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  • Heather C.
    Heather C.

    Awe Clare is attentive to his son. Y it sound like him going down MEMMEROY LANE n it sounds like medicines instrumental in the background. Aweeee!!!! On that note I found an artist 19 clearly talented just got verified on Spotify, his bars are sicc, he writes all his music n killed remixes to homicide n isis n his song owe you on Spotify is dope n IT-my has all his music Kay Crazy, show support n check him out. God bless!

  • Crissy Angel
    Crissy Angel

    Factssssssss!!! That’s it PERIOD

  • Rebecca Reid
    Rebecca Reid

    why u don’t go back to selling clothes?

  • Rebecca Reid
    Rebecca Reid

    i watch u on my tv your face is so clean an clear. an your invisilign are very noticeable 💜

  • Sashagaye Higgins
    Sashagaye Higgins

    Thanks for the encouraging words... I needed to hear this right this second, to push me to get these papers done and end the semester strong. #GradSchoolAintNoJoke

  • Power of Knowledge
    Power of Knowledge

    I wish my mother would have let me get on my feet like his mother. All she does is take / steal.

  • Young Laurii
    Young Laurii

    Beautiful & honest video..great content you guys..

  • Juliana Thompson
    Juliana Thompson

    Put in the work. Good advice.

  • Juliana Thompson
    Juliana Thompson

    Legend so handsome

  • carliepies

    You sew brother? Can you do a video on what you did, if you haven't done so? Would you consider doing a clothing line ?(based on what you sewed) BLESS YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹

  • MakeUpBy Amiraka
    MakeUpBy Amiraka

    This year started off so bad for me and i feel like nobody wants the best for me. I don't have the courage nor the strength to do anything. People always bring me down and everything around me been making me really depressed. But after hearing you talk some very inspiring stuff, it makes me want to push myself forward. You made me believe that anything is possible once you put your mind to it. Thanks Clare May God continue to bless you and your family

  • Mickeys Talent
    Mickeys Talent

    The way he be lookin at queen when she do sum funny is hilarious 😭😭

  • kamyra patton
    kamyra patton

    I have so much respect for them..I really look up to them💕😇😍 👌🏼that's facts b😂😂😂😂

  • Trisha vixamar
    Trisha vixamar

    What a great video ❗️

  • Itss Ceyon
    Itss Ceyon

    hearing martin in the back ground brung back memories 😭😭❤️

  • NIABOO1992

    I fuck w clare for this video . From him being a good dad. To that word he gave The end! He 100 . Fr.

  • Caou K.
    Caou K.

    Hearing you say that your life has changed drastically in a year, has really motivated me. I wake up every morning and strive for my goals and dreams. I will see the outcome of all the hard work I put in (p.s. everyone says I could be your lil bro cuz we look alike too😂)

  • Jay The God
    Jay The God


  • Tia. Monet
    Tia. Monet

    couple goals ❤️

  • Xon'Nique Williams
    Xon'Nique Williams

    An ALL he needed was good looks...☺🤔

  • Xon'Nique Williams
    Xon'Nique Williams

    Im glad your mom did that, so many kids mess up there credit when they move out to early.

  • SexMyShh

    He is a beautiful and smart baby boy, and he's always smiling 😍😍😍 amazing little baby ❤

  • Kera Williams
    Kera Williams

    So basically u came up because u started fucking queen naija let’s be real and she made u get millions of followers on ig and youtube thank god i met her she put u on. Keep being a good dad though and treat queen right

  • Hair QuestionS
    Hair QuestionS

    💕📚 Yes #Motivation

  • It’sKiaa Ali
    It’sKiaa Ali

    You were speaking nothing but real talk ‼️🙏🏾

  • i dont know
    i dont know

    I love when babies play with my fingers👇😂☺☺☺

  • TheSuttsCrew

    I just wanna say y'all really inspire me to keep going even at my TOUGHEST times. God kept y'all and is keeping me! Please continue to grow and show us y'all growth! Believe it or not y'all have showed me how to be humble and be at peace with myself and to forget about the old and on with the new. I've been homeless and broke as a joke once a point in time but... Thank y'all!!!! TRUELY!!!

