Sony PS5 full price and Release Date reveal with games
Sony reveals the price and release date for the PS5 live today in their PS5 games showcase
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  • CNET

    Pre-orders for PS5 will begin on September 17 at select retailers.

    • Mercy4You -
      Mercy4You -

      @Tacitus Kilgore or stores with very little traffic in to them..

    • helmet visorr
      helmet visorr

      @Chris Tucker how to preorders? Help me

    • Roof1975

      LOL!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Pbody Baller
      Pbody Baller

      Divinest Beats when u think they restockin?

    • Divinest Beats
      Divinest Beats

      U mean September 15th

  • Legends Darkness
    Legends Darkness

    I can't believe I am saying this ThankYou......... 2020............

  • Raze Tuber
    Raze Tuber

    I will get the ps5 I have 400$ I need 100 $ and then I buy it

  • JaKaRoT
    JaKaRoT month...

  • Thomas Moorefield
    Thomas Moorefield

    why live when you can play video games...

  • Ben rockz
    Ben rockz


  • lance penas
    lance penas

    i'm rlly excited to buy it i did'nt expect it was cheaper than i thought😄😄😄😄😄

  • [Hashaim Ahmed]
    [Hashaim Ahmed]

    I just hope rocket league come out on the new ps5 so I can continue from we’re i left on a online match lol

  • The Originals YT
    The Originals YT

    1:04 Prices 1:10 Launch Dates

  • Doc Honest
    Doc Honest

    Just wanna say that Bethesda made my favorite games, but if they are kept exclusive to xbox i am still riding with playstation. Im counting on you sony.

  • Youtuber

    Great now I’m gonna have to wait 14 years so the PS7 releases, the PS6 price drops so I can finally afford the PS5....

    • Benjamin De La Torre
      Benjamin De La Torre

      Why buy it like that 7, 6, then 5 Lol

  • heartless ff
    heartless ff

    Then endin and begin :germannen

  • Rusty Chicken Nugget
    Rusty Chicken Nugget

    Ragnarok is coming! TO MY WALLET

  • nick collison
    nick collison

    When will the ps6 come

  • nitrolikes pizza
    nitrolikes pizza

    Sad part is that the ps5 is coming out in No nut November

    • Benjamin De La Torre
      Benjamin De La Torre

      Sad for the gamers and simps

  • Danny Gambrel
    Danny Gambrel


  • Wicker Miller
    Wicker Miller

    I love the new look and very excited to get my hands on one.

  • abadiqaisy123

    Now about... 10 teraflops... it's much for a home system... lets say u could put windows 10 on it. U would have a strong and fast pc at home... as of technology... 10 teraflops was reached in 2002... in a data centre super computer.... so... Japan released a 415 petaflops.... data centre which is now fastest in the world. In 2011 japan released k computer which was 10 000 times faster than 1 ps5.... so... 10 perabytes.... of speed. If u have 10 laptops connected together... u would have the speed of ps5... which is 10 terabytes... is it much.... yes for home systems

  • Naruto U-ZU-MA-KI
    Naruto U-ZU-MA-KI

    The pepole who unliked this video are the pepole who have an Xbox series X and s

  • codename7000

    Why do they release new consoles in one of the worst years in human history

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo

    Why isn't it black? It's always been black. I want black!

    • Ferrari 250LM
      Ferrari 250LM

      And they got rid of the colors on the controller buttons ☹️

  • SOUL 彡Arsalaan
    SOUL 彡Arsalaan

    I am excited for god of war 5 in ps5

  • Mitrii B
    Mitrii B

    20 years from now we’ll look back at the PS5 graphics & be disgusted

  • JHIXofficial 763
    JHIXofficial 763

    I play PC but I'm definitely getting the PS5!

  • Jorge Zaldivar
    Jorge Zaldivar

    No new Monster Rancher, no buy.

  • Team EXXTRO
    Team EXXTRO


  • The last of us 2 Melissa shao :p
    The last of us 2 Melissa shao :p

    Wait it’s say ps5 digital edition is more cheaper than ps5?

  • Game Room
    Game Room

    Which is that game in which the scene is like that of fast and furious?

  • skyliner builds
    skyliner builds

    Needed this sugar

  • Zelith X_X
    Zelith X_X


  • Lil nutt
    Lil nutt

    So you gotta pay an extra $100 to use something that already costs $110. Thank you sony very cool

  • Wolfy Beltran
    Wolfy Beltran

    That's my Christmas gift.

