Staying at the BEST REVIEWED HOTEL in my City! (we found this...)
FaZe Rug
So today I stayed at the best reviewed hotel in my city and brought my black light to see if it's as clean as they say they are...

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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    You guys all requested this.... The bathroom was definitely the most disgusting part... LIKE THE VIDEO IF YOU WANT MORE!

    • Ishwar Singh
      Ishwar Singh

      Hey Brian I’m 10 and on your worst reviewed restaurant there was a fight u should go check it out I’m ten and I’m your fan can I have a shot out


      How about going to the cleanest hotel

    • Alyssa Zubia
      Alyssa Zubia

      Faze rug you should of check under the bed 🛏

    • Derek Douglas
      Derek Douglas


    • Dino Dibernardo
      Dino Dibernardo

      FaZe Rug sup

  • Dark Essence
    Dark Essence


  • Dark Essence
    Dark Essence


  • Dark Essence
    Dark Essence

    pause at 7:42

  • Saul Trujillo
    Saul Trujillo

    6:21 Wheres Anthony 😂😜

  • Jack

    i beg do more scary vids plz

  • Muhammad zeriabali
    Muhammad zeriabali

    The Hotel name is ' The lodge at Torrey pines ' in San Diego

  • Manuel Factora
    Manuel Factora

    Who here gets the whipped cream joke at the bathroom check?

  • Najid Saint
    Najid Saint

    i thing faze rug girlfriend like tanner they are in a relation ship i think

  • stylexzlp. 1
    stylexzlp. 1

    after 14k comments you found my 🌭

  • Asif Raza
    Asif Raza

    You should of looked at the toilet seat

  • Raymond Ysais
    Raymond Ysais

    On your next video you should dress ghetto or raggedy and see how good customers services you get dressing not so fly. And see there reaction and see how if they treat you differently basic on how your dress up. Hope you like and try it out.

  • Baseball Player 3
    Baseball Player 3

    That hotel sucked

  • Reapxr_ Rekt
    Reapxr_ Rekt

    S S A

  • Rafan Rasheed
    Rafan Rasheed

    The worst one was scary 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 The Best room looks haunted

  • Abdullah A
    Abdullah A

    Only og's will remember the gucci lambo 😭

  • Oliver10 Chavez
    Oliver10 Chavez

    I think Tanner likes Molly

  • Trofide


  • rip to all my guys
    rip to all my guys

    Poor Lady in the back thought you were talking to her.. 😭🤣 13:28

  • Gianna Castanera-Moniz
    Gianna Castanera-Moniz


  • Fer Beniamin
    Fer Beniamin

    I hate tfox

  • JazzyJ900

    the hotel is The Lodge at Torrey Pines

  • Lily Schaddelee
    Lily Schaddelee

    10:18: Faze Rug: (eats the burger upside down) The audience: okay then..

  • 65rtyu YT
    65rtyu YT

    Molly looks sexy in this vid

  • Sanz Jackie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ツ
    Sanz Jackie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ツ

    People step on the floor faze rug Sorry if I seem rude I just wanted to tell you 😢

  • Grace Murphy
    Grace Murphy

    Rug, why do you need to go to a resort when you can go to your back yard

  • Peyton Stevens
    Peyton Stevens

    When u said it has a golf course, it has a spa, you literally defined your backyard

    • Peyton Stevens
      Peyton Stevens

      Eric Carbajal ooohh tough guy no one gives a fuck bout yo dumbass

    • RTY

      Eric Carbajal ?

    • Eric Carbajal
      Eric Carbajal

      Who gives a fuc

    • Bella and Maddie 2.0
      Bella and Maddie 2.0

      Hahahahahahah facts

    • RTY

      Peyton Stevens facts

  • Unicorn_sugar511

    wait isn’t it supposed to be the best one XD

  • Hexa Playz
    Hexa Playz

    2020 anyone? If you are sub now!!!!

