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Here they are, the best fails of all time so far. A lot of you guys have asked us to do an ultimate fails compilation ever and this seems like the right time to do it. A lot of really classic clips in here. Let us know your thoughts down below, thanks for all the support and Salute!
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    Some kids get iphones and they are mad and they are crying, Kid in video gets banana, he is happy, and he love it.. It was so cute :)

    • Bwabel Bel
      Bwabel Bel


    • Dial Up Dave
      Dial Up Dave

      When I was a kid I loved bananas more than toys and my parents had to hide all the bananas

    • Гузель Кудинова
      Гузель Кудинова


    • cupcake girl sprinkles
      cupcake girl sprinkles

      It's a p***

    • Metal Man_623
      Metal Man_623

      DEADLOCKING i dont like bannaners


    2:05 got so much irritated due to that pole 😫

  • Matt Michniuk
    Matt Michniuk

    4:40 that kid is not in this world long,not with those parents.Filming while toddler goes overboard.

  • Edward Ervin
    Edward Ervin

    This is a copy of another person's video

  • Levi Hackerman
    Levi Hackerman

    0:03 I'm that wave.

  • Syar Star
    Syar Star

    I feel like the one with the kid and banana isn't a fail it's more like a cute success.

  • Eddvin Hawkins
    Eddvin Hawkins

    If you’re happy and you know it leave a LIKE...

  • Tayfun Mutlu
    Tayfun Mutlu


  • Mr. RaAee
    Mr. RaAee

    I laughed to 5% of them

  • Blueninjaone

    5:24 everyone just walks away without even making sure the driver is ok...What has humanity come to

  • Blueninjaone

    5:01 how many years did it take to deprive that kid of bananas to the point that he is overjoyed to finally be able to eat one?

  • Henry Bones
    Henry Bones

    4:38 worst dad ever

  • Benjamin Besic Razis
    Benjamin Besic Razis


  • Luisa Alvarez
    Luisa Alvarez

    That scream tho.

  • C Wicht
    C Wicht

    2:50 when my brother steals my cookies

  • Just2Intense

    How anyone find it funny seeing people get seriously hurt say's how sick our society has become. Thumbs down for this video.

  • Muhammad Zulfiqry
    Muhammad Zulfiqry

    7:50 Love is hurts, thats a fact

  • Arubo Lifestyle
    Arubo Lifestyle


  • Arubo Lifestyle
    Arubo Lifestyle

    Wie sexy

  • Gaming with Mantra
    Gaming with Mantra

    7:40 Girl accepting that she is his g..... Sorry dance partner but......... Real is Rare

  • J.O.E.L V
    J.O.E.L V

    6:47 when u try to be usian bolt

  • Jermey Combs
    Jermey Combs

    Jesus Christ destroyed my Life with Great Diseases and Great Sufferings over 15 years. I hate this Life. God has been a Evil Monster towards for all my Life. God hates most Humanity.


    Mom: Where are we? Baby: Monkey on the car Mom: Monkey on the car? Baby: FUCK OFF 5:50

  • Damin Ledford
    Damin Ledford

    I think @ 8:11 & 8:27 it's the same dude. He really needs to pay attention. Or clear the area before he starts singing.

  • Toys and family
    Toys and family

    That one with the scatbored is me when it's the last cake

  • Salima Salimov
    Salima Salimov


  • Salima Salimov
    Salima Salimov

    who wants a banana as a present or......PET?! hahaha

  • Salima Salimov
    Salima Salimov

    this is like so funny

  • Salima Salimov
    Salima Salimov

    some were

  • Salima Salimov
    Salima Salimov

    wow this is like so violent and weird

  • Michelle Iwanowicz
    Michelle Iwanowicz

    0:35 and 9:17 I laughed way harder than I should have 😅

  • stone cold Steve austin the stunner
    stone cold Steve austin the stunner

    8:12 poor kids taco

  • MR_Ziomek


  • Emma Farghum and Hannah Garza
    Emma Farghum and Hannah Garza

    i hate the fact that the guy filming the lambo catch fire didn't even get out of his car to warn the people in the lambo to get out because it was on fire.

