Carmen and Corey
Season 2. Ep 5 this episode got very INTENSE

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  • Carmen and Corey
    Carmen and Corey


    • Team Valid
      Team Valid

      Its Janece it’s only bc she’s new to tube house and didn’t bring any clithes

    • ryry

      So is no one gone talk about how ole girl had the same dress on the whole time

    • Its Janece
      Its Janece

      @Esther Gregg first off shorty I was just asking that cause everyone else changing in the other episodes but she had the same thing on. So ask questions before you come in here tryna start stuff! And plus other people asked the same question if you watched Dez video. 😒

    • Deshawn Myles
      Deshawn Myles

      heu de seleccionar com i on es poden fer servir la seva recerca personal s'ha d fml de Mataró que es va convertir en una de la finalitat de la col·laboració dels ajuntaments de Mataró que no

    • Thanks TV
      Thanks TV

      @Fefe Gang exactly sad

  • Cleraious Derose
    Cleraious Derose

    Nobody noticed that girl have that outfit on for all episodes black dress

  • Jamaria Hannah
    Jamaria Hannah

    what happen to the end it replayed

  • Evalynn Duncan
    Evalynn Duncan

    dez wore the same thing

  • Lil Kinsey
    Lil Kinsey

    If he not comfortable kissing another female in front of his girl, that’s not childish

  • Skylar Means
    Skylar Means

    CiaBybbyvybinubynunuhtvnunubtbybunubybtghubununini gvybybybybybubububu ubj j nibyvfc ty v hbununinininininininininininin Read more

  • Goodness Mena
    Goodness Mena

    Carmen needs to get rid of that attitude because if it was Corey or if a girl had to kiss him she wouldn't like it

  • Quiana Campbell
    Quiana Campbell

    & carmen baby .. lose the attitude because it’s not cute , & i feel like she only has a attitude towards E&T . when if the tables was turnt on her & corey she ain’t down for it

  • Quiana Campbell
    Quiana Campbell

    bye cause E&T had the right to feel the way they did because what values they have in their relationship is not anybody else concern. they should’ve respected it & moved on simple

  • Lamara & Jermara Crew
    Lamara & Jermara Crew

    Im on rob side 🤞🏾

  • Kendra Cadet
    Kendra Cadet

    Yall just need to stop up in these comments bc we all no carmen was talkin facts💯Ted and is girl always complaining and shit

  • Kendra Cadet
    Kendra Cadet

    Poppy is to funny🤣

  • Kendra Cadet
    Kendra Cadet

    T & E need to leave bc they ain’t makin no sense. They should be down to do anythin but they bein so difficult. They need to be like Rob and Ally

  • Kendra Cadet
    Kendra Cadet

    T & E should just leave bc they aint makin no sense. They no they should be down to do anythin and not be difficult. They need to be like rob and ally

  • Saranah Toussaint
    Saranah Toussaint

    But only if it was Corey

  • CMWJ Homies
    CMWJ Homies

    yall keep saying that carmen was mad when Corey was pranking her and making her think he was kissing another girl and I feel like that's totally different because when carmen seen Corey kissing other girls that wasnt truth or dare Corey was trying to make carmen believe that he was kissing someone else but this is truth or dare its just a dare totally different it really ain't the same at all

  • Kahi T.V.
    Kahi T.V.

    So.....ain’t nobody gonna day nothing about dat girl wearing dat same dress for da whole season🤨

  • Taresha Amerson
    Taresha Amerson

    Do anything for clout tttt

  • PGB

    Season 3 should either be singles or all girls

  • Chicken tinders
    Chicken tinders

    Y’all can’t get mad because someone in a relationship not trying to kiss somebody else.

  • keeping up with Kai
    keeping up with Kai

    bru- nah... they're in a whole relationship... there's a whole pnademic going on idc what nobody say.. kissing someone that is NOT your partner is wrong cuh.... ya'll went over the top in episode 3 and not with this dare. ted and ethel did the right thing when they walked away. that's not being childish.. tf. if corey was dared to kiss that girl he was sitting by on that bus? carmen know she would've reacted like ethel ipu. corey should've been around in season two these challenges would not have slid by..

  • Imani

    T & E getting on my nerves like Carmen said If you don’t want to do the dares get tf out the game like what do y’all not understand gd y’all not playing fair making everything complicated

  • Kerry Bracy
    Kerry Bracy

    All det kissing shit uncalled for 😂

  • Kerry Bracy
    Kerry Bracy

    Does des ever change clothes 💀

  • Mikeria Dennard
    Mikeria Dennard

    season 3, where you at. :)

  • Dominique Tyler
    Dominique Tyler

    I have a feeling that he was going to make her like it because why would he just let his gf dip her foot in all kinds of things and only let her put it in someone’s face he was just trying to embarrass her for going to far

  • Tehya Moody
    Tehya Moody

    Carmen you be on some mo shit you know half the shit you had them doing you would be pissed off .. you talking bout they was childish .. they in a whole relationship I lost respect for you . Yea it’s a game but their are boundaries/lines you don’t cross they & you don’t know wtf ppl got ew

    • Tehya Moody
      Tehya Moody

      I feel it was them ppl filming y’all show boosting your head up stay humble 💯

  • Tavaris ratliff
    Tavaris ratliff

    Team Rob

  • Lifwit Sophie
    Lifwit Sophie

    Why does that one girl wear the same clothes but this is still fire

  • Game Player
    Game Player

    Did anybody notice dey replayed da clip at da end

  • India Anshé
    India Anshé

    Rob & Ally are team players , yes it’s risky dares or whatever but if you know where ya loyalty lies with your boyfriend/girlfriend what’s the real issue , wasn’t nobody telling nobody to tongue kiss and go have five minutes in a closet or give people hickies. Everybody wanna be famous or wanna have views but they not willing to play a baby ass game. Now mind you I’m pretty sure they’re not dumb they should’ve known challenges would’ve been done like that not just straight up couple shit

  • Meme -dabomb
    Meme -dabomb

    If u think ET nation b doin da most like dis comment 🙄👇🏾


    If you like this Yall gon be Successful until eternity 👍🏼

  • DaWonna Gee
    DaWonna Gee

    Ed & Tae never wanna do the challenges REPLACE THEY ASS

  • MOBBB 3
    MOBBB 3

    Am I the only one tha peeped slim say "I told my baby to take his sock off" 1:03:09

  • Thumb Tv
    Thumb Tv


  • Isabelle JB
    Isabelle JB

    carmen know dam well she would be mad asf if some girl was dared to kiss corey period.. the attitude gotta go.

