Texans vs. Titans Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2019
The Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Kristyan Pierce
    Kristyan Pierce

    .tanahill is underrated

  • Joe Onemanteam
    Joe Onemanteam

    Great play by safetyreid 20#SS my Houston Texans

  • Joe Onemanteam
    Joe Onemanteam

    24# as Vaccaro is my favorite player for the Titans Watson needs not to throw interceptions like that though go texans

  • Alvar Wall
    Alvar Wall

    God tannehills balls are money. Just money throw after money throw

  • Alvar Wall
    Alvar Wall

    Tannehill’s deep ball is so underrated it’s ridiculous

  • CasualGameFreak

    Lots of people talking about the call at 8:00 and acting as if the refs had access to the slo-mo and all the angles when they threw that flag. Yes, it was the wrong call, but I also initially thought it was helmet-to-helmet (thanks to the first angle and the sound of the collision) before the replay was shown. From the ref's angle in real time, it looked like a helmet-to-helmet. That's why the flag was thrown, simple as that. Wrong call? Yes. But I think anyone could have made that mistake in the official's place.

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng

    Cmon d line

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng

    Texans really had gave me a rough night

  • Tyler Drey
    Tyler Drey

    8:00 was a weak ass penalty

  • Bobby Tredwater
    Bobby Tredwater

    Texans ... No more Hopkins... Let that sink in.... You guys r done!!!!

    • Tyler Drey
      Tyler Drey

      Bobby Tredwater Yes, because Hopkins played quarterback, offensive line, running back, tight end and defense

  • Noah Lane
    Noah Lane

    Hahahaha lol Titans. Great players, i don’t think i even remotely dislike a single Titans player, but their owners deserve every loss they get.

  • John Kindle
    John Kindle

    Whose here after Houston got blown up by KC.

  • Klyntar Kenny
    Klyntar Kenny

    If I had a last name like that I’d make my name “Mad Max Mercilus”

  • Maxwell Keller
    Maxwell Keller

    6:47 8:19 11:14

  • Rotisserie Chicken
    Rotisserie Chicken

    AFC championship for the rematch 👀

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton

    You should go to ScreenVariety Tv If you want to watch live TV today

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton

    ScreenVariety Tv is looking pretty juicy for it.

  • Ronnie Boy
    Ronnie Boy

    Texans have to beat the titans, they don’t want to see them in the playoffs believe that.

  • Daniel Valenzuela
    Daniel Valenzuela

    Go Aarón rodgers

  • Cristian Elvis
    Cristian Elvis

    Almost forgot to mention,has anyone noticed the Tannehil Sharpe connections,and their communication everytime Tannehil goes to Sharpe throught the year pure perfection 💪😉 😊

  • ThePeoplesChamp

    TEN should sit Henry for Week 16 and play him at HOU. TEN gains nothing from beating the Saints, it literally does not help them get in, or rules them out, of the playoffs. Just let Henry heal up and play him versus HOU. The best TEN can do is the 6th seed. TEN can win the next 2 games and remain at the 7th seed, and they can even lose the next to games and be the 6th seed depending on what PIT/INDY does.

  • tyvek05


  • kben

    “You gotta run the ball but you gotta run it outside” Romo’s the best.

  • Mitt Obama
    Mitt Obama

    Fire Dean Pees. He can't stop Texans and that is trouble .

  • Alexander Piotrowski
    Alexander Piotrowski

    Broncos beat both these teams! GO BRONCOS!!!

  • Kenny L Garrett Jr
    Kenny L Garrett Jr

    I just can't believe how no matter what happens, there still continues to b horrible officiating! Just absolutely terrible! There's a bad call or a no call that should've been called almost every game. I've been saying this for the past few yrs. The refs ruin the players season and everything they work so hard for. And with today's age n technology, I WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • himynamesmarc :p
    himynamesmarc :p

    wow that tennessee offense looks scary

  • Seahawks Fan9000
    Seahawks Fan9000

    I had no idea wtf Sims was thinking when deciding to return the ball instead of letting roll into the endzone for a touchback

  • Priston Mbony
    Priston Mbony

    Nick chubb is the best runner back in the NFL

  • Smashing Comet
    Smashing Comet

    Lattimore got some comp coming up🤦🏾‍♂

  • Christian Tolliver
    Christian Tolliver

    8:57 did anyone else notice the Titans had 2 guys spying on Watson and they still let him run for the first down

  • Amani Billups
    Amani Billups

    Texans do this again week 17 - Steelers fans

  • 1986

    NFC East is the weakest division in football.

