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  • Daidra Woodson
    Daidra Woodson

    Mad love

  • Money Cloe
    Money Cloe

    hey clear, I know I'm late but I need help with editing, can you give me some advice?

  • Mecca Tyson
    Mecca Tyson

    Y’all should redo all your old videos, don’t even have to be in the basement that’ll be dope

  • Dayonna Bracken
    Dayonna Bracken

    I'm scared to go to middle school

  • It’s all About Rai
    It’s all About Rai

    Chris, don’t make fun of him bc he lived with his mother. She could’ve been sick, old, he could’ve been poor. Anything. Don’t make fun of him bc of that

  • It’s all About Rai
    It’s all About Rai

    Him and his mom sound and act alike

  • Sparkle Taurus
    Sparkle Taurus

    AND.. your Thankful that the LORD has allowed you & Queen to meet & her to walk into your life it's should be never about the money the clothes or being noticed bcus none of it is going with you when you die it's about the LORD how he has blessed you be mindful of that ... God bless ☺

  • Sparkle Taurus
    Sparkle Taurus

    Legend smiles as if he knows what they are saying to him .. his beautiful smile 😏 well .. God bless 🙏

  • Fahmi Alinoor
    Fahmi Alinoor

    okeeey so Queen when are you taking legend to see his 2 grandmother...your mum shez your mum for GOD sake...obvious she felt bad seeing this.....

  • K D
    K D

    Talk ya shit my boy , ya words definitely motivate everyone who dream big u a real one💯💪

  • Jinlena Chhum
    Jinlena Chhum

    Thank you for sharing another good video with us! Keep up the good work with everything! Queen and the kids are blessed to have you in their lives!! You are determined and humble ! Love from North Carolina 🙂

  • Bisham Ramsarran
    Bisham Ramsarran


  • Leon Sellers
    Leon Sellers

    Legend is so cute

  • Marshall Kili
    Marshall Kili

    Tbh, black don't crack. Queens and Clarences mom still looking like they're in their 20s

  • Tionne Rios
    Tionne Rios

    I love you guys 💯❤️ CJ and Legend are so cute 😍❤️

  • Angel Cho
    Angel Cho

    I’m here only for legend. He is so cute my goodness

  • Queen R
    Queen R

    Thanks for that speech clarence it was truly much needed💯💯 I'll be sure to thank you one day for helping me change my mindset🙏🙏💯❤

  • tajir owens
    tajir owens

    Yo Clarence this whole video was dope from start to finish but that talk at the end I really needed to hear that I’ve been going through so much you just helped out a lot with just those few words thanks bro god bless you & your family 💯

  • Ahmorea Nance
    Ahmorea Nance


  • Vera pempho Khonje
    Vera pempho Khonje

    From 3.37 baby Renzo with Grandma moment gat me smilling like a fool..baby fever😌😌

  • Mongolia. Bonita
    Mongolia. Bonita

    Little boy looks likes father 💕😀

  • Ailene Lovelly
    Ailene Lovelly

    They joke like me and husband 🥰

  • Gennifer Hall
    Gennifer Hall

    *love y'all*

  • SHANNON gittens
    SHANNON gittens

    Please just the name of the song in the Outro

  • cesar ramos
    cesar ramos

    His name is actually legend.........

  • kmatos4life

    God bless

  • Sassy Williams
    Sassy Williams


  • Kissy Pooh
    Kissy Pooh

    The thumbnail😭.

  • Qveen Necy
    Qveen Necy

    Count how much times Clare said, “ you know what I’m saying”.😂😂😂

  • Carmen

    I love what you’ve been saying on here and I have a son that’s 27 years old he’s going through a whole lot and I just sent this video to him thank you.

  • eliza martinez
    eliza martinez

    Love Clarence mom’s hair. I see you 👀 love the new look.

  • Gold Soul
    Gold Soul

    very inspiring


    By the time 3:08 hit that liquor got in him😭😭😭😭💯

  • KuttieKeedie1

    LegendATL!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • LeChelle Jackson
    LeChelle Jackson


  • Queen Tavia
    Queen Tavia

    You should do an update on your moms bathroom

  • Heather C.
    Heather C.

    Awe Clare is attentive to his son. Y it sound like him going down MEMMEROY LANE n it sounds like medicines instrumental in the background. Aweeee!!!! On that note I found an artist 19 clearly talented just got verified on Spotify, his bars are sicc, he writes all his music n killed remixes to homicide n isis n his song owe you on Spotify is dope n IT-my has all his music Kay Crazy, show support n check him out. God bless!

  • Crissy Angel
    Crissy Angel

    Factssssssss!!! That’s it PERIOD

  • Rebecca Reid
    Rebecca Reid

    why u don’t go back to selling clothes?

