Teen girl charged with friends murder in stand your ground case
Teen girl charged with friends murder in stand your ground case

  • Rodney W.
    Rodney W.

    Good ending...f the lazy criminals living off us taxpayers?

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    All I can imagine is the guy playing the UNO REVERSE CARD. I've never seen this before. Happy with the outcome.

  • Harry stevens
    Harry stevens

    That is awesome! Florida is quite literally killing the game. Keep it up

  • Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Shawn allen
    Tri State Wildlife Exclusion Shawn allen

    Justice has been done .

  • Alex Jaramillo
    Alex Jaramillo

    Good tattoo to remember the actions that led her to prison

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose


    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Sheriff Grady Judd would be proud!!

  • Ayveh

    I'm so glad the man wasn't charged! He did the right thing by defending himself and not allowing those disgusting girls to kill him and rob him! The other girl should take that time and think about her stupidity and try to change while in there.

  • peter peter
    peter peter

    "No charges filed against the man"... duh he's dead

  • Serial Crusher 1
    Serial Crusher 1

    This man needs a medal for taking out the trash!



    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      oh my god there's justice out there!!!

  • Woodrow Wood
    Woodrow Wood

    Never bring a hammer or taser to a gun fight..

  • Angel Glodo
    Angel Glodo


  • alida flus
    alida flus

    can't be covered with a suit and screams unprofessional.

  • bill s
    bill s

    Best news I’ve heard in quite a while

  • mrhoffame

    Sometimes the universe just lines up right!

  • Brady

    damn does that girl even have a soul eyes are dead completely

  • Michael Liss
    Michael Liss

    You can thank rap culture and music for this ! Lmfao

  • Trial N' ERROR
    Trial N' ERROR

    Face or neck tats prove the person has made unbelievably dumb decisions before and will most likely do so again.

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Another lovely child of the system. And now she’ll be part of the system.

  • Paul Hewson
    Paul Hewson

    Sheriff Grady Judd would be proud!!

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera

    He put 7 holes in the dead one.

  • Leigh Mahkiney
    Leigh Mahkiney

    Her parents should be arrested for letting her put that dumb shit on her face. If you threaten someone with a gun you better actually have a gun and pull the trigger because in a state like this chances are the other person is gonna beat you to it and probably get an award for your murder.

  • zvczvcvzxcv

    I get the anger people have against her but she did not actually murder the other girl. You can't ignore facts for justice.

  • run N gun
    run N gun

    oh my god there's justice out there!!!

  • Michael Feeney
    Michael Feeney

    At least he got a happy ending - that is all he wanted anyway

  • Michael Feeney
    Michael Feeney

    meet to "hang out" LOL

  • Strange Roamer
    Strange Roamer

    How come the Fox News pundits aren't talking about this story. Oh its because the girls are white. If they were black or hispanic they would not only talk about it, but blame it on democrats and immigration.

  • Music List
    Music List

    Justice system glitches time to time

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    Another lovely child of the system. And now she’ll be part of the system.

  • jim bishop
    jim bishop

    I'm glad the guy didn't get charged too but........ let's not make a hero out of him, he did agree to meet 2 underage girls in an isolated area.... that's not something that 'good" guys do.

  • Justin Justin
    Justin Justin

    Hit em with the book

  • Fredashay Klavierstein
    Fredashay Klavierstein

    Sounds fair to me. You commit a crime and your accomplice gets killed by your victim, you are guilty of that murder.

  • Audrey Grace
    Audrey Grace

    Whats wrong with these young people...watching too much TV. Welcome to real life!

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Of course the pretty one gets killed

  • Guohongwei THEGOD
    Guohongwei THEGOD

    Lol no one can try and say only black pple get screwed like this.

  • Kingdomof Hope
    Kingdomof Hope

    Bad Parenting = Millstones

  • Jacqueline Reeves
    Jacqueline Reeves

    A grown man meeting teens? No questions about that? Oh okay... Just checking.

  • Jonathan E
    Jonathan E

    Stories like this put a smile on my face

  • Terra Exodus
    Terra Exodus

    Did the girls actually have a gun or did the guy? The officer only says a gun was produced but not from whom. I'm going to assume the evidence is in the court. Internet communications, plea of guilty and such. Which is why she is being charged with murder, probably as an initiator of a the crime. But, what if the dude was lying and tried to assault them first and ended up shooting them both after a struggle?

