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  • Patience Cox
    Patience Cox

    I love (& relate to) Lauren much more when she's being her raw, unfiltered self. The Truth or Drink vids were SO good!!!! Also, I'm still confused why people keep asking the same questions about her & Alex. It's been over a year, & both parties have moved on. I'm excited to for the podcast to get to know Lauren & Jeremy even more! The newest era of Lauren is the best thing to come out of 2020!

    • Lostryxx


    • God is love Dayany
      God is love Dayany


    • Kimiko J
      Kimiko J

      Yasss I was just gonna comment how I love how she’s being herself not hiding alcohol and just being her

    • Nikki Traver
      Nikki Traver

      liean miles urgel I have to agree with you. Lauren is great and it’s wonderful that she’s happy with Jeremy but she seemed a little disrespectful toward Alex which surprised me because he’s always singing her praises and is very respectful of Jeremy but that’s her right I guess.

    • Vanessa Yau
      Vanessa Yau

      True but we all loved Laurex so much, I guess it’s still a little hard for us fans to let go of it. Ofc as long as both parties are happy then we’re all happy

  • food for family kcknp
    food for family kcknp

    You are a living example of the song from mariahlynn - I was a hoe

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid


  • Neely Lott
    Neely Lott

    Anyone know where her tie dye jacket is from!!

  • Stella Lickly
    Stella Lickly


  • Jennifer Mendoza
    Jennifer Mendoza

    So glad the filter is off, I actually started watching your videos again and I just started the podcast too.

  • whyislukehere

    I remember watching lauren since i was 7, now im almost 13 and i love and stan raw lauren 😌

  • jennitube woo
    jennitube woo

    no more filter :)

  • Charli Ritter
    Charli Ritter

    Who else also used to watch louren when y’all were like 9 and now it’s weird to see her swear sometimes 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  • Krishp142

    And thats on a healthy friendship with your ex. NOW STOP ASKING LAUREX QUESTIONS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

  • Annah Gray
    Annah Gray


  • Ruby Milne
    Ruby Milne

    I can’t believe she still has to answer questions about her and Alex when it’s been over a year since they broke up. Lots of love Lauren ❤️

  • Annie B
    Annie B

    AHH I love your press on nails, and can you do a tutorial how to apply press on nails?? 💯 you looked so pro doing them hehe. When I first put them on... my whole hand was covered in that hella sticky glue

  • Sara Kim
    Sara Kim

    she really just called out jake paul im- YASS QUEEN 🤣

  • natalie A
    natalie A

    are you and Alex dating

  • lexi

    its a canopy

  • Eden Stringer
    Eden Stringer


  • Rosie Trevitt
    Rosie Trevitt

    i think the word for it is dining umbrella or parisol

  • Wednesday Leigh
    Wednesday Leigh

    laur *ex* hes her ex for a reason get over it jeremy and lauren are so cute together

  • Dulce Hernandez
    Dulce Hernandez

    Ma'am were you by chance trying to think of a canopy?

  • Shria Sunil
    Shria Sunil

    Alex is happy about you being happy. But you don't seem so. I love you but it just feels like you pointing out negatives and bashing him. That's from a unsubscriber.

  • Shria Sunil
    Shria Sunil

    Moose was never Alex's dog. We get it. But he did take care of Moose and there must be a bond . Duh.

  • Hope Grace Tabucon
    Hope Grace Tabucon

    Idk actually I stopped watching both vlogs of Alex and Lauren the moment they broke up. But why does I feel so hurt that I am seeing Alex to be not the guy I always dreamed of.

  • Mishell Gamer
    Mishell Gamer

    Lauren tbh you ain’t kid friendly as much as you use to be no angry about it

  • Aesthetic Edits
    Aesthetic Edits

    I still cant belive there were in relationship together and they mived on YEARS ago still some fans cant do that even tho they dont know them in person,they dont know all about their relationship and still they cant let it go

  • Ger Xiong
    Ger Xiong

    I stopped watching Lauren for a while bc her channel seemed very childish so im so happy to come back today to discover a more mature and relatable lauren!

  • Alexis Stela
    Alexis Stela

    When they broke up (2 yrs ago) I was crying for 2MONTHS rip laurex

  • Kaylee Sturgis
    Kaylee Sturgis

    I can only imagine how tired she is of these questions, I can only imagine how tired Alex is of these questions and I can ONLY IMAGINE how Jeremy feels about seeing these as well. They’re not together, just let it go. She’s happy now just let her be.

  • kylie wildes
    kylie wildes

    i’m sure no one will see this but can someone do me a huge favor and please tell me where her pink and blue jacket is from, ive searched everywhere and i can’t find it plss help

  • Christine Wade
    Christine Wade


  • Helena Mae
    Helena Mae

    I was so happy the first time I heard you cuss 😂😂😂 I was so concerned for a while

  • Maria Belen
    Maria Belen

    i don't care ed sheeran

  • Abigail Akande
    Abigail Akande

    I'm still devastated about the breakup. They were like we have to grow individually and then Lauren goes and gets with another guys like so fast. 🥺

    • Sophie pineapple
      Sophie pineapple

      They both got over it, she is happy with Jeremy she keeps making these videos because of these kind of comments

  • ambrosia

    i'm so sorry people keep harping on things from LITERAL YEARS AGO i'm so so glad you're happy this version of yourself is the best for sure

  • Riri Pepper
    Riri Pepper

    Nil laurdiy 14A is looking pretty good 😂

  • Semy Huang
    Semy Huang

    bruh she curses now 😔

  • Comfy Girl's
    Comfy Girl's

    Yasssssssss lauremy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Willa Wood
    Willa Wood

    Lol Gazebos arent on water, i think ur thinking of bungalows, but I dont think ur “thing” is a gazebo

  • Emma Ard
    Emma Ard

    Y’all she literally has a boy friend. She and Alex broke up a long time ago.

