The Fishfam
We are swapping our house with the Labrant Fam! It was crazy! We touched a lot
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  • Chelsea_Victoria Nsioma
    Chelsea_Victoria Nsioma

    hi i love everyone’s family

  • Daniela U
    Daniela U

    I love you fish fam

  • Emma Chan
    Emma Chan


  • Neal Butler
    Neal Butler

    I want Oliver beacues he is so cute.

  • Kiara Dark
    Kiara Dark

    Did you find Carl their dog?

  • Pablo Perez Jr.
    Pablo Perez Jr.

    I have a question why are there names a little weird

  • CookiesPlusMilk5


  • Валик Михайлов
    Валик Михайлов


  • Zuzana Rabatinova
    Zuzana Rabatinova

    You are so fun can I be in your shouted please

  • Zuzana Rabatinova
    Zuzana Rabatinova

    Love you 😍 💗 💓 💛

  • Zuzana Rabatinova
    Zuzana Rabatinova

    You guys are so good I subscribed

  • Roshelle One
    Roshelle One

    There houses are so nice😍😍😍😍😍savvanah and Madison kinda look alike😊

  • Calley McDaniel
    Calley McDaniel

    Sananna and Cole didn't want to touch there food because they thought it would be rude yet Kyler was eating food when they 1st got there 😂😂

  • shah shiplu
    shah shiplu


  • BillieEilish Big Fan
    BillieEilish Big Fan

    Who else never wants taytum and oakley to grow up 👇🏻

  • Magdalena Garcia
    Magdalena Garcia


  • LOL Surprise
    LOL Surprise


  • Taylor Smoltz
    Taylor Smoltz

    They're the coolest channel

  • Sienna Russell
    Sienna Russell

    Are you to models

  • Avery's House
    Avery's House

    How do you take kare of 4 kids and they have been eating your left overs lol so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅I play adapt me in roblox bye thank you✅✅all life's matter

  • Sarai Rodriguez-Aroche
    Sarai Rodriguez-Aroche

    they shold do the swapping kids

  • ASR Xanx Zzz
    ASR Xanx Zzz

    Tatum and Oakley are so cute together ❤

  • kiyah's world
    kiyah's world

    I remember when the twinz were baby

  • Sofia Ramirez
    Sofia Ramirez


  • KIERRA CALIXTE LIMENTO Primary 2 beethoven
    KIERRA CALIXTE LIMENTO Primary 2 beethoven

    can u guys please make a morning routine and night routine please

  • Ashley Brooklyn
    Ashley Brooklyn

    This vid was soo cool I loved it

  • Shalini KS
    Shalini KS

    Sav and cole didn't know if they should eat ur food but kyler ate there food straight 😂😂

  • Maddison Noble
    Maddison Noble

    It would be so cool if youse got 3 triplet outfits for the twins and for halston

  • Lily The dragon trainer
    Lily The dragon trainer

    Lab fam-maybe we should order food as respect Kyle-jumps face first into the pantry Me-me and Kyle have so much in common Comments-...

  • Lori Rhea
    Lori Rhea


  • Emili Duran27
    Emili Duran27

    OMG first time watching ur channel! LaBrant fam sent me! Love ur intro!

  • Sarah Amaya
    Sarah Amaya

    Omg I can’t believe how alike Halton is from Taytum and Oakley!!

  • Chloe Qiu
    Chloe Qiu


  • Rahosh Alkuba Si
    Rahosh Alkuba Si

    Who else went to the laBront family then came to this vid

  • evie hutchinson
    evie hutchinson

    Are you ritch

  • Grace-Lyn Mazur
    Grace-Lyn Mazur

    I think you guys should make a video about switching all of your kids with the labrant family

  • Pyu Pyu
    Pyu Pyu

    Love the intro.

  • Windsaint

    Nice play yard for the kids 😉 Both babies have sweet rooms 💯 I like both 🏘 🏘 The Pokémon thing was great 👍 what editing app do you use, great special effects💯 Do we know who John is yet?

  • Sarah Lambert
    Sarah Lambert

    I love the The fishfam

  • Allie Wilson
    Allie Wilson

    who ever like this gets money

  • Ashna Flower02
    Ashna Flower02


  • shane Arielle
    shane Arielle


  • Tatum Bartholomew
    Tatum Bartholomew


  • kt mills
    kt mills

    am I the only one who felt sorry for the turtle lmao

  • Addie Thomas
    Addie Thomas

    Who else can't stop restarting there intro❤❤❤❤❤

  • Grace Cerveza
    Grace Cerveza

    there so cute

  • ojmagg

    did hey at make out?

  • Shyle Braithwaite
    Shyle Braithwaite

    This video thank you

  • Lillian ._.
    Lillian ._.

    Johns birthday is everyday - who realized?

  • Ckva Chhakchhuak
    Ckva Chhakchhuak

    I like your family so so so much

  • Amanda Saleh
    Amanda Saleh

    That's so cool

  • Lizzie Hudson
    Lizzie Hudson

    Oh u guys are so busted 😂😂

    • Lizzie Hudson
      Lizzie Hudson

      They can literally just watch it

  • Margo Surrell
    Margo Surrell

    I love you all stay safe and God bless you all

  • Elley Seger
    Elley Seger

    i wish they stayed the night at each others houses

  • Ysabella Concepcion
    Ysabella Concepcion


  • J. P
    J. P

    You skipped New Jersey

  • Erica Christy
    Erica Christy

    That ending lol 🤣 ACE Familyyyyy

  • Tiabu Lewis
    Tiabu Lewis

    Don't touch it I'mma tell them if you can't even put it back

  • Rosario Hernandez
    Rosario Hernandez

    I love this family so much💛💛

  • TinoElZombi 87
    TinoElZombi 87

    Idk why the labrant fam and your family are almost the same😧😧!

  • kab008 kab008
    kab008 kab008

    this was so funny 😂😂🤣🤣🥰🥰love you guys

  • angelina jessica
    angelina jessica

    Kyler: good at Music Madison: good sports Taytum and Oakley : love to play Halston: love smilling girl Oliver:handsome baby

  • Pauahi Lily
    Pauahi Lily

    I’m only asking you got this cause I wanna know this but can you guys ask every when she did the 24 hour challenge in her baby brother’s crib can you ask her what would be another good name that kind of like is Izzy but but like kind of the same but a different name

  • Ciji Gardner
    Ciji Gardner

    You’re awesome

  • StarBucks 42367
    StarBucks 42367

    They should just call Oliver John since they like John so much BABAHAH

  • Cccc Ourspace
    Cccc Ourspace

    Haston is litterly so cute

  • StarBucks 42367
    StarBucks 42367

    I wonder if this “John” kid is at there preschool lol

  • Kimberly Miles
    Kimberly Miles

    Please give me and my sister a shout out

  • Kimberly Miles
    Kimberly Miles

    I love your family so much! Your family is cute. Me and my sister watch your videos evryday.💙💚💛💜👀😺😽😽

  • Thalia Bhagwandeen
    Thalia Bhagwandeen

    I love you mad😘

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