Surprising My Sister With A New Car!
Danny Duncan
Got my sister a new car because her truck has been unreliable and about to blow up. We crashed hers then surprised her with the car. thanks for watching!
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

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    • Sydney Patrick Marsh
      Sydney Patrick Marsh

      What a fucken muppet

    • Travis Bush
      Travis Bush

      Danny Duncan hi

    • right? -
      right? -

      TH3 K1NG43 danny is cute af nigga gtfo

    • Jacek Pietrasz
      Jacek Pietrasz

      Nice prank nad boy$$$)Poland😂

    • Christofherraywita Wita
      Christofherraywita Wita

      Frosty lol

  • dakota croasdale
    dakota croasdale

    Why would you destroy a obs ford. What a shame. Looked clean, shortbox too😢 id rather see a brand new truck go.

  • Aquality

    How can you jump in the water knowing a gator could pop out at anytime, I’m from the uk so that just baffles me😂

  • Anthony Dib
    Anthony Dib

    5th time watching this video

  • Alex

    Mr.beast vibes

  • Transport

    He probably got ripped off big time at the dealer lol

  • Dal

    I'm from Canada and I thought he was fucking around with the cop when he mentioned a Gator, turns out its one of the few times Danny was being serious lmao



  • Willy King
    Willy King

    I just want to grow and be what Danny duncan does so I can do the things he does

  • Milicent Villajuan
    Milicent Villajuan

    Tittle of the song thankyou

  • volve

    Steve im buying the drinks LOL

  • Buy It Build It Racing
    Buy It Build It Racing

    7.3k comments same as the motor in the ford

  • Chase Watson
    Chase Watson

    Is it possible to get high off of chickies and petes chips

  • Alex Bui
    Alex Bui

    Why is Danny so good at everything?

  • Kid Golfer
    Kid Golfer

    Should be daddy Duncan😹

  • Levi Maxwell
    Levi Maxwell

    You suck ass idiotic bitch f you Nager fat ass bitch with long hair 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Luke Braun
    Luke Braun

    I’d rather have that truck than that Toyota tho

  • Alfredo Dirksen
    Alfredo Dirksen

    Im really really not trying to be mean but your sister ugly afffff

  • Alec Harrison
    Alec Harrison

    *knocks off $1000 to save* *tips the dealer $1000*

  • betsy alperstein
    betsy alperstein

    Why is that basketball thing in a car dealership

  • Lewis Woods
    Lewis Woods

    2020 any one btw I think it's fine

  • Lhyme

    I lowkey want that truck tho

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man


  • Lucas the G
    Lucas the G

    first song?

  • Coston Crawley
    Coston Crawley

    I wanan win

  • Matthew Norris
    Matthew Norris

    Danny goes to the Honda dealership like it’s Chucky Cheese.

  • I asked Ok
    I asked Ok

    Credits for DAVID DOBRIC

  • Recoil Gaming
    Recoil Gaming

    Who else threw up when they saw the fidget spinner

  • Ed Pope
    Ed Pope


  • jack mcconnell
    jack mcconnell

    Stuff Danny’s be at

  • Christian Herring
    Christian Herring

    This was the 1st video I ever seen from Danny Duncan it was when I subscribed

  • Andres Najera
    Andres Najera

    I love how theirs gators in the water and he gives 0 fucks

  • Cynics

    filmer...... I think u mean cameraman

  • Rex Vert
    Rex Vert

    That’s funny but it’s not gonna work

  • Andrew Lowery
    Andrew Lowery

    That’s too bad how his mom is a meth addict and everything

    • Lucas the G
      Lucas the G

      Andrew Lowery man said what


    Keep pumping she will go

  • HexyIce

    It’s crazy that he has about 5mil subs and each vid gets 10mil and more views

  • Sling Blade
    Sling Blade

    Contaminated the damn pond. You should be put in jail and charged for the clean up.

  • Sling Blade
    Sling Blade

    That pos charged u for nitro in the tires? Hahahaha that bull sh it. He is a lier. Don’t pay those bs fees. It’s mostly made up anyways. No such fees.

  • Dylan Hubbard
    Dylan Hubbard

    gta character looks like tallahassee

  • swaggy bro Bryson
    swaggy bro Bryson

    New car didn't even tell her

  • Ben Kostolanci
    Ben Kostolanci

    Saves 2,000 on car Tips 1,000 on the car Spends 1,000 on prank Makes 15,000 for video. Genius

  • Jays Ramcharger
    Jays Ramcharger

    Damn ruined a beautiful truck man I’d hate the new car and just want my truck back

  • Elias Aguirre-Garcia
    Elias Aguirre-Garcia


  • Connor FOOD
    Connor FOOD

    I’d kill anyone who drives my truck into a pond and replaces it with a Yaris

  • Zack Coolidge
    Zack Coolidge

    Keep up with a awesome videos

  • Hin Edi
    Hin Edi

    That was a cool truck

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish

    Geez wtf is your mom on..?

  • Denis Dvoynos
    Denis Dvoynos

    Shtefan nineeee


    Anyone know the song in 9:37?

    • EL BORRADO DEL 956
      EL BORRADO DEL 956

      @Alejandro M thank u my guy!👍

  • Pooh

    i think it’s fine

  • Alex Leavitt
    Alex Leavitt

    Amagin if he gave her a Honda ruckus

  • Rich Playz Gaming
    Rich Playz Gaming

    “She’s gotta shitty car and it’s gonna blow up” * crashes it into lake*

  • CarlMarcello

    Bruh that was a nice truck

  • IMarriedDokkaebi

    U should of put a go pro on the guy who hooked the car under the water

  • VibeVendor

    I like how after the surprise he's still laughing about the truck in the water

  • Mr.badboys

    Lol I got a Honda add on the side of my screen picture thing

  • Mr.badboys

    Just let it dry HOW SIMPLE RIGHT

  • Mooney’s Outdoors
    Mooney’s Outdoors

    Thats a good ol obs ford

  • JAKE Skirpan
    JAKE Skirpan

    What are you guys going to do with the truck

  • Robert Applegate
    Robert Applegate

    Reminded of dumb and dumber....

  • Dillon Good
    Dillon Good

    Let it air out it’ll be good 😂


    I came to the pond and the trucks not there?

  • Brandorudy _
    Brandorudy _

    That would of been a nice truck up here in the north. Rip

  • Reloadable

    *danny slams thousands of dollars on the table* "Why are guys carrying that around?" Danny: "Its funny"

  • Zachary Payne
    Zachary Payne

    What if he didn't make it out of the truck

  • Jordan Patterson
    Jordan Patterson

    1:26 2020 coronavirus could never...

  • Jesse F.
    Jesse F.


  • NYGame time
    NYGame time


  • Gamestosi

    I cant be the only one that wouldve took the truck over the car

    • Randi Wright
      Randi Wright

      Agree to disagree

    • Gamestosi

      @Randi Wright theres three main reasons I'd choose a truck over a car 1 is cause they look better 2 is cause you get the option of wheel drive with a big haul load and 3 is I jack trucks up so if I get in a accident I will be alright

    • Gamestosi

      @Randi Wright depends on what you get and what the motor is... we had a chevy slivardo with a 9 in lift on it and that bitch was a gas guzzler but if you get a Toyota (before they were called tundra and everything) it's a nice little truck that's good on gas Edit: I forgot to say the chevy had a 8 cylinder engine (V8)

    • Randi Wright
      Randi Wright

      Gamestosi and trucks are a lot of money (in gas)

    • Randi Wright
      Randi Wright

      Gamestosi Toyota’s last forever

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