Morgan Adams
Hi.. Ive missed you. I hope you enjoy Ryland and I trying the glorious foods from the dollar store.
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  • Ryan Fairchild
    Ryan Fairchild

    Not liking to make phone calls to people you know = Anxiety. Not liking to answer phone calls from people you know = Depression

  • The Quarentined Sloths
    The Quarentined Sloths

    something you've tried that you will never ever try again- Morgan: skateboarding me speaking for her; CLOSETED GUYS

  • yes sister
    yes sister

    why does Shane never know what’s going on LMAOAOAOAO

  • Alexis Blue
    Alexis Blue

    When you realize these things aren’t actually crazy, they just don’t shop at dollar stores.

  • Ninfa Neuser
    Ninfa Neuser

    I forgot about the root beer popsicles and thought they were eating individually wrapped hot dogs

  • JenatheHarryPotterfan 123
    JenatheHarryPotterfan 123

    My leg does the same thing!

  • Robert Juno
    Robert Juno

    everything is better with hot sauce -from a wise unknown human

  • Julsie Streight
    Julsie Streight

    1:45 Morgan is psychic

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Popcorners are Soo good

  • Isabella Van Haaren
    Isabella Van Haaren

    did your pants breakkk lmao 17:39

  • Tennis Cat
    Tennis Cat

    I work at a dollar tree.. so it’s really WACK to see them in there, cause it looks the same, like surreal almost wtf

  • kerrigan murphy jenkins
    kerrigan murphy jenkins

    Morgan can predict the future on 1:50 she says " this is how the worlds going at this rate"

  • Chantia Reltina
    Chantia Reltina

    shanes e]xpressions have me dyinnng LOL

  • Rebekah Cady
    Rebekah Cady

    My profile matches this video 💓

  • its me sina
    its me sina

    I love Morgan she is me when it comes to being clumsy and when eating I'm not so picky but I eat more when I'm alone

  • jxqi

    Morgan, are you okay

  • Laura Watson
    Laura Watson

    Morgan is so freakin beautiful it’s driving me crazy 😫😫😫🥰🥰🥰 im jealous lol

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    I agree with Morgan summer is the worst.

  • Aracia Moreno
    Aracia Moreno

    Morgan: "How come nobody comes here to grocery shop" Me: I grew up shopping at dollar tree for every day necessities😭

  • NuggetTato

    I love whales, i eat whales all the time, i can eat the whole box, and there way WAY better than gold fish, dont you insult my whales by comparing them to gold fish

  • Samantha Tackett
    Samantha Tackett

    If it makes you feel any better, I don't answer any phone numbers I don't know. Also, whales are my fave

  • chakira peters
    chakira peters

    3:09 😭😂😭😂

  • Sydney Yosco
    Sydney Yosco


  • paulina pruss
    paulina pruss

    it’s normally fall on september 23 bc that’s my birthday and i feel cool. haha get it cool yeah that was a bad joke

  • Lexie Diaz
    Lexie Diaz

    Moon pie is at the store

  • Broken Smiles
    Broken Smiles

    Omg I literally almost cried I love that cute old man Omgg he’s me 🖤🥺

  • Katherine Zaner
    Katherine Zaner

    I literally laugh SO MUCH watching Morgan!!

  • vivi levenberg
    vivi levenberg

    who else is watching for the millionth time and still dies of laughter when morgan sucks the cream puff into her mouth?

  • Elly Pinedo
    Elly Pinedo

    Watching this now and crying w Morgan bc village inn closed

  • Katt Moon
    Katt Moon

    17:25 i cannot stooop replaying 😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Erin Eve
    Erin Eve

    poundland is so different 🤣

  • Bakugo Is Smexy
    Bakugo Is Smexy

    Y’all are living my *childhood*

  • atmosphere


    • atmosphere

      MY EYES!!!!!😭

  • rotten lemon
    rotten lemon

    Moon pies are bomb asf

  • Julie Emeid
    Julie Emeid

    My birthday is on August 23rd. lol Definitely still Summer time.

