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This is the IT-my channel of the King of the Fourth Quarter himself. He is a basketball IT-myr, bball connoisseur, and Cohost of The Through The Wire Podcast. Subscribe for all things basketball!
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  • Jackson Thyfault
    Jackson Thyfault

    Weird video idea but put 5 of the same guy as a 99 overall for every attribute and see what happens

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster

    It feels weird watching an old kot4q vid and hearing him we on the road to 1 milli when hes at that now

  • Epicnicnuts Z
    Epicnicnuts Z

    damnnnn im here when kot4q is at 999k subs

  • Andre Aoun
    Andre Aoun

    marc and pau were both at boston and kenny traded for both too. the spanish bruthas are inseparable

  • Rodney Harvey
    Rodney Harvey

    I never really comment on things but I really like the young up and comers...I love college as well but I would love to see a rebuild challenge of all players under 26 and under... so no giannis..a.d. lavine.. gobert. the high level youngsters are off limits... The zions ..ingram..simmons..morant.. can they win it all...

  • Hunter Noble
    Hunter Noble

    This should be called the “Brooklyn Nets Challenge”

  • Hassel Chip
    Hassel Chip

    Should’ve just signed Kyle Korver

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson

    Everyone just give him 1m

  • Tobias Fernandez
    Tobias Fernandez

    Hola bro te quería pedir si puedes poner subtitulos en español y si es así muchas gracias

  • Phillip Marrocco
    Phillip Marrocco

    it was good

  • Will Fuller
    Will Fuller

    If it’s starts with “and we back” or “alright alright alright alright alright” you know it gon be good

  • JFH

    2:35 Kenny has no idea he makes jrue holiday a center and is at the bottom of his roster

  • Hooping_hood_ Mike
    Hooping_hood_ Mike


  • Natthan Clark
    Natthan Clark

    The misty grease happily tame because rainstorm aesthetically waste past a woozy hail. electric, third flesh

  • Eli Opus
    Eli Opus

    Is there a challenge where you turn a random g league player into a superstar?

  • LuckySparrow tk
    LuckySparrow tk

    When I saw Kenny put Holiday at center I was like Nahh

  • Ethan Gathetu
    Ethan Gathetu

    Do you think it’s cheating to have two non all stars on your roster, but all the players getting minutes are?

  • Anthony Hood
    Anthony Hood

    Kenny: victor oladipo is cheap in trade value then Kenny: but hes not cheap in his overall :me HOW THE HECK DO YOU BE CHEAP IN YOUR OVERALL WHAT THE FLIP

  • VIP Gaming
    VIP Gaming

    Don’t really know what to name this challenge but have 5 players over the age of 34 and 5 players under the age of 22. You can start whoever you want and when you get to the playoffs you can shorten the rotation if need be. Good luck!

  • Mason Dunlow
    Mason Dunlow

    Jrue is a former all star

  • 박미정

    The symptomatic reward perioperaively obey because cellar infrequently pat of a wealthy turtle. guttural H habitual, melted tortoise

  • Derion Boose
    Derion Boose

    Simulation: Put everyone back on the original team that they played their first season for, Draft trades do not matter. Turn off trades and simulate

  • Zac Margolis
    Zac Margolis

    3:25 & 4:43 Jrue Holiday at Center is just Justin Holiday. Prove me wrong.

  • Theo Tilton
    Theo Tilton

    2:07 makes Jrue Holiday a center

  • RyanDwyer 100
    RyanDwyer 100

    Day 92 of asking Kenny to Do The Same Overall Challenge, it is everyone in Your starting lineup must be the same overall, and everyone on the bench must have the same overall (Separate overalls for the Bench player and the starters if it’s not clear) It should be fun watching u try to trade in this one


    Day#1 Asking Kenny✨ Rookies Only 🚫 Make a team with all players are rookies and win a championship 2 times in a row back to back💪🏻 But have 1 player that invited at rising star and start him on ur team😎 Hi kenny i love your videos i hope u hit the mil...... Love you kenny💖✨

  • lilmattvert !
    lilmattvert !

    Challenge, make a team with all rookies, no changing positions but you must keep 2 players on the team through your the whole video

  • Christian Buna
    Christian Buna

    The round instrument singly delay because stick originally decorate including a abject jar. overrated, shrill gander

  • Elijah Martin
    Elijah Martin

    and marcus morris s.r.