  • Emonei Wynn
    Emonei Wynn

    Thank you so much this was greatly appreciated I just graduated from high school and I’m scared to be out in the real world on my own but I know the only way for me to move forward towards my career is to make even better and bigger steps to get it started ... you have encouraged me to keep pushing and not to let myself down ... thank you

  • Nickii Silvers
    Nickii Silvers

    How arrogant and conceited can this guy get talkin bout he capitalized off of his looks?! Boy bye! What looks?! He's not even cute! Most people never even knew who he was until he got with Queen! He capitalized off of Queen, if it weren't for her he'd still be in that basement admiring himself in the mirror!

  • Jossette Pereira
    Jossette Pereira

    Beautiful words of inspiration

  • Diamondstarr

    Why is clearance armpit hair pretty? 😂 lol good video tho good message .. nice family

  • Maranda Lampkin
    Maranda Lampkin


  • Yolanda Clarke
    Yolanda Clarke

    end of the vid was very inspirational think i needed it 🙌🏾

  • cyrina coronado
    cyrina coronado

    I love how you included in your plans on keeping these Kings with their eyes open and know sky is the limit

  • Empress Fabulous Life Entertainment
    Empress Fabulous Life Entertainment

    12:35 stfu Queen made you

  • Jane strickson
    Jane strickson

    Stop using plastic straws!!!!! Other then that PEACE&LOVE 💙

  • kaylocity527

    Hi I am going to school for graphic design, and psychology and I just joined the volleyball team, and I am a resident assistant at my school. This video just inspired me a lot. Especially feeling like my dreams are so far away. Thank you for your words and wisdom. I am praying for the whole royal family! Keep it up because you guys are inspiring a lot of people out here! I pray God keep using and growing you guys for the better! I also pray that every step you take will give Him glory at the end of the day. Thank you once again!

  • tahiri santana
    tahiri santana

    What camera do you guys use?

  • Kymari Alexander
    Kymari Alexander

    Legend is so cute

  • Amerie Santana
    Amerie Santana


  • Ms Boone
    Ms Boone

    BEAUTIFUL VIDEO Clare 😍😍😍😍💯💯💯🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Ms Boone
    Ms Boone

    Queen 👸🏻 found a 🤴🏼....Clarence definitely talking to me ...thanks for the advise ❤️

  • mikehollister22

    He is a good father 🙌🏾 and he includes Cj in as if he is his own that’s what ah real mann do 💪🏽❤️

  • mikehollister22

    8:35 - 8:40 they are twins 😍😍🤤

  • Marlee December Family Caregiver
    Marlee December Family Caregiver

    The basemeeeeeeent! Yaaaaas! I absolutely love your motivational talks. They are always so on point. I started my channel as a shopping and unboxing channel but then switched it to a vlogging channel when I became my dad’s full-time caregiver after he unexpectedly became disabled. I was fired from my job because I chose to take care of my dad, but it has not and will not change my mindset of my success in life period. What is for me.......is for me and me only. You and Queen continue what you are doing and know that this ATLien is a true supporter of your craft and love for each other. 💖

  • maria rodriguez
    maria rodriguez

    You need to do video with ur mom and sister talking Spanish

  • yuliana NENA
    yuliana NENA

    Okayyy legend looks like grandma!! 😍😍😍

  • Deborah's Destiny
    Deborah's Destiny

    Ledge is to Handsome with that big head lol .

  • Ms. H
    Ms. H

    I wana hold baby legend his sooo cuteee lol my baby is almost 3 getting so big

  • Marissa Thomas
    Marissa Thomas

    Clarence thank you so much for this video! The message was well needed and motivational! I’m going to continue to push forward...hopefully in a year I can come back to this same video and tell y’all what I accomplished. Shoutout to Queen so has bossed up. As a mother, I’m so motivated to keep work towards starting up my business. Thank y’all so much...I’M DAT CHICK(in my miami accent) sending love all the way from da 305

  • Jacquelyn Reid
    Jacquelyn Reid

    Legend is starting to look like Queen slightly...

