The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
Drew Gooden
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Video games are good and everything else is bad.
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  • denisa

    no pinned comment 😔

    • Kapeesh

      I thought your pofile picture was a horse

    • Sarah Campeau
      Sarah Campeau


    • Ben Brian
      Ben Brian

      Reported for misinformation

    • Sergio Holmes
      Sergio Holmes


    • Maxixe3399


  • chiken man fred
    chiken man fred

    didnt even talk about desttory all humans

  • Nick Wheeler
    Nick Wheeler

    Is Bubsy saying "you cock goblin monster" ?

  • kai

    please do more video game stuff


    This was awesome do it with Xbox

  • Landon Washum
    Landon Washum

    do a game pass version

  • Tim Toothinator
    Tim Toothinator

    Without looking I thought I was listening to a Scott the Woz video

  • IBadGrammar

    tell something good about this thing internet:fanboy



  • ChickenWater _
    ChickenWater _

    You hurt me when you said borderlands 2 is fun when you have some one to play with it will live in my heart forever. but borderlands 3 is just as good

  • A 1 idiot GUy nl
    A 1 idiot GUy nl

    bubsy started as a sonic rippoff

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL

    People outside usa be like "what's ps now?"

    • Angela Brooke
      Angela Brooke

      Ps now exists in other countries

  • Ben Hoogendyk
    Ben Hoogendyk

    So Drew watches Dunkey, the IT-my multiverse expands!

  • Fro5tyX

    Where tf is persona

  • TheTaleofTwoToes

    Pilot license what for?

  • Robert


  • Ali.Rashid

    It’s nice to see someone with such a big following talk about Sly Cooper!

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan

    You know I actually played ps now a few days ago and I actually found a full match of god of war ascension in 2021

  • Sambo Rambo
    Sambo Rambo

    does anyone else notice all the dunkey references

  • Jacob earl
    Jacob earl

    The Arizona Diamondbacks has a bobcat mascot

  • LaZe_Fishh

    Airplane what for right doesn't gex say that

  • N O
    N O

    What about ratatouille the game

  • Dog

    "It has a little something for everyone." Drew is becoming a one man IGN

  • Cyborg

    I think that epic ruined rocket league

  • Texting Man
    Texting Man


  • Jerry Goss
    Jerry Goss

    I had a similar opinion on Fallout 4, then I played New Vegas for the first time. Now I can't stand Fallout 4

  • Mundane Astronaut
    Mundane Astronaut

    drew used a videogamedunky clip for rocket league

  • Alexander Greig
    Alexander Greig

    I think playstation and xbox are basically the same console but its the store and layout that makes playstation more popular

  • SuperMarimations

    yay car soccer my favorite game seriously I love this game 😍

  • Cyrex 666_
    Cyrex 666_

    I just hate the fact that ps noe isn't avalible in my country

  • Alcoholic Goat
    Alcoholic Goat

    Wolfenstein 2 is bootycheeks it's a broken unfinished mess with a poorly written story and no ending

  • Bigboi 360
    Bigboi 360

    I liked the dunkey reference


    11:32 “nothing worth while” so you’re telling me watch dogs 2 isn’t worth while

    • Προκόπης Παυλόπουλος
      Προκόπης Παυλόπουλος

      Yes, it's a another tedious ubisoft sandbox

  • Sam Bevill
    Sam Bevill

    i also own this shirt. target?

  • Jehudi Phillips
    Jehudi Phillips

    Monster Energy supercross is actually a really good game, got it on ps plus and it is not only one of the most fun racing games I've played, but the difficulty is so cool, I'm glad I actually have to understand how those bikes work, tilting the bike back over bumps to drive smoothly over them, when to slow down, when to speed up, etc. It is actually a really good game, I love it, and it has great quality, it's one of the most realistic ps4 games I've ever played/seen, seriously, a screenshot in this could be confused with reality

  • GMoneyRashid

    Notice the Rocket League footage is VideoGameDunkey's. Mad respect to you watching Dunkey drew.

  • Re4l1Ff

    Review racing bros I promise you that you will be surprised how bad it is. It’s on PS4

  • Shivanand. Tiwari
    Shivanand. Tiwari


  • Katelynn Wilmoth
    Katelynn Wilmoth

    3:41 drew.. i thought you and danny where virgins. if danny doesn't know about this he will be upset..

  • Michael Haggart
    Michael Haggart

    Epic gex reference with the teeth pull thing

  • Jesse Greist
    Jesse Greist

    You've never heard of bubsy? Lucky!

  • Josh Albert
    Josh Albert

    I didn't like last of us 1, the gameplay felt really dated and I didn't see what was so special about the story

  • Sindhuja Sindhu
    Sindhuja Sindhu


  • caviar

    Drew: Let's talk about video games because everything else sucks! Cyberpunk 2077: I'm about to end this whole man's career.

  • naveen naik
    naveen naik


  • Justin being random
    Justin being random

    My brother played the monster motocross game and he loves it

  • Do_man 2000
    Do_man 2000

    Did you just fucking say aliens. they're fucking demons

  • nathan Guy ENNISKILLEN
    nathan Guy ENNISKILLEN

    Love you Drew

  • Quentin Schnitzler
    Quentin Schnitzler

    Fuck yeah Rocket league made it best game ever

  • John Dover
    John Dover

    You know when you play a game so much that you feel like you have to do something easy very complicated because that's how its done in the game like after I played dark souls I was so cautious in the real world and thought to myself why am I doing this please stop and I've been playing alot of legend of Zelda breath of the wild on my switch so I can't wait to realize how I've been acting now because I have put over a 100 hours into that game

  • Help

    Pause at 0:32

  • marcus wellington
    marcus wellington

    Why does this remind me of videogamedunky

  • Bad Ideas
    Bad Ideas

    So uh, anyone gonna tell Drew that there's an option to make Bubsy talk less? Anywhere from no talking, all the way to Bubsy levels of talking.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes


  • Jayson Stretch
    Jayson Stretch

    11:33 are you hating on watch dogs it is a good game or are you hating on that minigolf game to the right

  • WiscoColby

    Lul, just for fun I looked up Lease to own is 4,009 and buying it is 185k lul

  • OKBoomer BaBoBe
    OKBoomer BaBoBe

    What you have in the background is not actually a XBOX YOU FAKE!!!

    • Dreezy Dreamy
      Dreezy Dreamy

      Sorry to burst your bubble but its a joke...

  • MainMommyJeans

    Drew please do more of these! This is so funny and actually informative

  • Odd Cuber
    Odd Cuber


  • Kelly Niszczak
    Kelly Niszczak

    Bold of you to put a Nazi in the thumbnail near the word good and not expect to get demonitized

  • Omario 64
    Omario 64

    I have the same shirt as Drew gooden in this video


    I can't believe you left out metal gear solid HD! 2, 3 AND Peacewalker all in HD! That's racialist!

  • Alex

    “What could POSSIBLY go wrong” *falls in water*

  • Kittenz Blox
    Kittenz Blox

    Sony's anime demon slayer is good

  • Sam-Iam


  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats

    loving this series lol. pitting sony and microsoft against each other while wearing a nintendo shirt haha

  • RnA

    When Drew doesn't know how to use the options menu in Bubsy xD

  • home9dog2blue

    Uncharted 4 wasnt on PlayStation Now

  • christian Hodder
    christian Hodder

    I feel like the more impressive thing about rocket league is that is shows americans can enjoy soccer. Welcome to the rest of the world buddy!

  • Max Rockett
    Max Rockett

    It's Tail Time!

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