Teen Wolf 9-Years Later | MTV Reunion
The Pack is Back! Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and the rest of your favorites from Teen Wolf reunite after 9-years. Hosted by Josh Horowitz.
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  • Elīza O.
    Elīza O.


  • Life with Nathaly
    Life with Nathaly

    love this tv showw i want it backkk plzzzzz bring backkk teen wolfff


    where is the vet

    • KHWendy28

      walking with the dead!!!!! he is on The walking dead.

  • Tamil WorldTube
    Tamil WorldTube

    We need teen wolf back..

  • Ramone Gayle
    Ramone Gayle

    This is season 7 itself guys Who agree?

  • Allison Meister
    Allison Meister

    Were was ryan kelley

  • Otitna onaicul
    Otitna onaicul

    i’m not listening to a single word, i’m just looking at Dylan 😩

  • Silia Peristeropoulou
    Silia Peristeropoulou

    Why did I answer for them?

  • Dede.Yamya. Vlogs
    Dede.Yamya. Vlogs

    dude, this interviewer met everybody. from marvel to mtv .

  • Jorge 11
    Jorge 11

    I love Teen Wolf!

  • Leshon Barnes
    Leshon Barnes

    Come back Teen wolf


    Love how Ian looks like he took a punch to the face😂😂😂

  • Joseph Jr
    Joseph Jr

    Damn bro im only on season 3 but where the hell is Allison her dad and derek? also Isaac

  • Bára Novotná
    Bára Novotná

    7:03 the way dylan is looking at holland

  • MADFUT21 Trades
    MADFUT21 Trades

    Please bring back teen wolf

  • Righ

    Bring back teen wolf now c'mon please 😣

  • Dachi Dograshvili
    Dachi Dograshvili

    We want Teen Wolf season 7

  • Sandra T Ndlovu
    Sandra T Ndlovu



    Where's the argents?

  • Miriami Ubiria
    Miriami Ubiria

    Where is Daniel?

  • Jahiem Trail
    Jahiem Trail

    I need season 7 so bad 😭😭😭

  • elise davis
    elise davis

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-Z2jYtIxHba4.html Watch and share if you want a season 7 we are trying to get the word out!!

  • Mesut Tombak
    Mesut Tombak

    Where Tyler Hoechlin 😡🤬

  • balam lakshmi kanth reddy
    balam lakshmi kanth reddy

    How may of you missed Derek, Argent and Allison here

  • Dakoda

    I wonder how long it took them to be able to tell Max and Charlie apart and if they even can

  • Eli Deborah
    Eli Deborah

    Everyone's like: "Why isn't Isaac Lahey, Derek Hale and The Argents here in this reunion?" I'm like: "Where's Corey Bryant?" 😔

  • Peter Lynch
    Peter Lynch

    how tyler posey said that he think scott should just the a break from life with him saying that i think scott should retire as the alpha let liam take over and a spin off of the puppy pack starts and as it starts liam and theo finally get together

  • Μαρία Νυμφοπούλου
    Μαρία Νυμφοπούλου

    Ohh please get another season in air... I've just finished it and bro... i'm just stuck, I see it even in my dreams...It's the best series i've ever seen seriously... That's what quarantine does to us 😜❤️❤️

  • Wolfy YT
    Wolfy YT

    Season 7

  • Its_ Lucky
    Its_ Lucky

    I love Ian’s hair rn 🥰

  • alberthhh

    Where s deaton at???

    • Oisin Quinn
      Oisin Quinn


  • Fidan Hajieva
    Fidan Hajieva

    Season 7 PLEASE

  • Maxie _Gamer
    Maxie _Gamer

    I miss Allison yall

  • Kelly roadtrip
    Kelly roadtrip

    I miss crystal reed in here

  • Bonnie Anderson
    Bonnie Anderson

    I actually think Theo and Liam would realize that they have feelings for each other and are finally together

  • Zega

    Plesae sezon 7 teen wolf

  • Elsa Karlsson
    Elsa Karlsson

    I love Ian's laugh lol

  • Elsa Karlsson
    Elsa Karlsson

    not me pretending I'm in the meeting with them :))

  • Kalyan Mercy Sapkota
    Kalyan Mercy Sapkota

    Season 7 plz !! If possible 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • Danie_la

    chat.whatsapp.com/HrRm0Oz7wqSLLlptak10zl GRUPO TEEM WOLF

  • Anamarija Barbic
    Anamarija Barbic

    They are all so pretty but arden😩

  • Ella Jurascheck
    Ella Jurascheck

    Not perfect without Allison and derek 😭

  • Mia rose M
    Mia rose M

    I wish they add more seasons to teen wolf !!👑

  • lefteris Vrionis
    lefteris Vrionis

    Can someone tell me if they will seasson 7?

  • シespercx

    where is derek hale????????????

    • KHWendy28

      busy being Superman?

  • Anne-Sophie Charbonneau
    Anne-Sophie Charbonneau

    Not me only watching Dylan

  • zureidy quirino
    zureidy quirino

    It’s 3:38 am and I’m currently crying that this show is over…..restarting it again for the 100th time

  • Nancy Feliciano
    Nancy Feliciano

    Love them 💕

  • Lisa Kop-Arnoldus
    Lisa Kop-Arnoldus

    I love Teenwolf, Im a very big fan oft😁🤩😍

    • Lisa Kop-Arnoldus
      Lisa Kop-Arnoldus

      Of the show and cast😁 Teenwolf have a place in my heart😁😍 love Lisa from Holland 😁😘

  • Angelina Estrella
    Angelina Estrella

    “how cute”-Tyler posey

  • Christina King
    Christina King

    okay where is crystal reed

  • Elene Mkervalishvili
    Elene Mkervalishvili

    I just noticed that Cody's wearing his Beverly High hoodie stop he's literally the cutest person ever

  • Addie Tagg
    Addie Tagg

    i never watched the final episode either

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    I miss allison

  • Xx Crystal xX
    Xx Crystal xX

    I was waiting on coach to yell or something lolll

  • anna Shaw
    anna Shaw

    Who's watching the reunion in 2021

  • Aylin Marisol Ortega
    Aylin Marisol Ortega

    Is no one going to talk about Cody’s hoodie

  • Emperor Court
    Emperor Court

    MTV''s best Show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    Will always be my favorite cast ever

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    Let me just cry how did I just watch this

  • david nagel
    david nagel

    Imagine seeing dylan riding the jeep

  • Mariah Gonzalez
    Mariah Gonzalez

    just finished teen wolf, used to be into it when it first came out due to being poor lost connection to it cause of no cable. Happy to rewatch the first 2 seasons and watch the rest. Cant wait to rewatch again when my own child is a teen ! looking forward to it

  • Mariam Cherif
    Mariam Cherif

    on May 6th in three days stream Teen Wolf on Netflix, Hulu, or anywhere you can and spam MTV hopefully we can get their attention. Please sign chng.it/gnCxRMgZ Get #BringTeenWolfBack Trending any and everywhere email, DM, call, tweet, etc. MTV, MGM, and VIACOM. Share this please!

  • lara clown
    lara clown

    holland aged like fine wine bro she's still so pretty

  • Animanga

    Give us season 7

  • S City tv
    S City tv

    Why tf u guys dont bring back a season 7 for teen wolf MTV....fans oithere suffering 😅😥

  • Succoro Solano
    Succoro Solano


  • Succoro Solano
    Succoro Solano

    Even Shelley stans Stalia

  • Sabreena Mohamed
    Sabreena Mohamed

    And I am still watching it for the 3rd time❤❤

  • Stina Karlsson
    Stina Karlsson

    please i want a season 7 like RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

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