  • Keeping It Relle
    Keeping It Relle

    Love that you pronounced Hawai'i with the 'okina in it. Great job!!

  • MostMajesticWaffle

    I don’t think that Canadians start drinking early. From just family experiences, my dad used to jump the border ****LEGALLY**** and drink when he was younger than 21.

  • Abby Dunn
    Abby Dunn

    Hey I just want to say I love your videos they are always so fun and happy every time! Also I believe it’s called an awning😂

  • Tehreem Azam
    Tehreem Azam

    Love the new unfiltered Lauren! You seem much more genuine now and I appreciate that. Wasn’t subscribed before, but now I am! Ps - love the podcasts!!

  • Sherri Daughtrey
    Sherri Daughtrey

    I'm really sorry for Lauren she's been through a lot...she need to have some spaces from all the tea...I feel u Lauren so don't worry I'm with u on this!

  • Audrey Belle
    Audrey Belle

    even though i know a lot of the click bate stuff is fake its satisfying hearing that it was fake from you.

  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie

    16:48 everyone’s been guilty of it: Daily dose of internet: 👁👄👁

  • Echo Universe
    Echo Universe

    “I’m so sick of answering these questions.” Then don’t.

    • Mels ASMR
      Mels ASMR


  • AdventuresofLife

    You can see the growth but childhood me is happy that even in her unfiltered and authentic self she still has the “ohmigod it’s sooo cuuuuuute.” Love it and love her sm

  • Eris B
    Eris B

    It’s a cabana!!!!!!!! No a pergola

  • h0neypuff_ //
    h0neypuff_ //

    love that you can be yourself now ♡

  • J Seri0us
    J Seri0us

    Is Jeremy a Virgo? I mean that with a lot of respect but hearing the “no. No. NO. “ to floaters in the pool lol

  • Lostryxx

    No more laurex please. Only jeren 😉😌😏

  • Mya Chao
    Mya Chao

    When I first glanced at the mat I thought it said “hope you brought some urine” 🤣

  • Drew Trotter
    Drew Trotter

    I think the word your looking for is CANOPY 😇 for the thing providing shade outside over your dining table 🤗

  • Shelby O
    Shelby O

    Alberta's legal drinking age is 18 as well

  • chrisan

    Wasn’t alisha in the Asian girls squad

  • OK Then
    OK Then

    I honestly love how she handles these questions with Alex and doesn't blow it up to be super dramatic for views

  • Makayla Titus
    Makayla Titus

    I LOVE humus

  • Techgirl

    I absolutely LOVE no filter Lauren. I have been watching her since 2015 and loved growing up watching her videos. Keep doing you, girly!!!

  • Maddox Lloyd
    Maddox Lloyd

    views are low huh

    • Maddox Lloyd
      Maddox Lloyd

      Hello My name is chicken oh i’m sorry that it’s been over a year and she is still making vids about this topic

  • Zeze H
    Zeze H

    If it’s not a big deal then why doesn’t she follow Alex? Clearly it is to her. Because following one extra person will not hurt her lmao. It literally takes a second and she refuses to follow him while he follows her. Pathetic.

  • Austeja Gvildyte
    Austeja Gvildyte

    In all honesty i love u lauren but everybody says "its not responsible to have big parties w a lot of ppl during a pandemic bc ur putting ppl in danger" but nobody thinks about the fact that if they get covid its their own fault for attending the parties🤨

  • Mel X
    Mel X


  • keila pena
    keila pena

    Love an unfiltered queen 🤍👑

  • Danielle Hopkins
    Danielle Hopkins

    She just seems so much more herself and more comfortable and i live that for her. I was so sad about her and Alex breaking up but now i’m so proud of her and happy for her.❤️

  • Leah Klein
    Leah Klein

    i’m glad you’re branching out and becoming more unfiltered , also , people need to move on from her and alex’s past , they’re both doing well right now , there’s no need for the questions anymore :)

  • katherine sheetz
    katherine sheetz

    Gosh I love this genuine and unfiltered Lauren

  • sierra dickinson
    sierra dickinson

    So proud of you for finally ditching the filter and being authentic. Power to the people who are kid friendly but as you get older its natural to not want to put a filter on all the time

  • christina daquila
    christina daquila

    Random note: It just occurred to me ur birthday is the August 11th and mine is August 12th. I commented happy birthday many years in a row and I’m just now realizing this🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂. 😂☺️❤️❤️ happy birthday kinda late but hope ur birthday was amazing!! Lol

  • Natalie Duffy
    Natalie Duffy

    I thought the doormat said hope you brought urine and I thought it was supposed to be a dog joke

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