Taking Off My BOYFRIEND'S ..... Makeup
Alexa, cue careless whisper cause today we’re taking off my boyfriend’s……. makeup. To do that, we’re throwing down an uno reverse card & doing this video backwards. Makeup first, questions in between, clean face last. If you skip ahead to the end a headless ghost will appear at the foot of your bed tonight.
Seriously though, he’s the absolute best. If you’re not totally sick of us by the end of this video, check out some cute pics of us on insta! instagram.com/mykie/

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  • Glam&Gore

    By the way, if you’ve already gotten to the end of this video & want something EXTRA fun, check out THIS video from a while ago- the first true reveal of our relationship happens in the last few minutes. (& honestly we still don’t know how she knew some stuff) 😂😳😅 it-my.com/watchvideo/video-KcFZbCrqdIk.html

    • Lillie-May King
      Lillie-May King


    • Lillie-May King
      Lillie-May King

      Bore unless your some were

    • Arianna Eberson-Miller
      Arianna Eberson-Miller

      When you guys said “we took it slow ish I screamed ALEXA PLAY CARELESS WHISPER

    • ניס אל שפשא
      ניס אל שפשא

      @Veno Centeno wra

    • Katreesha Jemmott
      Katreesha Jemmott


  • Dawn Huizenga
    Dawn Huizenga

    Give the dog ice

  • Roblox's Trash Bag
    Roblox's Trash Bag

    8:29 my miniature chiwawa liked cherry tomatoes xd

  • Lauren Soroka
    Lauren Soroka

    ANTHONY is my guess

  • Janet Quintero
    Janet Quintero

    What is in your hand😬

  • Kitty McCann
    Kitty McCann

    He looks cool

  • Kitty McCann
    Kitty McCann

    He looks like a creature off of Dr who

  • Mady Ostler
    Mady Ostler

    I already know it was Anthony because I subscribe to Anthony and Anthony’s videos were underneath this video and I was like OMG it probably Anthony

  • Bubble Tae
    Bubble Tae

    I didn’t know it was Anthony- it scared me 💀

  • Ray Carlitos!5
    Ray Carlitos!5

    OMG!!! Such a wonderful couple❤ Love the openness and the fact that you do this.

  • Lexi Osborn
    Lexi Osborn

    Okay they need to just get married already

  • Leah herdman
    Leah herdman


  • Leah herdman
    Leah herdman


  • ZerofeelsBlue

    smosh is typing...

  • Paislee Marksberry - WES 2028
    Paislee Marksberry - WES 2028

    It’s funny how they met on an interview on Anthony’s channel and mykie asked “ArE yOu HiTiNg On Me?!?!?” And then they started dating lol

  • Clara Patricia Tan
    Clara Patricia Tan

    I would have never known of their relationship if i hadnt watched anthony's spending a day with beauty gurus video before coming to her channel after she kissed him (IM STILL FANGIRLING ABOUT HOW CUTE THEY ARE)

  • Jazmine welch
    Jazmine welch

    Anthony!! What i did not expect that !!

  • Brian Kroll
    Brian Kroll

    WHYYYYYY do more make up?!?!??

  • The Burrito Kids
    The Burrito Kids


  • Grace Balbanida
    Grace Balbanida

    Jjj. M

  • Nova Dalek
    Nova Dalek

    Anthony as the Punk Dinosaur looks like a mutant hairless Jim Carrey Grinch

  • Colie Braun
    Colie Braun

    If I didnt already know I would know by Anthony's laugh in the beginning lol

  • The random Moira
    The random Moira

    I love this video I have watched it like 11 times and I totally support you to dateing

  • Nobody _
    Nobody _

    I love how she said in the ghost hunting video they had to pretend to not like each other but if I’m right I’m pretty sure she called him honey in that video

  • Lindsey Vadeboncoeur
    Lindsey Vadeboncoeur


  • Sophia Pulley
    Sophia Pulley

    My sister who was watching this with me guessed it before if not much of the makeup. And I am a big fan of both of them

  • Michael Killer romines Dragon family
    Michael Killer romines Dragon family

    Is you and Anthony still together

  • Damaris Ojeda (Student)
    Damaris Ojeda (Student)


  • Allyson Adams
    Allyson Adams


  • shelby blankenship
    shelby blankenship

    he is brus whane

  • Jenn Delgado 4454
    Jenn Delgado 4454

    Hi glam, one question what kind of toothpaste do you use?? Cause your teeth are beautiful. God bless you and your family safe travels stay healthy.

