Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser
Star Wars
Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

  • Young Vinny
    Young Vinny

    Thanos: _snaps fingers_ Luke: *_"No one's ever really gone"_* We're in the End Game now

  • Young Vinny
    Young Vinny

    As a marvel fan, for a second I was wondering where Captain America and all the heroes were😂

  • Darth Homo The Fag
    Darth Homo The Fag

    Joker and star wars.. Can die happy now!

  • GG SAY
    GG SAY

    Is it the end of total mess?

  • Malak Malak
    Malak Malak

    Darth maul returns

  • Brutal Fates
    Brutal Fates

    Seriously looks bad, Would have been happier with Darth Jar Jar....

  • OrionoftheStar

    I cannot imagine any situation in which that first scene makes any sense.

  • Daníel Þóroddsson
    Daníel Þóroddsson

    No one’s ever really gone... Battle Droid: Roger Roger

  • SithSpit Rick
    SithSpit Rick


  • Joe Rossiter
    Joe Rossiter

    anyone gonna talk about the saga coming to an end?

  • Eric Visco Del Gallo
    Eric Visco Del Gallo

    After all, I hope you guys agree with me that Darth Vader will always be the best character of the saga

  • Dr200 -Brawl Stars
    Dr200 -Brawl Stars

    imperator palpatine

  • Top Dog
    Top Dog

    “No one is ever really gone” Emperor Palpatine laughs: Me: *Chuckles* I’m in danger

  • Heart Of The Phoenix Gaming
    Heart Of The Phoenix Gaming

    Yes the emperor is back!

  • Peterson CobraGT350
    Peterson CobraGT350

    The Emperors New Groove

  • Quincy McKnight
    Quincy McKnight

    Mmm mnmn. My.

  • Okeh :/
    Okeh :/

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Flischer

    The emperor strikes back.

  • Scott Blade
    Scott Blade

    Don't worry Harold Ramis, "No one's ever real Egon." :)

  • Grumpy Sorc
    Grumpy Sorc

    That torture of the legacy never ends...

  • SuperCornjulio

    New SW ruins my childhood dreams...

  • Doug Johnson
    Doug Johnson

    It will all end in a big feminist march. You know they want to.

  • Lucas Jolly
    Lucas Jolly


  • Mihir Lavande
    Mihir Lavande

    Star Wars Episode 9: Yousa in big doodoo dis time.

  • tt128556

    Nice name for a movie, doesn't spoil anything..

  • michael meza
    michael meza

    Is this the end?

  • Robert Sowden
    Robert Sowden

    Feeling cute... might be a disappointment later IDK

  • Ericulous

    Rey is Anakin's clone. Calling it now

  • Gilliganfrog

    I just yawned and threw up a little in my mouth at the same time.

  • Kakka Pökäle
    Kakka Pökäle

    Lando Calrissian!

  • ultimaT

    Is "No one's ever really gone" the tagline of nostalgia?

  • Alain Bernier
    Alain Bernier

    Palpintine is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy moly

  • KonnorPulse G
    KonnorPulse G

    Good star wars the rise of Skywalker will be so good then the last jedi

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    It’s a messa a Darth jar jar

  • Isaiah DeJesus
    Isaiah DeJesus

    Jar jar is a Sith Lord

    • Jeff Wickson
      Jeff Wickson

      "Meesa gotta grand army...meesa dinks !" Darth Jar Jar

  • Joshua Winn
    Joshua Winn

    At the end that was so Emperor Palptines laugh!

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T


  • Addison Glommen
    Addison Glommen

    Well that was confusing

  • Davester

    Why does everyone assume that laugh is the emperor? Maybe it's Snoke?

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku

      Also, watch it with the subtitles on

    • Stogie2112

      It's Palpatine's voice. Replay his past scenes and you will recognize the laugh. At the Star Wars Chicago Celebration, right after the trailer ended, Ian McDiarmid took the stage.

  • Kayn

    After this the Yuuzhan Vong war better be covered..... Like seriously you had this whole story line with all these books, and games for KOTOR, and then this brand new story line no one had ever heard about was pulled out of thin air by the producers. Nice *slow claps*

    • Stogie2112

      Kayn .... The Star Wars films have never included anything from outside fictions. Not books, not comic books, not animated TV series. The nine films exist on their own. All nine films were “pulled out” of the minds of George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson. Fans of the outside fictions should just accept it. They will not see Mara Jade, or Thrawn, or the Vong, or anything else.


