Substitute Teacher - SNL
Saturday Night Live
A substitute teacher's (Lin-Manuel Miranda) attempt to connect with his students (Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Sasheer Zamata, Pete Davidson, Melissa Villaseñor) through hip-hop fails miserably.
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  • Khanh Phạm
    Khanh Phạm

    We need to get key to do part 2 for this

  • DanceDanceAtTheDiscOH !
    DanceDanceAtTheDiscOH !

    His *hair* doe

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q

    *Not. Likely.* Keenan is a treasure

  • Joshua Watts
    Joshua Watts

    So it’s a ap English and al 2 class

  • owen singer
    owen singer

    Literally every sub

  • LizzyGrace 42
    LizzyGrace 42

    Me: *watches this on full volume* My brother, from across the room: iS tHaT aLeXaNdEr hAmIlToN

  • M Diesel
    M Diesel

    Leslie jones is racist af

  • MRD

    I kinda want to see Lin perform a rap version of to be or not to be.

  • JaggSwag230

    We had a religion substitute who literally acted like this teacher and he has a youtube channel

  • CaugustusWhite

    She is ZERO funny

  • Burak Kartal
    Burak Kartal

    someone has to make a parody about these sub writers ALWAYS replacing their "opinions" in the words. Even when its the same language with the video....

  • Isaac Bean
    Isaac Bean

    “You stankin little hot pockets!”😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee

    just tell them about your first heartbreak that's what kids ALWAYS want to know

  • Irrelevant Car
    Irrelevant Car

    Wrong, best rapper is Biggie Cheese

  • ThisRescueRiviera

    You like hip hop? You like *dope beats* ? 😏😏😏

  • shugo104

    Classic American education at its finest.

  • Taylor Owens
    Taylor Owens

    I’m glad we just have old subs that give our candy. Iowa’s pretty boring and I’m glad.

  • KitkatKiwi^.^

    lin would make a great teacher no lie

  • ConcreteJungleGaming

    That’s John jay high school I went there when I was younger in Brooklyn New York 👍

  • Miller Theory
    Miller Theory

    And people wonder why society sucks.

  • not a fan
    not a fan

    I can't imagine a classroom being this small.

  • Otaku Chan
    Otaku Chan

    Why does he sound exactly like Hamilton

    • Starry Shadow
      Starry Shadow

      Otaku Chan lmaooo yeah

    • Otaku Chan
      Otaku Chan

      @Starry Shadow I- He is Hamilton isn't he

    • Starry Shadow
      Starry Shadow

      Otaku Chan ur kidding

  • User 5463541320964814269401527
    User 5463541320964814269401527

    Can that be my substitute teacher?

  • n03liaa_

    This is what happens when you take from Lin Manuel Miranda his facial hair

  • The_Darth Jar Jar
    The_Darth Jar Jar

    Mesa wishes he played Hamilton instead of some kinda bombad piece of doo doo like that rap version of to be or not to be

  • two sided
    two sided

    its sad how true this is. exept for my class, the students keep a counter of how many time the teacher has givin us the exact same dissapointment speech in one month. records 28 time in a bit over a month

  • Silene Tomentosa
    Silene Tomentosa

    Is it me or does he sound a little bit like Hamilton?

  • SPF Mike
    SPF Mike

    the best rapper ever..... I thought the answer was Oliver Tree.

  • LamsShipper 4Life
    LamsShipper 4Life

    My computer knows me too well. It knows I want the Linamon roll SNLs I haven't even seen anything that has to do with SNL in months. My computer is too smart. Lin was made for SNL.

  • A gay character
    A gay character


  • Daisy Thomas
    Daisy Thomas

    Alexander Hamilton looks different here

  • eden arviv
    eden arviv

    They would have really like him if he showed them he can freestyle

  • Jack Dillon
    Jack Dillon

    Sasheer Zamata is so beautiful it hurts...

  • Chris Robot
    Chris Robot

    It’s funny because it’s true.

