Surprising Rich Kid with Car!
Danny Duncan
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

    Please visit to change your life

    • Monkey Mans
      Monkey Mans

      @Carlos Baldwras hey

    • Karen Martinez
      Karen Martinez

      You can go ahead and buy me a car as well.🥺

    • Hector Bernal
      Hector Bernal

      Intro song ?

    • trump donald
      trump donald

      This guys talkin cash let me tell you

    • Anxxious

      Travel to my shithole town in Texas.

  • Herb


  • Marvin Lam
    Marvin Lam

    Im getting sick of that kid and his girlfriend literally attached to him lmao

    • Juul High
      Juul High

      Stolen comment, try to think of something original next time

  • chrisnwesson

    Spencer is a legend for that outro lmfao

  • Simply Express
    Simply Express

    I actually used to work at that Waffle House, unit 936 in Jasper, Georgia.

  • Dalton Reed
    Dalton Reed

    Rosco has said dude I think 50 trillion tines

  • Bryan Porter
    Bryan Porter

    Rosco getting rid of the coochi van


    1:32 KAREN

  • Jhay

    Does Florida just not care about the virus?💀💀💀

  • RepThe616

    0:16 Bruh them people on the couch goin at it😂😭

  • Flako 503
    Flako 503

    Next throw allpurpose flour

  • DADDYknokx

    I was in the fucking exact cabin

  • Jordan Pulido
    Jordan Pulido

    dannys weeze is on another level

  • karina munoz
    karina munoz

    when ur too poor to buy his merch 😔

    • karina munoz
      karina munoz

      @Riono Boy916 rippp 😭😭

    • Riono Boy916
      Riono Boy916


  • Sam Hextall
    Sam Hextall

    I love Danny’s videos but Aron is kinda racist

  • Landon Hunter
    Landon Hunter

    Bro I live in mareetta ga

  • Prod. Stella
    Prod. Stella

    I think my dads gone crazy

  • Casey Crabtree
    Casey Crabtree

    what the fuck is the song they play in the airport

  • King Eclipse
    King Eclipse

    The titles wrong it should be surprising a car with a rich kid

  • dream maker.1
    dream maker.1


  • Dilshan 14
    Dilshan 14

    you know Danny's acc a good guy cos he's like super honest with sh!t like yeh I only really did the giveaway cos I also made money off it

  • NBAller999 YT
    NBAller999 YT

    What fuccin idiots to dislike these videos

  • Vinnie Cunningham
    Vinnie Cunningham

    not to be mean but roscoe gives me a beetle juice vibe

  • SkyStyle

    Look in the back at the start lol

  • mini fridge man
    mini fridge man

    Yo, that kid was my cousin and he is a great kid. So please don't dog him

    • DaScientist

      He was your cousin lmao

    • iBuyDoritos

      Hes not dogging him, its not his fault for being rich. Rather he's just not happy about getting the reaction he wanted because they were rich.

  • Darkk

    Dang give a hand to the broke homies man 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Deklan Mullings
    Deklan Mullings

    I was at that codege

  • Juan Deras
    Juan Deras

    5:40 he looked right at the girl lmao😂

  • Agp productions
    Agp productions

    Danny has no mask

  • erick riley
    erick riley

    kids lucky what can i say

  • Bankroll

    wish i could of gotten the car mean while working this bum ahh job

  • Lofi U
    Lofi U

    Ł ūÿ Ê

  • Ruben Cochran
    Ruben Cochran

    How much he said dude

  • Brennen Ducote
    Brennen Ducote

    The rich kid gives his sister new car and she says thanks I got it😂

  • Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton


  • Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton


  • Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton


  • exess _melons
    exess _melons

    You need to do a video with rosco and his molly addiction

  • GoldDust 21
    GoldDust 21

    Surprising my slaves with bread

  • Lane Brown
    Lane Brown

    The outro tho!!!! Plus rosco!!!!!

  • nia durant
    nia durant

    “ I’ve got young kids you have to be careful driving through the neighborhood” I swear the audacity and entitlement some Caucasian’s have is incredible 😐 they were minding their business also I’m really annoyed that that girl wasn’t more grateful for that car. They should have went to a lesser income neighborhood to someone who would appreciate it more

    • Aidenman375

      they won the car fairly and some people don't show affection in public. also don't bring race into this.

  • Curtis Gallegos
    Curtis Gallegos

    Hi I'm curtis as u can see and if u see this I just want u to know I love u and i just want to be just like u and just keeping make vids

  • Simone Vigliotti
    Simone Vigliotti

    Lmfao spencer is the shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Baking with Benhamine
    Baking with Benhamine

    When you stayed at the same log caving Danny Duncan did...

  • Marc Miller
    Marc Miller

    Man your videos are awesome. I need a car badly.

  • Nick Easterday
    Nick Easterday

    Yo edit out that dude and his girl or something that’s annoying af nobody wanna see that

  • John Gassaway
    John Gassaway

    12:28 he said doo doo

  • Brando

    19000 for a Honda Fit.... Lmfao

  • Netwise Cyber
    Netwise Cyber

    Roscoe went from a stranger giving Danny a free ride to Danny Getting him a brand new ride wow

  • brandon

    so i think everyone knows the honda civic type-r. well, i was thinking they should make a honda fit type-r with more horsepower than the stock honda fit

  • Owen Vlogs
    Owen Vlogs

    Give people money and then be a dickhead to them before and after

  • joey pelgro
    joey pelgro

    roscoes cool tho

  • joey pelgro
    joey pelgro

    whats with the PDA throughout the whole video lmao

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez

    Bruh the litro was mad funny no cap

  • HartAxt


  • BatmanTheGamer67


  • Obey Boz
    Obey Boz

    Why is there a laser on Danny in some scenes he’s boutta get sniped

    • ALEX

      It’s his mic there’s a light on it to show it’s on and connected

  • Hector Bernal
    Hector Bernal

    Intro song ?

  • Randall Cloak
    Randall Cloak

    Danny legit gave a spoiled douche rich kid a free kid

  • Kayden Sk8
    Kayden Sk8

    Spencer got me dying spencer be funny bor

  • Kayden Sk8
    Kayden Sk8

    Rosco ❤️❤️❤️

  • William Rivet
    William Rivet

    give that girl a raise. she deserves tha shit

  • Nick Wancho
    Nick Wancho

    I seriously hate aaron. please leave that kid out of the videos. he triggers me so hard lol

  • Joshua Stout
    Joshua Stout

    Danny help me out bro I need some teeth buddy

  • Sal Rodriguez
    Sal Rodriguez

    That salesman did that outro pretty damn well.

  • Smayrich

    Make an " i like my friends sister " shirt :|

  • Og Snia
    Og Snia

    Best outro I’ve seen

  • oh_senpai _y3s
    oh_senpai _y3s

    Bruh i wish i actually had a friend like this where we mess around

  • Shadowseeker621

    Wtf did u throw at the o

  • Tayg Bush
    Tayg Bush

    make rosco a member of the crew please

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