  • Your Name Goes Here
    Your Name Goes Here

    Loose the keys

  • Raymond Pumphrey
    Raymond Pumphrey

    The fact that you would believe or trust anyone with a tattoo on their face you kind of brought it on your self. Normal people dont get their face tatted up. Yes there are the a few who dont commit crime but lets be honest no many

  • Stacy HUffman
    Stacy HUffman

    FUCKING OUTSTANDING! We need more stand your ground killings of piece of shit wanna be criminals. Should have been both and saved the tax payers the cost of a trial.

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson

    Kids,kids,kids . When will they grow up !

  • pedro taco
    pedro taco

    Classic case of "play stupid games win stupid prizes".

  • Andrew Joseph
    Andrew Joseph

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  • Stop Hating
    Stop Hating

    Why is she charged with the murder? If she didn’t kill her. The dead girl was responsible for her own actions leading to her death. No one should be charged with murder because he killed her in self defense. But she should be charged for her actions. If she attempted to kill him the that’s the charge. So unless her friend was a child/baby I really don’t understand how she is responsible for another’s person’s actions.

  • IchbinX

    Imagine if this was in a Democrat city. Man would have been dragged throughout the streets while the girls would have streets named after them.

  • Scott Arivett
    Scott Arivett

    Of course the pretty one gets killed

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    Ok old man meeting young girls online under a bridge tho? Really? This has Chris Hansen written all over it.

  • Jim Anders
    Jim Anders

    They look like us but they’re demons

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    thank goodness justice prevailed for a change!

  • akhtar nawaz
    akhtar nawaz

    Robbing someone today then killing someone tomorrow it's how it starts sadly. Not mention if either of the girls had other convictions at the end of day they both knew what they were doing was wrong so the only person to blame is themselves

  • MannyScoots(Patriot)

    She should get a job in the Biden Administration.

  • Gamja

    Stand your ground gone right! Pure justice is served.

  • Invasive Coyote
    Invasive Coyote

    Bet her parents are proud of their little girl!

  • Dawn Serrano
    Dawn Serrano


  • JJRogue

    All good, the poor dead friend and the other girl get murder charges. The two girls were very stupid. The dead friend is pretty enough to give a good time to get what she wants but she chose death. Yeah I am being crude, but the girl is dead, that is cruder.

  • David Oberle
    David Oberle

    Holy shit. You cannot trust anyone.

  • Scott Scarbrough
    Scott Scarbrough

    Play silly games and win silly prizes

  • MedRider

    Felony murder is a stupid ass law

  • Krabby Patty
    Krabby Patty


  • 44mickd

    She never planned to make it in society in the first place with a face tattoo, she’s where she belongs.

  • Agnie M
    Agnie M

    i am so glad that when i was a kid, these are the girls who bullied me. they turned me into someone who wanted better for myself. while they went off to do this. life is funny that way

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk

    Ha ha ha...

  • TheJpmuzz

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  • MR.AJ Garcia
    MR.AJ Garcia

    I wanna know about the mother n son duo that the bottom passing line was talking about too

  • robert smith
    robert smith

    Slenderman did it

  • richme richyou
    richme richyou

    wanna be a tough girl .. see how tough you are now lolol

  • Top 5 Aviation
    Top 5 Aviation

    With that face tattoo, she had no future to begin with.

    • Abram Carroll
      Abram Carroll

      What face tattoo moron? Kids can't legally get tattoos. It's obviously just a marker.

  • 4KimballGlaspie

    Those types of girls throw rocks and hide their hands all the time. Society has pampered and coddled them so much, playing into their fake victim games, always acting like the poor weak victim "Help! A ..... person is sleeping in the dorm and I fear for my life!", that the man probably felt NO sense of danger. 😢

  • Wisdom Diva
    Wisdom Diva

    Wow I thought they only charged Black people like this..

  • Dig Dug
    Dig Dug

    SO WHITE GIRLS ARE CHARGED BUT NOT BLACK🤔 think DC Uber guy killed by teen carjackers...NOT CHARGED WITH MURDER..that's fair😳

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