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  • Niches Be Crazy
    Niches Be Crazy

    Thought white dude won despite his crazy flurries. Just not that many shots from the black dude although he did land some good ones.

  • Logan X
    Logan X

    Bad News punches are accurate but he just didn't throw enough of them

  • Jeremy Levie
    Jeremy Levie

    Its counter productive in ANY fight to sag your pants or shorts, especially if you have to drop your hands to pull up your britches.... as soon as his hands dropped to his shorts, the black kid should have straight smoked his dome.

  • DoctorBrute

    Close fight! Big Pit is Tougher in MMA. Nice job fighting a bigger stronger guy!

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    It's usually the black guy that has sagging pants. Role reversal.

  • Darkray16

    Bad news needs to work on lateral movement, and slip counters. He pretty much covered up and stood place. If Big Pit threw hooks and uppercuts it would have been bad for Bad News. He also is too predictable and needs to move and circle to the right more since Big Pit is orthodox. Big Pit threw sloppy punches that left him open for counters. Looks like Bad News was gassing too, and needs to work on his conditioning since he wasn't throwing that much either.

  • Jason Bowers
    Jason Bowers

    Give the people what they want!!!! Diablo👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • William Hair
    William Hair

    Them hands😂💀

  • Darren Warren
    Darren Warren

    Big Pit needs to learn not to lead with his chin.

  • playapapapa23

    Ya, the white guy won. Bad news was being lazy.

  • T West
    T West

    The fight wound down with the white guys trunks!

  • Abu Akili
    Abu Akili

    Top 3 best fights

  • UndeadNinja

    uhhh the black boy got beat bad wtf are yall smoking?????

  • Dodge Ram
    Dodge Ram

    Huh? Big guy clearly won!

  • Dave Price
    Dave Price

    I went to rehab with big pit. Cool dude - who doesn’t love some meth

  • Sheldon Levine
    Sheldon Levine

    you're a douche

  • Benoit Crevier
    Benoit Crevier

    Unanimous? Gtfoh those judges sck.....

  • Benoit Crevier
    Benoit Crevier

    I wish so bad I coulda get myselg in the ring vs this douche referee

  • Lorin S
    Lorin S

    This decision was about as dumb as that safe browsing service announcement! Big Pit is a tough mother fucker! He deserves that W!! He was robbed.

  • zay

    what kind of shoes is the bad news 2 wearing?

  • Ronte Aka Rusty aka Leggz
    Ronte Aka Rusty aka Leggz

    What do I have to do to get in satins backyard with big pit?? Or just to get in period. I’m fighting from Washington DC. Email me

  • Jeffery Tucker
    Jeffery Tucker

    WTF these judges are worse than the UFC the wrong guy won!!!

    • skepticmk

      what you know about it

  • Mighty Mic
    Mighty Mic

    I would say in a point game , the white guy won. But the black guy landed tr he better punches.

    • kevin lee
      kevin lee

      Mighty Mic u can’t say those together and it make sense lol

  • mya ox
    mya ox

    😂😂😂😂😂 another horrible call. If you kill the other guy the judges might possibly give you a draw.

    • kevin lee
      kevin lee

      mya ox white dude lost!!!!

  • Southern Renegade
    Southern Renegade

    How did he win bad news had his hands up over his head the whole fight yeah big pit didn't land 70% of his shots but the 30% he did was still more than bad news even threw it's like these idiots never heard of cage control smh garbage ass street beefs out robbing dudes again

  • annunakee -
    annunakee -

    Big Pitt put that prison lean on Haircut

  • derrick dean
    derrick dean

    Look at White dudes eyes he is geeked out

  • jessie anderson
    jessie anderson

    How could you possibly see that as a win for bad news2

  • chakands

    pause the video at 7:14, the referee looking at the judges like: "Really? You guys fucked up this result!!!"

  • Corwin Shorter
    Corwin Shorter

    Wow How could they give that to you the brother. Im a brother. Bad decision

  • Team Mind to Muscle IASTM
    Team Mind to Muscle IASTM

    I hate seeing white dudes who CANNOT Box not getting KTFO. It makes them feel like they’re actually not terrible at throwing hands. Edit: I BET* it makes them feel like they’re not terrible at it.

