Stephen A. on James Dolan's response to the protests following George Floyd's death | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to James Dolan and the New York Knicks' lack of response to George Floyd's death.

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  • atomicdagod

    Lets be clear James Dolan puts more black men in positions of power than anyone else in the nba . Just look at the list of Knicks head coaches and executives . I think thats the reason the media shits on dolan . It's not the loosing because the nets have never won a nba championship in history they completely suck .


    I agree with every single word said by Max in this video

  • dafttone

    stop forcing people to follow your ideology

  • Don Ludolph
    Don Ludolph

    Steven a is a sellout

  • DOHCtorMiguel

    How can you get mad for the man staying quiet. How could he possibly understand what racism and police brutality feels like. Like he said "What's important is how we operate" He has given plenty of executive positions to black people. He should get judged on how he runs the team, which is terrible I might add being a lifelong Knicks fan.

  • Kevin Hartley
    Kevin Hartley

    Why does everyone have to make a response?

  • Munzy Stargazer
    Munzy Stargazer

    “Civil Unrest?” People are protesting for civil rights....this idiot Dolan is a crony of Agent Orange, so it speaks volumes of his position toward the BLM movement.

  • Munzy Stargazer
    Munzy Stargazer

    The athlete’s need to stop playing ball for these racist owners....most of the players are Black guys, just stop playing for the massa. Build your own for yourselves!

  • Vortex

    Knicks been garbo for decades

  • Connor Garry
    Connor Garry

    This is getting ridiculous. Let's demonize everyone

  • Basic Blakman
    Basic Blakman

    Max annoys me every time he talks and i dont know why

  • Megaformer

    Just heard it, idgt? If you stood for injustice before why can’t you fight with us dummy!

  • Megaformer

    Does anyone have the Song?

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres

    And you all including LeBron James had a lack of response to the uprising of China’s suffering people when Dolan spoke up. Instead you sided with the dictatorship of the CCP

  • Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone

    How come eveRy 4 years, democrats stir the racist pot to Get stupid people to vote for them.

  • Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone

    Virtue signaling doesn't quench the bloodthirst of the mob.

  • bvrsqzr

    Ah yes ESPN. Full of a bunch of self righteous arrogant pompous aholes. You must think as we do or we will destroy you.

  • Nino F
    Nino F

    espy can't even fix Stephen A mic... billion dollar company what scumbags

  • Mark Sheborne
    Mark Sheborne

    Max wit his agenda being a bag boy. He want to take Dolan team over pettiness. His got the most profitable team in NBA making a ton of money for the NBA. Cause he run his team how he want to. What's Max's kickback. Media assassins.

  • golfpartner59

    Nobody cares!

  • Yahben D.T
    Yahben D.T

    sound like to me the statement that he put out ons the issue is the statement he put out on that issue about how he don't care about anything about this issue

  • Michael H
    Michael H

    That is exactly what he should of said. If what he said or didn’t say bothers you, that is your problem

  • Bran Stark
    Bran Stark

    Hes part of the good old boys club

  • tina wilson
    tina wilson

    Dolan is clearly on heroin

  • tina wilson
    tina wilson

    The Knicks are trash

  • New Standard
    New Standard

    Anyone else think he about to get Donald Sterling’d 🤔

  • Khult Herro
    Khult Herro

    If black people still watch and monetarily support the knicks, they are empowering and complicit in white silence. Your move, black people. If my team released a statement like the knicks, i would totally drop them from my life, period.

  • Khult Herro
    Khult Herro

    Smith and the Knicks are the character servant and master in the Django movie.

  • Who Thru Poo
    Who Thru Poo

    George Floyd the violent drug addict criminal actually died from COVID-19 like everyone else.

  • Cisco Zerratano
    Cisco Zerratano

    I kneel for Jesus, no one else

  • Dallas Wood
    Dallas Wood

    that was pretty weak. i mean if he was even trying to say actions speak louder than words, he didn't even do that well.

  • Cj

    The character dead either way no pretend lol

  • Cj

    Same ish game format same result

  • Deon Pickett
    Deon Pickett

    Not a fan of Dolan but actions speak louder then words, he have haired more black front office people then anyone else in the league.

