Spawning 1000+ BOTS (broken)
man bots are so crazy we love fortnite dont we guys
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  • Tfeu Rock
    Tfeu Rock

    5:24 The ancient bot is in the middle

  • Jennifer Halligan
    Jennifer Halligan

    If I saw this I would be like new gamemode 150 defaults vs 150 defaults

  • Shawn Wright
    Shawn Wright

    the max was 1K Bots. Really Strange!

  • Ayeee Lishaa
    Ayeee Lishaa

    your funny sike

  • Shadowz


  • Zachary Miu
    Zachary Miu

    There is 1001 because of you

  • Andrew Chu
    Andrew Chu

    practice for ww3

  • Skelly

    5:22 when you find out that tfue left FaZe

  • Death Striker_69
    Death Striker_69

    Hold Up!

  • Monkey Ash
    Monkey Ash

    Laserbeam: New items... do you know what that means mates we are break in the game

    • Monkey Ash
      Monkey Ash

      (Lol can’t spell)

  • IIBFDIfanII Plays
    IIBFDIfanII Plays

    *When the kiddies sees lazarbeam irl*

  • Jaden Hill
    Jaden Hill

    Yuh daddy lazer

  • Tiago Lume
    Tiago Lume

    Video idea: Mega survival with bots

  • WhiteTiger822

    My phone lagged when I watched this no I'm not joking I was connected to wifi and everything

  • Brooks Boyd
    Brooks Boyd

    We were on the verge of 69. WE WERE THIS CLOSE.

  • Martin Cumberland
    Martin Cumberland

    I love dumbshit since

  • michellegallais

    Rip in the chat for koby bryan

  • Frostyblade08 Kenworthy
    Frostyblade08 Kenworthy

    Good vids

  • 3kGaming

    You should of gave all the bots an rpg😂

  • Olley Groves
    Olley Groves

    Love your videos

  • cocosman

    Lazar bean u forgot something u'r a bot too s00 there are 1001 bot 😂

  • Zach da gaming legend 75
    Zach da gaming legend 75

    What would we do if glitch’s never existed.

  • Alxn60fps


  • Jasmine Xiang
    Jasmine Xiang

    At 7:56 it not a American Walmart it’s a American toy store trust me I’m a American

  • Brodis Holloway
    Brodis Holloway

    You can bots in rare chests

  • Jack Bode
    Jack Bode

    U could get a new kill record using bots

  • sarah bills
    sarah bills

    2:18 welcome to the cult

  • Octo Rocket
    Octo Rocket

    What if you give a bot a bot grande?

  • Nala The Cat
    Nala The Cat

    Challenge: Stay in the slurpy swamp for the whole match

  • Nick Bro
    Nick Bro

    Fresh was with lachlan

  • Epic Gamer69
    Epic Gamer69

    It’s not even a ten minute long video

  • hoshyar Saeed
    hoshyar Saeed

    A better name will be 1000+ lazarbeams

  • Brennan Robinson
    Brennan Robinson

    This video is the best of all of his videos 👇🏽❤️

  • Montrein __.
    Montrein __.

    5:13 Bots:we are soldiers and we are loot crates

  • Rustic

    Summon a 1000 bots and bet someone money to find recruit_1

  • Connor Studios
    Connor Studios

    Sub to me I have canser I need it

  • Cristal Duran
    Cristal Duran

    0:11 what people want to see

  • Alexander McKenzie
    Alexander McKenzie


  • Javier Roman
    Javier Roman

    1,001 bots including you lazar lol

  • 0_0 yo Pedder
    0_0 yo Pedder

    Whith the bombs I made a noob town

  • Cameron Daviar
    Cameron Daviar

    Game crashed at 669 recruit 👌

  • Kacie Maher
    Kacie Maher

    Ninja=does pon pon Lazarbeam=I’m gonna leave and uninstall my game

  • Kacie Maher
    Kacie Maher

    I spawned friendly bots and they were not friendly

  • Ahmad Ahad
    Ahmad Ahad


  • Zib3ns

    i got 6754 bots before windows crashed

  • Xavier Moreno
    Xavier Moreno


  • Brenda Hewish
    Brenda Hewish


  • GradyTheGoat

    It’s a challenge in its self

  • TRex Time
    TRex Time

    Lazer well not him but his face: ;~; MEMES

  • Ricky Winsor
    Ricky Winsor

    hi yeeeeeeeet use code lazar in the shop

  • Jill Brahm
    Jill Brahm

    I did this befor u laser I got 1479

  • Jill Brahm
    Jill Brahm

    I diacoford this and got 1479 then I crasht

  • JaQ

    Me too much bots Friend not enough bots

  • Ashley Green
    Ashley Green

    Unmatched 🍓


    (Lannan walks off build) Lannan- they shot me down

  • timmygamin 247
    timmygamin 247

    Play football in fortnite

  • timmygamin 247
    timmygamin 247

    That's funny

  • Khalifa almzroie
    Khalifa almzroie

    This is how Amarica won ww3

  • Gamer Emmie
    Gamer Emmie

    muselk: kills all bots Fresh: kills all bots Lazarbeam: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HELP!!

  • Kristy Julian
    Kristy Julian

    Please Be A Family Frendly Channel My Mum And Dad Are Mad When i Hear swearing Cause im not alowwed to hear swearing or swear im 7

  • Vincent Obrien Gamble
    Vincent Obrien Gamble

    when bots rain on you from heaven

  • #LaLoon EU
    #LaLoon EU

    when a bot dies... why tf does it come out sparkles like a freakin lama..

  • Ban Im12rl2
    Ban Im12rl2


  • Have Gameplay
    Have Gameplay

    5:25 it's raining men! hallelujah its raining men. AMEN!

  • Eldar :
    Eldar :

    Did you know anybody grenade and there’s a trap that you can get from a llama and you can throw an enemy bug need inside of a trap and then they die from a trap

  • Jennie Dozier
    Jennie Dozier


  • xJoel x
    xJoel x

    Are they in creative

  • Pablito_12 Pp
    Pablito_12 Pp

    When the sperm homies coming out but they never reach the end cuz they die

  • Vic pryce
    Vic pryce

    Yhbhghfffffffffffffg and a good idea but the other day and a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to Have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to get the latest in to have you been able

  • The _Midget
    The _Midget

    5:25 the most satisfying part of this video

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