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    • m҉0҉0҉n҉

      I genuinely thought this was a bot comment am I the only one who thought this?

    • the artful Dodger
      the artful Dodger

      I love money too

    • Soggy Potato
      Soggy Potato


    • Morten Kirkenes
      Morten Kirkenes

      You look like a bot right now.

    • Hard Sell
      Hard Sell

      You couldn't even give me money to download it, let alone make it free.

  • fuzzy apple pie
    fuzzy apple pie

    Steven segal is like an RPG protagonist taking all the factions routes, side quests, and companions.

  • Ariel Nami
    Ariel Nami

    I think he tried to say "everybody knows I'm here". But it's hard to tell from him sounding like a engine that has mud instead of oil in it

  • Matthew Mayhem
    Matthew Mayhem

    Steven Seagal is on the next episode of The Art of Action, hosted by Scott Adkins. It's premiering next Tuesday at 9am on his channel.

  • Lil Kiwi
    Lil Kiwi

    6:35 Steven Segal was the Imposter

  • Dillon Greene
    Dillon Greene

    what a loser.

  • Lukas Edwards
    Lukas Edwards

    jon you ok?

  • The Gamer Whos Bored
    The Gamer Whos Bored

    After he said "I am russian" I got an ad that started with "I am a cat with a blackboard." I legit thought it was part of the video for a second.

  • That Try Hard studios
    That Try Hard studios

    Can someone trained in lie detection tell us how bad Steven is? XD

  • Joseph Zbacnik
    Joseph Zbacnik

    You fell from grace promoting Raid shadow legends.

  • VikingLord

    Jon out there making jokes about Lukashenko a few days before shit hits the fan in Belarus

  • River wolf Plays
    River wolf Plays

    You mean akido which is pronounced as uh-kee-doe

  • PT Philosophy-Theology
    PT Philosophy-Theology

    I really hope Jon is working on another terrible, old Tim Allen movie for his next video. Jungle 2 Jungle anyone?

  • DimIsHigh

    Jon have you been beaten up by actual aikido practitioners who didn't like being compared to this stuff?

  • Ludwig, the Holy Blade
    Ludwig, the Holy Blade

    He's like Maurie Kibbitz from gta4

  • Jo Ko
    Jo Ko

    'sniff' 'smack' *G U Y*

  • Hunter Wolf3090
    Hunter Wolf3090

    I can confirm that Aikido is not bs. I am a 5th Dan in Aikido, I have used it for my defence many times, I have never been defeated. Aikido is not an offensive martial art, it is a defensive, originally designed by Morihei Ueshiba, you should research him.

  • MrNobody

    Washing dishes After your 1st week of Taekwondo classes🤣🤣🤣

  • Payne

    I’d say that’s blues not “soul” music

  • Don (Trey) Johnson
    Don (Trey) Johnson

    jontron where have you gone

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man

    3:35 “Everybody knows Im here”

  • Vintage Toast
    Vintage Toast

    Based on how Steven Seagal looks, I feel like he’s been drinking A LOT of beer that he “won” from members of the police force

  • Akshit wick
    Akshit wick

    iN india guy means cow

  • Oberst Lucy
    Oberst Lucy

    I cried a bit when Jon smashed those plates

  • Allan M
    Allan M

    Segall weapons training? He probably thinks he has "deadeye" like in the video game red dead redemption. Alright kids just use your dead eye it's like this slow motion stuff I learned it from Grandmaster Jack Marston

  • Mind Blown
    Mind Blown

    Literally nobody Steven Seagal: I'm Russian.

  • Runesetti56

    When Stephan has a beard he reminds me of DSP

  • Straight Jacket
    Straight Jacket

    Yeah, Steven is Russian alright. But he needs to SLOW DOWN!!! His career is over, and he needs to accept it 🤣 Time to get a real job.

  • Ironheart73

    Lol Steven Seagal is an embarrassment to martial artists and 90s action heroes! Oh do not get me wrong, I am not trashing his discipline just because I won't use Aikido in a street fight. I understand that not all forms of martial arts are meant for combat and some are better appreciated for their aesthetics the way you would appreciate a good dance coreography. Jackie Chan's druken master bullshit wont work in a real fight, but at least Jackie is not an overweight charlatan who likes to talk shit all the time of how badass he is. Let me tell you this, a real martial artist never lets himself go like that. Never trust a martial arts instructor who is out of shape. Because one of the things you learn as a martial artist is self-discipline. I will bet that Seagal can't even last 10 minutes in an intense heavy bag session judging by his shape. I am also proud of the 80s and 90s action heroes who gained respect from fans by being in good physical shape and doing their own stunts. Even if they are now grandfather's they are still in shape and I wanna look as good as Van Damme is when I reach my 50s. The funny thing about Seagal movies is that he always plays the ex super special forces guy/ CIA operative/Martial arts expert, and yet they clearly have to use doubles to film his fight and running scenes

  • Ben Wolfe
    Ben Wolfe

    Jon "If he's white, he's alright" Tron shilling for Raid: Shadow legends. How the mighty have fallen.

  • Beelzebub Crumpethorn
    Beelzebub Crumpethorn

    Raid: Shadow Legends. The Honey of the gaming world.


    Jon...Jon? Are you there?

  • Bimasakti

    Yang Kesini Gara2 Meme "WHAT" Di Indo:v

  • AverageNoobYT

    he's literally the edgelord kid in your class

  • Rocky Boy
    Rocky Boy

    Coconut 56

  • Stealthbeatle99

    Jon, Please blink “Help” in morse code in your next video if Raid is holding you hostage

  • Tarv Is
    Tarv Is

    Jon points out his gnarly thumbnail; I see he doesnt have any other long ass nails.. is that his fuckin crack nail? Like I get ususally its the pinky, but who fuckin knows.

