Tai Verdes - A-O-K (Lyric Video)
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  • a v 0 x x
    a v 0 x x

    you'll be surprised about true meaning of this song.😂😂😂

  • Ashley Velez-DiThomas
    Ashley Velez-DiThomas

    Everyone needs to listen to this song

  • Aiden Walk
    Aiden Walk

    I saw an ad on Snapchat for this and I’m glad I watched it.

  • Jeremiah Dotson
    Jeremiah Dotson

    Song been stuck in my head for days now.

  • Ryan Gollins
    Ryan Gollins

    Honestly just going through a breakup and this guy is sorting me right out 😂

  • Tuncay Marangoz
    Tuncay Marangoz


  • young. gun.x
    young. gun.x

    One of a few times I can say thank God for tiktok. This song is amazing 🥰

  • Pinapples 69
    Pinapples 69

    This video radiates good vibes

  • Poppy Richards
    Poppy Richards

    This song gives my outer banks/John b vibes lol

  • us

    now I feel aoooaook periodt

  • blue lion
    blue lion

    makes me feel so good this dude is a legend

  • Brodie Hird
    Brodie Hird

    My new favourite song

  • She Nova
    She Nova

    Wow this has more views than music video???

  • BukJoe858

    This what Afroman sounds like if he made music about love situations lol

  • Sweez

    Watsky wants his song back ha

  • 실팔


  • Logan Clamp
    Logan Clamp

    Didn't realize how much I needed this song

  • Camm 🌼
    Camm 🌼

    Dios mío, acabo de descubrir tu música y lo que haces es maravilloso, es arte.


    Can't describe my love and passion about this song with my words, Thank you Tai ❤

  • Carlie Bertram
    Carlie Bertram

    this is just i- 🤌🏻💋

  • Universe Dad
    Universe Dad


  • Lance

    FINALLY FOUND THIS SONG! Gonna play this and jam with friends! Can’t wait, it’s gonna be LIT! 🔥

  • ¿Reo reed?
    ¿Reo reed?

    Guys, I think that I broke the replay button😅

  • Lê Vinh Trần
    Lê Vinh Trần

    this really makes my day

  • ExplosionJan7 j
    ExplosionJan7 j


  • Lucinda

    Such good vibes!

  • powum


  • Radoslava Markova
    Radoslava Markova

    This song makes meeee soo happy!

  • Abhinetam Verma
    Abhinetam Verma

    Dude you should promote on this instagram sponsors they grab alotta attention for songs this would be a hit there and bring morrr ppll

  • Anthony Lafuente
    Anthony Lafuente

    The people who disliked this video are NOT A-O-K :(

    • Louise

      they are probably O-K rather than A-O-K

  • Silvana BH
    Silvana BH

    When Im feeling suffocated I like to sing this song with my whole chest.

  • nfasyaf


  • Alexandra Fae (AlexAnc) Ancheta
    Alexandra Fae (AlexAnc) Ancheta

    Doesn't this guitar sound so good? Mh, mh-mh So sweet Living in this big blue world With my head up in outer space I know I'll be A-o, A-okay I know I'll be A-o, A-okay When I see trouble come my way I be making lemonade I know I'll be A-o, A-okay I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (mmh-mh, yeah) Hey little lady, I know you're feeling crazy (woo) All your other friends are busy making them babies (ew) Been out in the real world, don't like how it's tasting (yum) Let me change your mind with my little old saying (what?) Two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate? Put some sugar in my water (yeah) 'cause we making Minute Maid (woo) Fuck all the hate (uh), do a shimmy-shake (oh) Throw a middle finger up down the interstate Living in this big blue world (world) With my head up in outer space (outer space) I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (A-okay) I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (mmh-mh) When I see trouble come my way (my way) I be making lemonade (lemonade) I know I'll be A-o, A-okay I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (mmh-mh) Naa, na-na-na-na-na-na (A-o, A-okay) Naa, na-na-na-na-na-na (A-o, A-okay) I'd be lying if I said I knew the way (oh, I'd be lying) I just eat shit and pretend that it's gourmet (ooh, la, la) I've had terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days But I'm a G, can't you see that I will always be, uh-uh A-okay? Uh-uh A-okay I'm gon' be, uh-uh A-okay You gon' be, uh-uh A-okay We gon' be, uh-uh A-okay Sugar, sugar Living in this big blue world (blue world) With my head up in outer space (outer space) I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (A-okay) I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (mmh-mh) When I see trouble come my way (my way) I be making lemonade (lemonade) I know I'll be A-o, A-okay I know I'll be A-o, A-okay (A-okay, what?) Naa, na-na-na-na-na-na (A-o, A-okay) Naa, na-na-na-na-na-na (A-o, A-okay) Naa, na-na-na-na-na-na (A-o, A-okay)

    • na

      this is literally the lyric video there was no reason for you to do this

  • BigBeano360 _
    BigBeano360 _

    It took me too long to find you. I hope everyone is living their best life

  • Abigail Bate
    Abigail Bate

    Me and my 3 year old sister have this on repeat😂

  • Mallory s
    Mallory s

    Yeah, I'm gonna be A-O-K ✌️😌

  • J.A Paulino
    J.A Paulino

    Alguien que hable español aquí?