    Disny want lando back Lando: oh god your going to kill me

    • gold3n rul3
      gold3n rul3

      Billy Dee William: $_$

  • Dayib Jama
    Dayib Jama

    The place must be Sinai desert in Egypt.

    • Beautiful Goodbye
      Beautiful Goodbye

      They were filming in Jordan.


    Does this mean that no more star wars movies after this?😥😥😥😥😥😥 I watched phantom menace trailer and it said every saga has a beginning and now this!.😨😨😰😰😢😢😢

  • lucas 42
    lucas 42

    Soo we will just pretend snoke didnt exist... ok Also: in the comics ( and now canon i think ) i believe palpatine was in a way anakins father by manipulating the force ., correct me if im wrong

  • Liam Munholand
    Liam Munholand

    Hearing the special effects is what makes these films so iconic and important to me.

  • Stogie2112

    "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!" "Remember, the Force with be with you - always." "I have a bad feeling about this." "Lando's not a system. He's a man." "Ben, why didn't you tell me...?!" "I know that laugh." "It's a TRAP!!" "Obi-Wan has taught you well." "You were right about me. Tell your sister that you were right ....."

  • Ashton Hildebrand
    Ashton Hildebrand

    Hmmm really why dose it take my dad 13 years to get the milk

  • Julie Pakura
    Julie Pakura

    Love u

  • Julie Pakura
    Julie Pakura

    Ohhh, Bliss, Hugs xxx etc!

  • lights dwarfius
    lights dwarfius

    Well you cant hate dark empire if they bring palpitine back

  • CizreK

    The rise of Mary Sue!

  • xing xu
    xing xu

    worst teaser I have ever seen

    • Jeff Wickson
      Jeff Wickson

      worst comment I have ever read.

  • Felis

    Disney purposely made the Last Jedi terrible so that they can show just how beautifully they can fix everything in this one.

  • Matheus R.santos
    Matheus R.santos

    I am your father

    • Jeff Wickson
      Jeff Wickson

      Really?? Can you buy me a car then.

  • Star Wars News
    Star Wars News

    ,,No one's ever really gone" *HELLO THERE!*

  • Jeffrey Kressin
    Jeffrey Kressin

    This trailer has a similar format to the Phantom Menace trailer. Anyone else noticed this?

  • Oliver Mulligan
    Oliver Mulligan

    Also, it's cinema release date is December 20th.

  • BlueFlare101

    How is this the rise of sky walker? I figured it would be another movie like solo with anikin Asoka,Rex,obi in the clone wars or something how has got anything to do with skywalker figured ani was coming back with that other actor who played him before

  • Loron

    2 part of trailer please

    • Halal Quinn
      Halal Quinn

      Loron october

  • Brittany j Taylor
    Brittany j Taylor

    Thrawn walks into the bridge of the Chaimaera. Ensign: (to audience) ON YOUR FEET.

  • Cap285

    This Christmas, prepare for a giant turd in your stocking.

    • Cap285

      +Jeff Wickson I am the Grinch. Secondly, your 'girlfriend' will have you in stockings after this two hour feminist seminar.

    • Jeff Wickson
      Jeff Wickson

      This Cap285 is the Grinch..he doesn't believe in stockings. Unless he wears them. LOL.

    • Thomas Bludis
      Thomas Bludis

      Your stocking. Not mine

  • Udon noodles PRODUCTION
    Udon noodles PRODUCTION

    I’m just waiting for thanos

  • Jetze Nijeboer
    Jetze Nijeboer

    But it isn't a real star wars movie, if they don't cut off someone's hands with a lightsaber.

  • Swaid

    Not interested, skipping.

    • Cap285

      Smart. Save your money.

    • Thomas Bludis
      Thomas Bludis

      Suit yourself

  • The Kanguru
    The Kanguru

    Disney ruined star wars . Fact.

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku

      Star Wars fans ruined Star Wars

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist

      The Kanguru, no, that's an opinion

    • Thomas Bludis
      Thomas Bludis


  • SuperScarface83

    Christ, this is the most repetitive comment section. Cool teaser, though:)

  • Cap285

    Lightsaber is turned on incorrectly and has Vader ignition sound.

