Starship SN5 150m Flight Test

  • marko9

    They made a grain silo fly straight up in the air and land back safely.

  • MCgamingmaster1

    big fuccccking rocket

  • Tactical Studios
    Tactical Studios

    I've started to base future things on the concept of the game spore, we will soon know how to make anything land and fly like spaceships

  • Cee Hndz' Forza TV
    Cee Hndz' Forza TV

    Wow what a thing!

  • Kurdi Robin
    Kurdi Robin

    Cool like ancient alien ship

  • Rugged Clover
    Rugged Clover


  • Learn with Irina
    Learn with Irina

    uaaah! 😀😀😀

  • 李鵬飛


  • ItzMakeNoSense

    Memers : Elon Musk , you are going back to your home huh? a MARS

  • MisterMax Mod
    MisterMax Mod

    looks like a flying grain storage....

  • Abutayba Elifriki
    Abutayba Elifriki

    Space x digital lies and bull shit of virtual science

    • AtheoGaming07


  • Aloof

    yo why is my chef Boyardee going into space

  • Sara Khochonsaeng
    Sara Khochonsaeng


  • 아쥐's 종합게임 채널
    아쥐's 종합게임 채널

    how much is the gravity? can normal person handle?

    • 아쥐's 종합게임 채널
      아쥐's 종합게임 채널

      @Brent Smith aha thx bro!!

    • Brent Smith
      Brent Smith

      This test probably wasn't higher than 1.5g, which a normal person can handle easily. The full size rocket will be 2.5-3G, which is tougher but still ok for a normal person.

  • Tech Infographics
    Tech Infographics

    What kind of GoPro are you guys using lol basically nuclear weapons grade.

    • IKR !
      IKR !

      Probably behind fire proof glass

  • maximiliano ortiz martinez
    maximiliano ortiz martinez

    wey se quemo ese cable klk necesitan ayuda

  • JekoloveROG Republic of Gamers
    JekoloveROG Republic of Gamers

    He is such an *INSPIRATION*

  • Secretman

    Uhh so i just noticed. When it took off, i think something was on fire after the engine ignition and i saw something fly in the air because of this. Any idea what that was?

    • AtheoGaming07

      That was the stand breaking off.

  • krishna gupta
    krishna gupta

    cindy euro ho jun

  • فايروس كورونا
    فايروس كورونا

    انا ضننت أنها ستقع I thought it would fall

  • sandwichtube

    The engine is continually moving in a circle.

  • Sarka Richson
    Sarka Richson


  • Dave El
    Dave El

    Weird space ship though

  • Dave El
    Dave El


  • Ian Oldman
    Ian Oldman

    Super news from Russia! 1MW Nucleon - a space tug with the nuclear reactor on board Russia will send the Nucleon mission 2030 to Venus via moon and then to Jupiter!

  • Eevee Chopman2011
    Eevee Chopman2011

    Ay that could be a perfect launch from the old launch that exploded well 👌 landing

  • Candy Betta
    Candy Betta

    Like Iron man landing, odading mang oleh


    geometricamente desfavorável para um objeto aterrissar desta maneira! pessima geometria! nem precisa calcular para saber que essa geometrica não é a mais adequada

  • J E R E M Y N O L A N
    J E R E M Y N O L A N

    That is some straight up Marvin Martian shit

  • andres espinoza
    andres espinoza

    buenos efectos especiales...

  • Carlthehamster

    New title: A flying tin can

  • VOVAN781000

    This is Russian Pepelats !

  • Arslan Angelasi
    Arslan Angelasi


  • Zafafafafaf

    so many worthless and unfunny meme-comments are here

  • UmutDenizPro

    Very good, I want it too, but I can do it too, but I can only fly easily.

  • UmutDenizPro

    By the way, channels talked about you. I think you have very good spaceships. N.A.S.A rip


    Двигатель с управляемым вектором тяги, ничего инновационного тут нет. Напоминает пепелац из фильма Кин дза дза. Давно пора показать антигравитационный двигатель, видимо ждёте отмашку от своих кукловодов.

  • LiFurr

    я уже думал эпизод из Кин-Дза-Дза -2 снимают ))

  • 류종규

    정말 대단한 사람이다. 뱉는대로 실행해내는 사람이라니...

  • Shikari

    Wow, this technology should be put on a war aircraft and attack on china.

  • Il Il
    Il Il


  • лиза кириловская
    лиза кириловская

    молорики когда на марс????????????

  • Andor 42
    Andor 42

    Where did my holding temperature cup go? O wait... There it is.

  • Дмитрий Радужный
    Дмитрий Радужный

    батут работает

  • X

    that thrust vectoring, oof i love it

  • SchoolComputerClub

    when elon puts a rocket on his bean can:


    Уже давним давно на антигравитации летать должны, но о нет, страшно давать такие технологии, так как начнут повторять и станут люди свободными от паразитов. По этому будем юзать старую безпонтовую реактивную тягу. А тем временем олигархи развлекаются катая шдюх на дисках.