  • Bert Francois
    Bert Francois

    Should Spike come back to the games next season?

  • zoran

    ...where is my comment?

  • monblanc noland
    monblanc noland

    Sas: I dont disagree with you so your wrong and here's why

  • 09lowkey

    Dear Anonymous, can you help us Donald Sterling, James Dolan. The Basketball gods would eternally favor you and we'll petition for you to get free tix for life Sincerely, Every Basketball Fan Ever

  • Zeken

    lol it's personal between max and Dolan.. Max seems to have some true dislike for Dolan haha

  • baxatak Baxatak
    baxatak Baxatak

    This is why I hoped that Dolan would succumb to COVID.

  • Andre A
    Andre A

    James Dolan: “now y’all know I’m racist but I’m not trying to go down like my boy Don with the clippers”

  • Hunter Zhang
    Hunter Zhang

    Max is savage

  • Chandthru Kanagarajah
    Chandthru Kanagarajah

    I'm happy he didnt make a statement in a time where organizations and celebrities are just making empty statements when they dont really care.

  • Clifford Cooper
    Clifford Cooper

    I am no longer a rangers fan and Knicks supporter.. 👎

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones

    Looks like I won't be watching the knicks at all anymore.

  • Tekkenbd29fan

    🤣🤣 Pathetic this is what exactly what I expected from the owner of the KNICKS

  • freddianna mosley
    freddianna mosley

    Stfu Stephen A lmao you would disagree if Max called you a black man😂. disagree to agree lol that's a new one🤣

  • big boi
    big boi

    i no longer care if the knicks fix their franchise, that statement is worse than no statement...i mean its so simple to say what happened to george floyd was awful

  • roderrick stackens
    roderrick stackens

    The knicks will never be successful with this idiot at the top

  • Joel McCall
    Joel McCall

    Basically he's Switzerland staying neutral.

    • Fiona Day
      Fiona Day

      when all his money comes from black platers

  • alanshadyvally

    Live like a thug die like a thug man up.

  • Presley McKinley
    Presley McKinley

    Charles Oakley. Spike Lee. Now this.

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar

    It's not killing, they doing there job, it's an accident

  • Michael Washington
    Michael Washington

    ESPN, a sports network or CSpan???? What's da freakingvdeal?

  • A. J. Rucker
    A. J. Rucker

    Silence = Complicity

  • CeeBarrio1

    Best things Dolan ever said.

  • Marcus Prophete
    Marcus Prophete

    I'm not defending Dolan, but all tose statements from big corporations and some public figures are pure PR to generate appeasement. Racism, police brutality ain't new to them.

  • Larry H Gardner headlines and headaches
    Larry H Gardner headlines and headaches

    Dam Max .....he is right...SAS disagrees to agree ... classic

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts

    I hate Max for his sports takes. I love Max for his social takes.

  • Maria Mendoza
    Maria Mendoza

    After I saw what happened to Colin. I told my son cut of sports because if they DO NOT STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, they do not deserve our respect. Since then I haven watch any single game. I am here today to see who is brave enough to support the protesters that make them rich in first place. We need all the support we can give to this specific moment, THIS IS THEIR TIME TO SHINE, show some love for protesters.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    When sportscenter turns into CNN

  • Marvin Johnson
    Marvin Johnson

    Dolan has to go PERIOD

  • Sean Cleary
    Sean Cleary

    Why does this dude still exist

  • claudetheruler

    Why do the Knicks have to make a public statement? It’s not mandatory

  • claudetheruler

    Stephen A Smith gets dragged out every time something “racial” happens. He’s one of the most racist people in the business.

    • Fiona Day
      Fiona Day


  • Jason Croll
    Jason Croll

    I'm starting to dislike max more and more.

  • Inas Abdalla
    Inas Abdalla

    Max fried him up. Lool

  • shaolin1200

    Lots of words to say nothing

  • Ray Green
    Ray Green

    If I were Dolan I would respond to Kellerman as he's anti-Irishmen. Because if Dolan said something about First Take he'd be a racist and anti-semitic.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    "... civil unrest has taken its toll on our way of life." No mention of what's causing the protests..

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