Surprise Pregnancy Announcement... Ava's Second Birthday Surprise!!!! 🎂👶🏽
We've been holding back this big surprise & for Avas 2nd birthday were finally ready to tell you guys what we've been holding back!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Ava 💕
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  • McmJesse

    How can you hate this man, like seriously. He’s a great person and father 💯♥️

    • Myles Knox
      Myles Knox


    • Aa Meee
      Aa Meee

      He not he THINK he is a rapper now and LEAVE HIS wife too FUCK HOES. He GONNA cry ALONE later

    • Jinxed

      Ik right

    • BrandonFnツ

      You’re blind sided

    • ONEPUMPU-_-

      Ofng he is

  • Ose Okoigun
    Ose Okoigun

    to be very honest, you and jasmine know deep down in your heart that both of you are meant to be. i hope y'all work out your issues and be together forever and for 'ava'

  • Punnged

    Ive been grounded for two weeks so um yall together

  • Kayla J
    Kayla J

    get back together already !

  • Vangeli Lattas
    Vangeli Lattas

    Respect to this man you can’t hate someone that started from the bottom and succeeded in life and gives back to people that need it the most much love ❤️🙏❤️🙏

  • JustZionve

    Its their daughter's bday why would they act mean while their main priority is growing up right in front their eyes

  • KvngxxKavo

    Ava and gekyume

  • Monáé Fiyâe
    Monáé Fiyâe

    You she look so like her dad

  • nykai _
    nykai _

    Ava is so cute

  • Slonge Gaming
    Slonge Gaming

    baby ava is such a dumbass

  • Le monkey :3
    Le monkey :3

    SHE LOST WEIGHT...or is it me🥴

  • TheMetaDorphin


  • TheMetaDorphin

    That Birthday song needs a little training

  • yelloboi L
    yelloboi L

    I wish this my brithday party when i was 2😭😭

  • shotZboy

    I cant belive they got back together

  • santosfanny123

    Jasmine is so naturally beautiful

  • Crystal Lemons
    Crystal Lemons

    Wait what but she hitting you that is bullshit

  • Josh Curtis!!
    Josh Curtis!!

    I wish you and her would get back together

  • PenguiN

    Look at the women’s face on 6:54 😂😂

  • Pahh

    I swear I was smiling this whole video

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    Beautiful my dude yall did that

  • JaCarless Rupert
    JaCarless Rupert

    HAppy late birthday ava

  • RedRum

    I ain’t gonna lie he’s actually such a good dad man I’m happy for him😂🤝

  • Brendan Bephage
    Brendan Bephage

    “Damn we look young back then”

  • Lakeya reid
    Lakeya reid

    In the future I hope I’m able to throw my daughter a wonderful party like that 😍🤞🏾

  • Triple HD
    Triple HD

    Okay so are they in a open relationship or what ⁉️ this is fucking weird💀

  • Young Ayla X
    Young Ayla X

    I thought he was single

  • Black Santa
    Black Santa


  • Matthew aspro
    Matthew aspro

    Omg you guys are still together !! Ava is so beautiful now 😻

    • Matthew aspro
      Matthew aspro

      King_SB i didn’t ask

    • King_SB

      Matthew aspro How did that prove they are together.... if anything it left ppl confused and then the whole pregnancy thing you didn’t even hear.

  • Spencer

    Im so fucking confused at this point

  • R7 Sensei
    R7 Sensei

    2:10 ava said aw hell nah😂🤣

  • J Tiscareno
    J Tiscareno

    Who else confused asf-->>>>

  • Danny Sal
    Danny Sal

    “2 years and 9 months ago she was in my ballsack” 😂😂😂😂

  • Sergio Vanni
    Sergio Vanni

    I’m assuming they’re fucking again that’s the announcement Lmfaoo

  • Specs

    Huhhh. Maybe the video was recorded before the breakup

  • Timmae Braxton
    Timmae Braxton

    Do they know these people lol

  • Timmae Braxton
    Timmae Braxton

    Theres nun for you immature people to b confused about they have a KID TOGETHER its called workin on your family put ya differences aside for your kid

  • winter’s world justice
    winter’s world justice

    Bro Ava can talk now😱😱. Istg it’s been so long since I’ve watched this channel

  • IBC Ganix
    IBC Ganix


  • Adriancito Perez
    Adriancito Perez

    Prettyboyfredo is a very great person one of my favorite youtubers

  • LaKeisha Bulluck
    LaKeisha Bulluck

    She fuckin cries over everything

  • Life Of Aryi
    Life Of Aryi

    So where's the "pregnancy surprise"???🤔🤔🤔

  • Sofia call well 5959
    Sofia call well 5959

    AVA look like ZAZA go look her up ZAZA

  • Ocean Candy Shark
    Ocean Candy Shark

    Hes great dad

  • trolll bla
    trolll bla

    Yoo damnn, i confused at this point

  • SoSewChambraii

    This Video made me smile... to see you guys back. Both amazing parents !!!

  • Julius Jones
    Julius Jones

    I feel like jasmine does not like Olivia at all😭😭she has not once associated wit her 💀

    • Ûnruly Tæ
      Ûnruly Tæ

      Julius Jones she doesn’t knows her she after jasmine left


    lol dude you should get anther frm the same yoo i feel your guys energy


    Please go back together, I miss y'all 😭❤️

  • OkJaniajj

    they just like broke up or something what the heck happened

  • BLTW. MP4
    BLTW. MP4

    What I thought u broke up??

  • Lady V
    Lady V

    Glad to see Ava ..she is a beautiful little girl ... If the parents are together that is awesome..If they are not they co parenting is outstanding.. and they should share there skills on that situation.. Very nice birthday Party

  • Christian Tinajero
    Christian Tinajero

    My boy Malik

  • NastyyBeaconGod #ps4
    NastyyBeaconGod #ps4

    Does anyone else get lit whenever they do or is it just me lmk below 👇🏾

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Jasmin is honestly got hotter

  • anya lopez
    anya lopez

    jas is a modest .. A lady.. silent and sexy.natural beauty . .

  • Akeia Murphy
    Akeia Murphy

    That is a very beautiful party for Ava

  • 4 blood sister Guys
    4 blood sister Guys

    They together???

  • Zahir

    Do one of those last to leave gets 10k challenge


    Y’all all in here talking about credo and jasmine but this isn’t about them this video was about Ava mainly it was her birthday

    • Jari


  • Neal Feldpausch
    Neal Feldpausch

    Hope the best for that little girl. You both will get thru this all. Beyond all else... Take care of them kids!!!

  • pkpatriciakeys2010

    Awww she's too adorable Gorgeous little girl 😍🥰

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    If no reply I still love you bro ,no cap

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    If u can help my fam not just me

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    I want my family to be blessed

  • Yungan Nice
    Yungan Nice

    Where liz😔

  • ItsJustDaniel Vlogs
    ItsJustDaniel Vlogs

    Wait are they together or

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta

    I thought she was pregnant the title

  • Dustii Killz
    Dustii Killz

    this the toxic relationship im looking for

  • A e s t h e t i c a l
    A e s t h e t i c a l

    now this the dream family right here.

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