Teen Wolf 9-Years Later | MTV Reunion
The Pack is Back! Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and the rest of your favorites from Teen Wolf reunite after 9-years. Hosted by Josh Horowitz.
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  • Quindude

    Milia and scott should be married in the next season 🤔🤔please let that happen

  • cragger1007

    6:41 Russell he look better wet h hahahahaha

  • Xxkian10xX

    Wheres Derek?😭

  • Can Tilki
    Can Tilki

    Will season 7 come?

  • Sonia Pineiro
    Sonia Pineiro

    @mtv #Teenwolfmovie

  • kasimbe Lamey
    kasimbe Lamey

    If you want season 7 like this 💯💯💯

  • JM120 :0
    JM120 :0

    let's be honest here, coach carried teen wolf ✨💅🏻

  • JM120 :0
    JM120 :0

    what is it with all the ian's being in their 40's and still being HOT? somerhalder and bohen

  • JM120 :0
    JM120 :0

    and dylan is still aging like fine wine

  • JM120 :0
    JM120 :0

    me realising tyler isn't there cause i wanted a sterek reunion: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • JM120 :0
    JM120 :0

    the face that even the CAST is pushing for a season 7 makes me so happy, we NEED IT

  • zoe kerr
    zoe kerr

    Tyler hoechlin? crystal reed? Daniel Sharman?

  • Giovana Bilhão
    Giovana Bilhão

    Didn't Melissa end up with Chris Argent?? Why are they saying that Stiles and Scott became step brothers??

  • FitroX

    Where Crystal Reed?

  • Abdul Mukthadir
    Abdul Mukthadir

    So bored without teen wolf

  • Abdul Mukthadir
    Abdul Mukthadir

    Omg i live teen wolf and i feel that this cast isnt complete without tyler (derek) he is the main after scott. JEFF BRING BACK ANOTHER SEASON PLEASE


    So will there be a season 7?

  • KING_ KHAN24 * _ *
    KING_ KHAN24 * _ *

    Where is Alison??

  • Maybe Vlogs
    Maybe Vlogs

    Me waiting for them to talk about Stydia: 👁👄👁

  • Greninja Extreme
    Greninja Extreme

    ow man I want more of the serie teen wolf pls come back with teen wolf ;-;

  • Isabelle Brookes
    Isabelle Brookes

    where the hell is tyler hoechlin

  • ッEnnovaTIONSSッ

    everyone: *nothing* tyler: 41:24

  • Lucy Skylar
    Lucy Skylar

    I looooove them all sooooo much 💖💖💖

  • TeamLovatoRain

    Wheres Crystal Reed??

  • Imad Ould rouis
    Imad Ould rouis

    Qui A rien compris

  • claudi Allen
    claudi Allen

    18:45 !!! AWWWSSS im diying for so much love

  • BlackX

    I Love Teen Wolf, Season 7 Please. 💔🥺

  • Said Tovar
    Said Tovar

    please take out the seventh season of teen wolf and that scott and malia remain a couple in the series

  • Darth Ravenz Bladez
    Darth Ravenz Bladez

    Dang not one person looks like they have closure that it ended

  • Darth Ravenz Bladez
    Darth Ravenz Bladez

    Man I'm still in love with Holland 😘

  • Darth Ravenz Bladez
    Darth Ravenz Bladez

    No Derek no allison? Wack

  • Maureen Phillip
    Maureen Phillip

    Where's Alison??

  • Marina Wommer
    Marina Wommer

    Teen wolf is the best serie, I love ❤️🐺🇧🇷

  • Steven Ramey
    Steven Ramey

    I want more of this show!

  • Vlad Olariu
    Vlad Olariu

    Who want a sezon 7????????

  • Natalya Munoz
    Natalya Munoz

    Dylan O’Brien saying T’Pose makes my heart happy 🥺

  • milkiway


  • Nate Wonsley, IV
    Nate Wonsley, IV

    Season 7 pls #HellHound

  • ロザア_Mutano CDM
    ロザア_Mutano CDM

    Neflix:Rick And Morty film Rick: Orny Adams

  • Cat Vega
    Cat Vega


  • cam i
    cam i

    dylan s and tyler are both holding guitars😂

  • Alex Jadiel Maldonado
    Alex Jadiel Maldonado

    Or a brand new TEEN WOLF starting with a hopeless young Bitten Werewolf.

  • Alex Jadiel Maldonado
    Alex Jadiel Maldonado

    TEEN WOLF Season 7 or KITSUNE Spin-Off. MTV give us something already...

  • Tamia Adams
    Tamia Adams

    Where is Tyler Hoechlin

  • varnavas games
    varnavas games

    Where is Derek ????

  • blue.1 bubblegum
    blue.1 bubblegum

    Tyler Posey for president

  • Don Reniva
    Don Reniva

    arden still looks beautiful!

  • Zainab Mukadam
    Zainab Mukadam


  • MTN_ LMK
    MTN_ LMK

    Team teen wolf

  • ella

    bruh where is crystal and tyler?

  • Mew TUBE
    Mew TUBE

    On netflix there is only until season 4 does anybody know where can i watch the season 5 and 6 pls tell me

    • Mew TUBE
      Mew TUBE

      @Alexis Elliott ty ama try

    • Alexis Elliott
      Alexis Elliott

      All of them are on amazon prime if not a wed site called soap2day has it

  • Cata Conde
    Cata Conde

    dylan sigue siendo el mas mino

  • Rori Ramokolo
    Rori Ramokolo

    And where’s Tyler H and Crystal and Colton

  • Rori Ramokolo
    Rori Ramokolo

    Please let’s get this show back on air

  • Ocuman Peggy
    Ocuman Peggy

    love everyone! spin off Teen Wolf... go go go!

  • Luis Felipe Arlati
    Luis Felipe Arlati

    QUEM É BR AI??

  • Bora Neziri
    Bora Neziri

    I-i-i don't see.....DEREKKKKKKKK ARGHM!

  • Rezkin

    Man this reunion still makes me so happy

  • Thaíssa Queiroz Marques
    Thaíssa Queiroz Marques

    Saudades de Teen Wolf, amo muitoooooo o Dylan tá muito gato

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young

    Stiles and Scott wouldn’t be step brothers because Scott’s mom was with Addisons dad

  • Clive Prescott
    Clive Prescott

    No joke crying rivers here 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • grace eleanor
    grace eleanor

    no one: me: watching to see if dylan and holland smile at what each other say 👁👄👁

  • Ibraheem Kassam
    Ibraheem Kassam

    Who's still watching Teen Wolf and never finish the series YET?

  • keshi k
    keshi k

    Wait where is Tyler Hoechlin?

  • Giorgi Iadze
    Giorgi Iadze


  • ViaMirage

    Wow Dylan: I was like, he was like, like like, LIKE, LIKE 😂😂 LIKE #1

  • Rebecca

    I want season 7 so bad 😔🙏🏼🥺

  • Nonpeon

    Just finished watching ALL 6 seasons.

  • Maalik Robinson
    Maalik Robinson

    I’m not crying you are

  • King Felow
    King Felow


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