Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer
Star Wars
The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

  • Steven Spielberg
    Steven Spielberg


  • Terrence Page
    Terrence Page

  • Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL
    Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL

    Luke: "the force will be with you" Leia: *"Always"*

  • michael Evape
    michael Evape

    Coming this December... STAR WARS: Ben Solo very obviously turns back to the light.

  • Anthony Jordan
    Anthony Jordan

    Interesting trailer for a plot that was destroyed a long, long time ago

  • 박동현

    Plz don't self destruct 3PO...

  • Biggles Boggles
    Biggles Boggles

    I am just not feeling this. Anyone else?

  • jannick-master

    C3PO: "taking one last look, at my friends..." SW Community: hold my beer, the saga ends

  • Mr Vgoat
    Mr Vgoat

    Star Wars isn't ending but, the Skywalker Saga is FYI!

  • Clint Abner
    Clint Abner

  • Trad Spongebob
    Trad Spongebob


  • Animal WorldBD
    Animal WorldBD

    Bahhh...So supper 👌👌

  • H.V. Raj
    H.V. Raj

    The only thing that I don't understand is that why they use light swords and horses if they have shooting spaceships,can't they use a gun.

  • Matias Ascui
    Matias Ascui

    C3PO is not talking to them, he’s talking to us :’(

  • Sinan Aydın
    Sinan Aydın

    C3P0 noooo

  • Euhh Allo
    Euhh Allo

    Who watch the comment ?

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J

    If it wasn't for the emperor, I wouldn't go see it.

  • Alonso C
    Alonso C

    Fans: Gonna put an end to thes, once n' for all! Kathleen Kennedy: PAWA! UUUUUNLIMITEEEED PAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sushiRahmen寿司ラーメン


  • Blue Gangsta
    Blue Gangsta

    The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi for The Rise of Skywalker! (I thought I should pass it along)

  • Charzy

    Disney is buying their own tickets and giving them away to radio stations for awards! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!

  • Simon

    I didn’t cry, you cried

  • thewillingwell

    I tried but the story so far doesn’t do it for me.


    I’m sooooo hyped comment if you are too


    the original Star Wars was laid to rest at a great time, with a great ending. Disney has dug it back up and sharted in its mouth.

  • bolo kefe
    bolo kefe

    its going to be worst than the last jedi

  • TheOriginalStandingGuy

    Don't know about you guys but I'm voting Jar Jar 2020. Remember: "Make Meesa Great Again"

  • TheAdorkableRJ

    Luke: ''The Force will be with you.'' Leia: ''Always.'' *chills*

  • Antonio Rackman Saydam
    Antonio Rackman Saydam

    Trash Just Like Disney Fake Jews.

  • Felicia 723
    Felicia 723

    When I was early I saw a lot of comments about C-3PO but all I see now is "tHe sAga eNdS" Gee, thanks, never knew that.

  • Scar TvC
    Scar TvC

    So we just not gonna talk about fin and his hair

  • I Love HORROR.
    I Love HORROR.

    Either 3-cpo or R2D2 goin to get clapped in a emotional scene

  • Jason Buchanan
    Jason Buchanan


  • betty lynch
    betty lynch

    Disney: The saga will end Everyone else: Thank God for that!!

  • Eli Marcos
    Eli Marcos


  • Scrypher

    Do you know what? C3PO dying is an instant warning sign. I will not watch more of my favorite characters die. Sorry. Star Wars just lost a very dedicated fan. I am not going to watch this movie. I am done.

  • MDinoSeaker

    Star Wars:The Saga will end. Everyone: MeMe TiMe!!

  • Andy Kang
    Andy Kang

    Invest in good writers. I personally think that Vince Gillian would have been great choice to helm SW trilogy.

  • Rynn21

    Hey look, nostalgic theme song. Cha-ching.

  • Proud Kiwi
    Proud Kiwi


  • Marcus Rompf
    Marcus Rompf

    Star Wars is back for more redundant story advancements and no interesting characters just to disappoint actual fans. How about no.

  • betty lynch
    betty lynch

    Nope...….I feel nothing!!!!

  • Nipulkrad Msinatagras
    Nipulkrad Msinatagras

    1:26 No one: Chewbacca: Uuurgh!

  • Bomber 44
    Bomber 44

    This looks good. All of the negativity surrounding Star Wars lately, most of is completely undeserved. The Last Jedi was good (not perfect). But in my personal opinion, something that could’ve improved the series was a character like Galen Marek from The Force Unleashed. Someone who is powerful, primal and unrelenting with their abilities, just an eye grabbing screen presence.

  • prickly03c

    AWFUL !!!!!

  • Toad Wii Remote With Wii MotionPlus Inside
    Toad Wii Remote With Wii MotionPlus Inside


  • Obsolete Trunks
    Obsolete Trunks

    Star Wars in 2019: It's over Anakin, I have the high ground. Star Wars only one year later in 2020: You underestimate my power!!!

  • Chris Singleton
    Chris Singleton

    3 hours of greatness (:

  • Julio Romero
    Julio Romero

    Christ, what a cool trailer about a plot that doesn't exist.

  • Feudum

    Zorri Bliss: "Rey?" Rey: "Mom?"

  • 7race6

    Just let the series die please.

  • Chris Singleton
    Chris Singleton

    Use the force (:

  • W_PersonisHere

    2019: C3PO ends

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    Disney destroyed Star Wars

  • O Cj
    O Cj

    Por fin algo que si merece estar en tendencias

  • streetvan1997

    Who is giving this a thumbs down?? These newest Star Wars movies have been great. Have had so much to live up to and have done just that. The early 2000 movies were dreadful. These are greAt.

  • Айбек Алдаберген
    Айбек Алдаберген

    Horses in space?

  • UkkoM

    2019: The saga ends 2020: Return of the saga

  • Ganz Bestimmt
    Ganz Bestimmt

    Wow, that looks even worse than expected. gg JJ

  • Vignesh S
    Vignesh S

    Everyone: *"The saga will end"*

  • Alan Perez
    Alan Perez

    Híjole va a estar cañón

  • Justin Cooper
    Justin Cooper

    :( TFA wasn't terribad even with Mary Sue characters then Ruin Johnson comes alone and paints the trilogy into a corner of mediocrity it cant get out of. I am afraid this one will be just as bad.

  • Marion Cobretti
    Marion Cobretti

    Can't wait... for this nightmare of a trilogy to be over.

  • Enya Epps
    Enya Epps

    He’s so cute omggggg 😍 I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Chaloner

    Wish George Lucas was still the Director. Disney just sucks... Btw Long live the Empire...

  • Rico Chico
    Rico Chico

    Star What?

  • Michael Newell
    Michael Newell

    Garbage recycle garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage!. There are only three Star Wars movies.! Why do people watch this garbage?

  • Rajveer singh
    Rajveer singh

    Can someone explain why so many dislike

  • dee dee
    dee dee

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a "who would you rather" video with my two sisters. It's super funny. I would love if you would watch and show some love.

  • dee dee
    dee dee

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a "who would you rather" video with my two sisters. It's super funny. I would love if you would watch and show some love.

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