  • Ivy Tsai
    Ivy Tsai

    Like for 48 hours of good luck

  • Acy Crazy
    Acy Crazy

    who is here in lockdown

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    What comes to your mind Me: Piss, what else would it be 🤢🤮🤣

  • Brock Jayden
    Brock Jayden

    There’s always weird vibes when your at a hotel 👻

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon

    Faze rug:some tissues cause I’m sick Me:at least you don’t have the corona virus 🦠

  • GuNŹ thhe gÖDD
    GuNŹ thhe gÖDD

    Where noah

  • Juan Avelino
    Juan Avelino

    Faze rug:Yeah you know people eat cream in the bathroom Me:Ohh my god i know what that is if you are a kid you should skip the bathroom black light Like if you felt like me when Rug said that

  • lame_romero

    we all know what molly and rug did after this video

  • Cale Cartel
    Cale Cartel

    Let’s get 10,000 K

  • Areej Ejjalti
    Areej Ejjalti

    FBI open up because idk fucker

  • Frank Andrew Padilla
    Frank Andrew Padilla

    I live in big bear

  • MrVlog's

    What do u guys mean you guys know what’s in our mind

  • AlbinoGœt _
    AlbinoGœt _

    Dude...... I’m watching this at 11:00 PM, and right when you said something about been creeped out in the sauna, I heard a car alarm beep, and earlier today, the policeman came to my door to see if I’ve seen anything suspicious, because someone was trying to break into a car...

  • jawad Raahim
    jawad Raahim

    Are u muslim??

  • Vanessa Trejo
    Vanessa Trejo

    Did anyboady think covid 19 because he said he was sick

  • Đừng bao giờ COPY PASTE
    Đừng bao giờ COPY PASTE

    grand hyatt in taiwan please

  • Melanie Dominguez
    Melanie Dominguez

    you should go to houston

  • Verge- WTF
    Verge- WTF

    Rug I know what place your at my dad works there

  • CTG

    this vids old but that was polo gs i8

  • Bano Omari
    Bano Omari

    Look behind you there is someone behind you act 14:35

  • Jesus Cosme
    Jesus Cosme

    i'm sorry but I DO NOT LIKE TANNERFOX

  • Night Snatcher
    Night Snatcher

    so you dont drink pepsi you seem healthy

  • Gulam Kibria
    Gulam Kibria


  • Binyomin Savetsky
    Binyomin Savetsky

    Who’s watching this cuz there bored in quarantine

  • Mia Leyva
    Mia Leyva

    2020 ?😽

  • ria bayuaji
    ria bayuaji

    A shadow walking in 14:34 NO JOKE behind faze

  • Fatima Camila Vlogs
    Fatima Camila Vlogs

    What was in the restroom

  • Billo

    You look more thicker lmao

  • Rrapi Bro
    Rrapi Bro


  • Michael Defrank
    Michael Defrank

    Was the first hotel the good one or the bad one

  • Cynical Boi
    Cynical Boi

    Dude what happened to Molly how come she isn’t in videos anymore

  • R G
    R G

    Are you actually in FAZE

  • EL3_Noscope

    In the bathroom I know what u guyz thought semen right 😂

  • Adwan Gamers
    Adwan Gamers

    I hope this comment gets at least 5 likes. Me:I hope the trick works. You: do you know that we can hear you? And of course the trick will not work stuped

    • Evan Martinez
      Evan Martinez

      Adwan Gamers stop trying to get likes

    • Evan Martinez
      Evan Martinez

      Adwan Gamers ur dumb

    • Rishabh Trivedi
      Rishabh Trivedi

      Nice joke btw

    • Rishabh Trivedi
      Rishabh Trivedi

      It's stupid not stuped

  • LitGamer YT
    LitGamer YT

    wow this vid was filmed on my 11th bday

  • Brandon Man Tik Yip
    Brandon Man Tik Yip

    No one: Rug: eats his burger upside down

  • Anna Paredes
    Anna Paredes

    Did any one see something in the back wene they we’re talking

    • Ghetto

      Yea I saw it omg 😯

  • Pearick 07
    Pearick 07

    7:35 u might have been in a sauna before but u have been in a SANA Ik it was bad

  • sophie gavaza
    sophie gavaza

    this reminds me of a disney hotel but not as nice

  • Yuri Dit
    Yuri Dit

    I hate videos with just molly

  • ElitE MoMo
    ElitE MoMo

    Even if u don’t drink there’s Pepsi yayayaysyayyayayayayayayayyaya

Prossimi video