  • Mangekyo 13
    Mangekyo 13

    5:35 OK,I have to ask:What’s on the toast they’re eating?

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    The girl who gets hit by the wave in the beginning is the most beautiful woman ever. She's physically perfect!

  • Javi Cente
    Javi Cente


  • Pepeng Basa
    Pepeng Basa

    7:35 hahahahaha

  • Anime Love
    Anime Love

    8:12 lmao

  • AtotehZ

    3:07 Skype: Earth calling cat.

  • Enrico Enrico
    Enrico Enrico

    7:40 Girl and boi: *dancing together* Second girl: *breaks the first girl and wants to dance with boi* First girl: *walks away* Boi: *gets angry on the second girl* Second girl: *realizes and Starts crying* Boi: *starts dancing alone* Me: Thats how *real life* works

    • GenesisSuperNova

      Enrico Enrico LOL

  • Enrico Enrico
    Enrico Enrico

    Kid: *falls in the water* Dad: U okay Jennifer? Kid: *starts floating away* Me: Shiiiiiiiiiii-

  • Nick Star
    Nick Star

    Pause at 3:08 BRUH

  • Nick Star
    Nick Star

    4:34" BRUH "

  • HODL crypto
    HODL crypto

    8:28 🤣

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers

    I get it,. Funny videos. Cool, awesome, but , the ladies on here? Oh my gosh. They are all beautiful. I would watch it , only for the ladies. Don't worry . Just because they are beautiful, I will never break up a happy home. Especially up on a mountain that has snow. Their smooth skin and the snow, makes even more beautiful. 😊

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers

    Oh my gosh, you see the 2 beauties, at 3:27. ? I bet you a million dollars, that both are married? They were going to jump together but, one let go. Still, 2 beautiful ladies, darn, whoever is married to them are 2 lucky dudes. Cherish both of them forever. 👍😊

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers

    LMAO,. Pet's showing their true feelings about humans,. Wee Willy dog , all over her dress plus , the other pets 😄😁

  • Leonard Berger
    Leonard Berger

    2:12 *coolrunnings vibes*

  • Raz Faz
    Raz Faz

    9:12 earthquake

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    Dear God that kid who had that piece of machinary fail to dump water in him.......I paused it at the right moment and fuck me that's not good

  • Prenium

    1:40 un cachalot qui tombe

  • Leonie Harler
    Leonie Harler

    7:40 awww xx


    7:40 simpn't

  • Taylor Idehenre
    Taylor Idehenre

    I was laughing and when I looked at my cat I laughed this was the face😐that my cats made when they looked at me


    7:40 that kid is going places he’s the young OG


    subscribe a CM AFRO DANCE

  • Télétoon TPS
    Télétoon TPS

    8:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Carolina Vargas
    Carolina Vargas

    And that’s what I call a play

  • Carolina Vargas
    Carolina Vargas

    Kid just dancing With a girl a random girl wants to dance with her

  • J Cass
    J Cass

    The prick on motorcycle that kicked the mirror of I would have run over the prick

  • Reid Wagner
    Reid Wagner

    8:55 the dog is doing the work for the guy

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man


  • Lazar Sakovic
    Lazar Sakovic

    00:00 Girl is very 🍑🍒.

  • why can't I figure out a good YouTube name
    why can't I figure out a good YouTube name

    4:40 sec you should not have that on her if she falls belly down in the water she can drown

  • Ethan Park
    Ethan Park

    4:25 the best scream in 2020

  • Krish GABA
    Krish GABA

    Kid starts floating away *yOuRe oK jUnIfEr* Alligator snaps Junifer in half and tears her apart *yOuRe sTiLl oK jUniFeR* *aS lOnG aS yOu hAvE a LIFEJACKET*

  • Mariano Banegas
    Mariano Banegas

    4:00 Smart dog...

  • Mariano Banegas
    Mariano Banegas

    0:27 ...kid, buy an icecream, better so.

  • ED Playz
    ED Playz

    5:44 cutest kid ever

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