  • Elijah Martin
    Elijah Martin

    Asking kenny to do the brother rebuilding challenge you start off with giannas atentokoumpo kotas atetokoumo and thansais atetokoumpo brook lopez and robin lopez wardell stephen curry and seth curry pau and marc gasol jrue aron and justin holiday lemelo and lonzo ball and last but not least markieff morris and instead of thanasis and kotas do roco and cristiano fileceo and to make you happy instead of robin lopez you get the goat himself derrick rose

  • Andrew Greiner
    Andrew Greiner

    Let’s get KOT4Q to 1 million Subs Edit: Subs

  • Greg Baguio
    Greg Baguio

    Hey Kenny Jrue was an All star to you know

  • Ultramonk27

    Challenge Ideas: Draft Class Battle: 4 teams where each team's roster is composed of players from that draft class. 1 top 5 player, 2 top 10 players (6-10), 4 top 30 players (11-30), 2 top 40 players (31-40), 4 players spots 41-60 or undrafted from that class. 2 in each conference, who wins it all? Go through a couple seasons of leveling up players, then tackle the challenge. Your choice of whether top means draft position or how they're ranked today (redrafts, extension contracts, scoring options on teams, improvements throughout the years, etc.) Endorsement Challenge: Team Adidas, Team Nike, Team Jordan, Team Under Armour, Team Puma, Chinese Brands (Li-Ning, Anta, etc combined together etc). This one in light of 2020 rookies along with other players in recent years getting new shoe deals (Bam and Obi to Jordan, Lamelo on Puma, Edwards on Adidas I think, Wiseman on Anta)

  • lilmattvert !
    lilmattvert !

    Challenge, make a team with all rookies and see how many championships you can win

  • RyanDaGoat

    My favorite player is Julius randle as a knicks fan so I’m happy

  • Elliott Elton
    Elliott Elton

    As a Minnesota fan, this hurt.

  • 352 Prince
    352 Prince

    Kenny: " Pau Gasol welcome to the t.. Oh" Me: 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alek Kuykendall
    Alek Kuykendall

    Someone please explain why pascal siakam is an 84 overall that is disrespectful

  • CBK Gaming
    CBK Gaming

    Can you do a Rebuild where Everyone is 25 or Younger

  • Jordan Makes Vids
    Jordan Makes Vids

    Bam Adebayo signed a footwear and apparel endorsement with Jordan Brand 🔥

  • Brandon Malavarca
    Brandon Malavarca

    Do a series on if they never got hurt. Rose, stoudemire, Roy, granger, Michael Redd and others

  • Ballin soro
    Ballin soro

    Me being sad SGA isnt one

  • Steven Gregory ll
    Steven Gregory ll

    "Make carmelo a sf and his overall will go up, then make melo a backup pf" did anyone else catch that :)

  • PewPewGun98

    damn imagine Harden and Lamelo irl

  • FortniteClips2020

    Day 29 of asking Kenny to do the “ One Headed Monster Rebuild Challenge” Have 1 player of your choice with 48 min Rest of team under 75 overall Have to win at least 60 games every year Must win 2 championships in 3 seasons

  • Saucey TJ
    Saucey TJ

    We got 32k likes yessir

  • 0 0
    0 0

    Do a Greg oden Career resim

  • Corey Fehlberg
    Corey Fehlberg

    Who do you follow in NBA

  • Priyanshu Singhal
    Priyanshu Singhal

    minneosta that aint like y'all 15:45 😂😂😂😂

  • The Funny Jawn
    The Funny Jawn

    Blockbuster Challenge: Make Three 3-Team Trades and win championship

  • Edward Wawrzycki
    Edward Wawrzycki

    Screw the challenges. King of the 4th quarter please do something Naruto related on my league or even do a Naruto career sim I swear that video would be so hard I didn’t even know you knew about Naruto but I gotta see this

  • Caiden Smith
    Caiden Smith

    Create a new goat and sim his career

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P

    GeoGuessr rebuilding challenge 10 man rotation, 10 rounds of GeoGuessr If you get a score of over 4,500 for a round you choose a player from that state If you get a score of 3,500-4,499 for a round you use a random number generator to select a player from that state If you get a score less than 3,500 for a round you get andre levingston Flip those assets Abraham