  • SidThe Sloth
    SidThe Sloth

    I can do the same foot thing morgan can

  • Nali

    Love how they are just trying and hating all the snacks i have all the time cuz I'm broke.

  • Yumiko Aiso
    Yumiko Aiso

    In other words- welcome to my house

  • Cindy Meese
    Cindy Meese

    the pankake sausagez are better with out blue berrys sorry im 10

  • Amia Mendez
    Amia Mendez

    I have the same hat she had on😃😃😃

  • Kyleigh Jo
    Kyleigh Jo

    Morgan deserves to be the favorite cuz she's beautiful

  • Iamyour -dad
    Iamyour -dad

    I grew up on moon pies

  • CheyenneIsADork

    The cream puff would be your party trick

  • brianna kratz
    brianna kratz

    wait why do my toes do the same thing

  • Blank

    ok but like who got whales as a kid cuz it was cheaper than goldfish? just me? ok.

  • Pastel Peppa
    Pastel Peppa

    You jut earned a new subscriber for using Liza 😂

  • Layla Rae
    Layla Rae

    omg the thing that morgan does to her foot i can do to and i thought that i was the only oneeee 😂😂😂

  • Vivian Aster
    Vivian Aster

    Both of my best friends have anxiety when it comes to talking on the phone. It's either text or talk in person to them

  • Sage Jaggers
    Sage Jaggers

    moon pies were literally my childhood

  • Rhay Carter
    Rhay Carter

    Imagine tana watches this

  • Bianca Fernandez
    Bianca Fernandez

    LoL who else has Morgans talent

  • Jared eats bathbombs
    Jared eats bathbombs

    I think we should all just not have Ryland and Morgan shop because they would just buy out the store

  • Darian Shimizu
    Darian Shimizu

    “see this is a sign you can be sad on the outside but glow on the inside” 😂 morgan is a whole mood

  • Shylah Muncy
    Shylah Muncy

    Round circle thing that they didn’t like it’s just a rice crispy treat in a circle form

  • zoobear aree
    zoobear aree

    i love how Ryland thinks that people cant end up being straight after they have come out, like somtimes people get confused, or maby they end up being bi

  • Elizabeth Kilpatrick
    Elizabeth Kilpatrick

    Literally Morgan i have the same exact problem with calling people even if i know them

  • Richie Sugrue
    Richie Sugrue

    morgans week is everything

  • Whaley Vlogs
    Whaley Vlogs

    I saw whales at my local Walmart the day before this video came out I-

  • bitch choo
    bitch choo

    If I wer to pick my fragrant restaurant I only know 1 and my mom used to work there and it's called Golden Corral and I love💖to go to the chocolate thing and dip a strawberry or a marshmallow in it then I can get Jell-O and I taste like...😳 woohoo it's SoO gOoD and I love it but... it's expensive and that's it.

  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose

    Morgan look like Kirby at 17:25

  • Irxdiscnt x
    Irxdiscnt x

    I just wanna know who’s Morgan’s camera men

  • Monkeymo0ch_58

    I love whale crackers and I get them at Walmart

  • Autumn's Apples
    Autumn's Apples

    Morgan: "She Was Not Fiddle Faddling Around." Me: *Dies Of Laughter*

  • One Cent
    One Cent

    Am I the only one who used to have those blueberry sausage things at my old school?

  • Caraphernalia 727
    Caraphernalia 727

    I just rewatch this video from time to time because I enjoy it that much

  • Sxars Fade
    Sxars Fade

    17:24 - 18:00 fuckin kills me

  • Kristina Smith
    Kristina Smith

    This is a interesting video, however, I hope they notice that some of the snacks they tried at dollar used to be popular years ago and expensive, now their no longer popular so you find it at the dollar store, plus you can find some of the same stuff they ate at Walmart. Lol, cool video guys.

  • Eden Stringer
    Eden Stringer

    Who hasn’t had a pancake sausage stick??

  • Eden Stringer
    Eden Stringer


  • Eden Stringer
    Eden Stringer

    Bro who hasn’t ate whales before??

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