  • Soilel Dozier
    Soilel Dozier

    Queen looks so happy I love her ❤️😘

  • Rachel Dennis
    Rachel Dennis

    Is his name Legend or Renzo because I honestly have no idea

    • Rachel Dennis
      Rachel Dennis

      A Weathers thank you

    • A Weathers
      A Weathers

      Legend Lorenzo is his name

  • Red KD
    Red KD

    Real talk 🙏🏼

  • Gerard Richburg
    Gerard Richburg

    How you do it man🤦🏾‍♂️ tryna to get my life like yours 💯

  • F8 Sweat
    F8 Sweat

    Finally Queen found a man and not a little boy

  • Vero Young
    Vero Young

    As A First Time Dad Clarence You Doing Your Thing 🤙🏾💪🏾

    • Vero Young
      Vero Young

      Check My Channel, Lit Music And Videos 💯🔥🤙🏾🥵😎

  • Nyasia Adams
    Nyasia Adams

    I needed that motivational message at the end, I been slacking lately and you saying that kind of helps reinforce my confidence in my goals.💯

  • Constance Connie
    Constance Connie

    Loving the intro artwork

  • Kiona Symone
    Kiona Symone

    2:28 legend was not impressed 😂 ... I would’ve been hype lol

  • The LittleMovers
    The LittleMovers

    I gave up a while ago I lost myself ive just been sitting in a shelter with my 2 kids and im pregnant i tryed the youtube way but i just let go everything to be hopping shelter to shelter because the longest u can be in one is 190days it sucks than they transfer u to another one my recent goals was to continue working finish my education and make videos on youtube documenting what im going threw but im just all messed up i dont have the help nor family my kids is all i have and i dont have help with them and they not in daycarw u know cause all the unstableness the ending made me cry but god bless and congrats

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia

    How did you start your IT-my channel ? I’m from New York as well ( Bronx ) and I feel like being from here it’s hard to start IT-my. How did you come up with content ? or make it not seem boring.

  • shantoya janae
    shantoya janae

    soo fine

  • The perfect Blend
    The perfect Blend

    facts...like your story

  • The perfect Blend
    The perfect Blend

    that baby..OMG!!! handsome. Please put that baby in modeling.

  • K_beautyyy 12
    K_beautyyy 12

    Clare sooo humble, I love it !

  • K_beautyyy 12
    K_beautyyy 12

    I was sooo hype to see patty!

  • issa yonnie
    issa yonnie

    i definitely feel inspired

  • Brianna Hollins
    Brianna Hollins

    Haven’t seen baby Cj in a while 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Rayleiona Salley
    Rayleiona Salley

    I love the Royal family they the best youtubers I love y'all little family intelligence. Clarence creative queen legend sweet cj nice happy that's for all of you guys you are beautiful just the way you are don't let nobody tell you differently ok legend,cj,queen,Clarence

  • shut up sonic
    shut up sonic

    Clarence NYC TV I understand you this is your subscriber Jeremiah Wells

  • Its pooh _baby !!!
    Its pooh _baby !!!

    I love y'all so much keep the videos coming ❤️💋

  • Life With Alisia
    Life With Alisia

    Clare all hype 🤣🤣❤️

  • snowX raven
    snowX raven

    You are so right

  • OrganicHonee TV
    OrganicHonee TV

    Period ‼️ Congratulations Clare in all your Endeavors‼️ fr.

    • OrganicHonee TV
      OrganicHonee TV

      Good dude. You deserve it.

  • Breanna Trenay
    Breanna Trenay

    I’m THAT BIHH! But keep your head up #SpicyMafia gone always hold you down.