    • deep house
      deep house

      The white was the only throwing you racist prick

  • bigg babii124
    bigg babii124

    No way dude won that was.stolen from him for real

  • Jacobx Jay
    Jacobx Jay

    good one BAD NEWS

  • T M
    T M

    A trained boxer would destroy Big Pit, the guy comes in with his chin out and hands down. ...along with his pants.

  • JerryS

    Not the best look for "American Eagle"... Jus' sayin'...

  • J R
    J R

    Bad news needs more training can't win fights by not throwing them hands

  • bigmule bear
    bigmule bear

    The wrong man won that fight , good fight though , good work by both men.

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit

    Both suck . Def not a unanimous decision lol

  • Drakedaboy09

    Deleting this channel. It’s become a joke

  • Justin Doss
    Justin Doss

    Big pit won... home cookin for neutral corner boxing. Complete robbery.

  • ApostelKrieger

    Judges on Drugs ? That white Guy hammered that Black dude by far...

    • Niches Be Crazy
      Niches Be Crazy

      I thought he won too

  • J Jones
    J Jones

    Big pit be looking like Don Flaminco from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, especially with that uppercut at the end

  • Samual Jones
    Samual Jones

    Zero boxing skills

  • Ron Vaughn
    Ron Vaughn

    White guy looks like he would kill to have a cigarette

  • NewEnglandFish

    Bad call on the win

  • Jason Atkins
    Jason Atkins


  • Denver Turner
    Denver Turner

    Another case of bad judging

  • Boy Wonder
    Boy Wonder

    These guys with the tattoos. They are thick as 2 short planks. Do they really think it’s a good look?

  • Paul Benoit
    Paul Benoit

    White boy was horrible but he clearly won this fight.

  • Joshua McFerrin
    Joshua McFerrin

    This fight sucked on both sides, but Big Pit was the clear winner. Shouldn’t have went to a third round, but ok. Even in the third, Pit scored more. What a crock of shit.

  • Hunter Mcwhirter
    Hunter Mcwhirter

    Some reason the cameraman gets like a foot away from them battling out and get surprised when they bump into him

  • Nate “209” Diaz
    Nate “209” Diaz

    0:20 we got what

  • Slobro

    who has the most wins in street beefs

  • nc0

    In my eyes Bad news wins here, solid defense game. A bit on the back foot the whole fight but upper hand in the end.

  • stevemangino

    Bad news was too worried about his pretty face ..... and well Big Pit didn't have to worry there.

  • Klik Day
    Klik Day

    Bad news 2 has that body dysmorphia thing, he thinks his arms are a foot longer than they actually are.

  • Preston 1127
    Preston 1127

    Probably call it a tie but rooted for bad news. He preserved too much energy and didn’t use it in the last round like I thought he would.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Pit won these judges suck

  • MOW Cards
    MOW Cards

    Terrible decision. White dude's boxing was trash but he definitely won that fight. Smh

  • S K
    S K

    Both were pathetic, but the White guy definitely won

  • sliperskipperz

    prediction, news is letting pit waste his energy, then he comes back to win. edit: nope, never really let loose. or was just too gassed. punches didnt really seem to phase him, just got real gassed.

  • Eric Doris
    Eric Doris

    White boy clearly won that fight

  • Randy Trader
    Randy Trader

    Come on .. nether one was perfect , but the white out performed in this fight.. your judges needs to review and reverse that decision..

  • Chas Chas
    Chas Chas

    Black guy is to speed

  • King Lang
    King Lang

    How do I get a fight on STREETBEEFS?!

  • Vaginbob

    The white guy going in with his chin up throwing from side to to side hitting the black guys arm whoever thought he won is stupid. Like that’s the worst fighting I’ve ever seen. The black guy knew somewhat what he was doing he caught him coming in a couple of times and rocked him.

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    Wait Pit lost that fight? What the fuck are these judges watching?


    This is a complete joke..... how on Gods earth did you all have him win?????? He lost every single round???? And never controlled the ring once??? Street Beefs is racist and will always go against the white opponent.... seen it way to many times with this lame fake organization

  • JJ Villy
    JJ Villy

    Hey White boy.. Its called tie the drawstring on your shorts so you don’t look so stupid...

  • Fist Pump
    Fist Pump

    big p won that. no joke.

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