  • Drxppy_ Kelise
    Drxppy_ Kelise

    Can somebody tell me where to find that out that little e has on

  • Desire Francois
    Desire Francois

    Ted is sooo wack snd boringg fr fr 😐🤦🏽‍♀️ He always getting me upset cause he is mad wack!!

  • Niah Unique
    Niah Unique

    When he slapped rob I got scared asl bro

  • NaiiThaGoat

    I feel like they were definitely over dramatic about the kiss tbh

  • Abi D
    Abi D

    so if someone had to kiss Corey what would Carmen do ??

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay

    Ya need to add some NEW YORKERSS on this show like put me on this shit.

  • Life As Develle
    Life As Develle

    I feel like Ted and Ethel don’t need to be on the show with the insecurities they have. They could’ve got out. And Ethel has a whole attitude she could’ve just said she didn’t want to be in it

  • Samya Boo
    Samya Boo

    Ethel and ted always tryna complain about sum or change sum up then wanna catch an attitude when they gotta do sum and everybody else had to do sum extreme like cmon they need to go

  • princess nina
    princess nina

    I don’t get why everyone mad because Ted left. I feel like it was ok for them to leave because Ted don’t want any body kissing on him. But it was ok when Pierre said he didn’t want anybody kissing on him.

  • Big Dawg Tavi
    Big Dawg Tavi

    Rob and Ally definitely my fav couple out this group

  • Mackenzie Walker
    Mackenzie Walker

    I think rob was wrong for telling ted to kiss fruit on the lips

  • Qunda Scott
    Qunda Scott

    Tht ice looked good no kap

  • Karmela Cox
    Karmela Cox

    Carmen you putting to much pressure on them litteraly look at his face when you said leave your being to bossy they are grown people for good ness sake you put them out their comfort zoon you better be feeling guilty

  • Holly Cline
    Holly Cline

    Carmen has control issues it makes the show not good and the fact that rules switch up like real game shows dont do shit like that & everyone and their mother knows if anyone asked her and Corey to kiss other people or do what she did with prime and the 2 females, carmen would not have it or be with that shit. Coming between peoples relationships for some clout or money is seriously like some wanna be illuminati shit tbh.

  • LOW KI
    LOW KI

    Why this girl dez des whoever she is wearing the same outfit in all the episodes 😭😭😭

  • tori braswell
    tori braswell

    carmen talking about somebody bein childish when she know damn well if someone was dared to kiss corey she would have a fit 😂😂😂 foh

  • Taivia Parsons
    Taivia Parsons

    Why the des girl got the same clothes on every episode??

  • Jakayla Shante
    Jakayla Shante

    why does dez always have the same clothes on every video?

  • trappinbaby_markeetta g
    trappinbaby_markeetta g

    No but you would get mad if corey was to kiss somebody else even if yall wasnt in the tube house so dont get mad at them dang

  • Jayla Mckee
    Jayla Mckee

    Dez Is Always Wearing That Dress 😒

  • Camille Morgan
    Camille Morgan

    A slap is different from a kiss 🤨!! And it’s not kiddish y’all got IT-my messing up y’all head for the money but do y’all thing I guess...

  • Camille Morgan
    Camille Morgan

    You wouldn’t want Corey kissing anyone 🤗just saying 🤣

  • Nakima Carpenter
    Nakima Carpenter

    At the reunion carmen try to act like she aint give dez that one to kiss his nipple

  • Alexia Marie
    Alexia Marie

    That des girl where the same outfit every episode 💀🥴

  • Shamya Blue
    Shamya Blue

    Is it me or they accidentally put clips that’s been in here already 🤔

  • Life of Naay
    Life of Naay

    Is these the same day cause dez got on da same dress

  • Ash Banks
    Ash Banks


  • Destiny’s Life
    Destiny’s Life

    I don’t know why everybody’s tripping off of EandT because fruit and slim didn’t wanna do it either so..

  • Desiree Hurey
    Desiree Hurey

    I love how Carmen saying dey childish and shii but if it was her relationship it would be a problem like gurll sdfu widd allat cause she would act the same way like no bby. (said what I said).

  • Deyvahn oliver
    Deyvahn oliver

    why sis stay in the same outfit tho.

  • Amiracle Parker
    Amiracle Parker

    y’all keep sayin E&T need to leave (Ik they did) big theres a difference between A KISS AND A SLAP. Y’all dumb fr . Y’all would let y’all significant other kiss someone on the lips in front of u? Couldn’t be me . It ain’t about insecurities it’s about the fact that Carmen and the other couples should’ve respected they relationship!! PERIODT. They could’ve said let her kiss his cheek or hand not his lips !


    ted and ethel are still young and obviously immature so i’m not surprised they being childish abt it

  • Itty Bitty World’s
    Itty Bitty World’s

    One thing I didn’t like was when y’all just started raising your voice at her for no reason he didn’t want to there he may have to really want to don’t get mad at him.

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