
All I got
All my demons
Every night
When you come around I’ll be your
Joy ride, you got me for the night, baby
Joy ride, I know that I’ve been on your mind
Joy ride, you got me for the night, baby
Joy ride, you got me for the night
I close my eyes, but I just can’t sleep
This empty house is filled with their screams
Up on the hills and under the trees
It’s time again now to pay for my dreams
All I got
All my demons
Every night, to believe in
All I got
All my demons
Every night
When you come around I’ll be your
Joy ride, you got me for the night, baby
Joy ride, I know that I’ve been on your mind
Joy ride, you got me for the night, baby
Joy ride, you got me for the night

  • Zeynep Artunç
    Zeynep Artunç

    I guess you're god or something

  • Sunsetdust

    Raven Carver anyone?

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    La Blague

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    Spooky Carrie

    wow the shots are so good

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    Nico Drew

    Just found this song 😭better late then never i guess..cause i love this

  • Blair Edwards
    Blair Edwards

    This video is perfectly simple, clever, and absolutely beautifully shot. Can't wait to see more!

  • Rupesh Kumar
    Rupesh Kumar

    Arunakumar ñicevde9oww

  • mahdi mahdi
    mahdi mahdi

    Inchallah binjah walah farahtlek

  • Daniel Lourenço
    Daniel Lourenço

    this song and video are fucking perfect; kisses from Brazil!

  • Sammuel Daavid
    Sammuel Daavid

    Mistulang dead city pag naglalakad ka sa gabi

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    Rohima cahyani


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    Foni Takukdar


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      Pari Khatri

      Foni Takukdar Ct.

    • Foni Takukdar
      Foni Takukdar


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    Night Deal

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    tess et heidi

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    Jaman Khan

    Jaman khan

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    Mariusz Piotr

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    People still sleep in this song

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    Jared Grimes

    This shyt bangin!!

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    Mean Machine200

    beautiful song

  • Ashim Ghosh
    Ashim Ghosh

    Alas! All soothing track's unavailable for download

  • Wojtek Tomalik
    Wojtek Tomalik

    0:44 - Did she seriously SMOKE A DANDELION???

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  • Christopher Montt
    Christopher Montt

    Best recommendation this year .. best of luck to you girl .. Amazing !!!

  • Vânia Valentinn
    Vânia Valentinn

    Belo clipe💞👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • sophie ee
    sophie ee

    Why is she not in Spotify anymore?

  • Sinitalela

    Accidentally found this thru the GIF keyboard app lol A gif of her was in the related gifs and I thought “wow. Beautiful. Who is that?” Tags and a google search led me here. Sad I’m late to her music but super happy I serendipitously found it. If you read this, Sonia, keep it up!

  • creator Space
    creator Space

    I enjoyed the video.

  • bestava

    Now this is some quality music

  • Itz Qyurty
    Itz Qyurty

    am I the only boy that listens to this song?

  • helloeve

    I don't know she sings! And her songs are goooddddd too

  • sewer rat
    sewer rat

    I keep coming back to watch this mv because it's so pretty

  • Rose Moon
    Rose Moon

    I need his @ 😂 btw i just discovered this song and i'm obsessed i thought she was just a model , but she has a relaxing voice 😻

  • Rose Moon
    Rose Moon

    Everything in here is perfect 💜

  • Shea

    i think we'll soon have a tunisian superstar my dudes

  • Nexi Makaveli
    Nexi Makaveli

    2 minute 300k

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  • A Minnie
    A Minnie

    My voice my song expoose by this internet trolls how whant too get lifted by something they never have ....dont beliefe all this hprople they are hackers dirty evil ones

    • Mohamed Apras
      Mohamed Apras


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    Perumal RsP


  • Hana Sessi
    Hana Sessi

    Beautiful Tunisian women ❤ beautiful voice .. so soft ..wonderful song .. Proud proud proud

  • Claudia

    bro she’s so underrated. I’m in love with this

  • Top Writer
    Top Writer

    i just love your songs

  • chiona

    I love you and you have this amazing voice! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ali sadali
    ali sadali

    ur Tunisian girl im so proud of u and mybe u need to visit tunisia media because a lots of tunisian dont know u and this is good to u for more views in Instagram and IT-my, good luck sonia

  • Muddassir Hossain
    Muddassir Hossain


  • Justin Ade
    Justin Ade

    Damn she sounds like Selena....

  • Alexander Guez
    Alexander Guez

    This reminds me of a song from the 90s but can't place my finger on it

  • Jess V
    Jess V

    This song is great it’s underrated thought but it’s a pleasure to have discovered it , Sonia is so elegant a true beauty !

  • missemilytutorial

    How is she so beautiful and so talented 🥺

  • Sanam Singh
    Sanam Singh

    I feel as if I've watched an award winning worthy romance movie, just so beautiful. The camera quality, the clothes, the scenery♥😥👀

    • Rose Moon
      Rose Moon


  • Anna Mason
    Anna Mason

    Can someone tell me where I can find her long white dress!!! please

    • Benafsha Bent Suprapto
      Benafsha Bent Suprapto

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  • Lonefoxcub

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  • ml luna
    ml luna

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    Afra syed

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  • Afra syed
    Afra syed

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    Valerie Biersack

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  • Mehdi

    Wow what a beautiful song. I am sure you'll be very famous the next Lana Del Ray ;)

  • Catanddogs

    Can’t believe how good this is. I Love you and can’t wait for more content.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ps ur literally perfect

    • Tdg Gdfy
      Tdg Gdfy


    • Tdg Gdfy
      Tdg Gdfy


  • Hello Ahleen
    Hello Ahleen

    This song is gonna get me preggo soon 🤣

  • AseeL.

    I like it very much Queen Sonia🖤.

  • AseeL.

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  • Vbxns

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    • TARUN


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