César Alonso Martinez Salazar

  • A street cat named Pingpeng Orange Ginger Cat
    A street cat named Pingpeng Orange Ginger Cat

    Is this 80's music?

  • Eifion Phillips
    Eifion Phillips

    I love Sonia, she always has good energy and bubbly personality!

  • Bertoboy41

    Still one of my top 80s songs, largely due to Sonia's fantastic voice, but... and I knowww it's the eightieeees... yet girl needed a better stylist.

  • Claerton Arcoverde
    Claerton Arcoverde

    The dancer look like Alec Baldwin actor still young .👍

  • de5letras

    Se ve deforme la imagen, debiste dejarla en formato 4:3 . En 16:9 se ve ensanchada, es una basura.


    Big little

  • aordazg

    Ordaz Mix. 🎧 Junio 2020 🎧

  • אודליה שאנן מונטיפיורי
    אודליה שאנן מונטיפיורי

    Is she jewish?

  • TheKikogomez

    nostalgia a lot of nostagia precious song I close my eyes and go back to 1989

  • Jaclyn Michelle Ortega
    Jaclyn Michelle Ortega

    Nostalgic song from my early pre-teen years.

  • Angélica Raiol
    Angélica Raiol

    Dancei muito

  • Angélica Raiol
    Angélica Raiol

    Época boa, música boa!!!!!

  • ZeNN

    Classic melodic Pop song, but basically she's a stalker?

  • vairux555


  • vicente vittola
    vicente vittola

    Te amo SONIA!!!!!!!!! - Vittola do Brasil - JUNHO DE 2020

  • R Rubio
    R Rubio

    I thought for a second Rick Astley was the guy dancing.

    • Alison O'Sullivan
      Alison O'Sullivan

      I’m rea was the night you were gonna we were gonna you know what you mean what time you were coming home I wanna was your birthday special night haha was your birthday special night you know haha is that good food good luck and good luck with your baby daddy daddy loves you in your heart you know haha no don’t laugh week off saying what I want you upu lnpwuesphy stomach turners thenitatoc all y love yet call I wanna mean righteousness whatever

  • gustavo algusto do nascimento
    gustavo algusto do nascimento

    excelente cantora linda maravilhosa ótima musica perfeita saudades dessa época que não volta mais saudades

  • Tabscoob Real Estate
    Tabscoob Real Estate

    nunca había escuchado este tema dance! me agrada la voz de Sonia y el baile

  • luis moran
    luis moran

    Este es el TikTok de los 90S

  • Baby JunKish
    Baby JunKish

    Nice song

  • O Cavaleiro do Vento
    O Cavaleiro do Vento

    Chris Evans dos anos 80

  • chrysalism shining a light on narcissism
    chrysalism shining a light on narcissism

    Think on the pretty red head that says youll never stop me from loving you it doesn't really matter what you put her through. She was tiny by the way, prettier but nobody else would live a shared delusion pappi dog.

  • Daydream World Tour
    Daydream World Tour

    Wait, this is higher quality than the video uploaded by PWL

  • Piera Galvin
    Piera Galvin

    Love it!❤️

  • Claudia Amv
    Claudia Amv

    Alguien sabe como se llama el bailarín?? Es hermoso 😍👌

  • Leopoldo Faz
    Leopoldo Faz

    Buena música para pasar la cuarentena! Cuidense mucho!

  • Credit Spread
    Credit Spread

    Sonia is the cutest thing I've ever seen and what a voice.

  • roysta

    I like the song but the video is cringey as fuck

  • emman hangartner
    emman hangartner

    Missing the 80's

  • William Robles
    William Robles

    De parte de William Robles agozarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hoy día 2 de junio del 2020 es mi día libre hora 6:58 pm

  • William Robles
    William Robles

    Hoy es mi día libre y para gozar les de foco está canción hoy día 2 de junio del 2020.

  • sacha lorenzo
    sacha lorenzo

    Kelly minog en beaucoup moins belle mais très Belle voix et Belle chanson.....

  • 夏おとめMIHARU

    ユー&アイで、LPとかCDをレンタル。 自転車で帰ったら速攻で、ラオックスで奮発して買ったTDKのハイポジテープにダビング。 もちろんコンポは、サンヨー製ダブルカセット、オートリバース、メタル対応デッキ付(ドヤ顔)・・・笑 テープの透明プラケースに差し込むインデックス紙には、せっせと曲名をレタリング。 FMステーション付録の鈴木英人のイラストも、もうねキラキラして何ともカッコ良くって。 テープの残り時間を気にしながら、ダビングする曲を選択したりして。 今では面倒な作業も、当時はそれが楽しくて楽しくて、あっという間に時間が過ぎてゆく夕方・・・ 好きな曲だけびっしり詰め込んだスペシャルテープ、宝物でした。 いろんな洋楽を知ってる聴いてる・・・って自分にも酔ったりした気分で。 あ~・・アナログな時代だったけど、一番濃密に音楽に染まってた頃だったなァ~懐かしい。 こんな思い出持ってる人ってここにいる?


