Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Late Late Show with James Corden
James and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger take turns asking each other very personal questions and are given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them, including a hot pepper smoothie, jellyfish and turkey testicles.
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  • jennifer pepe
    jennifer pepe

    This just makes me love Arnold that much more!!!

  • bruv zession
    bruv zession

    That pepper smoothie looks like diarrhea

  • DarthRakdos 0805
    DarthRakdos 0805

    The 3 chili pepper smoothie sounds nice.

  • FattyFart 3
    FattyFart 3

    now, he hate arnold, haha

  • muP8085

    *Don't procrastinate* 2:06

  • TooMany RedFlags
    TooMany RedFlags

    " Do it! Do it now! " Damn that's so satisfying. It gives me ASMR. And ya also brings back the old memories of watching the classic Predator and Terminator movies on a fat CRT tv.

  • All Gaming Channel
    All Gaming Channel

    Terminator "FINISH IT" mr arnold made my childhood full pack of action thanks for these wonderful years

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor

    Theres no way that bird saliva is actually bird saliva. Also, this is probably how Arnold got that maid in bed. ''Do it.. Do it now.. finish it''

  • MysticalMojo

    Even when he's smiling, Arnold looks so intense.

  • EpicTechCreator

    I can only eat the jellyfish

  • camila

    I loved this episode lmao

  • El Diablo TT
    El Diablo TT

    *F I N I S H I T*

  • Crazy Kats Productions
    Crazy Kats Productions

    How does one get a bird to spit?

  • Do I No U?
    Do I No U?

    invite him back for part two :x

  • Maurice MotoMan
    Maurice MotoMan

    Arnold puts a whole egg (shell included) in his protein shake So i'm not suprised that he ate a turkynut without a single gag

  • Leslie Leslie
    Leslie Leslie

    Ima cry when this man passes 😓❤️

  • Charles Coleman
    Charles Coleman

    The Veto story was awesome!

  • Juan Luis
    Juan Luis

    Every time I hear or see Arnold I get motivated or hiped up. His presence is so motivating. I admire him so much. He is incredible.

  • Gabriel Reaper Reyes
    Gabriel Reaper Reyes

    Ruin your stomach or ruin your career

  • Landon Miles
    Landon Miles

    I hope Arnie lives forever.

  • Landon Miles
    Landon Miles

    “It’s all chopped up so you don’t have to worry about the whole thing.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Lean
    Mark Lean

    Arnold is really scary !!! haha


    imagine ivanka trump murdered Donald in his sleep . james Corden and Orlando bloom told me to do it 🥶

  • Ruthann Bowman
    Ruthann Bowman

    This was so funny Arnold was so funny he was a good sport he is so handsome

  • xTc

    I love this . I'm fukin dead 😂😂😂😂🤘

  • S F
    S F

    This is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time !!! Well done!

  • Helen San Miguel
    Helen San Miguel

    This one was the best!

  • Block kcet
    Block kcet

    Asians delicacies

  • Emilio Vasquez
    Emilio Vasquez

    Arnold is funny asl LMAO

  • Ana Grey
    Ana Grey

    Damn! I never knew Arnold was this funny!

  • Freddie Malice
    Freddie Malice

    turkeys have testicles?

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos

    Arnold is the best! Love all his movies.. he is one of the best action heroes ever, and is super funny. he is great as the terminator, and is great as Julius in twins!

  • Ketos Kitchen
    Ketos Kitchen

    Arnold is the realest one whos been on this show... you see how an oldschool real one can make a shady bastard admit stuff haha

  • Mohammed Ibrahim
    Mohammed Ibrahim

    no wonder we have corona virus

  • Nick Mamauag
    Nick Mamauag

    Do it do it now finish it

  • Cindy Cisneros
    Cindy Cisneros

    Arnold is so good❣️

  • andrew simsmister
    andrew simsmister

    He turned down trumps endorsement after they were friends I would be mad also

  • Farheen Habeeb
    Farheen Habeeb

    Can u get kevin hart it would be hilarious

  • David Guile
    David Guile

    Arnold has such a fun personality

  • Alexander Rios Jr
    Alexander Rios Jr

    I’m answering every question too! Just like arnold

  • Alexander Rios Jr
    Alexander Rios Jr

    James Corden is a real dude. Always eats what he has to eat. I couldn’t of

  • ImJustSage

    Amman Arnold just looks like he would be one of my grandpas friends

  • Wesker Projects
    Wesker Projects

    The best body ever! Arnold the OAK! Always will be a Terminator for me! His body will always be fenomenal!

