tbh my grandma is the ceo of tiktok

if u see this comment "ceo of tiktok"
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    ceo of low iron

    • XxCottonCandyxX Lol
      XxCottonCandyxX Lol


    • Audra Šereikaitė
      Audra Šereikaitė

      Hi lari

    • Saige Vedrenne
      Saige Vedrenne

      LARRAY i felt that

    • kollby Grover
      kollby Grover


    • Crystal Doggo
      Crystal Doggo

      v i b e

  • Nour Ben Kaddour | LLN
    Nour Ben Kaddour | LLN

    4:14 HAHAHAHA

  • รσмεтн¡หg ωε¡¡яd
    รσмεтн¡หg ωε¡¡яd

    At 11:10 I thought I was going deaf, when you talked I went “Oop- 😳”

  • Amy Swift
    Amy Swift

    larray's grandma is a whole moodddd

  • MiniTeam 10
    MiniTeam 10

    And that's all she wrote


    Omg i love u and ur grandma u guys are so funny you woukd make the best gang

  • Christen Lee
    Christen Lee

    Lmaooo the fact that she quoted Ricoooo “they gon hate me regardless that’s why I do what I do”

  • Jolene Whitley
    Jolene Whitley

    I started to cry

  • Violet Kacaper
    Violet Kacaper

    i was laughing at her the whole time

  • Iman Minimila
    Iman Minimila


  • Iman Minimila
    Iman Minimila


  • Mouseycake the best
    Mouseycake the best

    I keep on laughing

  • Landen Matson
    Landen Matson

    CEO of tiktok

  • kit kat
    kit kat

    7:26 *omg.* 💀

  • Gracie B
    Gracie B

    When she said James Charlie then said he looks like a ant I was dead

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    I got a bad back

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    I'm 20

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    Is that a cricket

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino


  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    Stop laughing...

  • Trixie Beck
    Trixie Beck

    ceo of tiktok

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    What type of English...

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    A lot of white people here.....

  • Ava Patino
    Ava Patino

    Rent a gay....

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover

    “The hypehouse this looks more like a white house no offense I love white people” 😂

  • tAyLoR Lewis
    tAyLoR Lewis

    your one direction poster is crooked

  • ツ Lunations ツ
    ツ Lunations ツ

    ‘James Charlie’

  • Kennidy Taylor
    Kennidy Taylor

    Wait is you saying I hope so that meme

  • Alejandra Calderon
    Alejandra Calderon

    ceo of TikTok

  • Jenna Warner
    Jenna Warner

    she is actually 13

  • Caitlin Cole
    Caitlin Cole

    YASS get her addicted 🤣

  • Nicole Edwards
    Nicole Edwards

    outro song?

  • Sinan -
    Sinan -

    Es ist 4 Uhr und ich heul vor lachen

  • Henry Gonzalez
    Henry Gonzalez

    James Charlie😂

  • rusu ștefana
    rusu ștefana

    Your grandma said: PERIODT.💅

  • Xcloudyxtears _
    Xcloudyxtears _

    .....i was laughing so hard that I was crying out of happiness 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

  • Melanie Huerta
    Melanie Huerta

    Larray:u did it Grandma:but i didint do it fast enough

  • Haylee Fernando
    Haylee Fernando

    rent a gay

  • Melanie Huerta
    Melanie Huerta

    Pole dancin’

  • Melanie Huerta
    Melanie Huerta

    Ur grandma

  • The baddie Melisa
    The baddie Melisa

    Larry “want is this language “it’s tiktok language 😂

  • The baddie Melisa
    The baddie Melisa

    Grandma “is that Jamey Charles the one you said “ looked like a rat “ 🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • maryy nik
    maryy nik


  • Ari duh
    Ari duh

    These fuckin videos are so good I can’t like have enough bro

  • Dereck Corral
    Dereck Corral

    “CEO of Rent...a gay” IM DED

  • Brendaxoxo 1232
    Brendaxoxo 1232

    We know damn well Danielle is not 15 🤣 bye

  • Elizabeth Suggs
    Elizabeth Suggs

    Yay! I’m not the only one who does TikToks to random songs!

  • Jilliane Liranzo
    Jilliane Liranzo

    Nobody: Not a soul: 2:15

  • sapphire crystle
    sapphire crystle

    What did the paragraph sayyyy

  • trevor damian
    trevor damian

    Go eat some chicken

  • Amelie Lundcon
    Amelie Lundcon

    You can see the emotions in her eyes when you said you would kick her out tiktok

  • Annesouse Vilburn
    Annesouse Vilburn

    When she said cut the camera thats that 13yr old girl again

  • Mostlyknown.shawnti

    Is that a cricket 😭🤣🤣

  • Liv D
    Liv D

    That’s so cute honestly 😂❤️

  • Nancy Rugemantwari
    Nancy Rugemantwari

    do more videos with ur granma she so funny

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown

    You like 1 Direction what about BTS

  • Peggy Carter
    Peggy Carter

    Grandma: I lOvE wHiTe PeOpLe

  • Lucy_xox775

    If you Stan Billie, I Stan you

  • Briann Akerele
    Briann Akerele

    𝑌ℎ𝑢 𝑠𝑒𝑤𝑙 𝑑𝑢ℎℎ𝑔𝑠𝑧😮

  • 3ric RoyalHigh
    3ric RoyalHigh

    your grandma is coming for the hype house's weave

  • _Haley_Martin_

    His grandma is a baddie like fr slayyy🔥

  • Sweet Gacha lily
    Sweet Gacha lily


  • katie Dunne
    katie Dunne

    grandma:oo is she ok larray: its a pov she’s an actress grandma: OHHHHHH i laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣

  • Ellie Grogan
    Ellie Grogan

    Protect her at all costs PERIODT

  • Douiix

    danielle still aint 15 tho.. just saying 😉

  • Sadie Kris
    Sadie Kris

    no one: grandma: Is that James Charli?

  • Hannah Shutt
    Hannah Shutt


  • Aaliyah Hernandez
    Aaliyah Hernandez

    CEO of renegade

  • Chocolate-Chi Studio
    Chocolate-Chi Studio

    Tell me why I'm watching this at 5:48an at my grandparents house and I'm laughing so much but they still didn't wake up

  • bellina valentin
    bellina valentin


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