  • Steven Hayes
    Steven Hayes

    If you look at the play where Mercilus got the Int there was a false start that wasnt called so it its instant karma

  • brian marshall
    brian marshall

    both these teams are very quietly going about their business while all the AFC press is on Lamar MVP?, Brady + are the Pats done?, Mahomes, are the Bills for real etc. For Texas on media its all will Dallas win NFC east? There defo under the radar and could surprise package anyone who makes post season, good luck

  • Rob Wesley
    Rob Wesley

    Tough loss for us Titans fans but we have so much potential and talent now in this organization. I honestly think next year we can make a Super Bowl run. Titanup

    • Connor Murphy
      Connor Murphy

      Or you could defy expectations and make it this year. With the way your team is playing it sure looks that way.

  • Mc Ren
    Mc Ren

    Ill never forgive Anthony Firkser for fumbling the season away. He should be cut immediately.

  • Denzel from Washington
    Denzel from Washington

    Tanihill Air Jordan pose was kinda dope

  • br3wskee

    Joker movie was trash.

  • leonelp51

    guess the titans will tag tanehill next season ...

  • Damian Lujan
    Damian Lujan

    Joseph sucks

  • colelove chocolate
    colelove chocolate

    Dumb ass Tennessee Titans coaching f*"!ed off the game. 1st and goal inside 10 yard line and they go with pass.....not Derrick Henry. Also what a sorry fake punt pass play fooled no one. Fire GM and Coaching Staff.

  • Iyzlo Kenobi
    Iyzlo Kenobi

    That pick in the second was absolutley crazy

  • Raequan Hicks
    Raequan Hicks

    Watson tried to catch em slipping 5:15🤣🤣😂😂💯

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior

    This game was like jerking off a dead guy... The results you wanted are just not going to happen

  • raccoon1776

    Can wait for the salt in the comments P.S imma Texans fan you fake oilers

  • Theo K
    Theo K

    For the love of God, can the Titans get different grass?! This makes their games unwatchable

  • Jay Dancy
    Jay Dancy

    Bullshit call on the unnecessary roughness kall


    pause @ 7:53 - is that Ja Morrant's dad or am I trippin??

  • Texan Football Houston
    Texan Football Houston

    2int y didn't they run the ball dam it

  • Jourden Alvarez
    Jourden Alvarez

    8:00 DAAHM!

  • Brian LUL
    Brian LUL

    2:49 beautiful team play


    I would like to watch this game, but a piece of crap announcer already babbled out the victor during another game . @@@##~@#@%&* these stupid announcers!

  • Robert Schwartzback
    Robert Schwartzback

    NFL refs are getting soooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Let them play the damn game!!

  • wroot

    What an unfortunate int..


    let´s go texans what a game

  • beastman 668
    beastman 668

    this was a great game

  • RoguePepper 9606
    RoguePepper 9606

    Firsker straight up sold...

  • Yung Believer
    Yung Believer

    8:07 Unfortunately this is what the Texans deal with on a *weekly* basis. The NFL officials have screwed this team every way possible the entire season.

  • Larry The Bird
    Larry The Bird

    4:48 never seen the no fly zone done like that lmao

  • Simon Okosun
    Simon Okosun

    2 huge moments that could have counted against the texans: 1. Egregious unnecessary roughness call. 2. Watson instead of going down to run the clock decided to throw the ball away and pause the time at 3.31 left in the game.

  • Gabriel A
    Gabriel A

    Scarlxrd is the best

  • Ratchet Rome
    Ratchet Rome

    the titans are a scary team when they are on

  • Joseph Woda
    Joseph Woda

    im really impressed how well the titans played, good on them

  • Vamp iLL
    Vamp iLL

    10:19 anyone else hear the “oof” meme😂

  • Tyler Merwin
    Tyler Merwin

    Love to see ex- Dolphin players do well under decent coaching.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Good game don't agree with the unnecessary roghness call, thought it was clean hard hit.He led wit his shoulder.

  • RTH Falconer
    RTH Falconer

    So even with a better O-Line, better running game, better defense and better coaching staff, Ryan Tannehill still can't win a game at home to get his team into the playoffs.

    • Addicted2Truth

      Yet he lead his team to four straight wins.

  • Négusfirst

    The Texans center is very accurate

  • Brody Clere
    Brody Clere

    Titans winning out and winning the division

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