    The dance moves! i use to dance like dat😀..never stop loving u!!😉27.05 20 annnnd still listening!!!

  • Marko Russe
    Marko Russe

    Ah le bon vieux temps

  • godaz7777


  • sermonteiro 67
    sermonteiro 67

    que som.. tempos da Zoom, da Mikonos, da Vogue, da Robin Hood, Ilha dos Pescadores... quem lembra aí ?

    • sermonteiro 67
      sermonteiro 67

      sou do RJ

  • moses katumpe
    moses katumpe

    Lovely,, lovely

  • t t
    t t


  • No Soucy
    No Soucy

    Ginger fat cow 🐄 🤮

  • Nen Regala
    Nen Regala

    80's and 90' years of my life..still listening 2020..if only we could turn back the hands of music ever!!!

  • Carlos Zambrano
    Carlos Zambrano

    Excelente tema de finales de los 80's...!

  • Emer x
    Emer x

    Quem do Brasil esta ouvindo esse grande sucesso do final dos anos 80? Saudades da minha infância ..

  • Jean-Marc ALBERT
    Jean-Marc ALBERT

    It sounds like a clone of Donna Summer's "This time i know it's for real", same time, same writers.

  • Rince Sauli
    Rince Sauli

    Cant stop dancing with song. Love it very much 💃💃😍😍

  • José Manuel Fernández
    José Manuel Fernández

    totalmente deacuerdo, buena lista, por cierto, ¿cual fue el mejor éxito de Soni? este?

  • Kakau Martins
    Kakau Martins

    ❤Muito Amor Envolvido❤

  • Emma LFC 75
    Emma LFC 75

    Mint Sonia

  • Back to the 80’s
    Back to the 80’s

    Finally found again! I’ve been trying to search this with the clue of “jeans guy dancing”

  • Jamie Macintosh
    Jamie Macintosh

    Hi I was born in the 90s so this video was before my time could anyone tell me who is the man in the video 📹 thanks

  • jose tinas
    jose tinas


  • Orlando Sanchez
    Orlando Sanchez

    He's gay girl stop wasting your time and energy

  • 6inarow Mackum
    6inarow Mackum

    1989 happy times then better music no coronavirus stay safe every one better times ahead 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • Марк Шонбергер
    Марк Шонбергер

    Another Stock-Aitken-Waterman hit. Can't get enough.

  • centroamerica aldia
    centroamerica aldia

    Yo estoy aquí por el bailarín wowwwwwwww que guapo y que bonito baila!!!!

  • renouf thierry
    renouf thierry

    Mon enfance , souvenir, moi j'aime . lol :)

  • Fernando Oliveira
    Fernando Oliveira

    Never stop me.

  • Seira Demirel
    Seira Demirel

    I am here 2020 may!!!!!! The Best músic

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard

    Never hearing this before all I can hear is an 80s Kylie Minogue song, literally. Like the rhythm and melody are exactly the same. Still I like this

  • TheMfloresv

    Wow, this song came out when I was in high school, reminded of high school sweetheart

  • Max West
    Max West

    Wasnt this the music playing when the lift rises up from 'Keats' department' in Ashes to Ashes?

  • Angel Mario Lopez Ruiz
    Angel Mario Lopez Ruiz

    increíble nunca supe quien cantaba esta canción, y yo suponía que era una mujer de color, buena rola buenos recuerdos pídele al tiempo que vuelva.

  • Freddy Blanco
    Freddy Blanco

    Los maravillosos 90s!!! Época inolvidable....

    • Edgar Moreno
      Edgar Moreno

      De acuerdo exelente musica

  • fnate1

    Can't believe I've forgotten this song and is only now rediscovering it. This is a song from my childhood. ❤

  • Easy As Business Point of Sale Software
    Easy As Business Point of Sale Software

    MY BABY!!!!!

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    Does any one know what is Sonia's height? Although the hunk is pretty tall, she looks tiny in this video. Not hating, I am tiny also. :D

  • Ben Haynes
    Ben Haynes

    It's really got an early Kylie Minogue feel to it, music and moves.

  • Jimmy Owen
    Jimmy Owen

    A really gay and annoying video good tune though 🎶👍

  • Albert Abdukhanov
    Albert Abdukhanov

    SAW triumph and glory (✿◠‿◠)

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez

    Collishio -- Express -- Rpr -- Pro , Dance Beat

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