    • gold3n rul3
      gold3n rul3

      Rey = Anakin Clone confirmed

  • Phone User
    Phone User


    • Cap285

      Ruin...pun intended.....SW? Add a 'J'.

  • Stogie2112

    R2-D2, where are you? If R2-D2 is not with Rey, Finn and Poe, then where is it/he?

  • simone dulcio
    simone dulcio


  • ISA’S Vlogs
    ISA’S Vlogs

    Someone tell me is this a new movie or is it fake??????

  • Trevor Greenfield
    Trevor Greenfield

    I'm super hyped, but where my boi R2D2 at?

    • Cap285

      The Spice Mines of Kessel getting smashed in to who know what.

  • Mothman Prophet
    Mothman Prophet

    Not going to see this.

  • caroline hudson
    caroline hudson


  • Marcin Niedzielski
    Marcin Niedzielski

    I'm gonna go see this purely because I'm curious what sized dumpster fire it's gonna be, and because I want to be indoctrinated further with 3rd wave feminism and SJW propaganda.

    • gold3n rul3
      gold3n rul3

      You have to watch Knives Out by Rian Johnson for that

  • FlamingCreation


  • THANOScide

    I see a lot of Jar Jar references I see a lot of deranged fans I see a lot of potential with what Abrams is doing in Ep. 9!

  • Nanolis

    So... Palpatine is back? And here we thought they couldn't possibly top how terrible the last movie was.

  • Sir ooofff
    Sir ooofff

    Next Movie: "The Fall Of Skywalker"

  • Tyler Carr
    Tyler Carr

    1:23 LANDO

  • NGC Studios -Niran Casab
    NGC Studios -Niran Casab

    Why do we have to wait soooo long?

  • Rob Greenaway
    Rob Greenaway

    the chick flick continues

  • REDPOWERable

    Just finish it...

  • Darius Petru
    Darius Petru


  • Enforcer525

    This franchise is to much of a money maker, Disney is not gonna let it end. I'm guessing some spinoff's and 10 or 15 yrs down the road they will continue where this one leaves off.

    • gold3n rul3
      gold3n rul3

      It's the fans' decision not Disney's lol

  • Dominik Svec
    Dominik Svec

    Please stop ruining star wars already...

    • Thomas Bludis
      Thomas Bludis

      The only thing that was ruined was your own experience.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    I am the supreme leader.

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku

      Well hello there

  • Διόνυσος

    Hears Emperor’s evil laugh That’s not true! That’s impossible!

  • derek Maud
    derek Maud

    The music ... right in the feels

  • Takashi Hiragi
    Takashi Hiragi

    I do not want this directionless trilogy

    • Cap285

      +chris Beverhausen Thank you.

    • chris Beverhausen
      chris Beverhausen

      +Cap285 good for you !

    • Cap285

      +chris Beverhausen We won't.

    • chris Beverhausen
      chris Beverhausen

      Then don't watch it, for god's sake

  • Tom Pitts
    Tom Pitts

    Rey Skywalker?

    • gold3n rul3
      gold3n rul3

      Rey Skymilker

  • Terry Numpkins
    Terry Numpkins

    Mary sue there putting her 2 weeks of training to good use, what a joke you have made this franchise, it ended years ago Disney 👍

    • Ryan

      +Thomas Bludis Like she ever needed training to begin with. Text book Mary Sue.

    • Cap285

      +Thomas Bludis Sure does't look like it.

    • Thomas Bludis
      Thomas Bludis

      There’s a time jump between TLJ and TROS. She will get a lot more training.

  • Coco Pops
    Coco Pops


  • Alesander Cieślak
    Alesander Cieślak

    Why i cry ?

  • Coco Pops
    Coco Pops

    S K Y W A L K E R

  • waste oftime
    waste oftime

    Next star wars movie,the rise of Jar Jar

  • Rafael Lopez
    Rafael Lopez

    Can't wait to see the outrage, this is going to cause.

    • Thomas Bludis
      Thomas Bludis

      Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

  • Dia Hart
    Dia Hart

    And where is this plot going exactly...? I'm so confused -___-


    No one's ever really gone. You're tearing me apart, luke!

  • Me Myself
    Me Myself

    George lucas "we passed down all we know, 42 years live on you now, this is your saga"

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