SURVIVE *TINY* NEW YORK *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale!
Today in Fortnite Creative we play on a NEW Tiny Recreation of NEW YORK in Fortnite Battle Roylae!
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Honey I Shrunk New York!
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  • Joseph Lavalley
    Joseph Lavalley

    I'm Not Trying To Hate On SSundee But He Always Wins The Challenges.

  • Cayden Lopez
    Cayden Lopez

    Like if in 2019

  • Shelia Thompson
    Shelia Thompson

    IT-my: How much memes will you have SSundee: Yes

  • Abdiel Colon
    Abdiel Colon

    The map remind me of a giant disaster Hope y'all like it

  • Mark Clarke
    Mark Clarke

    5:58 -6:01 Like if you get it 🤣😂😂

  • DocCameWithConrad .-.
    DocCameWithConrad .-.

    At least ssundee cares about people’s hard work and says use their code because they put so much time into this map.

  • tyler g
    tyler g

    I watch all your vids every week love them keep it up 👍👍👍

  • Komix Fortnite
    Komix Fortnite


  • Jay Plays
    Jay Plays

    3:03 I live in New Jersey! For some reason it’s such a small state but oh so popular.

  • Cusencake 2
    Cusencake 2

    Is it just me and i mean to offence but he has a nose witha flat tip?

  • poweryoutube knudsen
    poweryoutube knudsen

    Do it AGAIN pleace

  • 4 Man Army
    4 Man Army

    Roses are red, Ninja’s hair is blue, if dance on him, he’ll ban you

  • Tru Pilditch
    Tru Pilditch

    Ssundee is a robot that eats likes

  • Bee P
    Bee P

    Keep up the good work :) ;)

  • K1ll Gaming
    K1ll Gaming

    2019 anyone

  • Robert Ebright-Wiles
    Robert Ebright-Wiles

    When you get a kill be like😅😅😅

  • CvijetZivota

    p recs made a tony stark tower map you can 1v1v1v1 all weapon are gold on it

  • Katleen Slomovitz
    Katleen Slomovitz

    I miss the hair

  • meme bigboi
    meme bigboi

    Ssundees feed the beast Derp ssundee:have you seen a purple weiner ride a hang glider Turns into one and rides a hanglider Derp ssundee: learn something new everyday

  • wenjack lin
    wenjack lin

    Ssundee skipped a building peak where there was a puzzle piece.who else saw that?

  • marianna I love pandas
    marianna I love pandas

    More more moer and moer

  • HM gamer
    HM gamer

    It’s weird that now Ssundee would chose the combat shotgun 99.99% of the time in June 2019


    This is how many subs pewdipie and t-series have in total 👇

    • Garm_Daddy

      Why would I do that when I just said to stop begging?


      @Garm_Daddy you would too

    • Garm_Daddy

      Your begging for likes


      @Garm_Daddy what?

    • Garm_Daddy

      dream on lol

  • Greg Of the world
    Greg Of the world

    Where was your jigsaw piece

  • ThePopular G
    ThePopular G

    😎This is Ali-A 👕He has 300 heath 👖and shields 👟1 like = 1 damage

    • ABC Abc
      ABC Abc

      No it’s kinda like any combat from far away but ya kinda like the blue pump

    • Lotus flower girl
      Lotus flower girl

      @ABC Abc just like the blue pump....

    • Luuk Groenewold
      Luuk Groenewold

      ThePopular G lol you liked your own comment

    • ABC Abc
      ABC Abc

      ThePopular G we hit him for 8 hp


    Map code?

  • Xman 18
    Xman 18

    your my favourite youtuber

  • Dog Zilla
    Dog Zilla

    It’s Godzilla!

  • Steph and Rick Cross
    Steph and Rick Cross

    You should do murder mystery on this map

  • Tami Cuevas
    Tami Cuevas

    Love your videos

  • eddie epure
    eddie epure



    Make P recs make a Mini Maryland

  • SpaceFox Playz
    SpaceFox Playz

    Anyone remember Ssundee's wheelchair?

  • Simon Lovell
    Simon Lovell


  • danimal135TBC

    Do another wall wars

  • that random guy
    that random guy

    Looks more like an huge junk junktion

  • Lexi233 _
    Lexi233 _

    I'm so happy for things like this

  • fggytrollz 243
    fggytrollz 243

    What's the code

  • Maximilian Opitz
    Maximilian Opitz

    Eat a Foot!! To haters

  • MangoGaming073

    One of my favourite videos. Nice job SSundee

  • U never know ᴡʜᴏ ᴀᴍ ɪ
    U never know ᴡʜᴏ ᴀᴍ ɪ

    This battlemode just like endgame at fortnite Ssundee as thanos Other as Avenger Thanos collected all infinite stone

