Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner
The Late Late Show with James Corden
Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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  • Mariah Danielle
    Mariah Danielle

    “ they’re all amazing “ “ drink the eggnog “ 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mariam Sabry Mahammed
    Mariam Sabry Mahammed

    Are they together

  • Angelz Creation
    Angelz Creation

    Lol what's up with the audience and Harry 😂 Even if he cough there is laughter

  • anita dwi jayanti
    anita dwi jayanti

    Ohmaigaatt . Harry was ssooo funnyy.. No wobder that a lot of celeb love him..

  • Froilan Enriquez
    Froilan Enriquez

    It must be annoying being him, people falling in love with you everyday

  • Blue IceyUL
    Blue IceyUL

    How did I not know they dated

  • Pixtomix Is in charge
    Pixtomix Is in charge

    Kendall’s blushing

  • Analia’s colorings • 27 years ago
    Analia’s colorings • 27 years ago

    I'm GLAD kendall is dating Ben Simmons

  • Havs

    “CoDE sPeRM” 😂😂omg the way Harry said that bahhhaa

  • tasnim mahmud
    tasnim mahmud

    Why he polished his nails!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Priscila Pérez
    Priscila Pérez

    i need the biebers playing this game.

  • killer queen
    killer queen


  • How you doin ?
    How you doin ?

    That look on 3:29

  • Jennifer Catu
    Jennifer Catu

    The way Harry said "cod sperm" ^_^ is soo cute!!!

  • Bae Bae
    Bae Bae

    I want have girlfriend or wife like kendall. I don't know, why i love her so much. Hahahhaha ♥️

  • supremeAKIL

    Harry styles is a Wanabee he was in One Direction Trying to be like Ray Charles the Beatles but he can’t POSER MAN

  • Joshua Romero
    Joshua Romero

    “To spit or to swallow? That is the question” - Harry 2019

  • Sleepy

    Ben Simmons was here

  • • ɐ q o q •
    • ɐ q o q •

    Can we all please appreciate Harry’s painted nails?

  • Jynny Chian
    Jynny Chian


  • Jokerlove14

    Harry has painted his finger nails. WHAT? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • GabeisLove

    how do u know that it is a thousand year old egg nog they are not even that old

  • đąňī hėřņåņđėž
    đąňī hėřņåņđėž

    su risa burlona cuando leía la preguntas 😂😂

  • Brynn Chapman
    Brynn Chapman

    hate me all you want but kendall is the most natural pretty kardashian/jenner their is. like i’m sure she has had some work done, but at least she isn’t a big huge hour glass like the other ones

  • Nathalie M.
    Nathalie M.

    they’re exes but in a cool way

  • something specific
    something specific

    Ok Kendall with her toned arms is the hottest thing on earth

  • Brooke Bennett
    Brooke Bennett

    Why do I actually want to try the salmon smoothie

  • Veva Lopes
    Veva Lopes

    I love it how Harry doesn't even hear the whole question and is already shoving a scorpion in his mouth 😂😂

  • Jamie Zinnecker
    Jamie Zinnecker

    Omg Kendall constantly pulling up her outfit was annoying!!!

  • lula ct
    lula ct

    i’m still laughing at harry reaction to the one d question

  • Dria Woods
    Dria Woods

    If Harry were to rank the boys solo music it’d probably be: Niall Louis Zayn Liam

  • Zver TV
    Zver TV

    Hahahahhaha between Louis Liam Niall and zayn😂😂😂😂

  • Naliyah

    Why is he wearing nail polish. Wait... is he gay?

    • lacrymosa 88
      lacrymosa 88

      Since when nail polish defines a person's sexuality 😭 and Harry doesn't label his sexuality, so he's neither gay nor straight.

    • Rebecca J
      Rebecca J

      Naliyah I mean rockers and musicians have worn nail polish for years it’s not shocking. It isn’t a sexuality statement just an aesthetic. And no he’s not gay, in fact these two used to date.

