Stephen A. says Kyrie Irving should retire | First Take
Check out Max's thoughts on Kyrie:
Stephen A. Smith explains why Kyrie Irving should retire if he is not prioritizing basketball with the Brooklyn Nets.
#FirstTake #NBA
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    Stephen A. reacts to the Rockets trading Harden to the Nets:

    • Benjamln Lewis
      Benjamln Lewis

      Dennis Rodman went 2 Vegas n the middle of a chip season with the Bulls. Those that can't play b come coaches, can't coach, b come TALK-A-ABOUTERS, like SAS

    • Torin O'Connor
      Torin O'Connor


    • Visal Sim
      Visal Sim


    • Keithel Bey
      Keithel Bey

      Real life is more important than a game.

    • Keithel Bey
      Keithel Bey

      Steven A . His heart could be on something else.

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill

    So when kyrie is gone for a few weeks everyone loses their mind. But when Michael Jordan leaves, (which he's done three times) no one has anything to say? That makes no sense.

  • Versatile Wolf
    Versatile Wolf

    This did not age well at all

  • Obaloluwa Komolafe
    Obaloluwa Komolafe

    This did not age well at all 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Marquis Payton
    Marquis Payton


  • NJTDover

    I didn't know Stephen A Smith was comedian. Kyrie should retire? Where's the punch line? This dude's got a big mouth whose histrionics are second to none. Loves the limelight, doesn't he?

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

  • Slang Bender
    Slang Bender

    Too many People act like no superstar has gone through difficult things in there life like MJ with the loss of his father and IT with the loss of his sister. and a handful of players who go through mental illness. All the shade the media projects on him prolly doesn't help either. Kyrie has said many times that he loves the art of basketball. and I think enjoying the sport and competing at the highest level is what keeps him happy, what keeps him distracted by other thoughts and being in the dumps. Next time you want to complain about a player remember their human beings, then think if what you have to say is really worth it or nt. Then make your decision.

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Watch cosgrove prod

  • Progressive news
    Progressive news

    He’s not worth the drama ?? SAS is a joke now Kyrie is the best show in basketball

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

  • DreadXplayZs

    This just shows that sas is a bandwagon guy.

  • DreadXplayZs

    Well this didn't age well 🤦

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

  • Calvin Weaver
    Calvin Weaver

    33mil to play basketball? i will get on a court and shoot a ball for that much money!

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

  • ZayBreezy

    who's back after SAS hopped on the kyrie bandwagon

  • Scott Lukes
    Scott Lukes

    Maybe Stephen A should retire

  • Julien Gonzalez
    Julien Gonzalez

    Kyrie made him eat his words

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

  • kenny Joseph
    kenny Joseph

    This didn’t age well

    • Obaloluwa Komolafe
      Obaloluwa Komolafe

      It really didn’t

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

    • Attackon Levi
      Attackon Levi


  • Andreau Narte
    Andreau Narte

    I see no lies.

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

    • DreadXplayZs


    • kenny Joseph
      kenny Joseph

      Yes it was

  • Wang Jingyi
    Wang Jingyi

    I mean what do we expect from a flat earther?

    • DreadXplayZs

      Go 🖕urself loser

  • Brian Mora
    Brian Mora

    Charlie so fire hire her full time smh

  • D.R.E. EME
    D.R.E. EME

    Pastor Stephen A Smith Rebuking Kyrie🤣

  • Donte Wiggins
    Donte Wiggins

    Kyrie isn’t Batman or robin, he’s Alfred 💀

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper

      Go watch cosgrove prod

  • deathwished13

    His recent actions shows why even though they KNEW Lebron was leaving they still chose to trade him rather than James. That and there was probably less teams Lebron was willing to be traded to

  • Robert Owens
    Robert Owens

    Bunch of idiots in these comments just saying anything

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant


  • Benjamln Lewis
    Benjamln Lewis

    SAS what r Ur thoughts on Kyrie Irving now. U r the only 1 had negative talk. Not the Nets, Not the Coach, Not the Fans. Not the Players, Nough Said

  • Dj Slatt
    Dj Slatt

    Stephen a smith is a bona fide scrub

  • PHX

    Bronsexuals where you at? HAHAHAHAHA

  • Rachelle Hoofe
    Rachelle Hoofe

    Saying he should retire now he's back

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Kyrie Irving and Antonio Brown are without question the most perplexing athletes i have EVER seen.

  • Lor Wondo
    Lor Wondo

    Aye Slim Stephen A Funny Asl 😂😂😂

  • Korey Money
    Korey Money

    Steven a gone be first on his nuts when they win the chip I can’t stand sas

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Stephen a Smith should not be asking players to Retire. That is none of his business. Not a fan of Kyrie's recent antics, however sometimes players go through a phase. Kyri

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    My guy Kyrie “Ghandi” Irving finna return and drop 50 while wearing sandals and rags.

  • Cicjose

    Kyrie is the most overrated player in the NBA

    • Hoop Club
      Hoop Club


  • Gunny

    I thought kyrie was the one who approached KD about going to brooklyn together

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    My guy Kyrie “Ghandi” Irving finna return and drop 50 while wearing sandals and rags.

  • mutant way
    mutant way

    %100 you got that right Stephen A.