  • sammy steward
    sammy steward

    bro I just wanna listen to that intro riff forever 😌

  • Nadia Ben Amer
    Nadia Ben Amer

    I smell summer

  • Irsyad Falah Dipayana
    Irsyad Falah Dipayana

    Very nice song bro, good luck and success

  • Miljan Stambolic
    Miljan Stambolic

    I declare this song official anti-depressive song as it helps as much as the pills themselves

  • Aspen Margaret
    Aspen Margaret

    I’m listening to this for the first time before my emergancy spinal surgery. And honestly, I feel a lot less scared now 🖤

    • Mayuna Gupta
      Mayuna Gupta

      Are you AOK now?

  • Dana Awad
    Dana Awad

    مش عارف شو اقلك بس يسعد دينك على هيك غونييه 💙💙

  • Tea :P
    Tea :P

    2% nah man 100% vibes all the wayy

  • themisfitsman77

    I guess the 256 people who didn’t like this song are aren’t doing ok? Should we check on them?!? 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Silver Crow
    Silver Crow

    You are not alone there are others that feel the same pain everything is gonna be A O K I'm gonna be A O K you are gonna be A O K we are all gonna be A O K

  • Michael Espina
    Michael Espina

    Whenever I hear this song i feel AOK

  • Astor Millan
    Astor Millan

    tai this made me feel better a hundred percent, love it

  • Edwynn

    Tai is just trying to give us hope and happiness with his vibes tho.

  • Lexi chapman
    Lexi chapman

    My friend was playing this at a camp fire and I was like what is the name of this song I need it 😩

  • Lady Cam
    Lady Cam

    Here in 2021

  • Abby Mccarty
    Abby Mccarty

    The fanatical north korea bareilly moor because heart noticeably bubble on a rough measure. previous, dead shampoo

  • Arielle Brooke
    Arielle Brooke

    We will all be A- OK. I believe in you.

  • gay bucket baby
    gay bucket baby

    finally... i’m a-ok

  • Bhawna Sharma
    Bhawna Sharma

    I got my 2%❣(even 100%)

  • Kabzzz

    Success by Earl Nightingale will open y’all eyes more I genuinely need everyone to stay marching no matter what ⬆️🌅🦉 101 Songwriting wrongs and how to right them - Pat Luboff The art of song writing - Andrew west The art of song writing - Ed Bell The everything songwriting book - C.J. Watson From Song to book - Sylvia Huot Great song writing Techniques - Jack Perricone How to write lyrics - Rikky Rooksby Lyric orientations - Hannah Vandegrift Eldridge Lyric Verses - Gene Jackson More songwriters on songwriting - Paul Zollo Myth and creative writing - Adrian May Six steps to songwriting success - Jason Blume Songwriting - Dick Weissman Song writing - Daniel R. Tomal ; Jim Peterik ; Rekha S. Rajan ; Christian V Hauser ;B.J Thomas Songwriting- Tony wigram , Felicity Baker , Amelia old field , Jeanette Tamplin , Jeanette Kennelly Etc Song writing - Stephen Citron Song writing for Dummies Dave Austin , Jim Peterik , Cathylynn Austin Song writing success - Micheal Lydon Song writing without boundaries- Pat Pattison Song writing for Geniuses - Gene Burnett Therapeutic Songwriting - F Baker Try this at Hone : adventures in song writing - Frank Turner The ultimate Book of Song Starters - Ed bell Writing song lyrics - Glenn Fosbraey ; Andy Melrose

  • QuackKwak

    Everyone... We are part of the 1m

  • bellaisweird

    deppresion: exists the song: be gone thots gooo aawwaayy

  • moe stuff
    moe stuff

    nadya mosi9t sif

  • Samantha Penaflorida
    Samantha Penaflorida

    Thank you for this song 🙌

  • Mjsmile5731


  • Zevontez Kelley
    Zevontez Kelley

    I needed this because all the bullshit that happened in 2020 and 2021 Like the video if you think so as well

  • Undisputed Productions ㋛
    Undisputed Productions ㋛


  • Eližabëth Gråcę
    Eližabëth Gråcę

    This hits different at 1.5 speed

  • gimhani methshika
    gimhani methshika

    I know I’ll be A-O A-O-K ❤️😇

  • SlowikSzymon

    Time to make new zumba/dance choreography 💜

  • Rodrigo Matuk
    Rodrigo Matuk

    Bro you are destined for pure success, I can feel it, and I know that in a few years ahead I will listen to your music and remember that thanks to this song I met you for the first time, thanks bro

  • QuackKwak

    This song: exists Depression: left the chat

    • Filip Olejnik
      Filip Olejnik

      So true dude

  • André Fonseca Miguel
    André Fonseca Miguel

    Guys, there's something wrong here. I remember this song from my childhood

  • Saugat Shrestha
    Saugat Shrestha

    I am so glad that I found this song

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