  • ShiftyBeast

    Morant should have made it T-T

  • J Baller
    J Baller

    Play basketball GM again

  • Rishi Narla
    Rishi Narla

    The REBUILD Rebuild challenge: You have to play with the team with the worst record after one season. You have to win a chip with a starting five of auto-generated players that YOU drafted. Your bench can be current players/auto-generated guys you didn't draft You have as many seasons as you need because I don't like seeing you fail Kenny Much love from England bro

  • Bar 123
    Bar 123

    challenge idea: -do fantasy draft -win a chip in 3 years - you can have only one all Star on your team - if one of your players become all star in the video you must trade him good luck please like this comment so Kenny could see it 😁

  • Azan Alnur
    Azan Alnur

    Hey Kenny do this rebuild: The "Agent Rebuild" Pick 15 NBA player agents and put them on a wheel (if you want, you can also add a my choice but that's only for the agent, not any player) Then, put all (or most) of their players onto a second wheel and spin that, then add that player on your team and do that until you have a complete roster. (e.g. If I spun a wheel and I got Rich Paul, I'd spin another wheel with the players he works with, so like Lebron, Anunoby etc.) Like for Kenny to see this! Good luck!

  • Poetic Angles
    Poetic Angles

    I have a rebuild a championship roster with no brothers.

  • Liam Nachmani
    Liam Nachmani

    Day 11 of asking Kenny to do the 2 Combined Teams Rebuilding challenge: *Do Not do a Fantasy Draft 1. Create two expansion teams (one from each conference) 2. Create a wheel with all 32 teams 3. Spin the wheel twice and combine the two teams it landed on (aka combine the 1st and 2nd teams into one team) and make sure you have 8 teams in each conference 4. Do the same until there are only 16 teams in the league and then simulate a season 5. After a season, take the worst team in the opposite conference from the team with the best record in the league 6. Rebuild that team and try to win in the finals *You cannot trade with the best team in the league

  • J.C

    But how does he do that of putting random players on random teams

  • Asaf Pelleh
    Asaf Pelleh

    4 challenges!!! The easy fun challenge: Take a team that never won a championship. Hire a coach that never won a championship. Get a 15 player roster, non of them ever won a championship. Win a championship in your 1st season. The "who's scoring?" challenge: The low productivity challenge: Sabonis at 4, Ro Co at 3, etc'... Put all the players with high overall but low ppg rpg apg etc'. A team of so many 80+ overall should win a championship, right? Someone, supposedly, will score. The youth rebuilding ultimate dynasty challenge: 1st pre-season: Trade ALL your players for draft picks. Sign only free agents. Complete the season without any additional trades. 2nd pre-season: You MUST use all your 1st round draft picks. You can only trade picks for better picks. You must sign all your 1st round picks. You can trade all other players freely. 3rd pre-season: You now have 2 seasons to achieve 10 80+ overall, 4 seasons to achieve 8 90+ overall and 5 seasons to achieve a 3peat.Can you get a family championship? The family team: Doc Rivers is you head coach, Austin Rivers on the team. All the antetokounmpo bothers, the Lopes brothers, The Holidays, the Zellers, The Grants, all of all on 1 family team. Will it bring a championship?

  • lachlan mcleod
    lachlan mcleod

    And we back

  • Idk Name
    Idk Name

    Does this man have the case for PS4 GTA V in the background..?

    • Idk Name
      Idk Name


  • Funnabe

    the way kenny changed moods so quickly. he looked so exited that jrue was an all star in 2013 and then realised it was the year after d rose and looked in pain

  • Slite Konto
    Slite Konto

    Iggy at SF almost a 80...

  • Matt2k


  • Brandon Willams
    Brandon Willams

    Kenny if you want to edit every player at the same time go to all players then quick edit which is the option button then press x/a twice and you should be able to edit one rating for every player and just do it for every rating. For future vids

  • Tar Favors
    Tar Favors

    Was anyone else waiting for him to realize jrue was an allstar?

  • Lol 2live
    Lol 2live

    Video 1 of asking you to rebuild a team when everyone has max potential

Prossimi video