Staying at the BEST REVIEWED HOTEL in my City! (we found this...)
FaZe Rug
So today I stayed at the best reviewed hotel in my city and brought my black light to see if it's as clean as they say they are...

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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    You guys all requested this.... The bathroom was definitely the most disgusting part... LIKE THE VIDEO IF YOU WANT MORE!

    • Dequindell Jackson
      Dequindell Jackson

      Faze Rug and I have been discussing hotels

    • pup fluf
      pup fluf


    • Dana Romero19
      Dana Romero19

      FaZe Rug I think there’s a ghost in the Back

    • Charles Tusin
      Charles Tusin

      It could be residue groom cleaning products.

    • Eduardo Hernandez
      Eduardo Hernandez

      Jocelin D Yes

  • Ypk Gonzales
    Ypk Gonzales

    I rate it a 6.8 out of 10

  • I aM SeWeR RAt
    I aM SeWeR RAt

    Is the thing on the wall in the bathroom sperm

    • I aM SeWeR RAt
      I aM SeWeR RAt

      Or cum

  • Faze guy
    Faze guy

    Your lamberghini was cool man👍😍😍😍😍

  • Jadeyn Betts
    Jadeyn Betts

    You Wanna Know Who The Best Person In The World Is (Read the first world)💋

  • Dambo 000
    Dambo 000

    I pretty sure it's C u🥛

  • Draven

    Might die of allergies but still likes burgers

  • Weird Kid
    Weird Kid

    11:21 you said, "You guys missed HER SHE is going to hang out for a little" *tanner fox in the lobby*

  • Hyper Fenix
    Hyper Fenix

    oh god molly

  • pup fluf
    pup fluf

    This is actually my first time whatching u

  • Gladys Tapia
    Gladys Tapia

    bryan and kaylan plss be together i love ❤️ you so much faze. rug

  • 4ffan33e yt
    4ffan33e yt

    You said golf you show a swiming pool you say spar you show golf

  • Johanna Gonzalez
    Johanna Gonzalez

    Is that blood on the wall

  • Henry Leal
    Henry Leal

    At 14:33 and continue behind the guy that's talking you can see a shadow

  • Amber Brittain
    Amber Brittain

    ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;]

  • jalen Y
    jalen Y

    Molly has a big ass and is hot

  • Kamehameru

    16:55 i think thats not a pee its a cum

  • Frosty Prototype
    Frosty Prototype

    hello hi FaZe

  • Manuel Martínez
    Manuel Martínez

    3 out of 4

  • Crispy N
    Crispy N

    Drive your Lamborghini bra, looks amazing.

  • Christian Lizarraga
    Christian Lizarraga

    This nigga swears like his house is fucking spotless 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony Bustos
    Anthony Bustos

    Imagine he got the room 666

  • MoneyBallerMike ROBLOX
    MoneyBallerMike ROBLOX


  • XotiK Files
    XotiK Files

    Tanner , it's nice, it's nice

  • giuli goswami
    giuli goswami

    what country do u live in i live in bulgaria and im 9 iv been watching u for 2 years at school i secretly watch ur vids love u rug!!!!!!!!! oh and my name is giuliana im quater indian half bulgarian and i was born in south africa so i know everything in english love u and ur familly(:

  • Camden Mildbrandt
    Camden Mildbrandt

    Ya drive it

  • Fredis Garcia
    Fredis Garcia

    Apple juice?

  • Charles Tusin
    Charles Tusin

    The hallway reminds me of "The Shining" w/Jack Nicholson!!

  • QasimPlayz

    Maybe Clint cried cause FaZe rug told him to pay for his own room

  • BOSS Goat
    BOSS Goat

    It was probably cum

  • maria razvan
    maria razvan

    I Love you videos thay make me happe👧🏽❤️😊

  • PTM UnKn0wn
    PTM UnKn0wn

    Question Why Was Someone In Your Car?

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos

    Do the worst review movies

  • Rose Doan
    Rose Doan

    Every hunted even your house every time I’m about to sleep I hear somebody knocking the door I go check on my grandma sleeping look no bye I left the door open close I’m not joking

  • Aa.

    You should black light your house

  • Adam Gerringer
    Adam Gerringer

    How rich are you

  • SuperMarioGamer // SMG
    SuperMarioGamer // SMG

    notice every time Brian says Black light in the first like 2 minutes he makes that hand motion

  • Carlijn Degreef
    Carlijn Degreef

    you know that a blacklight shows sperm, blood or sweat...........

    • Carlijn Degreef
      Carlijn Degreef

      or pee...

  • Andrews channel Vlogs
    Andrews channel Vlogs

    I thought it was milk

  • Mico Yumul XXI
    Mico Yumul XXI

    Tbh we want marko


    He used the rong thumbnail

  • whatsthewifipassword

    3 1/2 / 5

  • Tianna Regi
    Tianna Regi

    What happens if there was germs in the burger😳😳😳😕😕😕

  • Tianna Regi
    Tianna Regi

    That hotel is haunted 👻👻👻👻

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    I'll clean it for 50 dollars

  • allan latx
    allan latx


  • David Galloway
    David Galloway

    2 out of 10

  • Hunt boy 2
    Hunt boy 2

    Rug do you golf

  • fingunagirl

    I still envy you Plz show me how to edit 😂

  • James Gal.
    James Gal.

    Its nut

  • James Gal.
    James Gal.

    Its not

  • Rene Munoz
    Rene Munoz

    4:40 that's kinda mean to be honest

  • Saket Gajavada
    Saket Gajavada

    16: 56 i lobe how theyre just casually analysing that lmfaoo

  • ashiilah maharani
    ashiilah maharani

    brian eating is my favourite

  • Rem Pervera
    Rem Pervera

    19/20 that's good

  • Ωジュリアン

    8:56 he used rich brian's song

  • Israel Barcenas
    Israel Barcenas


  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    14:34 behind tanner a shadow it's the molly girl in the blue

  • It's Melanie Rodriguez
    It's Melanie Rodriguez

    Who else comes home after school to watch faze rug with your chips and soda

  • Savage pug 55
    Savage pug 55


  • Caroline Corona
    Caroline Corona

    Can u do more videos with molly

  • Hip hop King
    Hip hop King

    Hey rug check your onwn room with a the black light

  • batman 500957
    batman 500957

    Do you know that you said it was like not went you walk in it was not like a wow but you said wow went you walk in

  • R3dS3amus

    Is England your city?

  • Kai James Parker
    Kai James Parker

    Whenever he says I have a special guest it’s always tfox😂

  • Mohamed Sherif
    Mohamed Sherif

    I think it's pee

  • Mauricio Mejia
    Mauricio Mejia

    Whip cream? What are they talking about?

  • Aryan Meena
    Aryan Meena

    Goes to all the haunted and bad reviewed with guys and the best reviewed hotel with a girl😛😛😛......jk love his vids.

  • Engrrrish ][][
    Engrrrish ][][

    8:49 history by rich brian

  • Alexander Tsoodle
    Alexander Tsoodle

    Whats the Music at 8:25?

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