Spade Interviews “Tiger King’s” John Finlay - Lights Out Lo-Fi Chats (March 29, 2020)
Lights Out with David Spade
John Finlay from “Tiger King” shows off his new teeth while talking to Spade about Netflix’s “Tiger King.” (Contains strong language.)
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Specializing in celebrities, entertainment and all things apolitical, comedy legend David Spade and a panel of his comedian friends are at the roundtable and in the field to help break down the biggest headlines of the day.

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  • Lisa Mitchell
    Lisa Mitchell

    I like John . I wish him all the best. It seems he is a true Animal lover

  • Sacha Bolding
    Sacha Bolding

    He is so sweet!

  • Ilovesesshomaru sama
    Ilovesesshomaru sama

    I thought john likes the color pink? That had to be awkward getting laughed at for the pink wedding shirts. I have a feeling it wasn’t joes choosing. Ya boy chose pink because he likes pink. It’s okay to be straight and like pink btw

  • Shawn Wonderlie
    Shawn Wonderlie

    How come know one asks him about the craiglist ad joe had out for BBC for him? 😄 😄

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Everyone needs to remember that seigfried and roy were acting gay and playing with big cats way before joe exotic

  • Fritz Von Hammer
    Fritz Von Hammer

    This is a cool spade video

  • Nikki Valentine
    Nikki Valentine

    David Spade looks and sounds a lot like Joe

  • Alyce Danielle
    Alyce Danielle

    David spade is joe exotic, how do you explain that voice wtf lol

  • John Vice
    John Vice

    Bet his girlfriend/wife loves the way she changed him from a gay/straight tweaker with no teeth to him

  • Chandler191

    Didn't he say it was his idea to not wear a shirt? Then he goes on to say it was Kirkham's idea. What? Also, who's singing Joe's songs and where's a good reference?

  • J.T. Blair
    J.T. Blair

    This dude is dumber than a sack of broken hammers. 🤣🤣🤣

  • fhxs

    How tf are they gonna pick Nicholas Cage over him to play Joe🤮 absolutely disgusting

  • Jason Myers
    Jason Myers

    Spade: What was your job at the zoo? Finlay: Well, I did a lot of things. I was the welder, the maintenance guy, animal handler, and of course I sucked Joe's dick.

  • PANTERA 247
    PANTERA 247

    MR blow for METH Finlay.

  • PANTERA 247
    PANTERA 247

    It is true that MR Finlay and joe where to haveing sex with animals and where recording it.

  • fundifferent1

    People saying he seems sad. To me he seems like he moved on from that life a LONG time ago, but this documentary has people curious about that part of his life so now he has to talk about it even though it bores him and he's moved on. It would be like if you did something crazy in high school and that's all your hometown buddies ever want to talk about even though you're 30.

  • 👿GiriGirl👿

    Yall keep acting like John is straight or was strictly gay for pay, but Dillon has made it very clear that John came onto him. He's at least bi.

  • F G
    F G

    If Shia LaBeouf doesn’t play him I’m gonna be disappointed

  • ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    Lil Meth and tigers make a str8 man gay

  • ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    I dont think he knows what genre means lol

  • Jeff Norris
    Jeff Norris

    Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back? Makin fun of little ole John Finlay?

  • The Guy From That One Movie
    The Guy From That One Movie

    Shout out to Channing Tatum. Nice little story at the end. Seems like a real good guy. Lol knew he was probably chill af after that This Is The End cameo 😂

  • Klein Geld
    Klein Geld

    I wish he had gotten a little more time to talk. He seemed to need a little more time to warm up. I'm glad he got teeth, tho. It must have been so uncomfortable to do anything with those three leftover teeth.

  • Debs G
    Debs G

    Love John 💖

  • Kim Wiliams
    Kim Wiliams

    Also, keep in mind, he had to be directed to sit around with his shirt off. Most of us average dipshits know how to dress.

  • Kim Wiliams
    Kim Wiliams

    David, you are really good at this, but go check out Carol baskin. She's no innocent herself. There's a lot about her that didn't make the film.

  • Andy Sparks
    Andy Sparks

    Man good luck to you!

  • J. Galactus
    J. Galactus

    Shia LeBeouf or Tom Hardy could play him. Dave Bautista was my initial pick, but I think he might be too "burly" 😁

  • Sigmund Q Freud
    Sigmund Q Freud

    If Spade plays Joe in a movie, he better mention space peanuts and a tiger better get its nuts stuck to the porch.

  • Bella B
    Bella B

    I have to give it to Spade... all these interviews have been humorous but always tactful and respectful.

  • bearsemen

    Should have asked him if he took Joes pp in his butt

  • Guy Sirius
    Guy Sirius

    I wonder if his IQ is above the retardation threshold. I'm completely serious.

  • Allysa Anderson
    Allysa Anderson

    I love how kind you were ♥️

  • fab lan
    fab lan

    Couldn't work out where I recognise the Host from It Gus from The Goldbergs , I knew he was sort of famous

  • Robbo is life
    Robbo is life

    My favorite person from the docuseries alongside Saff. Hope he's enjoying the attention and the love he's getting. You can easily tell he's a genuine person with an affectionate heart.

  • Tecumseh Cristero
    Tecumseh Cristero

    This man is a good man

  • JamieMartin138

    I would love to see them make a movie out of Tiger king. It would be hysterical is Channing Tatum played John.