  • Ram D
    Ram D

    Not in Canadian $. Its more

  • lilkawa 77
    lilkawa 77

    November 19 is my birtday

  • Yelqo

    I pre order my ps5 I get mine on the 10th B)

  • Joshua Roller
    Joshua Roller


  • ToxicProblem


  • Joshua Nursaw
    Joshua Nursaw

    Early Christmas Prezzie for me can't wait 😂😂

  • FiremonGoAP

    Prices changed now... I’m not happy ps5 not happy at all!

  • Electricx_Baja Gaming
    Electricx_Baja Gaming

    500? I can’t afford that especially since we are in quarantine

  • on my mama I'ma subscribe
    on my mama I'ma subscribe

    I'm getting mine at tax time 😄

  • sway is ass
    sway is ass

    Rip eu

  • NightSlasher

    2020 u only saved us for this I thank u 2020 but also still hate u for this corona virus to happen

  • Farukh Shaikh
    Farukh Shaikh

    Are the prices correct??

  • liana zakaria
    liana zakaria

    Is there pokemon in ps5 cause when it does im happy

  • Felix Müller
    Felix Müller

    Rip PS 4

  • Clout Lord
    Clout Lord

    The only game that has character and that looks good and original is demon’s souls

  • Tony Ruiz
    Tony Ruiz

    Those games tho wtf

  • Tony Ruiz
    Tony Ruiz

    Looks like some good plastic huh I'm all in

  • Gamerblitzi 101
    Gamerblitzi 101

    666k views this video is cursed

  • F.M.S Inosuke
    F.M.S Inosuke

    I was part of play station since I was born

  • Teal Second
    Teal Second

    my brother said if we take care of the PS4 then he'll give us the PS5

  • VoyBTW

    Wait waaaait, is something good about to come out of 2020?!?!?!?

  • soph!a rosee
    soph!a rosee

    i want one so baddd😭😭.

  • brooklynhype

    toy story

  • Gabriel E de Carvalho
    Gabriel E de Carvalho

    I'm not American and you probably wouldn't understand This, but I need to say CCCCCCCCCCCCCCLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEERIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃOOOOOOOO

  • Edgardo Delgado
    Edgardo Delgado

    I just tried calling customer support to gain access to my old account because I have issues with it being linked to a army email and I’m out, the customer support number is just a voice recording telling you to go online, the online service is not even live chat, it’s just basic questions with a robot answer. How are they planning to solve issues during the release of a PS5 Without phone numbers at work and robot customer service?’s horrible idea, I guess will pay for it with our frustration

  • kawasaki ninja
    kawasaki ninja

    Assasing cred 2021 ps5 ??

  • Big dan
    Big dan

    will there be memory variants?

  • AnSholLX

    Guys my first console was a playstation 2 and I had playstion till the third until I decided to get a Xbox one, I’m thinking about getting this but my friend told me that there all 12 times the booters on PlayStation so I’m wondering if this is a good idea or not

  • Francisco Antonio
    Francisco Antonio

    The color scheme of the system coulda been a lot better.

  • Sam Azimi
    Sam Azimi

    It thiiiiiiic

  • Sam Azimi
    Sam Azimi


  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Crossgen and crossplatform "exclusives" on last gen and on PC. Tell me, am I talking about the XSX or PS5?

  • AlucardWins AKAWolverine
    AlucardWins AKAWolverine

    Bro I switched over to gaming PC I can get twice more amount of games on steam and on the Microsoft store. Sony’s products performance is awful. Their last good product was the PS2. Mine works still to this day. Sony’s products don’t last the PS3 and PS4 both have poor life spans. And to add insult to injury they avoid backwards compatibility for PS2 and 3 to minimize costs and if that’s the case the parts assembled in these systems are probably inferior components. Save your money and build yourself a gaming pc you’ll have a better gaming experience.

  • Ádám Kullai
    Ádám Kullai

    Xbox series S is much better value

  • Erwin Reyes
    Erwin Reyes

    Watch out for ps5 special edition it will cost you a lot believe that😉

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams

    That's about $750 in Australia

  • Zxz Zz
    Zxz Zz

    I wanted disc but thier was people ahead of me who preordered them all so i ended up preordering the digital. Its whatever though, I’ll miss the physical games though

  • Lee H
    Lee H

    they had to spoil it that video with that silly strong 💪 individual tatoo sleeve music

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