  • Moonlight io
    Moonlight io

    when you recognize him just by the weird tone idek what it is about his voice but there's just something about it that instantly when you hear it you just know it's him am i rambling or what

  • Doodle dragons Toucans
    Doodle dragons Toucans

    Everyone here knows your true identity.. Dale. Or should I say? ALEXANDER HAMILTON?!

  • Rashida Lyles
    Rashida Lyles

    I met so many people like him , well meaning but prejudiced lol

  • Basic Watermelon
    Basic Watermelon

    I’ve been trying to learn Alexander Hamilton on piano so I watch this video to take a little break and I’m kind of wishing I didn’t take a break....... no pun intended

  • Craig Stewart
    Craig Stewart

    3:51 come on, let’s make a revolution

  • Milica Adamović
    Milica Adamović

    Am I the only one here who didn't recognise Lin from the thumbnail? Yes? Ok.

  • baker street 221B
    baker street 221B

    Here after Key & Peele's Substitute Teacher.

  • Sam Hunter
    Sam Hunter

    this is cringe australian by birth munster by the grace of god

  • Ellie is Done
    Ellie is Done

    Leslie is literally every single teacher I’ve had in middle school.

  • Marco Valentini
    Marco Valentini

    The greatest rapper of all time is not Tupac or Biggie THE GOAT IS THE GOD MC RAKIM.

  • Matheydray Conquerer
    Matheydray Conquerer

    My class has run off so many subs at least 4 or 5all for different reasons

  • James Viice
    James Viice

    it's jus lil skunk'

  • James Viice
    James Viice

    2 be or ... kill mea

  • Natalie Harshman
    Natalie Harshman

    This is like Dead Poet's Society gone wrong. XD ~:~

  • Mashruz

    Dude at least take your laptop with you!! 🤷‍♂️

  • MallBRATgirl_300

    The way Lin would actually be an amazing teacher

  • i.m. Me
    i.m. Me

    I was really hoping at the end he was gonna do a freestyle rap. This was still good though

  • Annie Lanier
    Annie Lanier

    Hillary Swank in "Freedom Writers": *Pikachu face*

  • Webbs Kruiser
    Webbs Kruiser

    would have been fun if he said "The geatest rapper is actually LI Bai"

  • Hina _
    Hina _

    When are we gonna get a Hamilton version

  • Elsie Otis
    Elsie Otis

    lin without a beard is freaking me out

  • Jazzlyn Lipps
    Jazzlyn Lipps

    I see Lin-Manuel Miranda, I click fast..

  • Océane Lacanau
    Océane Lacanau

    I need to get his t shirt tho. Anyone knows where it comes from ?

  • Imissstevenuniverseandsodoyou

    The greatest rapper of all time is”: me: *ALEXANDER FRICKEN HAMILTON*

  • Brandon Le
    Brandon Le

    I just farted earlier, and then some teacher acknowledges my smell from my phone?

  • todoroki can set me on fire and i would not care
    todoroki can set me on fire and i would not care

    I would pay full FUCKING attention if the guy who played Hamilton was my teacher

  • Cylie Rose
    Cylie Rose

    I like this teacher, I’d follow him 😎😂

  • cbpe123

    He sounds like hamilton

  • the rebel
    the rebel

    I actually just watch youtube for the Bloomberg commercials. I don't actually like the videos themselves.

  • Bi Huynh
    Bi Huynh

    2:07 “I would just like a quit math class.” 3:20 “You don’t think she can’t read- this is a AP English class.”

  • Vera theBanana
    Vera theBanana

    I'm actually eating a hot pocket rn wtf

  • delmarpainter

    She glad that no talent hack Leslie Jones got fired from SNL!

  • ThatWildWolf

    *F O L L O W M E S C H O L A R S*

  • Adam thielen’s biggest fan 19
    Adam thielen’s biggest fan 19

    Lin-Manuel Miranda

  • Emily Krey
    Emily Krey

    I didn’t recognize it was Lin until he spoke than I screamed and my parents woke up and yelled at me. Thanks SNL 👍

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton

    ...He is still waiting in the field for them

    • Katie Grubbs
      Katie Grubbs

      Oh no Poor Lin I’d follow him and question everything

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