  • Мурад Мурадов
    Мурад Мурадов

    отличная идея выбрасывать мусор в космос с помощью летающего мусорного бака, как же роскосмос не догадался, вечно мы отстаём от Америки.

  • MrProjective

    SpaceX Launch and Landing Compilation

  • Robert JACTR/Drones Morales
    Robert JACTR/Drones Morales

    Impresionante 👏👏👍

  • Leo Kovačić
    Leo Kovačić

    If you want the definition of the word inellegance just watch the video of a flying steam pot ironically a called starship, cause it wouldn't reach the stars before they freeze over..

  • Junho Lee
    Junho Lee

    Steel can hopping here and there

  • Nizami Eminov
    Nizami Eminov

    looks like a flying silo doesn't it ?

  • agung utomo
    agung utomo

    How could it burn without smoke

    • Brent Smith
      Brent Smith

      It's burning methane, basically natural gas. If you've seen a gas powered stove, you'll know that it burns a clean blue-ish flame with no smoke.

  • shinomoritaka

    「おっかぁ、また銀色のドラム缶がお空を飛んでくー」 「そうねぇ、宇宙屋さんも大変ねぇ」

  • Artoria Pendragon
    Artoria Pendragon

    Daddy, that water bottle is flying!!!

  • Kay Uwe Böhm
    Kay Uwe Böhm

    Should be all canceled for ship that can stand in air, drive under water and fly in space near c after 1 year 1 g acceleration for earth, moon, mars, titan etc simply by shooting mercury Hg out of ring accelerators into water tubes for acceleration of ship not loosing Hg and cold Hg H→H punsh fusion optional Hg spallation to Hg-197 epsilon decay gold added CO2 turbines with backflow cooling of all (indirect) thermal isolated etc. Range should be only enough also after battery older and if cold not maximum is best only increasing the weight always to drive, wasting lithium with production energy and CO2 and making expensive, better hybrid like new Golf GTE 245kW with also much subsidy succesfull also extendable with CNG kit. Who wants live there, always fires, tornados, hurricanes, quakes, snow blizzards, floods, high crime rate and civil wars ? Maybe better living on mars comfortably antarctica cold with 1.2% thin atmosphere mainly CO2, weak sun 1/2.25, all 5½ years global dust storm & only all 1.9 years backflights ? Normally drought increases wild fires but droughts are increased by global cooling with decreases sea vaporisation like in ice time, antarctica or on coast side of humbold stream. Much rain is in tropical areas. Helpfull against wild fires are also artificial fires already in drought time local controlled. Helpfull against droughts and wild fires is cloud seeding or making water out of air with huge centrifugal compressor like used for earth gas sucking hot air there more hot & dense cooled with CO2 for turbines then air expanded over turbo cold for aircondition and much water condensed out of air outside or inside closed glass green house that way not loosing a drop of water in deserts. CO2 turbines with 2. centrifugal compressor for backflow cooling of all thermal isolated no heat lost near only electricity out over generator usable also for 700 bar CNG out of electrolyse H2 + air CO2 etc. Maglev for wheel rails with partly last s doors glass vacuum tunnel sections and small cabins & containers maglev pillared over streets instead hyperloop ? jyperloop

  • Angela Vrillante
    Angela Vrillante

    flying 18650 batt :) nice #raptor full stage engine :))

  • Clueless Gamer
    Clueless Gamer

    $$$ Bills y'all

  • fengfanyue

    All I see is, wow spacex moved a can of milk. :)

  • Antonio Neo
    Antonio Neo

    Странное видео. Не показан момент посадки

  • Михаил Волков
    Михаил Волков

    Что это за летающий пылесос?

  • Nguyên Nguyễn
    Nguyên Nguyễn

    Phóng cái này chắt tứn nhiều nhiên liệu lắm..

  • Ashutosh Rudraksh
    Ashutosh Rudraksh

    i think Elon will surely in upcoming years make the sci-fi star-fleet academy for the space lovers.....a star trek thing real.. Elon is like.."they watch, i make it happen whatever it take"

  • bluefisshh

    why does it have to be battery shaped

    • Broccoli_32

      bluefisshh Same shape of every rocket in existence. Just missing the nose cone

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    August 2019: Look Ma! A flying water tower August 2020: Look Ma! A freaking silo is now flying

  • BlackLight

    Future Farm is relocating...

  • The Tech Guy
    The Tech Guy

    Why a silo tho

  • Bruno Moraes
    Bruno Moraes

    Sou muito fã da SpaceX...uma empresa inovadora com desafios que compartilho. Ressalto ainda que admiro a competência, persistência e criatividade da SpaceX, principalmente do Elon Musk que para mim é um dos maiores e melhores empreendedores do mundo, obviamente sem desmerecer os demais.

  • Sergej Grimuta
    Sergej Grimuta


    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      thunderbirds arent go. flipping heck thunderbirds were 50 years ago and they were more convincing that this crap

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