  • Gabriel Neel Thayil
    Gabriel Neel Thayil

    "I'll be back."*Runs away never to be seen*

  • Lambol Doooge
    Lambol Doooge

    Amazingly, I have tried most of the stuff on the table, except june bug (I tried other bugs though) and the Vienna Sausage juice shooter. I pretty like the bird saliva and jelly fish, and even barbecued bull penis...they actually taste good...

  • ahmed abdi
    ahmed abdi


  • Brage Mack
    Brage Mack

    The timestamps for every time the audience makes a sound 0:17 0:22 0:26 0:31 0:33 0:37 0:40 0:48 0:51 0:59 1:12 1:17 1:25 1:38 1:48 1:51 1:55 1:58 2:08 2:16 2:19 2:24 2:36 2:44 2:50 2:52 3:05 3:11 3:27 3:38 3:43 3:50 3:57 4:01 4:06 4:11 4:42 4:44 5:04 5:08 5:11 5:16 5:29 5:43 5:50 6:08 6:16 6:20 6:25 6:33 6:48 7:01 7:05 7:14 7:20 7:28 7:32 7:50 7:57 8:01 8:32 8:36 8:40 8:54 9:01 9:16 9:26 9:33 9:36 9:53 9:59 10:03 10:08 10:20 10:52 10:55 11:02 11:07 11:11 11:14 11:24 11:46 12:29 12:45 12:49 12:53 13:07 13:28 13:46 13:50 13:58 14:06 14:10

    • sSnEaKySs

      Brage Mack why tho

  • Sandje1976

    omg Arnold is so funny...the guy is awesome :D

  • Lego Grievous
    Lego Grievous

    Bird spit is actually good.ive tried it and it was really godd

  • Cody Roy
    Cody Roy

    Arnold is great! James corden a jackass IRL

  • meteora starkid
    meteora starkid

    Lol. That angry face when he said Are you laughing at me was hilarious

  • marni matikka
    marni matikka

    I would love to be on Arnold’s debate team. Lol

  • Joshua C. Alomar
    Joshua C. Alomar

    Oh man the last question was the best! Hahahahhahahaha! Love Arnold!

  • Alan Malagon
    Alan Malagon

    "Do it now" priceless.

  • bob wilton
    bob wilton

    thank you for crowd for not clapping when arnold said he declined the endorsement

  • Norm Turner
    Norm Turner

    At 11:24 I don't think Arnie wanted to eat balls! 😂🙈

  • yo it's rabbid
    yo it's rabbid

    I’m surprised they didn’t ask him anything about the steroid scandal.

  • Kontra

    Is it only me that wanted to try thr smoothie

  • Martial Race
    Martial Race

    What a dramatic puss...I ate scorpions in thailand and it's not even that bad...at ALL

  • Martial Race
    Martial Race

    Arnold's the best guest on this bit

  • Peenoise. Pishyy
    Peenoise. Pishyy

    "DO IT NOW" load SPAS with dead face

  • Kelakus

    "finish it"

    • Norm Turner
      Norm Turner

      Kelakus Ye, I wish Arnold had forced James to do it as well!

  • STRIKER 93/2
    STRIKER 93/2

    Clean roids arnie go!

  • GKM HellFire
    GKM HellFire

    Looks like Terminator fear stuff

  • Brandon Huovie
    Brandon Huovie

    I’ll be back

  • chloe mcqueen
    chloe mcqueen

    Arnold would make me cry even if im a victim. Damn his presence is strong.

  • Billy

    Arnold is such a great entertainer. James and Arni fit well together in the show.

  • Chriss Sav
    Chriss Sav

    This game is nasty

  • Oroku Saki
    Oroku Saki

    why am i eating food while watching this...

  • Sabrina Rania
    Sabrina Rania

    Feels like intimidated by a terminator

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