TEAM(2017) - 청강 애니메이션 2017 2학년 1학기 과제물(ChungKang animation)
CK Animation School_2016-2018
4원소들이 한 팀이 되어 지구를 만든다. 하지만 팀원들의 불화로 점점 팀이 분열되는데......
청강 애니메이션과 2017년도 1학기
2학년 '2D애니메이션제작'수업 결과물입니다
Animation dept, Chungkang Cultural Industries
This work is made from '2D Animation Project' junior class

  • CK Animation School_2016-2018
    CK Animation School_2016-2018

    We've transferred the channel! Please Come~! 채널을 이전하였습니다! 와주세요~!

    • Son Nguyen
      Son Nguyen


    • Crystal Valencia
      Crystal Valencia

      OMG 😖

    • Юлия Футорняк
      Юлия Футорняк

      Шмрє''х'олд З



    • Вова Кулагин
      Вова Кулагин



    Brasil alguém?

  • Zenrry

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  • Милая Звезда
    Милая Звезда

    They broke the ground.

  • nink anh gaming
    nink anh gaming

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  • Maria Rodrigues
    Maria Rodrigues

    Someone just sent me this video telling me I look like the water girl, idk if I should take it as a compliment or not, in confused, but the animation is so cute

  • Игровой канал MATRIX
    Игровой канал MATRIX


  • ღAsel Secret Angelღ
    ღAsel Secret Angelღ

    You are a water girl if your zodiac sign is: - Scorpio💧♏️ - Cancer 💧 ♋️ - Pisces 💧 ♓️ You are fire boy if your zodiac sign is: - Aries 🔥 ♈️ - Leo 🔥 ♌️ - Sagittarius 🔥 ♐️ You are the air boy if your zodiac sign is: - Aquarius ☁️ ♒️ - Gemini ☁️ ♊️ - Libra ☁️ ♎️ You are the earth guy if your zodiac sign is: - Taurus 🌿♉️ - Virgo 🌿 ♍️ - Capricorn 🌿 ♑️

    • • Halley •
      • Halley •

      I am a water boi

  • Citrus

    who else felt bad for air? poor boy got rejected :c

  • Myan san
    Myan san

    Can you do part 2 pls?

  • Hailey Andre Grantusa
    Hailey Andre Grantusa

    Yes the 4 elements of life Fire, Water, Air, and Lemon

  • Jacqueline Lankert
    Jacqueline Lankert

    That fire guy is *Hot* hahahahaaaa

  • Zoe Sosa diaz
    Zoe Sosa diaz

    Eso paso de verdad

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels


  • Crazy Tiger
    Crazy Tiger

    Fire boy and water girl + air Steven universe + dirt Hulk = THIS :

  • Rogel Recinos
    Rogel Recinos

    Que tontos 😹

  • DJDEmooN B0Ss
    DJDEmooN B0Ss

    I guess we know

  • HenTαi –K u n
    HenTαi –K u n

    I thought it is a some game in 4399, idk what that name

  • Nerd And Geek
    Nerd And Geek

    I found the problem with 2020 guys

  • Alexandro Añazco
    Alexandro Añazco

    No ablo tak tak señor :v Nisiquiera lo boy a intentar :v

  • Flor Azalai Noriega
    Flor Azalai Noriega

    The fire = fernanfloo

  • lila putos :3
    lila putos :3

    Es lo mejor😍

  • Agus 7531
    Agus 7531

    *Global warming in a nutsheel*

  • Moira Rayne
    Moira Rayne

    And this is how global warming started

  • Joel Lovon
    Joel Lovon


  • 이순연


  • Esyy _Zh
    Esyy _Zh

    so u mean bc of this love triangle, we suffering global warming?

  • tharusha fernando
    tharusha fernando

    There older being that looks like them. It looks like they are assessing them.

  • Holy_Watercolors_12

    0:33 How I act when my crush friendzones me

  • André Alves
    André Alves


  • pupa ¿
    pupa ¿

    *2020 be like:*

  • мilкsнaкe

    le sacaron una animación al juegito de friv?¿ ahre

  • Drink that tea Sis
    Drink that tea Sis

    *Inside out vibz*

  • СОНЯ-МОНЯразное toys
    СОНЯ-МОНЯразное toys


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    Bunnie Playz

    Fire is just a b***

  • Duna Toledo
    Duna Toledo

    3 years have passed and then I come and I think I am the crack because I have seen the first one although I have seen the last one😂

  • Blerina Cinoku
    Blerina Cinoku

    Ai like fireboy

  • Anto Pino Faúndes
    Anto Pino Faúndes

    C o r o n a v i r u s

  • Casey Engen
    Casey Engen

    That’s a rip off of inside out

  • Ailin Guacho
    Ailin Guacho

    Agua y fue no combinan😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • 신성그자체

    저만 인사이드 아웃 생각나는거 아니죠?

  • Stickerrbs

    I love how nature was the only one trying to get things fixed xD

  • Blythe Amber Cerys Bundang
    Blythe Amber Cerys Bundang

    Did the earth die!?!?!

  • Emilie LESAGE
    Emilie LESAGE

    XX W

  • musfahan

    awwwwww. they can,t kiss.

  • Gabriel Knowlton
    Gabriel Knowlton

    Fireboy and Watergirl and LifeMan CloudKid

  • H#U#Y Depzai
    H#U#Y Depzai

    I like the water girl cry sence =)

  • Hi There
    Hi There


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    Rosa Isela


  • Lizbeth Dinora Rovira Perez
    Lizbeth Dinora Rovira Perez

    is viurifor

  • Сапиева Tales
    Сапиева Tales


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    Bhusan Glan


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    erma fitriyana


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    adrija naskar

    Fire Boy and Water Girl...... Anyone? 😀😀😀

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    Azranur izin

    Hahahaha!!!! Very good!

  • Confused Kk2
    Confused Kk2

    This is 2020

  • • Koi Pond •
    • Koi Pond •

    Fire Guy: Jerk Sun Guy: Fat Rain Girl: Sensitive Wind Guy:

    • Francesca Adorni
      Francesca Adorni

      You are a jerk

  • Jessica Tornero
    Jessica Tornero

    Al gien a qui abla espayol🤗☺️😉

  • Акбулатова Элиза
    Акбулатова Элиза

    Джанёр джебан господи как его называли

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    bartholomew nnorom


  • Dumbin theHouse
    Dumbin theHouse

    fire dude is a total jerk

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    manuzinha pop

    O fogo e um chato mesmo

  • Биржан Елдесов
    Биржан Елдесов



    This is the zodiac sings

  • Peti Leulu
    Peti Leulu

    and that how earth is no longer a thing kids share with your friends

  • Jordancoolboy 01
    Jordancoolboy 01

    It’s cool math games water girl and fire boy there there the grown up version

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    Aliyah Hartsook

    blue you pretty! :3

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    camilgamer156 :v


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    Dany studios

    Where is team 2020 :v

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    Mun79 Ab

    Кому жалко воды

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