Stripping Down with Miss K
Bretman Rock
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  • Bebee Thitayada
    Bebee Thitayada

    I love you Bretman but I think the video will be best if you lower abit of background music down :)

  • Cinnon Bts
    Cinnon Bts

    Bretman instant influencer look looks like Dove Cameron 😍

  • Marissa Ramirez
    Marissa Ramirez


  • Cynthia Bice
    Cynthia Bice

    You both are so naturally beautiful tooooo💕

  • Cynthia Bice
    Cynthia Bice

    These points you badddd bitches make in this video I’m like YAAAS. 🖤

  • lalaox


  • may Lily
    may Lily

    Im not tryna be rude but I lowkey thought she was princess in the thumbnail...

  • Hazel Metes
    Hazel Metes

    Oh wow Ms. K looks so good😍

  • grace lee
    grace lee

    Bretman gurl get her braces 😬 so she can be more confident

  • T S
    T S

    God I love you ❤ and that you always are unapologetically brown, LGTBQIA+ and anti racist ❤

  • Naomi Zuniga
    Naomi Zuniga


  • Domingo Partida
    Domingo Partida

    Miss K make up on point

  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia

    Damn Bretman with all that money and you still can’t fix your cousins teeth!!!! Smh!!!!🙄😒

    • Dexie Rigor
      Dexie Rigor

      That mean of you to say that

  • Debora Bytyqi
    Debora Bytyqi

    Firt i thought it was ur sitster until she started talking 🤣🤣a was like how did she get so fattt

  • Farahanim Yusof
    Farahanim Yusof

    Keifer looked like princess though.😂😂 obviously they are cousin.😁😁

  • My Philippines Interest
    My Philippines Interest

    i like the sky because he has style i think if you go to put the youtube show on you need to have style i've been on youtube for five years i'm not going to compete with this guy but i will admit that he has

  • My Philippines Interest
    My Philippines Interest

    You Rock!

  • DNA onuiqa
    DNA onuiqa

    I grew up with my cousin's too.

  • Levi Joseph
    Levi Joseph

    I love seeing Miss K on here.

  • Credoor

    magtulungan tayo

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    ImJay FromTheBlock

    My security guard! HAHAA!

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    Aaliyah Cantos

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    Kinisha Turner


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    Amber Mejil

    Labels are sooooo over rated . I respect that so much girlll!!!

  • Amber Mejil
    Amber Mejil

    Lol I love yall

  • craKy_nuggeT Nsjd
    craKy_nuggeT Nsjd

    I’m jus noticing that ms k lookz like princess

  • Tre

    You should be on RuPaul Drag Race kisses💋 boo

  • itsjustpoooja

    the two of you have the best energy

  • Miss Noela
    Miss Noela

    I miss when he was nice to his sister

  • KkeepItKlassy

    i agree i love the color blue nd most def not a boy




      Knock knock

  • Tadana Mlingo
    Tadana Mlingo

    brentman rock rocks no wonder his mane is brentman rock

  • Edbert Pasion
    Edbert Pasion

    “No one died on Stonewall” -Willam’s response to Derrick Barry

  • Adrian Morales
    Adrian Morales

    We what another science video you know with the long and funny intro Just me okay

  • Timone Smith
    Timone Smith

    Bretman:period Miss k: period Me:period

  • Tabby Nevin
    Tabby Nevin

    And I agree so much with the toy situation! Like my baby boy who is 2 he loves playing with baby dolls and push the dolly around and he loves playing with barbies but he also is obsessed with trucks and cars!

  • Tabby Nevin
    Tabby Nevin

    I LOVE those wipes !! The absolute best they take everything off I wear soo much make up and i usually can take all of it off with one maybe 2 ...and can we talk about how gorgeous the package is I love the rainbow color I love that they are doing this it’s so amazing 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Breanna's World
    Breanna's World

    I thought Miss k was a girl girl It tricked me Just joking

  • Jubby Leota
    Jubby Leota

    Same .. I grew up with my cousins too!

  • Jessica Xentsa
    Jessica Xentsa


  • Chizz 1Time
    Chizz 1Time

    Will Miss K ever get his tooth fixed😩

  • mirna flores
    mirna flores

    “𝐼𝑓 𝑖 𝑤𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑎 𝑔𝑖𝑖𝑖𝑟𝑟𝑟𝑟𝑙𝑙𝑙..i- I’d stay a girl” -Brentman Rock 2020

  • Alex Gadea
    Alex Gadea

    I swear I thought Miss K was princess on the thumbnail 😂

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    Alejandra Santiago

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    Alejandra Santiago

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  • Emely H.
    Emely H.


  • Emely H.
    Emely H.

    Who else peeped how they was reading off of a screen or something ? 😭

  • Junwille Albon
    Junwille Albon

    “Be yourself and F everybody else” - BR

  • 10 subs before your mom? TyM
    10 subs before your mom? TyM


  • Andrea Jayde
    Andrea Jayde

    Loved this video!!

