tana mongeau getting demonetized for 7 minutes straight
tana, why are you demonetized?

  • Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh

    0:49 is anyone going to mention she is wearing a Metallica shirt just because its edgy and trendy and not because of the music

    • Stan Marsh
      Stan Marsh

      It pretty obvious

    • YourMa

      Stan Marsh How do you know what music she likes?

  • Tanea Bree
    Tanea Bree


  • Tanea Bree
    Tanea Bree

    Wait lmao there’s a video about her talking about g-eazy trying to fuck her... AT 15.....GERALD WHAT??

  • Tanea Bree
    Tanea Bree

    2:01 the best this bitch has ever looked lol

  • Emily Guerrero
    Emily Guerrero


  • That Mukbang Chick
    That Mukbang Chick

    love this

  • samantha stasik
    samantha stasik


  • Cody_TDM


  • Ella’s Health ’n Happiness
    Ella’s Health ’n Happiness

    I literally only watched this as an excample of, how not to get your videos demonitized. Not kidding. 📽️ I live in a bubble, so I had know idea , who she was, before my boy Primink. ❤️🐈

  • n0t._ jonahelliott
    n0t._ jonahelliott

    This is why I love Tana omfgg

    • MoHoops

      KevinsDaKing cause she sexy asf

    • KevinsDaKing

      Ok then

    • n0t._ jonahelliott
      n0t._ jonahelliott

      @KevinsDaKing she helped me through some tough times and she's hella funny and she's one of my favorite youtubers lmao okay?

    • KevinsDaKing

      j0nāh 3lli0tt Tana literally drove a car on drugs and risked others lives. How do you like someone like that?

  • Katie McGrath
    Katie McGrath

    Is there a word for "so much worse than a slut"?

  • TheGunslinger-1YT1

    i wonder why she's demonetized????????????????????????hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Jennie North
    Jennie North

    4:31 woah there Lenna

    • E C
      E C

      What video was that💀💀💀

  • Alexander Leimone
    Alexander Leimone

    She’s the girl we all wanna be but are too worried about everyone’s opinnions

    • Some Clever Name
      Some Clever Name


    • n0t._ jonahelliott
      n0t._ jonahelliott

      Bruh I legit AM her but a bisexual boy

    • Machi Giceb
      Machi Giceb

      Wt fuck made you think that? lmao

    • Moon Shine Down
      Moon Shine Down

      I'm content with just watching this craziness lol

    • Andrea O.
      Andrea O.

      Dude not really... not at all lmao

  • Sophie Hewes
    Sophie Hewes

    At 2:30 dam she's pretty

    • Billie

      when is she not

    • Orlgln NoVa
      Orlgln NoVa


    • Voornaz

      @Glitchy yes

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez

    Trash ass girl

  • freya

    it’s tana paul actually 😂

    • kavya eh
      kavya eh

      well not anymore😂

    • Nick Holmes
      Nick Holmes


    • Lil Russ
      Lil Russ

      freya this was made before that 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • It's Me Najat
    It's Me Najat

    How is this not demonitized

    • Nick Holmes
      Nick Holmes

      ღCasualCassieღ Really Nigga bitch nigga


      @aniyah givenchy dumb nigga

    • aniyah givenchy
      aniyah givenchy

      TV & Movieclips ohh thank u

    • Chichi Odueze
      Chichi Odueze

      aniyah johnson if u make a video and u start cussing it can get demonetized meaning u can’t get money from that 1 video

    • Keshni karan
      Keshni karan

      Same idk

  • David Castro
    David Castro

    She was pretty.

    • Rylee Manuel
      Rylee Manuel

      She's still pretty :)

  • Heath Murphy
    Heath Murphy

    What the fuck is wrong with her

  • meth meth
    meth meth

    *her entire career. Love you tana 😂

    • TheCool7urd

      Meth meth is just on meth, read his name

    • Nathaniel Gleave
      Nathaniel Gleave

      How is it humanly possible to like Tanna ????

    • _BoxcarSteve5150 _
      _BoxcarSteve5150 _

      Tana is a piece of shit

  • donald trump666s
    donald trump666s

    Bruh it has one dislike Oof now it has 3

    • The Faded Line
      The Faded Line

      She is gross and sounds manly :(

    • Jackson Reed
      Jackson Reed

      donald trump666s 30*😂😂

    • dinamiteiya


    • shshns dnnsns
      shshns dnnsns


    • Dj Gallagher
      Dj Gallagher

      donald trump666s now it has 5

  • Brian

    It’s funny how much makeup she wears

    • Glitchy

      @Daisy T autocorrect is known for getting shit wrong, get the fuck out nobody likes autocorrect

    • famously anonymous
      famously anonymous

      Its the only way she looks somewhat pretty

    • idontwhattomakemyusernamesothisisit

      Its funny how you judge people for what they like

    • Rylee Manuel
      Rylee Manuel

      It's funny how much she doesn't care about your opinion 🤷‍♀️

    • Yeah

      who cares

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