  • kobe ryan
    kobe ryan

    This guy used to make funny lighthearted parody videos... I wish I could sit through raid fucking shadow fucking stupid legends to watch one. “Oh, but you can just scroll forward” ...can I Jon? Can I...

  • benevolent sun god
    benevolent sun god

    fucking S E L L O U T

  • Orpheus TheSad
    Orpheus TheSad

    RIP Wilford Brimley who died the day this video came out.

  • sweatysmile

    Nice upload schedule

  • eliminater 1 20
    eliminater 1 20

    Never thought I'd see jontron with a desert eagle

  • Crispykalechip 23
    Crispykalechip 23

    Make a new video

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross

    Should’ve mentioned that the sheriff he’s working with, Joe Arpaio, is literally the most corrupt and hated sherif in America whose policies include using prisoners as slave labor, keeping them in inhuman conditions that have led to serious health complications and death, humiliation tactics designed to psychologically antagonize prisoners, and a whole host of other shitty things. And it’s not like he’s just doing this to violent criminals and murderers. He also does this to non violent offenders like drug addicts with possession charges and illegal migrants. He also feeds them food so cheap that often it is expired by years at times and wouldn’t even be approved for livestock feed. He’s a genuinely terrible man. Why does he want seagal then? For the exact same reason Putin and Lukasheko do: media coverage of a celebrity endorsement. It seems weird and funny at first, and it kind of is I’ll admit, but pull back the curtain and you see the Machiavellian scheme for what it is...

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross

    Aikido isn’t fake per se. it’s just completely outdated in terms of practical defense, as are most traditional martial arts honestly. The point of aikido was to disarm opponents when you were yourself unarmed. It was for stopping someone running at you with a sword and getting that sword away from them. Unfortunately people don’t use swords anymore, so it’s more of a spectacle sport these days with little to no practicality. Old school pre-fame videos of seagal show he was very good at one time. The more recent videos are obviously very staged. He’s too out of shape and out of practice and you can see in his face he just doesn’t give a shit anymore. Why would he? He’s a puppet of Eastern European autocrats who use him to fool their own people that American celebrities like them, because the average Russian and especially Belorussian doesn’t know that he’s a bloated laughing stock whose best known for terrible B movies. They just see “American superstar” in the state run paper and think “wow, our president is so popular that even the celebrities of hostile countries like him!” It’s a political tactic to legitimize illegitimate power. It’s actually very cynical when you think about it....

  • Liam Richardson
    Liam Richardson

    John Tron the second coming of Christ has made his own action figure all hail Phil Swift

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross

    I am very happy that more people are being exposed to the whacky, wonderful, Russian autocrat boot licking world of mr.steven seagal. I hope this video shows off his “interesting” accent change in his new shows/movies

  • BatFang25 Animations
    BatFang25 Animations

    Steven Seagal is gonna need his safe space after this video

  • JimmyC1994

    Steve Seagal trying to kid on that he's hard. I've seen enough FilmBrain reviews to know the man can't even sit in a chair without a stunt double 🤣🤣

  • Sanidhya Mamgain
    Sanidhya Mamgain

    Please make another video on him covering his words of wisdom on budanature

  • Arthur Feitosa
    Arthur Feitosa

    Jon just keeps getting fatter

  • MasterHammmer64

    I used this video for psychology class as resource on how Steven is seen in the seven different perspectives of psychology.

  • John Earl
    John Earl

    This video hasn’t even been out that long and I’m already re-watching this just for nostalgia

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams

    9:41 lin manuel miranda/jontron

  • robotic corpse
    robotic corpse

    Two things...1:ARE YOU OK JHON...aRe YoU oK?!? 2:new colab with game grumps?...WITH dan...this time? The more likes the higher chance of this collab happening.

  • Theo Speer
    Theo Speer

    Anybody else see that smile at 12:54?

  • John Earl
    John Earl

    I think it would be funnier if when Jon was firing the gun to show how bullets work, he was closer to the target and missed the shot

  • Ricky Dicklander
    Ricky Dicklander

    Him being allowed to do cop stuff makes sense because they legit have 0 standards for being a cop

  • WEIRDO14

    Steven Seagal, watched this vid.... now JonTron is missing for a month .....

  • Kreuinos

    John why did you give in to raid!

  • Andy McGill
    Andy McGill

    If the ever is a Dracula film made where he drinks from jelly donuts and suffers death by diabetes he looks perfect.

  • No Diggity
    No Diggity

    What about when he challenged that old guy to "choke him out", because he legit said it was impossible. So the old guy chokes him out, and Seagal actually shat himself. He literally done a big shit in his pants. Then denied it ever happened. Funny as fuck.

  • Samuel Potter
    Samuel Potter

    Jon you should play doki doki

  • Randoman

    He smacked his head as a kid and swapped personality with his imaginary friend, a multiracial martial artist with an eating disorder.

  • Acree._.

    Jon why have you disappeared for a month where's the VIDSSSS BRO

  • littleblissx


  • Stef Kef
    Stef Kef

    You should do a video about the ridiculous mobile game ads that show up on my IT-my.

  • Rusty

    when he sings hes singing moon runes

  • LlamaLegate

    He looks like fanart of Cosmo Lavish.

  • Daftric


Prossimi video