  • Bad Yawdie
    Bad Yawdie

    Queen is Glowin GLOWIN.... I had to say


    When you get the time, motivational tub talks would be nice. you speak truth and I like that

  • CashHoney917

    You sound very delusional on this video. You're trying to make it seem like your success came from Instagram. Were you making big money off Instagram? No. So stop it. Your life changed when you met queen. Shes the prize and golden ticket. She had million of followers and making a excellent check through IT-my prior to meeting you. She put you on once meeting you and things took off from there. Your money and followers went out. Her music career and relationship allows you to be her plus one at celebrity events. Had it not been for her you wouldn't be in this position. You have no talent. You just caught a lick. She helped you move out your moms basement...helped you and your sister make more money to fix your moms bathroom...and employed your family members. All credit should go to queen. You and your sister front like she nothing when she came to yall...that's a whole lie. Plus yall make pretend yall were wealthy prior to meeting her...that's lie too. The only millionaire yall been around is queen. Before then yall were regular working niggas in New York. You're a self titled model and clothing designer. Taking nice pictures for Instagram doesn't make you a model. I know niggas from ny and they're a lot of scammers and people making pretend to be something they're not. Your sister acts arrogant just like you. She even said on the pio and tio channel she had money prior to queen because she drove a lexus... lmao. Do you know how many people in the hood drive luxury cars and wear name brand clothes? That shit means nothing. Yall were hood rich. I heard about a nigga in NYC driving a Bentley and he lived in the projects. Does that make him rich too? Lol...cut it out. I think your mother and older siblings lied to you growing up and spoiled you and that's why as a grown man you dont know how to take care of yourself. Queen learned from Chris and taught you. Do you really believe the shit you say? Really trying to give a motivational speech like you worked hard and did something to get to this point. Boy stop.

  • Tondelia Moody
    Tondelia Moody

    were is cj at

  • Briana Jones
    Briana Jones

    were is cj at

  • Symonette Urbina
    Symonette Urbina

    Clarence just threw me off cause he didnt give you a kiss . My man always gives me a kiss when i tell him to , especially on camera .

  • Asysha Mitchell
    Asysha Mitchell

    He to Young to be flying but it up to you to decide what you do with you child 😀🤔😱

  • Deborah Justine
    Deborah Justine

    When patty be showing up it’s OVERRR😭❤️

  • Courtney Marie
    Courtney Marie

    Queen look BOMB 😍😍😍😍

  • Vibez With Air
    Vibez With Air

    Aww i love how he includes Cj💯

  • 4astlife Yae
    4astlife Yae

    This sum Real shit bro 🎚🎚

  • Tileeyah Wade
    Tileeyah Wade

    Legend is so freaking cute

  • GloFam

    you are a great person when i make it i wanna give thanks to you in person you and queen love you guys!!!

  • d smith
    d smith

    You say “No cap 🧢 and stuff” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Katya Bradley
    Katya Bradley

    Everything he just said hit me different being a single mom is fucking tough but i know if i stick to what im doing god will see me through it 😩 thanks clare

  • Wayne Ragland
    Wayne Ragland

    1:54 that lil ole straw 😂😂😂

  • Lighting Bolt
    Lighting Bolt

    This is so dope .he always speaks on how blessed he is

  • Isabela Perez Veliz
    Isabela Perez Veliz

    Didn’t they have another child ?

  • Rayshonda18Davidson

    I love that Clare is opening up to us more Nd more this man here lord

  • AnnQuenice

    paty giving me travis scott vibes with those braids. I LIKE THEM (:

  • Leslieann Joseph
    Leslieann Joseph

    Y'all looks so cute

  • Alayzha Toston
    Alayzha Toston

    Your Christmas Eve was your first day back to you and the kids and you guys should be put on the good Christmas job job opportunity

  • Thomashia M Snead
    Thomashia M Snead

    VERY HAPPY FOR CLARE!!❤ I started watching you and Queen with me daughter and I just couldn't stop watching y'all I'm watching y'all grow,about to join IT-my I like to travel and eat and learn different languages.

  • britney sebastião
    britney sebastião

    I love you guys so much but please don’t put legend standing to much it’s not good for his little legs xx

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