  • Rebecca Reid
    Rebecca Reid

    i watch u on my tv your face is so clean an clear. an your invisilign are very noticeable 💜

  • Sashagaye H
    Sashagaye H

    Thanks for the encouraging words... I needed to hear this right this second, to push me to get these papers done and end the semester strong. #GradSchoolAintNoJoke

  • Power of Knowledge
    Power of Knowledge

    I wish my mother would have let me get on my feet like his mother. All she does is take / steal.

  • Young Laurii
    Young Laurii

    Beautiful & honest video..great content you guys..

  • Juliana Thompson
    Juliana Thompson

    Put in the work. Good advice.

  • Juliana Thompson
    Juliana Thompson

    Legend so handsome

  • carliepies

    You sew brother? Can you do a video on what you did, if you haven't done so? Would you consider doing a clothing line ?(based on what you sewed) BLESS YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹

  • MakeUpBy Amiraka
    MakeUpBy Amiraka

    This year started off so bad for me and i feel like nobody wants the best for me. I don't have the courage nor the strength to do anything. People always bring me down and everything around me been making me really depressed. But after hearing you talk some very inspiring stuff, it makes me want to push myself forward. You made me believe that anything is possible once you put your mind to it. Thanks Clare May God continue to bless you and your family

  • Moor Beauty By Michael
    Moor Beauty By Michael

    The way he be lookin at queen when she do sum funny is hilarious 😭😭

  • kamyra patton
    kamyra patton

    I have so much respect for them..I really look up to them💕😇😍 👌🏼that's facts b😂😂😂😂

  • Trisha vixamar
    Trisha vixamar

    What a great video ❗️

  • Itss Ceyon
    Itss Ceyon

    hearing martin in the back ground brung back memories 😭😭❤️

  • NIABOO1992

    I fuck w clare for this video . From him being a good dad. To that word he gave The end! He 100 . Fr.

  • Caou K.
    Caou K.

    Hearing you say that your life has changed drastically in a year, has really motivated me. I wake up every morning and strive for my goals and dreams. I will see the outcome of all the hard work I put in (p.s. everyone says I could be your lil bro cuz we look alike too😂)

  • Jay The God
    Jay The God


  • Tia. Monet
    Tia. Monet

    couple goals ❤️

  • Xon'Nique Williams
    Xon'Nique Williams

    An ALL he needed was good looks...☺🤔

  • Xon'Nique Williams
    Xon'Nique Williams

    Im glad your mom did that, so many kids mess up there credit when they move out to early.

  • SexMyShh

    He is a beautiful and smart baby boy, and he's always smiling 😍😍😍 amazing little baby ❤

  • Kera Williams
    Kera Williams

    So basically u came up because u started fucking queen naija let’s be real and she made u get millions of followers on ig and youtube thank god i met her she put u on. Keep being a good dad though and treat queen right

  • Hair QuestionS
    Hair QuestionS

    💕📚 Yes #Motivation

  • It’sKiaa Ali
    It’sKiaa Ali

    You were speaking nothing but real talk ‼️🙏🏾

  • i dont know
    i dont know

    I love when babies play with my fingers👇😂☺☺☺

  • TheSuttsCrew

    I just wanna say y'all really inspire me to keep going even at my TOUGHEST times. God kept y'all and is keeping me! Please continue to grow and show us y'all growth! Believe it or not y'all have showed me how to be humble and be at peace with myself and to forget about the old and on with the new. I've been homeless and broke as a joke once a point in time but... Thank y'all!!!! TRUELY!!!

  • Emonei Wynn
    Emonei Wynn

    Thank you so much this was greatly appreciated I just graduated from high school and I’m scared to be out in the real world on my own but I know the only way for me to move forward towards my career is to make even better and bigger steps to get it started ... you have encouraged me to keep pushing and not to let myself down ... thank you

  • Nicki Silvers
    Nicki Silvers

    How arrogant and conceited can this guy get talkin bout he capitalized off of his looks?! Boy bye! What looks?! He's not even cute! Most people never even knew who he was until he got with Queen! He capitalized off of Queen, if it weren't for her he'd still be in that basement admiring himself in the mirror!

  • Jossette Pereira
    Jossette Pereira

    Beautiful words of inspiration

  • Diamondstarr

    Why is clearance armpit hair pretty? 😂 lol good video tho good message .. nice family

  • Maranda Lampkin
    Maranda Lampkin


  • Yolanda Clarke
    Yolanda Clarke

    end of the vid was very inspirational think i needed it 🙌🏾

  • cyrina coronado
    cyrina coronado

    I love how you included in your plans on keeping these Kings with their eyes open and know sky is the limit

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