  • hi this is my channel pro fortnite pro fortnite pro
    hi this is my channel pro fortnite pro fortnite pro

    I love you

  • Brandon Hubbert
    Brandon Hubbert

    I have pen and paper

  • Dayton johnson
    Dayton johnson


    • Dayton johnson
      Dayton johnson

      Dayton has always made my Twitter way to end my life and then my mom is a good person and she is the first woman 👩🏻 this year and my dad is a blessing and a wonderful man to me

  • Amber Loan
    Amber Loan


  • Laura Stennett
    Laura Stennett

    Love you sundae

  • Apelu Hazelwood
    Apelu Hazelwood

    Are they actually ig

  • Kara Ford
    Kara Ford

    I went to New York city

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    I think there was a puzzle piece on king Kong

  • Alex Shar
    Alex Shar

    # Kirito & Todoroki Is Cool!

  • Obeyy Wonder
    Obeyy Wonder

    Loo hu hu huk at this haha

  • Lucas Delaney
    Lucas Delaney


  • Alden Brown
    Alden Brown

    I got u 90 000 likes

  • Miss Sinkitty
    Miss Sinkitty

    Is there a map code for this if so tell me I love Manhattan

  • V

    use the stink boms

  • dhruvanand25

    Ssundee: why would u use the double barrel? Me:why would u use heavy sniper instead of RPG?

  • Jayden Gooden
    Jayden Gooden

    We o

  • Jayden Gooden
    Jayden Gooden

    L.p. L.p.

  • Sosaia Lauaki
    Sosaia Lauaki

    I love your videos so much I watch them every week

  • mp m
    mp m

    hews sad about tillted getting destroyed

  • MT Sharkbyte
    MT Sharkbyte

    | Your IQ \/

  • Anchieliza Granadosin
    Anchieliza Granadosin

    SSundee is being ninja with dat boogie bomb

  • Gabriel Phillips
    Gabriel Phillips

    Friendly lazarbeam

  • harry jubb
    harry jubb

    pls do another one of these there my favourite

  • Ginger Orick
    Ginger Orick

    You’re my favorite yutuber

  • PuppyLover 1234
    PuppyLover 1234

    What's the code

  • Julie Divin
    Julie Divin

    who else noticed that SSundee spelled "Royale" wrong in the description

  • garth bald
    garth bald

    I love you guys

  • Mr Your a bot
    Mr Your a bot


  • Jarrad DARDY
    Jarrad DARDY


  • Dewane Joyner
    Dewane Joyner


  • Phoenix967

    At 15:08 the roads make the Avengers logo XD

  • Dorothy White
    Dorothy White

    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 and the other

  • Amro & Ahmed
    Amro & Ahmed

    N n n

  • Tracy Gonzales-Handy
    Tracy Gonzales-Handy


  • Tracy Gonzales-Handy
    Tracy Gonzales-Handy

    Or a foot

  • Tracy Gonzales-Handy
    Tracy Gonzales-Handy


  • Bad!fy

    Allah akbhar, used to watch this channel when I was 12, this channel is different...

  • Jenn Lita
    Jenn Lita

    Crainer more like drainer

  • Brandon Cabrera
    Brandon Cabrera

    you suck niega

  • Midnight savage
    Midnight savage

    Why don't you play with crainer or chang or biffle

  • alybinmurtaza

    you did a no scope u are not that bad

  • alybinmurtaza

    you suck even you started this game in season 1

  • leroy 7.82s
    leroy 7.82s

    This shits stupid

  • Jigme Thinley
    Jigme Thinley

    King karang

  • passing by
    passing by

    im just gonna hit the dislike button if u keep asking for us to like and subscribe

  • Rand Gonzales
    Rand Gonzales

    Did anybody see that ssundee typoed "Royale" as "Roylae" in the description?

  • Alec Winfrey
    Alec Winfrey

    Where's the crainster

  • Daniel Dries
    Daniel Dries

    Play murder mystery 2 on roblox

  • Daniel Dries
    Daniel Dries

    Go you and prep

  • Apex Octane
    Apex Octane

    I will protect this city

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    The no talker

    Where’s the avengers tower

  • hayden Stevenson
    hayden Stevenson


  • William MILIC
    William MILIC

    I love your feet

  • SharpBRO70DAB T1
    SharpBRO70DAB T1

    I bet sundee is better then ninja😁😁

  • Johnathan Costantino
    Johnathan Costantino

    But but I live in new York but your probably right

  • ahmir thomasgang
    ahmir thomasgang

    Play skyfactory

  • Stephan Prince
    Stephan Prince


  • l j bro
    l j bro

    You =💩 soccer skin=👌🖕👎

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    Jamie Mcinerney

    Fat scorr skin :)

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