  • Cari Didion
    Cari Didion

    why am I watching this while eating

  • Mike Sharon
    Mike Sharon

    Are all the Kardashian females bimbos?? And sad to see today's generation man paint his fingernails especially girly colors 5:43 she didnt drink any 😂🤣

  • Jenna Benallick
    Jenna Benallick

    they’re still in love 🥺

  • sevilay grace
    sevilay grace

    so gorgeous

  • 1d Fan
    1d Fan

    Question:Directioners can you rank thier solo? Directioners: Eat scorpion immediately like what harry did. The 5 lads solo is all awesome...😃😃😃

  • joker asddff
    joker asddff

    Omg I adore himm i really do. The way he say "yeah ııh"

  • joker asddff
    joker asddff

    Now I'm jelous

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball

    Kendell sitting like she needs to pee

  • Wizz X
    Wizz X

    Kendall Jenner: I’ll start off by saying that they are all amazing That’s a fucking lie

    • Jamie Zinnecker
      Jamie Zinnecker

      She was annoying. Her constantly pulling up her outfit made me cringe!

    • Jamie Zinnecker
      Jamie Zinnecker

      Wizz X LOL!!!! Right?!

  • GiGI Gigi
    GiGI Gigi

    What can be the more romantic dinner huh? 😂

  • Evangeline Sage
    Evangeline Sage

    Kendall: “between Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, tank their solo-“ Harry: shoves a scorpion into his mouth

    • josiescc

      he was gonna expose larry😳

    • Abigail Ashryver
      Abigail Ashryver


    • Rapunzel

      Woud like but it has 69 likes

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue

    Why’s the dude wearing nail polish?

  • Karen sito Libong
    Karen sito Libong

    ehh this is awkward 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Rosiris Uribe
    Rosiris Uribe

    His nails are cuter than mine

  • Kalvin Jab
    Kalvin Jab

    Drake feel jealous

  • Catalina Onell
    Catalina Onell

    His face at 3:17 🥺

  • Blaze Banks
    Blaze Banks

    Loving the change in pitch when he says cod sperm 🤣

  • Fantasy Felix
    Fantasy Felix

    Give this man his own Show

  • Daniela Lara
    Daniela Lara

    Can someone tell me if Harry and Kendall were dating?

    • Vanaja Syifa Radissa
      Vanaja Syifa Radissa

      yes they were circa 2013-2015 but on and off

  • Minayot Aol
    Minayot Aol

    Who knew sperm was so chewy

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk

    Harry be like YEAH bull penis how I like it

  • Angelor De jesus
    Angelor De jesus

    watched it more times than I should

  • Maxi Millian
    Maxi Millian

    No one: Harry styles:O k😉

  • Re Ha
    Re Ha

    Maybe kendall controls the number of views?

    • Bae Bae
      Bae Bae


    • Vanaja Syifa Radissa
      Vanaja Syifa Radissa

      lol what do you mean tho? i have watched this over 20 times myself so its not strange it reached these amount of views.

  • rachie lol
    rachie lol

    Who wanted someone to eat the pork jell-o?

  • rachie lol
    rachie lol

    Anyone see pork jelly jiggle when harry slapped the table? 2:49

  • Ha Re
    Ha Re

    Number of views. Is it malfunctioning or operating?

    • Ha Re
      Ha Re

      The last album mentioned here is his first album. Because it is a broadcast before the release.

    • Ha Re
      Ha Re

      Or is it IT-my failure?

    • Ha Re
      Ha Re

      It's not a music video for Harry Styles.

  • Dream pene
    Dream pene

    Larray entered the chat larray; imma bout to beat this b up

  • Penguin Tamer
    Penguin Tamer

    Harry:drink the eggnog

  • lavenea lim
    lavenea lim

    He didn't even think twice to answer when his band mates name come out from Kendall's mouth

  • Pranaya Gurrala
    Pranaya Gurrala


  • Francesca Mercado
    Francesca Mercado

    08.28-08.48 ICONIC 😭😂😭

  • Sierra A
    Sierra A

    Harrys nails😍😍 bby why you so pretty

  • Carli Maffei
    Carli Maffei

    Oh man, i want to date him

  • dorothy valery
    dorothy valery

    I Have Been Watching This Video Almost Every Day! And I Still Cannot Decide Who Is More BEAUTIFUL? As A Girl I Will Say KENDALL Is More BEAUTIFUL! And HARRY Is A Close Second! Ha! Ha! Ha! HENDALL Forever! Love You Both!

  • SeanTheMan1

    She is gorgeous

  • Black Bullet
    Black Bullet

    She didn't even drink it

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