  • Jeannie Robletto
    Jeannie Robletto

    You do such Great Interviews with the Tiger king former employees. I love to see them. They all are real and sincere❤ and David should soo play Joe in the movie!

  • Austin Klein
    Austin Klein

    David spade looks like an old woman!

  • TheKyraPoland

    he seems like a good guy . I'm glad he's clean. When they interviewed him for the show ,even with his missing teeth , I could immediately tell he was clean at the time . The way he spoke , held him self and most of all his clear clean skin. John met Joe at a young age , teenage boy who was groomed and got hooked on drugs under Joe's influence. that's traumatic ,16years of that ...

  • Jamie Harrison
    Jamie Harrison

    ME when asked about my brownout from about 15-21 yrs of age. A brownout is similar to a blackout, only you are semi conscious and make complete shit decisions!!

  • Lilly Huskett
    Lilly Huskett

    How clever! You saw that his teeth are fixed... You're pretty sharp! I guess when you are interviewed you give a long list of things you refuse to talk about or your lawyers will fuck shit up, but it's ok for you to point out the obvious and talk about the man's teeth.. You hollywood types and your sharp wit! The other "husband" shot himself in the head, maybe you can dig him up and interview him and ask about what it feels like to have a hole in his face!?!

  • Caleb Locklear
    Caleb Locklear

    It’s amazing how a set of teeth will make you look much better

  • AnonymousThrowAway

    When Joel McHale interviewed him and asked about being shirtless, he made it seem like it was HIS idea to show off his tats... interesting 🧐

  • Carrisa Grace
    Carrisa Grace

    Yeah buddy... sex appeal... that was their reason 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤢

  • V M
    V M

    David you conducted this interview with a ton of empathy and acceptance. You just talked to John as a human without making a mockery of him.

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot

    He is lucky he still had enough bone left to get implants

  • Marko Garcia
    Marko Garcia

    LMFAO to spade saying “I think it worked” to his “sex appeal”

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon

    so uh ever heard of roar

  • Bus Town BC
    Bus Town BC

    No straight guy is going to mess around with another if he's straight

  • Bus Town BC
    Bus Town BC

    He was still fucking the dude why does it matter if he was married this guy kills me with that oh I have a girlfriend but I was with Joe for years and this other guy but we weren't married like it's a big deal like you like guys and girls just admitted that's what you are

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker

    JF: I think they did it for more of the sex appeal... DS: 'using every bit of training obtained during entire acting career to not bust out laughing' *Yeah! And it worked!* 'Poker face'

  • Lani Dash
    Lani Dash

    He looks nothing like Channing Tatum, especially when he had no teeth

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    He was a snake wrangler... Wink wink.

  • Andrew Daugherty
    Andrew Daugherty

    A big genre

  • Data Odokpa
    Data Odokpa

    I like him too

  • Katie Croghan
    Katie Croghan

    He cannot keep his story straight; other interviews he’s said he went shirtless because he had gotten some new tattoos and wanted to show them off. There’s several other statements that he changed like this too.

  • Sam Osler
    Sam Osler

    LOL at all the "poor John, he was taken advantage of" comments. I'm a bisexual man and I've actually had "straight" men hit on me when they found out I was bisexual, many were curious. I even hooked up with one, after he broke up with his girlfriend, and we continued to hook up and then one day he told me "I'm not bisexual anymore", this guy hit on me , mind you and I made about the same amount of money as him. Now he's getting married to a woman. Yes male/male experimentation and bisexuality EXISTS in varying degrees, I know the THOUGHT of it enrages straight people, but it exists

  • Karson Palmer
    Karson Palmer

    My shirt of was kinda a sex appeal thing 😂😂😂 oh my lord

  • Brian Haggerty
    Brian Haggerty

    lolol,blue shirt!!!!

  • John Pederson
    John Pederson

    I kept waiting for Chris Farley to show up. jk David Spade is one hell of an interviewer.

  • TWAM

    This dude is hot af. I don’t condone what Joe did but I get why he did it!

  • Charles Forbin
    Charles Forbin

    John Hardy would fit well

  • jakegetscake

    I feel for dude. I use to be a heroin addict and one of my old dealers was gay. He use to give me free stuff if I’d hang out at his place. I never did anything gay when he started asking I stopped going to him. Shit was really uncomfortable couldn’t imagine this dudes situation

  • Clara Morgan
    Clara Morgan

    Stop making animal abusers famous! This is tiger king disgusting! Nothing was done for those animals it’s all just this freak show mentality. Its not right making money of the back of animal abuse.

  • Flygirl Firefly
    Flygirl Firefly

    Theyre all scumbags , this pansys spinelessness is especially egregious.

  • Ben Borenstein
    Ben Borenstein

    Comments are turned off for it but y’all should watch the wedding between the three of them. So cringeworthy I almost ran to my bathroom to puke. Poor Travis. Poor John. These poor men. I’m so so so glad John has his life going and is away from the manipulative mess. And RIP Travis always. Just a sad sick scary story all these innocent young men taken by meth and tigers.

  • Stephanie Marie
    Stephanie Marie

    He seems like a nice guy. I hope he is doing well.

  • Brittany Pham
    Brittany Pham

    David..are you sporting an Ave Ventura hair do?

  • elchasai

    wow I'm really impressed by how smart and collected Spade is, as soon as this guy told me he wasnt paid for 11 years I would have flipped and probably alienated him. I think Spade learned how to interview from Stern amongst others and also thats due to just being socially aware and smart as fuck obviously. That turn toward normalizing that was brilliant.

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