  • Michael K
    Michael K

    After 37 point who should retrieve now u !@$$@!&!&@!@&!@!$@!!&@$@!$@@!$@

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️

  • dogface903

    All they want you to do is SHUT UP & DRIBBLE 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    They brought in James harden and this guy still doesn’t turn up to his job

  • Timoteo Juans
    Timoteo Juans

    Is there any way they can trade Kyrie?

  • Mj Gutierrez
    Mj Gutierrez

    Honestly he shouldn't retire he is too icy with it lol but he needs to get on a team where he could be a valuable leader for once. I say Knicks.

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      This is funny

  • Jasper Abalos
    Jasper Abalos

    Put him back with BRON see what happens

  • joaquin colon
    joaquin colon

    Nah kyrie Irving has some much to be in this league for he should get his mental self together

  • Toluwani Omodele
    Toluwani Omodele

    Kyrie kinda remind me of zayn Malik in one direction cause h es got his fame in Cleveland then went solo

  • Jet Lag
    Jet Lag


    • Jet Lag
      Jet Lag

      Steven A Smith just said Kyrie is the best show in basketball today lol smh a month after saying he should retire lol smh

  • Nathan Ohene
    Nathan Ohene

    Stephen A. really snapped on this one. Feel like my parent just scolded Kyrie

  • vishal karna
    vishal karna

    Stephen a Smith should not be asking players to Retire. That is none of his business. Not a fan of Kyrie's recent antics, however sometimes players go through a phase. Kyrie has a great basketball skills, if he allows somebody to be his coach or a mentor, Kyrie can become a good leader. However prior to that Kyrie needs to be a productive teammante and that he should not be needing a coach. That is the least he can do by being a constructive and productive teammate.

  • Luke Brewer
    Luke Brewer


  • Blitzify

    no why


    Stephen A is showing KI tough love. "Is Kyrie ready to return with a real commitment for entire season?" Yes or No? Kyrie's vision was KD duo, and now it's a trio. Kyrie must push pass 3rd wheel, new duo and off the bench talk for a chip. Kyrie is a sensitive, gifted and misunderstood hero. He lost his Mom at 4 and he adores his sacificing Father. Kyrie's fans wish him the best.


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    • ORION

      @Jin cell phones are a creation that has nothing to do with nature.. like the vaccines you inject in your body, like cloned animals they don't tell you about, like the large Hadron collider in Sweden. Yes Science is responsible for many a horrible atrocities.

    • Jin

      Do you believe smart phone is real? Do you agree smartphone works because of "Science?"

  • Michael _te87
    Michael _te87

    I love that Stephen A brought up Kobe & his work ethic, I hope Kyrie watches & hears the name “Kobe Bryant” & gets his act together. Idk what Kyrie is going through, & god forbid it’s something really serious, but he needs to get his act together.

  • TheoDaKillah

    Terrible take

  • MJ VS
    MJ VS

    KYRIE!!!!!! Unprofessional bad teammate... bad for the Nba organization this dude is useless... he has a talent but he doesn’t love basketball... better to stop playing basketball... and send your self to facilty cause you need a help mentally and spiritualy..

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Fire 🔥

  • Mike Steward
    Mike Steward

    Kyrie is the worst teammate ever! “Just needed a break”. Hey kyrie- if any of us said that to our job we would be have a job also and get laud millions so grow up and do it!!!

  • JoshAllenyaDigg?

    Kyrie accidentally slipped off the edge of flat earth........🤣🤣🤣

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Yes he should

  • Destiny Townes
    Destiny Townes

    Stephen A is right!

  • Wolf Pak
    Wolf Pak

    Everyone saying he should retire should retire

  • boyknobetter

    Durant came to Brooklyn cause of kyrie so put some respect on his name

  • boyknobetter

    Stephen A just hate kyrie from the beginning

  • Jordan Hinton
    Jordan Hinton

    Uncle Drew movie changed kyrie

  • young boxer 420
    young boxer 420

    Stfu Stephen I’ll knock you out

  • Jc Kc
    Jc Kc

    Yeah definitely why pay 35 million to a guy who doesn't want to play.

  • Michael m shabazz
    Michael m shabazz

    Kyrie is training in the hyperbolic time chamber so he would be 10x better then the Lakers team by himself

  • Jefferson Candia
    Jefferson Candia

    Stephen A is bitter Kyrie does not want him LOL

  • Planet Cuba
    Planet Cuba

    Come play in Cuba league for $40 a month.

  • Kevin Ervins
    Kevin Ervins

    We don't have a lot of brothers in a position like his, but I guess he has forgotten who he is. At least pull Lamar to the side and tell what he thinks he could improve on. Help brother out????? I wish I could talk to him but I'm sure he is probably stuck in his ways. Smh

  • Kled Ablaze
    Kled Ablaze

    He's so dramatic. Like baby type of guy. He wants to be a leader. He wants to be called a GOAT. He just want his numbers. Not to win.

  • Kevin Ervins
    Kevin Ervins

    Stephen A. Smith is a straight hater and he is the white men puppet. I never thought he would catch up with Jason Whitlock. Smh. I am mostly referring to the way he speak about Lamar Jackson. It's utterly ridiculous how he treats Lamar Jackson.

  • Notorious Smith
    Notorious Smith


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