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im bored idk
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  • Ashley De La Cruz
    Ashley De La Cruz

    Ilysm Emma. You get me distracted from problems in life cuz usually I cry all day but you make me laugh.

  • Jasiah Tolbert
    Jasiah Tolbert

    i love how before the video started a add popped up with emma

  • Janari Green
    Janari Green

    15:16 i don't even know who that is

  • Janari Green
    Janari Green

    14:30 I'm that person I dont get the hype

  • J A S M I J N
    J A S M I J N

    emm: Addison is so sweet. Addison: *dances to a song about ed with her perfect body*


    I think no one really want to have beef with Taylor Swift cuz she will write a song or an ALBUM about u and slap every one (remember kanye😂)

  • cindy harrison
    cindy harrison

    Emma I need your help!! My daughter is a young professional model who is inspired by your style and the ability to be yourself no matter what. She continues to allow herself to be her weird quirky self even when people in the industry require her to be the same as everyone else. She did a video copying your Instagram for a week and I think she did pretty good. Emma if you could watch and give an honest opinion on it. Your critique would inspire her to keep going in an industry that isn’t easy on the heart. Please help Emma see this, let’s fill this world with dreams coming true. 🙏🏼

  • Josefine otero •-•
    Josefine otero •-•

    what did emma use to do this internet beef?

  • Charles

    How did you get that

  • Harry’s Angels
    Harry’s Angels

    and then harry does don’t worry darling 😗

  • Alice Speedbuilds
    Alice Speedbuilds

    We love getting an ad of Emma while watching emma

  • doris papa
    doris papa

    You need to listen one direction You need so much

  • Naima Ellis
    Naima Ellis

    But have you seen Charli's twitter arguments? That sh!t is crazy!! 😜

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey

    1D stans and Harries are here

  • Hoang Katelyn
    Hoang Katelyn

    Who else was shocked when they saw that hyram was in the list?

  • JuStiN TiME
    JuStiN TiME

    Emma Chamberlain farts allot and stinks really bad from what I've heard......absolute horrible body odor. Gross... take a dam shower...

  • Nay MSP
    Nay MSP

    Before the video started I got an ad, with Emma in the ad. Advertising a bottle brand or whatever tf it was

  • Hoda Afssari
    Hoda Afssari

    eh I don't like Harry styles

  • Briana Arreaga
    Briana Arreaga

    I saw an ad with Emma before the video 😹

  • 1D_Swiftie

    hazza barely even goes on the internet; we never see him active so that won't really work. it probably would have worked back in the one direction days though and even niall, liam, louis, and zayn would have probably stepped in and that would be entertaining. but you would also be hated by a majority of the internet sooo-

  • 1D_Swiftie

    before I clicked on this video I said "don't enter the 1D stan territory. we're rough."

  • Caroline Crisafulli - Vargas
    Caroline Crisafulli - Vargas

    spread prositivity

  • Rafia Zubair
    Rafia Zubair

    Everyone else: harry styles Me: how she picked celebrities in random order instead of the given order made me annoyed and anxious

  • jade renee
    jade renee

    My stepdad used to say peace and love... awwwww

  • jade renee
    jade renee

    This is so good Emma!! Thanks for being a great entertainer

  • madalyn hawkins
    madalyn hawkins

    I got an ad Emma was sponsoring something then I watched her video..

  • bxggie chungus
    bxggie chungus

    harry would’ve been like, “GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN” if you understood the reference, you’re a legend.

  • Maita MG
    Maita MG

    She has the right concept of Harry 😂

  • Wishinqdamelio

    I would fight Harry to get closer to him I will let him beat me up I just wanna see him box he is so hot

  • Luna Steele
    Luna Steele

    im sorry hahha

  • Luna Steele
    Luna Steele

    and you starting beef

  • Luna Steele
    Luna Steele

    aren't you vegan??

  • Chunky Milk
    Chunky Milk


  • Koolie Kookie
    Koolie Kookie

    Emma: Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like Harry Styles, NO Me: 👁👄👁💧(I feel like id get hate for this comment but tbh idrc)

  • Koolie Kookie
    Koolie Kookie

    ghost? 3:31

  • Stephanie James
    Stephanie James


  • Alexis Brogdon
    Alexis Brogdon

    you should my coffee k-cups

  • Lily Willis
    Lily Willis

    Aye where’s Billie Eilish?????

  • Abhilasha Chaudhary
    Abhilasha Chaudhary

    How many directioners watched this just bc our God, polite and the best harreh styles 🤣

  • BlahBlahBlast

    Nah we love Harry

  • BlahBlahBlast

    Harry’s always going to win luv✨

  • BlahBlahBlast

    Harry wins . Always . Sorry

  • Taylor

    Anyone remember when the Kardashians did the boxing for charity and got fucked over because they didnt give them any safety gear lol

  • Kalaya Black
    Kalaya Black

    i dont like harry styles

  • 2 Girls’ Aesthetic
    2 Girls’ Aesthetic


  • ClearLeafClaire

    nikkitutorials neeeeds to do emma’s makeup.

  • Tayla Anne
    Tayla Anne

    does anyone know how to get this

  • HoneyAngel Playz
    HoneyAngel Playz

    15:22 "I wanna be different, I don't wanna be like everyone else" -E Me af inspired like:👁️💧👄 👁️

  • Nevaeh Watkins
    Nevaeh Watkins

    what is that app called???

  • Kelsey Marie
    Kelsey Marie

    nobody: emma: there is no one on earth who dislike harry styles me: my brother no actually i showed my brother harry lastnight and he said he doesnt like him and i was like howww

  • Kelsey Marie
    Kelsey Marie

    i was just watching this and just got your bliss add like how

  • paigey & hollie
    paigey & hollie

    i love this 😂😭😭

  • Im not ok
    Im not ok

    Does anyone know where you can find the template

  • Ilyssa R
    Ilyssa R

    your eye twitching when you're talking about the hollywood fix hahahaha

  • Luisa Miia Kikas
    Luisa Miia Kikas

    Lmaoo I like how literally every comment is about 1D 💚💙❤️💛🇨🇮

  • Tater Nation
    Tater Nation

    im suprised you didnt put larray

  • J W
    J W

    I'm the one I don't like Harry Styles

  • skaiste. com
    skaiste. com

    if she had put BTS there it will be bad i mean BAD for her.

  • Unpopular opinion 0
    Unpopular opinion 0

    Your listing who you want to start beef wit not actually starting beef

  • Annadxscent

    I think this is supposed to be who you actually have beef with not who u want too

  • Jason Badran
    Jason Badran

    Same for the pay per view

  • Ben Kearns
    Ben Kearns

    Erm U mean jAsON dEruLo

  • Pharah Jewl
    Pharah Jewl

    Me Not Liking Harry Styles Or Timothée Chalamet:😈

  • nidhi arya
    nidhi arya

    Who knew that Dixie and Addison would actually get in a ring..

  • Katie Lynn
    Katie Lynn

    Okay but I was watching this video and all and then an ad came up and it was YOURS for some skin care. I thought it was part of the video for a second! 😂😂 I'm probably the only person that finds this funny. It was for bliss

  • Itskcslife

    My favorite part is how Jason Derulo got no explanation 😂😂

  • Charlis dunkin 4ever52
    Charlis dunkin 4ever52

    Awww she said such nice things about the damelio sisters aka my idols

  • tiajah tucker
    tiajah tucker

    Imagine if she had Larry and put him in the arena

  • Ella Hamlin
    Ella Hamlin

    kinda sad you arent fighting addison....she deserves it

  • mel i
    mel i

    jason derulo was too fast of a choice lmao

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