The BA Test Kitchen Makes the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal | Making Perfect: Thanksgiving Finale
Bon Appétit
This is it. Bringing it all together. Brad, Claire, Rick, Carla, Andy, Chris, Molly and Christina have striven over the last few weeks to create the perfect component parts of a Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, sides, pie. Now they're here to bring it all together in the finale and make a (mostly) absolutely perfect Thanksgiving meal. Well, there are a few hiccups along the way, but what's a Thanksgiving meal without a few happy accidents?
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The BA Test Kitchen Makes the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal | Making Perfect: Thanksgiving Finale

  • CharliePUNKROCK Baker
    CharliePUNKROCK Baker

    @ 27:00 they had to blur Molly's wet tshirt

  • Vicky Michele
    Vicky Michele

    You are really good at this job 😍

  • cdmak1

    At what temp did they pull the turkey, 145??

  • Imnotthirsty

    I need me some chef friends and a house with one oven.

  • Anton

    This was a bad episode for Brad. What a nice guy being betrayed left and right. Sumac being LEFT OUT. And he didnt even get to go clamming.

  • Sarah Ssentongo
    Sarah Ssentongo

    Her moms name is SAUCIIIIIII???? amazing

  • marika m
    marika m

    i have never been so invested in another family's thanksgiving dinner prep

  • Yessica Gschwend
    Yessica Gschwend

    I love how they call cristine 'chae' her korean name. Such a beautiful friendship❤️

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    My Netflix subscription became redundant.

  • Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy

    OMFG!!!! BEST Video ever!! I want to party with you guys! Lol

  • C H I E
    C H I E

    tunaaaaaa 💙

  • half girl
    half girl

    So entertaining 🤙

  • Robin Wiley
    Robin Wiley

    Too many chefs?????

  • Edward James
    Edward James

    Considering my Thanksgivings consist of about 50 family members in one house....this was pretty!!!!

  • First Last
    First Last

    This is like a the office episode lmao

  • Shroom 85
    Shroom 85

    Claire choking on the heat at 41:21 made me laugh so hard😂

  • Ashleigh Sanders
    Ashleigh Sanders

    The tiny dog named Tuna is stealing the show.

  • M Ad
    M Ad

    Yes yes the Thanksgiving menu was great, but tell me more about everything going on in the lobster roll dinner.

  • Richard H
    Richard H

    Tuna is "The BA Test Kitchen" mascot now ^^

  • Enrique Aguas
    Enrique Aguas

    Tuna was great

  • Vania Jennings
    Vania Jennings

    Every time Claire said Brad it sounds like bread

  • Matthew Rzonca
    Matthew Rzonca

    This was such an awesome set of videos, I am sure it was pretty weird doing all of this before Thanksgiving but it turned out really well. I hope that this can make sense for the Bon Appetit Kitchen to do again next year. It really feels like it could be spun into an annual tradition.

  • Luis Sepulveda
    Luis Sepulveda

    Claire is hungry 5:12 😂😂😂

  • M. Tagliente
    M. Tagliente

    im hungies

  • atheer h
    atheer h

    Please adopt me 😭😭😭

  • Ayesha Jahangir
    Ayesha Jahangir

    Who cares LETS KEEP CLAMMIN -mood

  • Ayesha Jahangir
    Ayesha Jahangir

    Oh god I love this

  • ritz yeow
    ritz yeow

    I've watched this an uncomfortable amount of times

  • Ryan Freeman
    Ryan Freeman

    the only thing that i got out of this is that molly has a dog named tuna

  • Rose Brown
    Rose Brown

    I want Sauci to adopt me

  • Karen K
    Karen K

    they really did all this for our thanksgiving in november in august, love them too much

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm

    with every video of them together Andy, Brad and Claire remind me more and more of Harry, Ron and Hermione (in that order, except this Ron and Hermione aren't dating bc Ron has kids on his own)

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm

    "you guys look like a late eighties early nineties girl group by the way" i love Andy so much nfksdf

  • aisha06baby

    This made me so happy

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm

    claire and molly starting to laugh the moment they see eachother is the cutest thing!! yes friendship!!