  • Epetra

    Miss K gives me life.

  • Kaimiakua

    loooooove this!!!!

  • Neil Juan
    Neil Juan

    Pilipino po ba kayo sir/maam??

  • Wishesz V
    Wishesz V

    I don’t get why Bret has all this money and cant get miss k teeth fix to help her out make her look good too

    • Kianna A.
      Kianna A.

      @Roberto Garcia also, expecting family to help you with unnecessary things just bc yall are family *and* they earn a lot of money is entitled..

    • Kianna A.
      Kianna A.

      @Roberto Garcia you're probably a great family member; but you shouldn't expect other ppl to help you get unecessarys like braces, just because you guys are comnected by blood. obviously bretman and miss k get along but ultimately it is bretman's money and he can do with it what he wants bc *he* earned it. he already helps his family out a *lot* more than other ppl would as it is.

    • Roberto Garcia
      Roberto Garcia

      Kianna A. No, it’s the truth. If Miss K was my cousin I would’ve helped him/her with his/her teeth! I definitely did not grow up entitled...

    • Kianna A.
      Kianna A.

      something about this comment makes me feel as if you were an entitled child lol

  • SARA L
    SARA L

    Miss K basically saying I'm a M'Efen Me Bitch periotdddd.

  • Lizard

    Medically speaking, leaving the sex blank would be a potentially serious problem. I wish LGBTQ people could accept that they are different but still must use their biological gender on medical/legal forms. There shouldn't be shame in that. No more hiding. Come out the dark and let everyone know who are in and out.

  • Marvin jay Torres
    Marvin jay Torres

    I thought its his sisterXD HAHA(just thought)

  • gabriela esteban
    gabriela esteban

    all around bitch :((( best couz eveahhh

  • Ina Christine
    Ina Christine

    Why are nails so effective at selling me shit 😹😹

  • [Kpop._.weeb]

    Miss k face kinda looks like princess tho 🙂

  • Help me reach 150 Subs
    Help me reach 150 Subs

    Who else thought it’s princess on the thumbnail?!?!?

  • Divine Eastward
    Divine Eastward


  • Divine Eastward
    Divine Eastward

    The two of you are cursed. Just wait for the judgment day of the Lord . Mad men

    • Roberto Garcia
      Roberto Garcia

      Okay God making conclusions!

  • Maythe Espinosa
    Maythe Espinosa

    “Miss K” or whatever looks like fuckin Princess omg 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Bindhya

    Miss K is so damn cuteeee

  • Kayla Lyons
    Kayla Lyons

    I totally agree with the toy thing. And with colors. I never understood why certain toys, colors, activities, clothes are grouped into boy things and girl things.

  • ctran89

    Loved the video! Thanks for the great message too! I do, however, want to clear up some very important facts regarding Stonewall & gay liberation: First, it was NOT a transwoman that started the Stonewall Riots. The transperson you’re referring to is Marsha P Johnson & we must be careful in labeling her as a transwoman. He was a proud self-proclaimed black gay drag queen & transvestite-JUST like how Miss K identifies =). And just like Miss K, Marsha employed both "she" & "he" pronouns, and wore both male & female clothing, but never used the term transgender for herself. Regardless, Marsha was an important figure in the LGBTQI community. Next, we have to STOP👏🏻ERASING👏🏼BLACK👏🏽LESBIAN👏🏾WOMEN👏🏿 Many would agree that Stormé DeLarverie, a BUTCH BLACK LESBIAN WOMAN, was the one who threw the first proverbial stone. In fact, Marsha P Johnson admitted herself that she arrived after the riot started. More importantly, Stormé DeLarverie identified as a SHE, not a He as many ppl keep referring to her as. To misgender Stormé as anything other than a woman would be disrespectful & antithetical of what she fought so hard for: women’s rights & especially lesbians’ rights. Lastly, the gay-rights liberation/movement didn't start at Stonewall. It was an important event that formed the Gay Liberation Front, but there isn't a singular catalyst that pushed forward gay-liberation. Likewise, it cannot nor should it be attributed to just one person. Many gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transpeople, straight allies etc all worked tirelessly prior to and during Stonewall and continue to do so. =) *TL;DR: Marsha P Johnson did not identify as a transwoman, but did identify as a gay drag queen & transvestite & used both "he" & "she" pronouns just like Miss K =) And it's believed that a BLACK BUTCH LESBIAN WOMAN named Stormé DeLarverie who started the Stonewall Riots.*

  • Suzy Caboodle
    Suzy Caboodle

    I love the way Ms. K summed it up. Not confirming an official pronoun label but being open to whatever is comfortable for everyone. Esp nowadays. Lord forbid someone changes their mind tmrw! This would ruin/end someone’s sensitive world. Love y’all lots!

  • Ebzzz

    Can you plz transform Ms.Kay into Barbie ! Get it !

  • Izzie N
    Izzie N

    Bretman and Miss K are FRIKIN QUEENS

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    Hepo Slis

    Bretman Lipa

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