  • penguin latte
    penguin latte

    she totally missed the opportunity to call this video "BOYFRIEND REVEAL" lol

  • Angela Boratgis
    Angela Boratgis

    Like, are you Shantel VanSanten or whut?

  • Bailey Dixon
    Bailey Dixon

    "I'm bein serious" at like 10:50 ish. Why does the sound so much like Colby Brock.....?

  • Katie Allen
    Katie Allen

    I love how you said he was on IT-my since the beginning and you made him a dinosaur. All I could think was “'Cause you see I'm a dinosaur I should have died out a long time before Have pity on a dinosaur Hand me my hat, excuse me man, but where's the door?”

  • Bailey Dixon
    Bailey Dixon

    Bro I read the last page bc then the rest of the book leads up to that moment😂 It's like in movies where someone gets a 'vision' and sees the future, then at that point in the movie, you're like OMG THATS WHAT IT WAS!! Well at least that was my opinion on it..

  • Bailey Dixon
    Bailey Dixon

    Why does he look like something off of Doctor Who?

  • Meow.


  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    I'm jealous.... Of Mykie

  • Josh Smoak
    Josh Smoak

    We either get married or I ever have kids?

  • Leese Martin
    Leese Martin

    He is so cute ,he looks kinds like Brandon Lee, what a cute couple

  • Josh DuPree
    Josh DuPree

    REMINDER: 👏 FIGHTS 👏 SHOULDN'T 👏 BE 👏 A 👏 PART 👏 OF 👏 EVERY 👏 RELATIONSHIP 👏 However, polite disagreements or discussions are

  • Janelle


  • Kelsey Messner
    Kelsey Messner

    Literally giggling through this whole video

  • Mike Krzywicki
    Mike Krzywicki

    See that’s a couple not for fighting❤️😗😀😐

  • Bee Mcmullin
    Bee Mcmullin

    Love the voice he was doing

  • T. N.
    T. N.

    Isn‘t that the one guy from SMOSH???????


    I did not expect that, But I'm in love with the it so cured I think you guys are perfect for each other.

    • LPS RECA
      LPS RECA

      Sorry if I misspelled anything

  • Catherine Guevara
    Catherine Guevara


  • Michelle

    My bf and I knew each other for seven years before we started dating now we've been together for 5

  • Elyssa’s Vlog
    Elyssa’s Vlog


  • Leila Williams
    Leila Williams

    He sounds like a very old man

  • Leila Williams
    Leila Williams


  • XxDarkNightxX XxMidnightxX
    XxDarkNightxX XxMidnightxX

    Your boy friend is from IAN AND ANTHONEY?!?!?! SMOSH?!?!?!?!?

  • Renée Skaugen
    Renée Skaugen

    You're answering questions about what about your partner inspires you and what you love doing together, this was bound to be sappy c'mon. Usually a lot of those things are very honeymoon-phase but I genuinely believe that it isn't like that with you two. You seem super compatible and this is my new favourite ship. Yes I rewatched this many times because it's cute

  • Tara Ledesma
    Tara Ledesma

    Oh my god it is

  • cherry pop
    cherry pop

    😳🤭😱😱😱 WHATTT LMAO I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING AND IM SO SHOOKED! Wow 😳 and so happy for u guys 😂😂 I WATCHED SMUSH since I was little-

  • Tara Ledesma
    Tara Ledesma

    I cannot take his face seriously with the monster mask on

  • Tara Ledesma
    Tara Ledesma

    I can not tack his face seareas

  • Sarah Head
    Sarah Head

    Crusty boi

  • chloe watkiss
    chloe watkiss


  • KingWeak

    26:00 face reveal if you clicked on this you are not a fan

  • Leticia Arroyo
    Leticia Arroyo

    You guys are the cuties!!

  • Non-Edible Pretzel
    Non-Edible Pretzel

    Is it sad that when I first watched this, I only knew Anthony from that one video with Dan and Phil?

  • Samiha sarker
    Samiha sarker

    Am I the only one who was trying SUPER hard not to skip to the end?😂😂😂😂

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    kimly kor

    Me thinking he looked like the guy from Smosh and then realizing it actually is

  • rap Bonavita
    rap Bonavita

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    Nancy Sullivan

    Omg im So happy oh my fucking god this fills me with so much joy!!!!!

  • Göksu Butera
    Göksu Butera

    I am just like mykie and thanks to this video I realize I should be with someone calmer, more patient than me

  • Niam Pos Thoj
    Niam Pos Thoj

    That look like anthony padilla

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