  • Steve H
    Steve H

    What wines did you guys drink!?! Looking for new ones to try. Maybe make a wine recommendation post or video?

  • Jed Codilan
    Jed Codilan

    “It’s the holidays, my family’s so loud” -Leone,2019

  • Xavierrr eli
    Xavierrr eli

    What are you guys thankful for?

  • heidisomething

    This format is amazing

  • Iona

    Okay Delany needs to join these making perfect series... even if it’s just for the final episode that would MAKE IT

  • Spencer Nguyen
    Spencer Nguyen

    7:33 Little did she know

  • Shadowonshadows

    Wow free the nipple, Bon Appetit

  • CyanAnn

    is it just me or does the thumbnail make it look like they're crouching with their feet in turkey...

  • dorå

    this truly the office in a cooking show 35:37 Claire: Andy ! Andy is already eat Andy: this is STRESS eating!! LMAOOOOOsameOOO

  • Yulia Lopez
    Yulia Lopez

    Potato Man: "potatoes"

  • joyjacobus

    Chris: that sounds like a personal problem Burn baby burn!!!

  • Emily Russell
    Emily Russell

    I needed this to be 2 hours long MINIMUM. I could watch a TV show starring this kind of chaos daily

  • Lu

    "sumac brings chaotic evil"

  • shadylud

    Claire: "sometimes there has to be a dictatorship and that place is the kitchen" peace was never an option for claire

  • buzmeash

    I can’t stop watching this. Have seen this for the fourth time now. It’s so entertaining better than a movie 😛

    • Ngozi Ukazu
      Ngozi Ukazu

      Watch #3 for me 😅

  • snowangeliquexx

    Is there any other video like this? Similar to the format and feel. I LOVE it.

  • abduraghmaan fisher
    abduraghmaan fisher

    Molly amidst all the stress in the kitchen : LOBSTER ROLLS!!

  • Happy Ijuko
    Happy Ijuko

    this is like one of those crazy holiday cross over in cartoons it's amazing

  • Dany Gizzell
    Dany Gizzell

    This is to funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christian Pederson
    Christian Pederson

    They had to blur molly’s tata’s 😂 Bad day to not wear a bra

  • jrs89

    How is this Cape Cod during November? I thought Cape Cod was just south of Boston. Isn't it rather cold this time of year? How are they not wearing coats?

    • Gabby Mason
      Gabby Mason

      jrs89 this was in august

  • Connor Edwards
    Connor Edwards

    Did anyone catch the Vine reference when Brad “Jersey boy” said “Get the dog off the table!” And Christina knew to say “he’s always on the table!” and Molly just DIDN’T GET IT

  • Ian DeLucca
    Ian DeLucca

    I listened to the sound Andy made when that cranberry sauce released like 40 times.

    • Ian DeLucca
      Ian DeLucca


  • Adaeze

    this is like grays anatomy, but for food

  • meesersuperman

    thinking abt how we may have been able to see andy go clamming without a shirt on if he and brad didn't take turkey....

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee

    How is this more stressful than when I cooked Thanksgiving for 13 by myself

  • Micayla Birondo
    Micayla Birondo

    Claire is the glue, the natural leader. FWIW, you guys together made history, no joke. This was a great episode.

  • Leomerya12

    36:20 - Brad is frustrated!!!

  • Leomerya12

    Sumac is okay in cranberry sauce, but not macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving, Brad?

  • Jsyrin

    "this is a thanksgiving nightmare" [thinks about William Osman's friendsgiving] Well, at least you all didn't have to deal with trying to cook a turkey with _thermite_.

  • Zoo wee mama
    Zoo wee mama

    I will die for every single person in this video and that’s on EVERYTHING

  • Kit La Touche
    Kit La Touche

    Subtitle: Too Many Cooks

  • VenLouie

    this entire episode is like The Office, except its The Kitchen

  • Molly Greenberg
    Molly Greenberg


  • Djfox 17
    Djfox 17

    Making the prefect dinner party next time

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